Best 65-inch TVs in 2020


There are large televisions up to 100-inches in size, and smaller options down to 30 inches, but in my opinion, the 65-inch TVs 2020 are the best size. I tested many different options this year, and i decided to write this article to help you guys find the best 65-inch tvs out there for this year. Let’s take a look at them.


The best 65-inch TV of this year comes from LG and its Organic Light-Emitting Diode technology, OLED. The LG OLED65C9PUA produces the definite best blacks and one of the largest color spectrums on a TV, it may be pricy, but if you can afford it, this TV will provide the best TV experience so far.

Design-wise, this TV is very simple and unassuming as if the manufacturer has eliminated anything that may divert the attention of this beautiful display. It has an extremely slim bezel and the whole device is very thin, and it features an exemplary build quality thanks to its amazing selection of materials.

This TV has the Magic Remote as well, as on the aforementioned LG model, and the WebOS is the same as on the aforementioned model with the attractive menu and countless apps that you can use, on top of that you have also voice assistant capabilities and Smart Home features.

This TV supports HDR content in HDR10, Dolby Vision and the HLG, all provide an excellent experience. The 4K resolution OLED panel supports a Variable refresh rate and auto game mode for perfect gaming performance. The best TV in the market, raising the bar for other manufacturers.

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2. LG OLED65C8

LG has produced excellent OLED TVs in recent years, and they have all been contenders for the TV of the year. The LG OLED65C8 boasts the best display on a 65-inch screen for this year, with a detailed image, vivid colors, amazing upscaling and excellent HDR support, a great TV.

The LG OLED65C8 features a great design approach, with slim bezels, almost no depth and a rounded metal stand that also directs the sound of the down-firing speakers toward the room, looks excellent.

LG’s Magic Remote is back again for us, the best remote control that is provided by any TV, with its intuitively placed controls and wand functionality. The webOS interface is also back, and the already best is now significantly improved to deliver a better, more user-friendly experience, no other manufacturer has a better Smart TV system.

With the new and improved Alpha 9 chip does a perfect job of upscaling non 4K content, as it reduces noise, improves sharpness and enhances colour reproduction. Apart from the chip, the panel hasn’t improved much, as it is the same amazing 10-bit panel with 4K resolution and a maximal brightness of 800 nits.

One of the most amazing viewing experiences ever.

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3. Samsung QN65Q80R

We talked about some very expensive high-end models, however, there is a mid-range QLED option from Samsung that gives more expensive models a run for their money, the QN65Q80R. Delivering consistent black levels throughout, direct full-array backlighting and gorgeous contrast, in combination with the price deliver an impressive setup.

Design-wise, thanks to its FALD backlight technology the TV is slightly thicker than its edge-lit counterparts. The TV measures about 62mm and it is a little heavy at about 25.2kg, and it doesn’t have my favourite feature of Samsung TVs the One Connect box. However, quality and aesthetic wise, the Samsung QN65Q80R looks and feels pretty good, no weak points.

HDR performance on this TV is one of the best in the market with amazing contrast and breathtaking black levels. It is also great for gamers if you choose the Game Mode, which provides an input lag of about 13ms and a native refresh rate of 120Hz.

The Samsung QN65Q80R can achieve about 1200 nits of brightness at its peak and it is a joy to watch movies on. With plenty of performance all around, with the affordable asking price, the Samsung QN65Q80R has literally no competition at the mid-range market.

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4. Sony XBR65A9F

Sony OLED TVs have been one of the most impressive in the market, this time around they have improved the audio performance and have eliminated the immediate need for a soundbar with the Sony XBR65A9F. This near-perfect TV also delivers a great HDR performance, plenty of refresh rate, tons of ports and many more.

The Sony XBR65A9F adopts the lean-back design with its kickback stand, this puts the TV at a slight angle, but it is not recognizable from normal viewing distances. Thanks to that it also requires more foot space to accommodate this behemoth, but it is all worth for this slim and near bezel-less device.

As I mentioned earlier, the Sony XBR65A9F excels in the sound department with it is Acoustic Surface Audio Plus technology, that employs three drivers located on the screen and the built-in subwoofers, essentially creating a 3.2 system without any external devices.

With its impressive Picture Processor X1 Ultimate, the Sony XBR65A9F is one of the strongest performers with its 3840×2160 resolution. It has managed to reproduce 130.8% of the Rec. 709 colour gamut and it boasts colours unlike on any other TV.

One of my favorite TVs in recent years, delivering an all-around perfect performance.

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5. Samsung QE65Q90R

The 65-inch TV market is bloated and there are many options you can choose from, if you impressed by Samsung’s QLED efforts, then the Samsung QE65Q90R is your best bet. Delivering perfect contrast, amazing viewing angles, and one of the best HDR support in the market.

First of all, the Samsung QE65Q90R weighs a lot, and it will require at least two people to set it up out of the box. Despite the heft, this TV is also one of the most beautiful TVs in the market, with its metallic edges and impossibly slim bezels. One of the best features of this TV is its Ambient Mode, so you can use your TV for decoration when not in use.

This TV has a large number of selling points, one of them is the great viewing angles, in fact, it is the definite best in this aspect. Also for an LCD TV, the Samsung QE65Q90R has the best black levels attainable, and no light leakage at all, thanks to its 480 local dimming zones.

This 65-inch 4K TV has an excellent cinematic performance, delivering a perfect image, with a vivid image, amazing sharpness, and inky deep blacks. On top of all this, it achieves a max brightness of 2050 brightness, the best QLED TV in the market.

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