5 Best Laptop Backpacks You Can Buy Right Now


If you are like me and can’t go anywhere without taking your laptop with you, then keep reading because in this article i reviewed the 5 best laptop backpacks you can buy this year. I made this list after trying many different backpacks and having a lot of trouble with them. I made this list baed on my personal opinion and i listed them based on their space, quality, durability and more. Let’s get started with the list!

1. Incase Icon Pack

The Incase Icon Pack is the best laptop backpack in the market right now because it does everything right including design, storage, looks, durability, comfort, and cost. It is the best package you can get if you are in the need for an amazing backpack for your laptop on your commute. It is incredibly versatile and offers great storage space for organizing your things with its many compartments and large storage space, simply fantastic job from the manufacturer top marks for this perfect backpack.

Based on its price you would expect that the Incase Icon Pack looks at least above average, and it doesn’t disappoint as it will turn many heads during your daily commute and will have your colleagues asking where you bought it. One of the strongest points of the Incase Icon Pack is its rigidity and durability, simply explained its ability to not lose shape, this is mostly due to the maximal padding in its build. Thanks to this the bag will not lose its shape even when it is packed to the brim with heavyweights. On its body, it uses the 840D nylon for protection against the elements, aesthetics and easy cleaning which was very convenient as it can be done just with a cloth.

In the comfort department, the Incase Icon Pack is also king with its foam-padded sternum straps that extended perfectly and you will even forget that they are there. Moreover, the molded back panels were excellent and one of my favorite features as they provided much-needed ventilation for hot summer days, the perfect backpack for carrying around all day.

The Incase Icon Pack has 18 liters of storage space, but thanks to its amazing organization and compartments the amount of things you can store in it is shocking. You get five exterior pockets, one interior zipper pocket, a padded 15-inch laptop sleeve and two pockets near the hip area ensure you get the best storage options.

If you want to get the most out of your hard-earned money you can’t go wrong with the Incase Icon Pack, the best backpack in the market hands down.

buy here: https://www.amazon.com/Incase-Icon-Pack-Black-Size/dp/B00KSYM4Q6

2. Fjallraven Kanken Laptop

Fjallraven is a Swedish brand that specializes in making outdoor equipment, especially rucksacks and backpacks. Since their release, their backpacks have been iconic and others have tried to copy their retro/vintage style without success. The Kanken has been one of their most famous and successful designs, and it is one of the most recognizable backpacks in the market, as nobody can argue that its looks are gorgeous.

The company has modified the size of the original Kanken to create a great laptop backpack that will provide excellent protection for your device against elements, while not sacrificing supreme comfort and outdoors protection, the Fjallraven Kanken Laptop besides looking perfect it is one of the best laptop backpacks on the market, as it provides tremendous value for its asking price.

As I mentioned earlier design-wise the Fjallraven Kanken Laptop is one of the best-looking backpacks in the market, it is suited for everybody and every occasion, except if you are working in an office with strict formal dress code because this looks kind of retro and more laid back. I love its minimal design with one outer zipper pouch, main compartment plus the padded laptop compartment, very simple but attractive, showing other designers that simplicity is key. The Fjallraven Kanken Laptop is available in over 50 colors you can choose from, so you most definitely will find your favorite color there.

Besides the aesthetics and the looks, this backpack utilizes a special material named Vinylon F that provides amazing protection as it is rated as water and dirt resistant, and after getting dirty cleaning it is a breeze. On top of that, all zippers have rain flaps for extra protection. The backpack has a total capacity of 18 liters, so you can store everything for your daily commute, and it doesn’t have separate compartments inside you can use it to store clothes and necessary things for your travels.

The shoulder straps are thickly padded and very comfortable as they achieve a great weight distribution, furthermore, you get the dual top handles if you choose to carry it in hand.

buy here : https://www.amazon.com/Fjallraven-Kanken-Laptop-Backpack-Everyday/dp/B07F7KBZ2S

3. Solgaard Lifepack Solar 2.0

The Solgaard Lifepack Solar 2.0 may be a little more expensive than your regular run of the mill backpack, you may ask what does it offer though? This backpack is one of the most impressive backpacks I have ever seen in my life with its exemplary anti-theft design, Solarbank feature, great compartments with about 20 liters of capacity and amazing comfort. Also on top of all that the Solgaard Lifepack Solar 2.0 is stylish and attractive while still keeping a low profile, an amazing package.

The Solgaard Lifepack Solar 2.0 sports a very minimalist design that is perfect for everyday use, with a smooth surface that contains no front zippers and extra pockets, very clean and unassuming. This design hides the anti-theft measures of this backpack, on the sides you will spot two side pockets and on the front face, you will see the window for the sun to reach the solar charger.

