Best Air Mattresses For Sleeping Anywhere You Want!


If you’re a frequent traveler and go camping often, then you probably don’t get enough sleep because of the rough conditions you sleep in. That’s why, getting an air mattress can solve this problem for you. In this article we listed the 5 best air mattresses in the market for this year, so let’s not waste any more time and get right into it!

1. SoundAsleep Dream Series

So, finally, you’ve found the best air mattress on the market.

The SoundAsleep Dream Series is a true sensation because, since its release, this air mattress has received dozens of positive reviews by the customers who are always our priority, and that’s the main reason why have we listed in a first place.

This particular model measures 78 by 58 by 19-inches when it is fully inflated, while in terms of build quality, this unit is crafted of a puncture resistant material that does not only offer a greater level of durability, but it is also strong enough to make the mattress capable enough to handle a total weight of up to 500 pounds.

In addition, the SoundAsleep Dream is queen-sized, which by default means that two sleepers can have enough room to sleep comfortably without feeling restricted in terms of the space, so you and your loved ones will definitely benefit highly by having such a mattress.

Moving on, this unit has a dual-chamber construction that packs 40 internal coils, a single, 1-click internal pump and a quality, water-resistant flocked top which makes the mattress unbelievably durable.

Each of the upper mentioned components will give its best to ensure that you will sleep tight and comfortably, starting from the 40 internal coils which were specifically designed to have your sleeping experience elevated to a whole new level!

Moreover, the manufacturer calls the unit’s bottom a sure-grip, and they aren’t far from the truth due to the fact that the bottom will prevent the bed from sliding, so the mattress will stay fixed everytime.

Another great thing about this model is its patented pump, which will help you to fully inflate the bed in around 4 minutes while keeping quiet, so you will never get distracted by the noise which is a great sign since nothing could ever disrupt you once you have this mattress.

For your information, the SoundAsleep Series comes with a carry bag and has an integrated cord storage from which you can benefit really much especially in terms of storage.

Before we end, I’d also like to mention that this unit is perfect for home-usage and for overnight guests or relatives, so share with them if you can so that they would also feel its quality.

To conclude, I’d suggest you consider the SoundDaSleep Dream Series seriously because this mattress will guarantee you the most comfortable sleeping sessions!

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2. King Koil Queen Air Mattress

The King Koil is a fantastic option for everyone who wants to invest in a luxurious, queen size, raised air mattress, that combines an attractive look and feather-like construction with exceptionally quick inflation capabilities that will drastically enhance your experience with it!

The King Koil when fully inflated, measures 80-inches in width, 60-inches in length, 20-inches in height, weighs around 21-pounds, and its maximum holding capacity is rated at up to 600 pounds which is extremely good.

In addition, this unit has a so-called engineered coil design which basically means that there are air-filled coils, that work in conjunction with the unit’s internal layering with the intention to provide you the best possible spine support, which as we all know, hurts the most if we sleep on an unergonomic mattress.

Well, with this mattress those scenarios would never happen so you shouldn’t worry literally about anything.

Moving on, this unit has an extra thick quilt top as well, and what’s so special about it is that it is water-resistant which means that the water would never affect the mattress quality, and that’s why many users take it with them for their camping trips.

I would also like to mention that at the side, you will notice that there is a built-in pump which will let you inflate the mattress in only 4 minutes and during the process, you won’t really feel that something is going on since the pump is extremely silent.

On the other side, you can expect the bed to deflate in 4 minutes as well, so as you can see, you will have a truly convenient experience.

Another great thing about this model is its built-in pillow, which shares the same ergonomics as the whole mattress, so once you lay on the mattress you will notice what makes it differ from the one that you’ve been using previously!

Overall, I strongly recommend you consider the King Koil QUEEN SIZE because it is comfortable and durable, so you wouldn’t have to invest in another one for a longer period of time.

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3. Serta Raised Queen Air Mattress

The Serta Raised is a queen-sized air mattress that has enough space to accommodate two sleepers without any problem and make them feel exceptionally comfortable, so let’s hear why.

This mattress is composed of up to 35 circular coils, a soft, and durable flocked top, and two pumps instead of one, which is something that you can’t see often with most of the air mattresses on the market, especially in this price range.

Before we getting into the details, I would like to inform you that when assembled this unit measures 18-inches in width, 15.50-inches in height, 9.25-inches in length, and it can support a total weight of up to 500 pounds which speaks a lot about its quality.

