Best Budget Gaming Chairs For Comfortable Gaming Sessions


If you spend more than 5 hours a day in front of your computer, then you need a good gaming chair to support your back, neck & legs. Proper high-end chairs cost a lot, and not everyone has money to buy a $1,000 chair. That’s why, in this article we will list the 5 best budget gaming chairs that you can buy without breaking the bank. Let’s get started

1. Homall Gaming Chair

The winner of our best budget gaming chairs list is the Homall Gaming Chair. It’s one of those chairs that will do everything solidly because it is one of the most versatile of the bunch while still keeping a budget price. I would strongly recommend anyone a computer chair if you plan to spend a lot of time in front of the screen, and this chair seals the deal with its price, comfort, design, durability, and adjustability.

The Homall Gaming Chair rocks the classic racing seat design that all of the chairs in this list had, but underneath it, you get a full steel frame and chassis that provide amazing durability and support for your spine and body. On top of the frame, you get extremely thick padding that is soft and comforting, while pushing you to keep a straight posture. Aiding in that task is the lumbar support cushion and the headrest pillow, also it is worth stating that this chair is suited for a wide range of sizes, due to its dimensions. The backrest height measures about 30.5-inches in total and provides good support for tall people as well, and it has a shoulder rest width of 22.5-inches making it perfect for people with broad shoulders.

The seat is large and thickly padded and is ergonomically shaped to hug your legs for best support, and it has a size of 19.8×20.5-inches that is adequate for a wide range of users. It is also rated to support people up to 300-pounds in weight thanks to its steel frame and class-3 gas lift that is SGS verified and provides plenty of reliability. Touching on the support it is also worth mentioning the rubber casters that roll quietly and are very durable, they will stand the test of time.

This chair offers plenty of adjustabilities as I mentioned, except in the armrest, but overall it is still good. Moreover, the backrest can recline from the upright 90-degrees position to 180-degrees, and on top of this, you also get the rocking function, which is activated by the knob under the chair.

This racing seat style chair will be a lifesaver as you will see yourself and will never go back.

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2. E-WIN Gaming Chair

As most of the names in this list, the E-WIN Gaming Chair is also not one of the most famous brands in the market, but their gaming chair provides amazing comfort, durability, design and tons of value for its price. This chair is an excellent choice for larger people as the whole design is revolving around that concept, providing amazing support for people with taller statures and heavier weight, a market segment that doesn’t have great options. Let’s dive deeper into this exceptional design.

As I said earlier this chair is designed for the comfort of larger users, however, this doesn’t mean that it is not suited for smaller statures as well. One thing that I found very interesting was the implementation of steel in the armrests providing amazing resistance to wear, tear, and some rage pounding, and even if you manage to damage it which is close to impossible, it is replaceable. It is worth noting that the armrest is 3.9-inches wide and fully adjustable for your preference. It has an aggressive overall design that is pretty attractive with its black design with blue details scattered around, very pleasing and performance-oriented.

Furthermore, I am pretty much impressed with the seat wideness and fins as it is one of the most comfortable in the market. The fins provide a nice snug feel when you sit and is perfectly adequate for larger users, and on top of that, they are very flexible and excellent. The sitting area is about 22 inches wide, the backrest goes pretty high up and is adjustable to recline up to 155-degrees, the seat height is adjustable as well thanks to the Class-4 explosion-proof gas spring of international standards.

In terms of durability, the E-WIN Gaming Chair is up there with the best, and through testing, I saw that this chair won’t budge. The manufacturer has listed this chair to support weights of up to 400 pounds, and I wouldn’t doubt it whatsoever. It has a metal frame that is reinforced to provide the most durability.

With its lumbar cushion support, headrest pillow, and other listed features the E-WIN Gaming Chair is one of the best in the budget market.

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3. Vitesse Gaming Chair

When buying something, it is safe to assume that well-known household brands will provide the best quality, but sometimes it is better to explore your options and see what some smaller brands offer, for example, Vitesse. The Vitesse Gaming Chair, may not be a famous name in this market, but you definitely should consider it when shopping, because it offers tremendous quality and durability in its entry-level price. On top of that, it has nearly all the features you may want, decent comfort, and most importantly for me, it has a great design that doubles its worth for me.

First off I want to talk about the design of the Vitesse Gaming Chair, as it sports a very stylish silhouette, that is also very ergonomic. It has the well-known race seat design, but a slightly modified version of it, keeping things a little of the radar and subtle. The seat of the Vitesse Gaming Chair is pretty wide measuring 14.5×21-inches that is comfortable and adequate for even larger users, as its listed maximum support weight confirms with 300-pounds. It also has a backrest height of about 32-inches, and shoulder support width of about 22-inches, which is not the most ideal but still pretty good.