The inside of the Solgaard Lifepack Solar 2.0 consists of two large main compartments, the largest one responsible for the padded laptop sleeve. I found the sleeve padded adequately and it fits a laptop as large as 15.6-inches with ease, right on this sleeve was another pocket that was reserved for your notebooks, books or magazines so they will stay unbent. On the other side, you have tons of little storage slots for other smaller accessories such as chargers, phones, and whatever you may need during your daily commute.

The bag is a little on the heavier side, however, that is mostly due to extreme padding to ensure the most comfortable, and it doesn’t disappoint. The straps are wide and thickly padded as well and the back has perforation plus padding to make everything easier on your back.

Most importantly the Solgaard Lifepack Solar 2.0 has amazing anti-theft features such as the outer anti-cut material, the included combination lock, and four hidden external pockets to hide some cash, passport or credit cards. The main selling point of this backpack is its Solarbank that has 10000 mAh battery, a solar charger, and a Bluetooth speaker, amazingly functional.

It may be a little pricy but the Solgaard Lifepack Solar 2.0 is an excellent package that is worth every cent.

buy here : https://www.amazon.com/Lifepack-Solar-Powered-Anti-Theft-Backpack/dp/B07217QN2P

4. Peak Design Everyday

Choosing a laptop backpack as a photographer is a daunting task as there are a lot of options but none of them provide compartments to comfortably store your photography gear, such as your DSLR, you mirrorless, lenses, tripod, glasses, laptop and to have it all in weatherproof fashion. Well, the Peak Design Everyday solves all of those problems with their latest design, an excellently built backpack, designed with photographers in mind to make their hobby or profession as comfortable as possible.

While it is not the most stylish backpack in our list the Peak Design Everyday is incredibly attractive, and I can see myself wearing this backpack all the time. It gives a nice first impression thanks to its minimalist design that is appealing to a lot of people, this bag will get you a lot of compliments. It is available in 4 colors, Black, Ash, Charcoal, and my personal favorite Tan, but all options look fantastic, also it comes in two sizes 20 and 30-liter size. Every detail about this backpack is well thought and it has nothing unnecessary, and it is one of the coolest backpacks on the market.

Despite being a beautiful and sleek bag, the Peak Design Everyday is rugged and ready for action. The shoulder straps are very thick and wide, and very comfortable to wear them, but you really can’t expect less on this price range. Even filled to the brim with heavy gear the Peak Design Everyday maintains the excellent level of comfort thanks to its straps, padding, fitting and weight distribution, not putting any kind of strain to your spine.

Thanks to its weatherproofing outer materials and zippers rest assured about the weather-proofing of the Peak Design Everyday. The feature that I was most impressed was its dual side access, so you can take the lens that is stored in the bottom without taking the whole bag apart.

This bag has a dedicated laptop sleeve for storing your laptop extremely safe against elements and occasional bumps. If you are into photography this is the single backpack you will need for your conquests.

buy here : https://www.amazon.com/Peak-Design-Everyday-Backpack-Charcoal/dp/B01M5JDXG7

5 . Mancro Anti-Theft Backpack

The Mancro Anti-Theft Backpack might be the cheapest option on this list but it brings excellent value because it actually is everything you really need from a laptop backpack. It will guard your electronics with its anti-theft features such as metal zippers and combination lock, it contains multiple internal pockets and sleeves, as it can house a laptop as large as 17-inches. While it is not the best backpack to pack it to the brim with clothes or similar, it is a great laptop backpack for commuting.

The Mancro Anti-Theft Backpack takes the anti-theft part very seriously, as even the design is made to repel thieves because this backpack looks pretty generic and unassuming. It is covered with a nylon exterior that looks like a very simple high-school backpack it blends in anywhere. The company has achieved the perfect balance between storage space, resilience, and safety which is pretty hard to achieve.

The company states that the Mancro Anti-Theft Backpack is water-resistant and can be comfortably worn in the rain without any damage to your devices, and after testing I can confirm that everything inside the bag was dry after some time in the heavy rain, plus we found that it air dries pretty fast. The handle and the straps were made from nylon, which is mediocre at best, but at this price, they were pretty comfortable thanks to their pads. However, when it comes to comfort the company has missed some spots, such as the lack of perforation and padding on the back that became a little annoying after some time.

Inside the Mancro Anti-Theft Backpack features 10 compartments for various objects, as I mentioned earlier the laptop sleeve is large and can house a laptop as large as 17-inches, but you can use it for something else a well. The internal space was rather large, but divided into compartments, so it is not very suited for traveling, but it is more oriented for commuting, I particularly liked the addition of the external USB port so you can charge your phone if you have it connected to a power bank.

A great backpack for a bargain price, definitely a must buy.

buy here : https://www.amazon.com/Backpack-Mancro-Business-Resistent-Lightweight/dp/B07BDJYLNJ


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