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Watching a movie with your TV’s speakers is okay, but have you ever tried watching a movie with a soundbar? It really brings the movie to life and gives you a cinematic experience. That’s why i decided to recommend you the 5 best budget soundbars in the market for this year. I tested them with many different TV’s and Computers, and the results were outstanding.

1. Samsung HW-J355

On top of this list, we have the Samsung HW-J355, a great soundbar manufactured and designed with Samsung precision. It may be a little pricier than other soundbars in this list, but it is the best upgrade to the stock TV speakers in the budget-range hands down. Its main aim is to enhance the overall audio experience that you get from a TV, it has a wide range of features and has tons of features, also it is compatible with a wide range of devices and will justify its whole price.

The Samsung HW-J355 is a 37-inch wide soundbar with a beautiful design, it has great aesthetics and it is very understated. It will fit into any room design that you want because it doesn’t crave attention, and the total weight of the product is 3.5-pounds. It also has a great subwoofer in the package that provides an excellent low-range, but more to that later. The overall build quality of this product is excellent, and everything is carefully thought out, and provides extreme durability, just as expected from Samsung.

In the box of this device, except the soundbar and the subwoofer, you will find a remote control that is pretty good actually, but you can find the Samsung Audio Remote app in Play Store, that lets you control the device through your smartphone, it gives you a wide range of controls, like the equalizer settings, making playlist and much more. Other than that in the package you will find a wall-mount kit, a USB cable, and an optical cable for excellent sound quality, and you can also connect via Bluetooth to mobile and other Bluetooth devices.

This 37-inch wide subwoofer provides 120 watts of excellent audio, 60 of which go to the subwoofer to provide a proper 2.1 home theater experience. The soundbar has four speakers, two tweeters, and two mid-range speakers, that provide excellent mid-range and trebles, and to complete the package the subwoofer provides perfect bass. The sound quality is near-perfect through everything that I tested it and it is the best sound upgrade you can make to your room.

The Samsung HW-J355 is the absolute king of the budget range soundbars and I would say its one of the best budget soundbars you can find.

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2. MEGACRA Sound Bar S7020

MEGACRA may not be a household name in the audio industry, but the Chinese manufacturer has put quite a name for itself, and its on the way to becoming a giant, with its great products that provide excellent value for their price. The MEGACRA Sound Bar S7020 is such a product, it is an excellent soundbar with great features, and amazing performance especially down-low in the bass range, it is not the widest of soundbars, but its output is large and can be used in various setups.

The MEGACRA Sound Bar S7020 is a 32-inch wide mid-sized soundbar, and despite its price the product doesn’t look cheap, it has a great industrial design with no-frills or any major attractions. It has a black design on its body with silver panels on the side and just the silver logo in the middle of the soundbar, the soundbar is covered with mesh that is very clean and tight, and the overall structure of the device is excellent and will fit in your room’s design remarkably, thanks to its understated design.

The device has a great number of connectivity ports for its price including a coaxial port, an optical port, a USB port, and a DC port, also you can connect the device via Bluetooth 4.2 connection with mobile devices for seamless streaming and great sound quality with a range of up to 33 feet. It is also worth stating that the MEGACRA Sound Bar S7020 can be wall mounted with its included brackets for wall mounting, and can be mounted also under your TV.

In this 40 watt 32-inch wide soundbar you will find two 3-inch high-performance full-range drivers that use NdFeB strong magnetic drive technology and has a frequency response range from 20Hz to 20KHz with a very low distortion rate. Thanks to its drivers, the MEGACRA Sound Bar S7020 is a perfect budget soundbar for bass heads, as it will provide the punchiest and the deepest bass sounds. Moreover, the sound quality is excellent throughout the range and it will provide clean sounds without bleeding.

The deepest budget soundbar that you can find on the market.