The Vitesse Gaming Chair is covered with a soft PU leather on top of its exceptionally strong metal frame that has a 3-year replacement guarantee from the manufacturer in case of a failure, that shows the faith they have in this product. To provide excellent ergonomics and comfort, this chair has a deep seat bucket, a lumbar support cushion, and a headrest pillow, all having some sort of soft foam inside of them. While this setup delivers the most comfort and stability to your spine, it also helps you perform better in gaming.

The Vitesse Gaming Chair delivers good adjustability options with 360-degree swivel, backrest adjustability that ranges from an upright 90 degrees to laying down 180 degrees. Class-3 explosion-proof gas lift provides great height adjustment that ranges from 13.7 to 18.5-inches, and it is also worth mentioning premium rolling casters that are very quiet and roll smoothly leaving no scratches on the floor.

One of the most durable gaming chairs not just in the budget market.

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4. GT RACING Gaming Chair

The GT RACING Gaming Chair is one of the best gaming chairs on the budget market based on its qualities and tremendous value for its price. While it is not the most unique or the best-looking gaming chair in the market this chair gets the job done and will provide plenty of comfort, adjustability, and durability despite its budget price. I was very surprised by its nice touches of detail that are not apparent in the entry-level market.

This chair is exactly designed as a simple gaming chair with the racing seat design that is very popular in this type of product. If you are a fan of the looks of this then it is perfect, but if you are looking for a more subtle design to fit in your room, you might want to look elsewhere, but then again most of the gaming chairs sport this design.

It is important to check for the dimensions of the chair before deciding, for instance, the GT RACING Gaming Chair has a backrest height of about 32.5-inches with a shoulder width of about 21.5-inches in total. These dimensions make it perfect for gamers with medium measurements, perfect if you are about 5’8″ to 5’11” in height, but if you are taller than that or if you have exceptionally broad shoulders, this chair will be a little too small for you.

The GT RACING Gaming Chair has a large weight capacity thanks to its sturdy construction as it can carry about 300-pounds in total. The armrest provide just height adjustment and not much more, however, the backrest can recline to about 170-degrees so you can comfortably lay down if you want to get a few minutes of rest, also it has a rocking chair mechanism to provide comfort. All this construction rests on a 5-point base with easily sliding wheels, and it is covered in PU leather in different paint jobs.

In addition to the smooth quality leather, it plenty of seat cushion, lumbar and headrest pillows to provide maximum comfort. Well, this won’t provide the heavenly comfort of some high-end gaming chairs, but you’ll get excellent comfort for its entry-level price.

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5. Respawn 200

We are going to start our best budget gaming chairs list with a great product from Respawn. It is really important having a comfortable gaming chair because it is one of the most crucial components for your overall comfort while gaming. However, it is pretty hard to do so while balling on a budget, because most of them are pretty expensive, but I managed to gather a list of the best gaming chairs for the entry-level market. The RESPAWN-200 is one of the best gaming chairs just not on the budget market, providing excellent comfort, ergonomics, breathability, style, and adjustability, without major compromise.

The RESPAWN-200 is also the best gaming chair in the company’s lineup in my opinion because it provides an amazing balance between price and quality, something not many products offer, as most tend to compromise quality or function in the budget range. I can comfortably say that due to its reinforced mesh back and adjustable lumbar cushion, this chair is the best for hotter weathers.

On the headrest, neck pillow, and molded foam seat the RESPAWN-200 utilizes bonded leather and PVC for comfort and quality. Continuing with the quality, this chair has a supportive steel frame under its seat that is sculpted for maximum comfort, and the back part has a plastic structure. The armrests are fully padded and adjustable in both depth and height, all this sits on top of a five-wheel base, made of heavy plastic. You can get the RESPAWN-200 in multiple paint jobs all sporting the gamer look and design, and due to that I wouldn’t recommend this chair for offices, and after all its a gaming chair.

In the adjustability department, this chair can recline form the upright 90-degrees down to 130-degrees, it also provides decent height adjustments. However, adjusting the chair while sitting proved to be a little difficult and it wasn’t the most convenient of mechanisms.
As almost all of the chairs ship in unassembled, this one had a pretty easy and quick assembly and following the clear and precise user manual made it even easier.

Overall I can comfortably say that the RESPAWN-200 is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs in the budget range. I especially like the neck support pillow, the mesh back lining and the lumbar support cushion, gaming for hours in this chair will be pretty easy and pain-free.

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