Best 360 Cameras in 2020


360 Cameras are new technology, and they got a lot of attention because they are pretty interesting. We decided to write about the best 360 cameras available in the market for this year. We tested almost all the models available up until now, and we concluded that the best ones available right now are the ones that follow.

1. Insta360 ONE X 360

The winner of our best 360 cameras is of course, the Insta360 One X360. It maybe doesn’t have the rugged action camera protection or fully waterproof features like the GoPro fusion, but what it lacks there it compensates with its 360-degree setup that is made possible by the two 180-degree cameras and its extremely powerful software and lens technology that allows perfect stitching. It is the perfect tool that you will have fun with no matter what as it will allow you to capture various types of footage thanks to its amazing features.

When I first saw Insta360 ONE X 360 it reminded me of older USB sticks that were far larger than contemporary ones, it is pill shaped like most of 360 cameras and is very easy to get a secure grip, it is even very pocketable at 115grams of weight and 115milimeters of length. In the chassis of the device you will notice that there are not a lot of controls or an onboard LED screen for previews, so most of the operation you will need your smartphone, but it has some fairly simple controls that will come handy for easy shooting.

The Insta360 ONE X companion app will prove to be very convenient right from the start, as it is available for Android and iOS and offers even some quick edits to your images and videos and exporting them to your albums, you can even share your content with friends directly from the app.

It is worth mentioning that you should buy a selfie stick to get the most out of your camera, thanks to its software that allows you to easily edit the selfie stick out, you will manage to capture amazing content and it will look like your camera is flying mid-air.

With its 5.7K shooting performance and FlowState stabilization software, you will manage to easily capture quality content. Performance wise it is pretty much similar to the GoPro fusion, but its user-friendly features that literally are convenient and useful from the get-go, make the Insta360 ONE X 360 the best in its category.

Truly an amazing 360 camera that will please beginners and more experienced users with its performance and smartphone app.

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2. GoPro Fusion

GoPro is the company that started the action camera craze, and now it looks to weigh-in on the 360 action camera market with the Fusion. It is really a premium product with the price to correspond but if you are serious about content creating this is one of the best in the market, and it looks to take 360 action cameras from enthusiast hobbyists to the mainstream with its experience in the industry.

The GoPro Fusion has an amazingly sturdy design that is built to last, you will love this camera if you are like outdoors and extreme sports. It has a waterproof rating that protects the camera up to 5 meters underwater, the water-sport and skiing enthusiasts will be pleased with this ability. With its square design with rounded edges, rubberized body, and sides that are built with grip strips, GoPro has taken every safety measure that it can. Also, it is very portable as you can even carry it in your pocket easily, but it is a little heavier than its competition at 226grams due to its hard shell.

The Fusion interestingly has some voice control features, while it does not have lots of controls it is pretty convenient to have in hand. The camera worked pretty well during testing, the 5.2K resolution does not look like a lot but it proves to be enough for all the shooting. I would like to touch on the image stabilization technology used in the camera, because it just works perfectly.

The GoPro Fusion Studio software and the smartphone app, give you tons of ability to edit your footage and image, for example, it is extremely easy to edit out the selfie stick when, in your selfies and other situations. The software gives you tons of advantages and pretty much most of them take little time to learn, it allows you to easily re-frame and crop, and the camera even supports the little planet mode which is pretty cool.

Fusion is one of the best 360 cameras that gives amazing 360 and widescreen video sequences, that allow a lot of post-editing, thanks to its over-capture.

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3. Xiaomi Mi Sphere

If you are in the market for a mid-range 360 camera that will do everything decently and has most of the needed features you should check out the Xiaomi Mi Sphere. Located in the middle of the price range, it provides image quality of 360 cameras double its price, with superb image stabilization, the Chinese giant has dropped another massively valuable product again.

Interestingly the Mi Sphere has a unique design compared to other 360 camera designs, it is shaped like a square, and it is very thing with just camera lenses sticking out from each side, it is very pleasing to look and carry it. There are three buttons on top of the camera the power button, WiFi and the shutter, but there is no screen so you need a smartphone to preview images or for changing settings from its official phone app.

The camera is very light and portable, but it does not feel cheap by any means. However, you should still be very careful with the lenses as they have a tendency to pick up hairline scratches, so when you are not using the camera it is recommended to carry it in the package included pouch.

