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Hello guys in today’s we’re going to check out the top 5 best Bluetooth speakers under $100, I made this list based on my personal opinion and are trying to list them based on their price quality durability and more to find out more information about these bluetooth speakers you can check out the below if you’d like to win one of these products make.

1 . JBL Flip 4

At number one it’s The winner of our best bluetooth speakers under $100 list is the Flip 4. JBL is one of the biggest brands in the Bluetooth speaker market, if not the biggest already, and its Flip line has been one of the most notable products from its lineup. The JBL Flip 4 is one of the most popular products in Amazon, with over 7000 reviews on the site, amazing soundscape for such a small speaker, great battery life, perfect battery life and plenty of other desirable qualities that make it the absolute best Bluetooth speaker in the sub $100 price. If you have seen any of its predecessor, the design of the Flip 4 is not a surprise, with its cylindrical shape that is 6.9-inches high and measures about 2.75-inches in diameter. It is a little taller than its predecessor and at the same time, it is more rugged and durable thanks to its plastic endcaps that are included in the design. It comes in various paint jobs, including Black, Blue, Camouflage, Gray, Ocean Blue, Red, Teal, White, and the special edition Trio paint job. You will spot the playback and Bluetooth buttons on the side and on the back of the device, you will spot the battery life lights, and micro USB port and 3.5 aux port under the water-proof flap. It has an IPX7 rating that makes it amazingly durable against the elements and it can stay submerged underwater for 30 minutes without any problem. It has a pretty stable wireless connection and a pretty long range of about 50-feet, without any interruptions or loss of quality. With the Connect companion app, you can customize the sound of the device, and if you have other JBL devices you can sync their sounds. The battery life of this product is very impressive at about 12 hours, and it can be recharged pretty quickly. The sound performance of the JBL Flip 4 is amazing, delivering a deep bass, clear mids, and pretty sharp highs, which is the area that has improved the most from its predecessor. The vocals were its strongest point and the bass was pretty powerful for such a small device. The creme de la creme under the $100 price, JBL Flip 4 brings a lot to the table.

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2. Anker Soundcore 2

At number two it’s I have another Anker product in this list, with the Soundcore 2, which is essentially an upgrade from the already amazing legacy Soundcore. This product despite being pretty affordable delivers plenty of value, and it is also the cheapest product on this list. This device delivers beautiful design, great build quality that is immensely durable, adequate sound performance and great battery life to complete the package. The simplicity of the Anker Soundcore 2 makes it a gorgeous device, with its modest and unassuming aesthetics, rocking a plastic block body with the controls up top and the metal grille covering its sides and front. To add a little personality to the product the manufacturer has added two more colour schemes, apart from the classic black, the Blue and Red versions that add a fun factor to the device. On the side of it, you will locate a water-resistant flap that houses the charging port and the aux port, and it is all covered with a matte rubber body that is nice to touch and doesn’t slide, but it is a fingerprint magnet. It is also pretty portable with its compact measurements of 6.5×2.1×1.9-inches and its lightweight of 0.78-pounds, you can carry it anywhere. For durability it has an IPX7 rating, meaning that it is extremely durable against elements and it can survive plenty of drops before giving up. This speaker is fitted with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity technology, which is top of the line for the moment, delivering a pairing process that is instant and without any interruptions. It has a pretty durable battery life as well, equipped with a 5200mAh cell, that delivers about 24-hours of playback time before giving up, making it one of the strongest ones in this category. The sound performance of this product is very impressive, delivering plenty of rhythms that is fun and engaging. Not the best in the market, however, the clean mids with plenty of detail, and timing make it amazing in this price range. It is also equipped with the BassUp technology that aids the two 6 Watt amps to deliver plenty of punch in the low-ranges. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, the Anker Soundcore 2 delivers.

