Best Bluetooth Trackers in 2020


If you lose your phone, keys or wallet often, then getting one of these Bluetooth trackers can make your life easier. They are very easy to use, and they can be used to locate anything you are looking for. I’ve always lost my valuables because i am careless, but i managed to make that stop when i got myself one of these trackers. That’s why, in this article i will recommend you the 5 best bluetooth trackers that you can buy right now. Let’s take a look.

1. Tile 2nd Gen

The Tile 2nd Gen device maybe a little older than other models in this list, however, it is still the best Bluetooth tracker in the market thanks to its compelling features, amazing performance, streamlined design, and low price, you can also get it in multiple packs so you get further value and a cheaper product. In addition to all this, its smartphone app has a very simple interface that is intuitive and fool-proof, this is a Bluetooth tracker that does its job perfectly.

This Bluetooth tracker is really small and very lightweight, it sports a square design made of plastic and has rounded corners, and in my opinion, it looks adorable and close to home.

The Tile 2nd Gen measures 1.45×1.45×0.24-inches and weighs about 0.3-ounces in total. It has a very conveniently placed keychain hole on the top left corner and the TIle logo on the front panel of the device, you will also locate a very incognito button that is used for pairing the device with your smartphone. It works with all devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 and its app runs smoothly regardless of your phone performances.

The app is free and amazingly convenient with its very simple fool-proof interface, to find your device you can use the proximity scanner which is essentially a circle divided into eight sections and closer you are to the device more sections light up, pretty easy to find the tracker even without activating the alarm. But if you don’t want to play hide-and-seek you can tap the Find button so your Tile emits a melodic chime that is loud and distinctive so you will instantly find it. I was particularly impressed with the proximity scanner.

The device has a range of about 100-feet, which is enough for its intended purpose, and it reconnects faster than every other tracker on the market when you get inside the range. The device also gets extremely loud at 90 decibels and it has an IP5 rating so you won’t have to worry about the rain or water splashes.

The definite best Bluetooth tracker on the market doesn’t get any better than the second Gen Tile.

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2. SpotyPal

There are many Bluetooth trackers on the market these days, offering many features but none offer a more feature-rich package than the SpotyPal. Delivering amazing value for its price, with its long battery life, interesting design, loud alarm, great companion app, countless features that are perfectly designed for frequent travelers and many more. You simply cannot find a better Bluetooth tracker for travelers.

The SpotyPal sports a very interesting design, featuring a sporty look made of plastic all around which gave a cheap first impression and its button moved in its hole. Fortunately, after using it for a while I noticed that it will not be an issue and it is extremely durable because I dropped the device more than a few times in a week-long period.

It is very lightweight and small, measuring 1.4×1.4×0.2-inches in total and weighing just 0.32-ounces, so you can attach it anywhere without catching attention or weighing your pocket down. It also has a splash-proof rating to add further to its durability and has a swappable battery, which it lasts for about a year, definitely the best in the market in this aspect, in addition to that it is available in multiple colours consisting of red, white, and black, so you can adapt it to your backpack colour.

The device functions with the SpotyPal companion app, that is available for both Android and iOS device, and once you install it you have to pair it with your device and to track you have to keep the app running in the background at all times, which was a little annoying, but not a deal-breaker.

Once you attach it to your valuables and if you happen to lost said item, just press Call on the app, and the device will emit a 95dB alarm so you can instantly locate it. If you get out of its range you can press Show Map on the app to see where it was once it got out of range.

With traveller dedicated features such as the SOS alert, crowd finding, and separation alert, the SpotyPal is an excellent package.

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3. Pebblebee Key Finder

There are three things that people take every time they leave the house, phone, wallets, and keys, and all of them tend to get lost from time to time, that’s where Bluetooth trackers come into play at helping you easily and quickly locate your lost items.

The Pebblebee Key Finder is a safe bet in this instance, delivering a pretty solid range, a loud alarm, and some useful geofencing features. It has Alexa voice assistant support so you can find your device with voice commands if you happen to have an iOS device. Let’s take a closer look at this product.

First, off I want to speak about the design of the Pebblebee Key Finder, which is round and it is fairly thin, to be exact it is 1.2-inches in diameter and just 0.3-inches thick. It is mainly designed to be attached to your keys, however, thanks to its loophole you can easily latch it to your bag and it is just 0.5-ounces heavy.