Videos captured with the Mi Sphere provided excellent dynamic range and seamless stitching in most times, the movement was exceptionally smooth and there was a decent light balance. If you watch your videos on your smartphone you will not notice any problems, but in a larger screen or a VR headset there will be some blur, but the problem is apparent in every 360 camera under 6K resolution.

Shooting at 4K resolution in 30fps was awesome, thanks to its superior lens technology, it beat the competition in every category throughout all the tests. Stitching was really the best, because the lenses are installed pretty close together making it easier for the software to do the stitching. On top of that the image stabilization software was pretty impressive, as it made most high-energy activities watchable.

The Xiami Mi Sphere is definitely the best mid-range, inexpensive 360 camera, that can shoot amazing 360 footage even with its limited resolution.

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4. Rylo 360

The Rylo 360 is an excellent 360 camera for everybody, it is the most versatile of the bunch and you can use it in every situation, in your home, in sightseeing, and most importantly during your action-packed hobbies. All this is allowed by its waterproof casing, simple design, and with its excellence in processing action videos.

It is shaped like a pill, with a horizontal orientation, while maintaining a small size. The body is circumfered with a brushed aluminum all around, and the other surface is made from matte black plastic, all this combined gives the device a sleek and minimal look with a sturdy and durable feel.

On both sides, the Rylo 360 houses the same cameras, located opposite of each other which is a little different than its competitors that use a little offset placement of cameras. The device easily rests on top of flat surfaces, thanks to its flat top and bottom, and on one side you have a tiny monochromatic display that shows which mode is selected and battery status.

In the basic package, the Rylo 360 comes with the Everyday Case, a plastic case with a GoPro mount on the bottom, that can be attached to a tripod with its removable handle.

The Rylo 360 has three simple and self-explanatory modes that you can choose from, the 360-video, 180-video, and the Panorama. Each of the dual lenses of this camera covers a viewing angle of 208 degrees, providing great angles and seamless stitching of both.
It records videos in 4K, and still panorama pictures in 6K, the image stabilization software work very well as it seems to stabilize the image even when you are doing shaky activities such as adventure riding.

When you upload the footage from the device to your phone you will notice that this device has provided you with awesome videos or pictures in the highest quality, following the on-screen instructions in the app, it will show you how to select an object to follow during playback, and it will certainly get some time to learn it properly but it will prove worthy.

Overall, Rylo 360 is the best camera that can do it all and can be used anywhere.

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5. Samsung Gear 360

We are going to start our best 360 cameras list with a Samsung product. As virtual reality looks to take over the entertainment industry, more and more manufacturers are trying to design new devices that are virtual reality compatible. The most interesting of those devices is the consumer-level cameras that shoot 360-degree videos and pictures, Samsung’s Gear 360 is one of those cameras, it is really a versatile and easy to use entry-level 360 camera that you will start to have fun with from the get-go.

The Samsung Gear 360 has a spherical design, designed to be lightweight and portable for easy carrying, it can even fit in your jacket pockets, with these it allows you to shoot your travels in 360. It has a small easy to attach and detach tripod for stability, I found great use when I set it on top of the desk, it also did provide great footage indoors but more on that later.

You can control the camera with its built-in controls, even though you can control the Gear 360 with your smartphone, for fast shooting the controls are very convenient. Like the big red record button on top of the camera along with its tiny 0.05-inch PMOLED display, to give you basic information about your recording.

For a change, the Gear 360 is equipped with two 15MP cameras back-to-back, that gives the device the ability to record high-resolution 384×1920 360 videos. The dual lenses also help the device capture 30MP panoramic images with a resolution of 7776×3888, meaning that you will not have to pan your phone slowly to take beautiful panoramic pictures, you just press a button and it’s done.

It utilizes a DRIMe5s image processor with 1GB of RAM, an accelerometer and gyro sensors, that give the camera its amazing shooting ability. There was a catch with this device though, to get the full features of the device and to get advantage of its ease of use you have to own a high-end Samsung smartphone, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t function without one, it still captures amazing footage but it just takes a little more effort.

I would recommend this camera to Samsung users, who plan to shoot more indoors than outdoors.

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