Best Air Compressor for Blowing Out Sprinkler System


You need the best air compressor for blowing out the sprinkler system to achieve the best in the process. If you would like to save on cost and carry out the sprinkler system blow out by yourself, then you need the right tools.

I used to hire air compressors for the job, but I realized it is a bit expensive. The step which I took and I will never regret was to buy an air compressor which I can use any time to blow out the sprinkler system.

Some of the factors I had to check out before purchasing the air compressors include the durability and the maximum pressure it can achieve. It can be time-consuming when trying to locate the right unit.

You can easily buy the best air compressor if you can follow our recommendations below because we have done all the research on your behalf.

1. CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor 6 Gallon

It is a compressor I have been using in my blowing out a sprinkler system, and it works very well. The air compressor comes with a large capacity air tank to deliver enough pressurized air for the blowing out jobs. The oil-free design makes it stand out. It comes with 13 pieces of accessory, which make it a highly reliable air compressor in my collection. The pump used is highly durable. I had to check on the type of air pump used before buying. The fact that it comes with an oil-free pump makes it stand out.

The air compressor reaches a maximum of 90 PSI at 2.6 SCF. It recovers very fast, making it allow for continuous sprinkler blow out the operation. It is built to start very fast in cold weather. With high-quality construction couplers, it is an air compressor I highly recommend. It comes with a blowout gun and plugs to allow for quick operation. The fact that it adheres to OSHA safety nozzle, it works very well.

Features & Pros:

  • Highly portable
  • Oil-free pump
  • 13 piece accessory
  • Quick start in cold weather


  • Maximum of 150 PSI

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2. PORTER-CABLE C2002 Pancake Compressor

It does not matter the sprinkler system blowout job I have to undertake. The air compressor is powerful enough to deliver enough pressure.

In my mind, I was searching for a unit which I can easily use. The Porter air compressor stands out as the best air compressor for blowing out the sprinkler system. It is highly durable and comes with all features in need to achieve the best possible operation.

Six-gallon tank is big enough to hold enough pressurized air for the sprinkler blowout process.

It operates at 2.6 SCF at 90 PSI making it among the most powerful compressors you can have for your sprinkler system blow out. Quick compressor recovery time make it a reliable unit which can undertake any demanding job.

Low amp motor starts with great ease. Even in cold water, I do not have to worry about how I can start it. The durable oil-free pump makes it highly durable.

Features & Pros:

  • 150 psi max tank
  • Quick compressor recovery time
  • Low amp motor
  • Oil-free pump


  • It is a bit expensive

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3. DEWALT DWFP55126 6-Gallon Pancake Compressor

The air compressor comes with a tank capacity of 6 gallons which can develop up to 165 PSI. If you have been faced with a sprinkler system block out which require a lot of pressure, then you need to try the unit.

It will work very well in forcing out the obstruction in the air sprinkler system. High-efficiency motor makes it a great compressor you can have for the job. Noise production is moderate at just 75.5 decibels making it ideal for standard residential uses.

High flow regulator maximizes the performance of the air compressor. It is an easy to use air compressor which anybody can use.

Features & Pros:

  • 165 max PSI
  • High efficiency
  • Easy start in cold weather
  • High flow regulator


  • It is a bit costly

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4. BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor 

The pancake air compressor has been serving me very well. It comes with an oil-free pump which makes it very reliable. I use it regularly in my sprinkler blowout operation, and it has never let me down. With up to 150 maximum PSI, it delivers constant pressure from its 6.0-gallon tank. I had to check on features such as the 2.6 SCFM and the high-efficiency pump before buying the air compressor. It has never let me down. It is a highly reliable air compressor I have been using.

The use of high-efficiency motor makes it easy to start up. With its ability to start fast in cold weather, it is among my few air compressors I have been applying, and it works very well. Low noise production at 78.5decibels makes it a manageable air compressor in my collection. High flow regulator and the couplers maximize the performance of the air tool. A long-life oil-free pump makes the air compressor very durable. I can’t regret buying the air compressor.

Features & Pros:

  • 150 max PSI
  • High-efficiency motor
  • Low noise
  • Quiet operation


  • Gun kit and hose not included

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5. Camco Blow out Plug

I need a connector to allow my air compressor to carry out the blow out jobs. There are some units which used to disturb me a lot. As a way of making it easy for me to achieve the perfect connection, I had to try the connector. It is highly reliable. It offers me the best connection, which speeds up the sprinkler blow out jobs. The connector is highly effective in removing water from water lines. Quick connect makes it easy to attach to air compressors.

It takes me the shortest time to connect the unit to my air compressor and start the bow out jobs. Plug screws are easy to attach. It easily fits into the air compressor connection unit. It works very well in cleaning the water lines. There are no cases of lost pressure due to leaks. The connector comes with a patented technology, which makes it stand out from the rest.

Features & Pros:

  • Perfect connection
  • Quick connection
  • Easy to use
  • Patented technology


  • Not for all air compressors

buy here:

Air compressor for blowing out sprinkler system buying guide

There are several factors to consider before purchasing an air compressor for your sprinkler blowout exercise. For instance, you need to look for a unit which has been specifically designed to blow out sprinklers. Some of the factors to consider include the following:

Maximum PSI

You need to check on the maximum pressure which the unit can develop. Consider one that can power the sprinkler blow out process.


You need an air compressor which can serve you for long. Check on the longevity of the air compressor before you proceed to buy the unit.

Easy to use

The air compressor should have inbuilt safety mechanisms which allow you to use it efficiently.

You can also check some video instructions to understand it better. 

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Air compressor for blowing out sprinkler system FAQs

Where can you buy an air compressor for blowing out the sprinkler system?

You can buy the air compressor online. We have listed or you the best units above.

Which is the best air compressor I can buy for sprinkler system blow out?

You can buy one of the units we recommend above. They are among the best in the industry.

How can I know I’m buying the right air compressor for sprinkler system blow out?

Read our reviews above, and you will locate the best. We did a lot of research to list the air compressors above for you.


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