The Pebblebee Key Finder is built with top-grade stainless steel, that is very durable and comes in three finishes, the Rose Gold, Silver Platinum and my personal favorite Gunmetal Black which has a cool vibe to it. It is a nice upgrade from its predecessor also with its replaceable battery and an LED light that flashes when you cannot find it.

The Pebblebee Key Finder has a very long Bluetooth connection range, with about 200 feet which is more than enough for most practices. The connection was seamless and it reconnected automatically once you get in the range. The alarm is rated at 90dB which is very loud for every setting, and I managed to hear it in a busy park about 100-feet away easily, plus the LED light does its job perfectly on dark ambients as it flashes brightly.

Thanks to its two-way feature you can even find your phone easily with just a press of a button on the tracker, and also the same button can work as the camera shutter button.

If you choose the setting in the companion app, you can enable the geofencing feature, which was extremely convenient at telling you that you are getting out of the Bluetooth range.

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4. Tile Pro

The Tile Pro is one of the best Bluetooth trackers on the market, and it surely is Tile’s best design for sure, improving on every aspect and getting rid of the issues that hindered the popularity of this device. Now it has a replaceable battery, an extremely loud alarm, amazing range, and a very convenient app, and compared to its competitors it is very affordable and provides tremendous value for its price.

Design-wise the Tile Pro is a little larger than its predecessor and has a rectangular shape measuring 1.6×1.6×0.26-inches, and you can get it in either black or white finishes on its textured case. You will also find a loop on it to attach it to your keyring, but you can easily slip it in each of your pockets, even in slim-fitting jeans.

On the back of the device, you will spot the battery cover which opens to reveal the old battery that can be easily replaced when it runs out, a major improvement over its predecessor that needed to be replaced when its battery died.

I would comfortably recommend upgrading from its predecessor solely for the replaceable battery, however, the Tile Pro delivers even more functionality, for example, it is three times louder than the Tile Slim, and has a listed Bluetooth range of about 300 feet, which is tremendous for such a cheap product.

The Tile Pro completes its intended purpose extremely well, you can attach it wherever you want, be it a key, a backpack, or even your laptop which many users choose to do. It locates your device via Bluetooth from the Tile companion app that is available for both Android and iOS.

Once you pair it to your smartphone, you will see the icon flashing green on your screen when you are near the device, and once you are in range you can tap to activate its chime to help you locate your item, and I found to be audible from a long-range and it doesn’t really get muffled.

Overall, I was impressed with Tile Pro’s performance and I would recommend to everybody, especially on your trips.

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5. Chipolo Plus

Bluetooth trackers come in different tastes and sizes, but recently they have started becoming a necessity, especially for the not-so-careful types like myself. The Chipolo Plus is an excellent Bluetooth tracker that is optimized for keys and through daily use, I cannot be thankful enough for their convenience. It is water-resistant, it has a loud and melodic alarm, and has a pretty good range, plus it is fairly affordable, can’t get any better for your keys that like to play hide and seek.

The company has opted for a pretty durable and sturdy design for the Plus, and it is slightly larger than the legacy model, at 1.5-inches in diameter and 0.23-inches thin. It has improved its predecessor in every aspect, except the unreplaceable battery which is a bummer, but not a deal-breaker.

It has some waterproofing to it, it is splash resistant to be exact, but it is not exactly safe to submerge it. For those that are worrying about the battery replacement, the company offers the second product half the price when your tracker runs out of juice.

To activate the Chipolo Plus you have to click the device, that way you can activate its two-way finding feature to find your “lost” smartphone or using the device as a camera shutter for taking selfies. You can set up these features from the Chipolo app that is available for both Android and iOS and it is very easy to use, a major upgrade from its predecessor, in addition to that the tracker is available in a multitude of colours, for example, Black, Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow.

The Chipolo Plus works excellently, you just attach it to your keyring or any other valuables, and pair the device with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and then with just a press on the app results in the 100dB alarm going off, which is pretty loud and doesn’t stop unless you deactivate it yourself.

It has a pretty wide range, about 70 feet in my testing, and it could reconnect instantly after you get back in its range and you will hear it from distances easily.

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