Best 85-Inch TVs to Watch Movies & Play Games On A Huge Screen!


Hello guys in this we’re gonna check out the Best 85-Inch TVs to Watch Movies & Play Games On A Huge Screen, I made this list based on my personal opinion and are trying to list them based on their price quality durability and more to find out more information about these 85 inch TVs you can check out the below if you’d like to win one of these products make.

1. Sony XBR85X900F

The winner of our best 85-inch TVs list is definitely the X900F by Samsung. For a long time now Sony has developed and produced the best TVs in the market, and it is to no one’s surprise that there are three entries from the company in this list for high-end large screen TVs. Their best comes with the Sony XBR85X900F, an 85-inch diagonal display, 4K resolution with impressive HDR support, a native refresh rate of 120Hz makes it perfect for gaming and viewing in general. On top of this with its new image processing and perfect brightness, this TV delivers tremendous value for its price, despite having a premium price tag.

The Sony XBR85X900F features an amazing build quality and beautiful design, as every TV in the company’s high-end lineup. It has extremely thin bezels that are constructed from metal, that look beautiful around the screen, with their dark gunmetal finish, making it one of the better-designed TVs in the market.

Despite being a fairly large TV with an 85-inch screen it is very slim and compact and measures just 81×14.75×49.25-inches complete with the stand and all. To provide stability and durability, the device employs two diagonally placed L-shaped feet on each side, and one of them also includes some cable management, making your job easier.

Connectivity-wise the Sony XBR85X900F has a wide selection of ports, including 4 HDMI ports one with ARC support, three USB ports, an optical digital audio port, an Ethernet port, RF connector, audio ports, IR sensor, video input, and cable TV port, and it is worth mentioning that they are placed in two panels, one of them for easy access.

In the performance department, this 85-inch beast sports Sony’s best image processing, the X1 Extreme processor, that provides the best image when combined with 4K resolution 120Hz refresh rate and full-array backlighting. The cinematic experience was out of this world thanks to its LED nature, with plenty of colours and dramatic details, and it is worth noting that the contrast was exceptional as well. In terms of brightness, this is the best in the market, achieving about 1200nits at maximum, on top of the HDR support that is top of the class.

Best 85-inch TV in the market, you can’t go wrong with Sony.

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2. Sony X950G

Coming in with the enhanced X1 Ultimate Processor, great Smart TV features, Netflix Calibrated Mode, amazing motion handling and enhanced 4K upscaling the Sony X950G is the gift that keeps on giving. The 85-inch model of this TV may be really expensive but it delivers performance for every last cent of its price, definitely one of the better-made TVs in the market.

One of the most prominent features of this TV is its excellent speaker placement, a feature Sony named Acoustic Multi-Audio, it is done by placing a pair of down-firing speakers and two tweeters on the top of the back panel, to give a centred sound. However, there may have been some miscalculations because there is some power difference that gives tips of the experience.

The device looks pretty good overall with its super-slim bezels, and metal feet that keep the device standing and stable, enhance its looks and deliver some cable management solutions. The overall build quality is top of the class and there were no weak spots in the construction, one of the better-made TVs in the market.

The Sony X950G has a rich selection of connectivity ports consisting of 4 HDMI ports one with ARC support which you’ll need for the soundbar that is a must for this TV, USB ports, Ethernet port and many more. This model comes with a new remote as well, that is refined and has a brushed metal finish, carrying some substantial weight to it and delivering plenty of control.

This TV has the best brightness settings I have seen in a while, while it has a peak brightness of 1000 nits while not suffering from blooming or haloing and excellent blacks that are inky and deep thanks to its local dimming. The HDR content looks excellent and the Netflix calibrated mode is perfect for watching TV shows and movies from the streaming service.

If you manage to see past its sound issues that are a pro and a con at the same time, the Sony X950G is a perfect TV that will deliver stunning visuals.

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3. LG 86UM8070PUA

The LG 86UM8070PUA is a very large TV with an 86-inch diagonal screen, delivering my favorite Smart TV system the WebOS, an IPS panel with excellent motion handling, HDR content support, superb image quality, good contrast, but no local dimming, unfortunately, however, it won’t interfere with its image quality significantly, just the darkroom performance is not up to par, but overall this TV delivers so many qualities to your daily entertainment.

Despite being extremely large, the LG 86UM8070PUA doesn’t deliver that impression, it looks pretty sleek and understated, with ultraslim bezels all around the screen, a good back panel that has a slightly lighter shade, and it was very thin from the profile perspective, which I didn’t really expect due to its sheer size.