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3. Sony XB10

At number 3 it’s Mini Bluetooth speakers are all the buzz these days because they provide amazing portability for people that travel a lot thanks to their compact sizes and lightweight bodies. The Sony XB10 is one of the most notable options under $100, with its excellent compact size, amazing design, great Bluetooth connectivity, great battery life, durability, and full-bodied sound, that wasn’t expected from a product like this. The Sony XB10 is shaped like a small grenade with its short cylindrical body that is 4.3-inches tall and is 3.4-inches in diameter and has a lightweight of about 9-ounces, that makes it amazingly portable. The device has strong rubber build around, that bakes it very softy to touch and gives it a pretty good look that is pleasing for everybody, also it is worth mentioning that it comes in a wide range of paint jobs consisting of Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Red, and Yellow. It is also water-resistant, thanks to its IPX5 rating, so you can use it around the pool or in light rain, and on top of this, there are the control buttons and a water seal flap that hides the aux and micro USB port. One of my favourite features of this device is the silicone loop that helps you attach the device to your backpack, bicycle handlebars, or anywhere else basically, get creative with it. Another interesting feature was, that you can sync one more Bluetooth speaker with it to achieve a stereo sound, or go with a mono sound as well. It uses Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity which is very strong, but you can use the Near Field Communication technology for seamless pairing, and it uses SBS and AAC codecs for clear sound even from a distance of about 10 meters. It has a strong battery life of about 16 hours in total with a full charge, and in addition to that, it charges rather quickly from a drained battery. The sound performance of this device is pretty good actually, and I was particularly impressed with the bass performance, which was deep and rich. Plenty of power despite being a small speaker, the mids were very clean and the vocals had immense detail to them, the treble was pretty sharp and detailed, despite being a bass focused speaker.

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4. Soundcore Flare

At number four it’s The Soundcore Flare is one of my favorite Bluetooth speakers in this category because it combines great features from its competitors in this affordable package, that delivers plenty of value. It provides a very impressive sound, a great mobile app, good battery life, nice Bluetooth connectivity, and an amazing 360 sound. It is the perfect speaker for those that are always out and about, plus it is one of the most attractive Bluetooth speakers in the market.The Soundcore Flare has a pretty impressive conical design that expands a little on the bottom, it sports a cloth texture on its grille and has some attractive lights on the base. The device is 6-inches tall and has a diameter of about 3.6-inches and weighs just 1.2-pounds, making it pretty portable. It is worth mentioning that the device is extremely durable and can take plenty of beating and outdoors use, enforcing that claim is the IPX7 durability rating that means it can be submerged in water without damaging the device.On top of the device you will locate the controls, that consist of playback controls, RGB LED and a bass boost button. From the light button you can change the cycles and patterns of the light, and holding the button turns them down completely. You can also control the lights from the mobile app manually and from there you can also adjust the bass up feature and the EQ.The sound performance of the Soundcore Flare is pretty good, with a full-bodied sound and great performance throughout the frequency range. Thanks to its 360-nature you can fill a medium-sized sound with ease, and you will hear the same sound from every corner of the room, and with the Bass Up feature enabled, it delivers plenty of power in the lows and I didn’t notice any distortion even at higher volumes, however, the trebles sounded a little strong at higher volumes.With a battery life of about 9 hours with volume at 50% and LED set at medium intensity, but you can expand its life to even more if you turn off the LED lights off.
Definitely one of the best bluetooth speakers under $100 with 360 sound.

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5. Klipsch Groove

At number 5 the most popular opinions is that you get what you pay for, but in the tech world that is not always the case as some cheaper products deliver great performance and value for their price, this is especially true for Bluetooth Speakers under $100. One of the most notable speakers under the $100 price is the Klipsch Groove, which has been released in 2015, and I can say that it is old but gold. Delivering astounding quality build, powerful audio in its compact body, and on top of all this, it is splash-proof. It’s a small speaker destined for greater things. The Klipsch Groove measures about 4.6×5.5×2.7-inches in total and weighs a substantial 1.7-pounds, and it displays premium quality on its body. It has an all-black body with the grill spanning from one side to the other, giving it a luxury look. It may be compact but thanks to its weight it is not the most portable, because of its dense body, however, it is perfect for home use. Inside the device is located the 3-inch full-range driver that provides 10 watts of power for the audio, and in addition to this, there is two passive bass radiator that complete the low-range performance, but more on that later. You will see that the bottom of the device is made out of rubber to ensure that the device won’t go anywhere. One of the things that surprised me the most with the Klipsch Groove was its IPX4 splash-proof rating, meaning that you can use it under the rain, around the pool and while taking a bath or a shower. On the top panel, you will locate the controls of the device that consist of the power button, Bluetooth pairing button, playback buttons, and volume button. However, it was disappointing that it had no aux port, you get a micro USB port for charging. If you love bass focused songs, you will enjoy the Klipsch Groove to no avail, because it delivers plenty of punch and power despite its compact size. It got pretty loud without any distortion, with clean frequency range without any bleeding from the bass and the highs were pretty appropriate. If you hide the speaker, no one would suspect that the sound comes from such a small device. Combined with its 8-hour battery life, the Klipsch Groove delivers astounding value for its sub $100 price.

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