Now, let’s briefly explain each component that this unit has.

First of all, its 35 circular coils are one of the biggest highlights about this mattress due to the fact that they will offer you a full-body support, of which you will benefit the most since they will give you a truly sensational feeling.

Moreover, its soft, and durable flocked top, does its job perfectly fine thanks to its ability to keep the bedding fixed in a place, so once you lay on it, you will instantly notice that the mattress is incredibly stable.

For your information, the Serta has horizontal and vertical reinforcements as well which I particularly like, because they will enhance the support of your body shape dramatically, so I think that you will feel that once you sleep on it.

In addition, this unit uses the Never Flat Technology which means that the Serta has a silent, auto-engaging pump, that will offer you a consistent air pressure throughout your sleep which by default means that when you wake up, you will fully be energized and ready for the morning.

I would also like to mention that this model has a separate auto inflate and deflate option, as well as three settings for adjusting the comfort, such as the plush, medium, firm or off, so you will always be able to instantly find your desired comfort level without waiting for too long!

Overall, the Serta Raised Queen Air Mattress would be a great option for you if you’re looking for a quality air mattress that radiates with versatility and comfort!

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4. Intex Comfort Plush

The Intex Comfort Plush is among the most positive-rated and purchased air mattresses on the market, and I’m sure that you have encountered with its name multiple times while you were searching for an air mattress.That’s why let’s get quickly into action and find out why’s the whole hype going around this product.

This particular model measures 60-inches in width, 22-inches in height, and 80-inches in length, which makes it a queen-sized airbed that has a holding capacity of up to 600-pounds!

Moving on, this model features a fiber-tech beam construction, and what’s interesting about it is that it consists of thousands of high-strength polyester fibers that will greatly support your body so you will never wake up feeling tired.

The other benefit is that regardless if you sleep on side or on the back, this mattress will support every part of your body with the intention to maximize your comfort.

In addition, except for a home-usage, the manufacturer claims that you shouldn’t hesitate to take it with you on camping, due to the fact that this unit has a durable waterproof vinyl so nothing would damage its original quality.

I would also like to mention that this unit also has a high-powered, built-in electric pump, that will exclude you from the need to use your feet in order to pump the mattress so from now, your inflation and deflation sessions will be more convenient than ever!

If you’ve been asking yourself about the time that would take in order to fully inflate or deflate the mattress, well, according to the manufacturer the process wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes, which isn’t that long.

Last but not the least, you wouldn’t be restricted in terms of adjusting the mattress comfort due to the fact that with a single touch of a button you can adjust its comfort level so as you can see, there can’t be anything that this mattress is not capable of.

To conclude, the Intex Comfort Plush deserves your attention and if you ever decide to purchase it I’m sure that you will never regret your decision!

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5. Intex Pillow Rest

To start off our best air mattresses list, we have a budget option for you.

The Intex Pillow Rest would be a really good option if you’re looking for an air mattress that will offer you an exceptionally comfortable sleep, without spending a fortune in order to get it and taste that feeling!

This mattress has a twin size that measures 39-inches in width, 16.5-inches in height, 75-inches in length, and what’s so special about it is that it is capable enough to handle multiple users that have a total weight of 300 pounds.

In addition, this unit has a double-layered wave beam interior construction that is followed by a waterproof, 20.8-gauge flocked top, 16-gauge sides, and bottom, as well as a 15-gauge vinyl beams, so when you check these things closely it means that you will aside of the comfort, you will be able to have a convenient and easy inflating and deflating.

But what got my attention the most regarding the design is that when you fully inflate it you will recognise that the bed will pop up its pillow, so you wouldn’t have to purchase anything additionally due to the fact that you will have everything necessary to lay on the mattress and turn on your favorite series.

Moreover, you will also find a built-in electric pump which will help you inflate and deflate the mattress in only 3 minutes, so you will be always able to take the mattress with you even if you’re going to camp.

I would also like to inform you that most of the users were greatly satisfied by its foldable body, which is surely a great thing due to the fact that regardless if you’re a person who would use it for home-purposes, or a person who has an adventurous spirit, the mattress can be stored anywhere, and at any time, so you shouldn’t worry about anything.

Before we end, I’d like to mention that you can tailor the comfort level based on your preferences so if you think that the mattress is too soft or firm, all you have to do its dedicated button.

Overall, if you’re looking for a budget air mattress that gives a premium feel then the Intex Pillow Rest would be your choice!

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