Its feet are about the full size of the TV so you need a large place to accommodate it, but they provide good support and enhance the minimalist look of the device. Speaking about the build quality, I have come to know that LG always is up to par, and this is no different, but then again nothing of lesser quality is expected from its asking price.

In the connectivity department, this TV has some good options, however, they weren’t as much as I expected as they consisted just 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, an optical digital audio output, a composite in, and an Ethernet port. This LG comes with my favourite remote from any TV the LG Magic Remote, and I am glad that the company is still sticking with the design, though they have no reason to make changes.

The biggest selling point of this model is its brand new Alpha7 second Generation Intelligent Processor that enhances everything that is portrayed on the screen, and combined with the HDR support with Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG content, it doesn’t get any better. The colour reproduction is excellent, upscaling of lesser quality content is adequate, contrast is exceptional and motion handling is superb thanks to its 120Hz refresh rate.

If you want a capable and powerful TV that will please you with its overall performance and its screen size this LG is perfect for you.

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4. Sony XBR-X850G

Getting an 85-inch large screen TV is a little difficult because most of these TVs are very expensive, so it is best to do some research first and then make your choice. Sony has a wide range of options in this segment, and one of the most notable is the Sony XBR-X850G, a large screen TV that delivers perfect value for its price, with great image quality, amazing black levels, HDR support, adequate color reproduction, low input lag and a native 120Hz refresh rate make this a versatile TV that delivers a lot and asks for a little.

This 85-inch TV is a behemoth and it demands you to appreciate its size, with its super-slim bezels just enhancing the large effect of this TV. It has a plastic build, all-around including the front bezels, back panel, and its feet, but it feels very well made, and it truly is, but we don’t expect anything less from Sony and its high-end TV lineup.

It is worth mentioning that the front part of the feet that I mentioned is made from metal, to provide the much-needed balance and durability that this TV needed, and they also serve as cable management solutions to portray a dapper appearance overall.

In the connectivity department, this TV has some good options including 4 HDMI ports, 1 composite video input, 3 USB ports, an Ethernet port, 1 RF input, analogue audio input, etc. The remote control of the device is pretty good but nothing exceptional, sleek and clean design but nothing exciting.

The Sony XBR-X850G supports HDR content in the Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG formats, which is very nice and comes in handy, and in combination with its 4K HDR X1 Processor and its 4K X-Reality Pro Upscaler with Dual Database Processing, this TV is capable of portraying any content in 4K resolution with amazing quality, near infinity contrast, breathtaking colors with the Triluminos technology and with its 120Hz refresh rate you simply can’t get a better image at this price range regardless of the content you are watching.

Sony XBR-X850G is the dream come true for the budget-conscious buyer.

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5. Samsung UN82NU8000F

Samsung has secured the spot as the number one TV manufacturer in the market, with the production of a large number of TVs that are perfect for every budget and function. The Samsung UN82NU8000 is an amazing large screen TV measuring 82-inches diagonally, a high-quality 4K Ultra HD LCD panel with edge LED backlighting, satisfactory LED support, smart home system, and a refresh rate of 240Hz making it a great TV for gamers, and with a bit of tweaking it is one of the best TVs in the market regardless of the category.

This TV sports a beautiful design, with no bezels at the top and sides, however, it has a slim band on the bottom, but it doesn’t hinder from the edge-to-edge experience. It has some subtle detail touches that put it in the premium range, for example, the dark silver band in the bottom and the beautiful feet that are in the same shade of silver.

I was disappointed when I didn’t see the One connect box on the Samsung UN82NU8000, a feature that is present in the high-end models, which is one of the smartest cable management and connectivity systems for a TV. In terms of ports and connectivity, this model features four HDMI ports, two USB ports, terrestrial and satellite tuners, digital optical output, Common Interface slot and a LAN port.

However, you still get the One Remote in this model, remote control that is very convenient and perfectly comfortable, and on top of its good layout, it also has a microphone for voice control commands.

As I said this TV has a wide range of features, one of the most notable is the Dynamic Crystal Color, a feature that delivers a wide colour gamut with great accuracy and a peak brightness of 1000nits. Most importantly this TV has a refresh rate of 240Hz making it extremely capable of motion handling, to provide a smoother image in general and without any motion blur, so gamers will be delighted, console gaming at its best.

Taking into consideration its 40W amplification, Samsung has put out the best large screen TV for gamers. Definitely one of the best 85-inch TVs out there.

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