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3. Razer Leviathan

Razer has manufactured a soundbar dedicated for gamers, the Leviathan, it provides excellent gaming experience with its deep bass sound. Thanks to its amazing imitation of the 5.1 surround setup, the Leviathan is great for music and movies as well, making it a very versatile soundbar. I would like to state that it is best suited for small-to-medium sized rooms, as it can’t output the same audio quality at higher volumes, but it shines in smaller rooms.

The Razer Leviathan is not a huge soundbar as it is just 20-inches long, and as I mentioned earlier it would suit best smaller rooms, and I think that it would be a perfect fit for your PC desk just. On the front of this soundbar is a black perforated grill, and in the middle of it, you can locate the Razer logo. Under that grille, there are two 2.5-inch drivers and two 0.4-inch tweeters, and on top of that it has a small subwoofer that also sports a black design, it connects and gets the power from a single cord that connects it to the soundbar.

On top of the bar there is a large power button, a little farther back there are the other controls, such as the volume control and source. There are three modes supported, the movie mode, the game mode, and the music mode. It activates a virtual surround feature, that takes the stereo signals and imitates a 5.1 surround setup.

You can connect the Leviathan to your TV or PC in various ways, however, I would recommend connecting it with the digital optic cable for the best output quality. It can also connect to mobile devices thanks to its NFC support. The Leviathan also supports aptX for Bluetooth, a feature that improves the fidelity of streamed music.

It may look small but Razer Leviathan provides lots of sound quality and interesting effects. The surround sound with low-end effects is perceptible. It has 30W of power enough to fill a large room, but the audio quality drops in higher volumes. In every scenario, it performed well and presented an awesome experience.

A great budget soundbar that is dedicated to gamers, but I think for budget-conscious users, you can find use watching movies as well.

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4. VIZIO SB3820-C6

Another VIZIO soundbar back-to-back, this time around we have the VIZIO SB3820-C6 an amazing soundbar, that is a best seller on Amazon, for a good reason. It provides huge value for its price, it has excellent features and great sound quality, and it is the absolute best entry-level soundbar. It is a breathtaking product that in my opinion it should be priced at least twice its price, now let’s dive deeper into this gorgeous soundbar.

Most of budget product manufacturers opt for more provocative designs that look very cheap, and budget-conscious buyers that appreciate value can’t stand these designs, VIZIO has opted for a minimalist design with clean lines, that is just excellent. The body of the device is covered with black grille and panels, the side panels have a brushed aluminum texture in their panels, the soundbar itself is not pretty large and you have the option to order it with a subwoofer that will provide even more value. You can set this anywhere in a medium sized room and it will do its job and will provide a clean look without any cables for an eyesore.

Performance-wise the VIZIO SB3820-C6 comes packed with two 2.75-inch drivers and it can output a sound of 100 decibels, pretty good for small to medium-sized rooms. Dolby Digital decoder controls the power, also the DTS TruSurround and DTS TruVolume. All of this is a very light package that does a heavy task. The most interesting part is the wireless subwoofer, a feature that is more prominent on more expensive soundbar systems.

For a 2.0 system, the VIZIO SB3820-C6 performs adequately. The drivers in the soundbar do a particularly good job of delivering the treble and midrange, and they also provide a decent bass that has some punch to it but don’t expect very deep lows without buying the subwoofer. Maybe around 50Hz, not lower. The Dolby features accomplish an amazing task of clearing the voices so the dialogues come as sharp and clear. Razer has implemented a nice technology that dampens the transition from quiet to louder scenes, as it can get shocking, and also the music listening experience is quite clean and accurate.

I want to state again that the VIZIO SB3820-C6 justifies every cent of its price.

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5. VIZIO SB3621

We are going to start our best budget soundbars list with a soundbar from Vizio. The products on this list all prove a point, that you don’t have to spend big to upgrade the stock sound of your TV. The VIZIO SB3621 is one of those soundbars that provides excellent values, and because of its amazing output, it can fill large rooms quite comfortably. It is not a huge soundbar and it is extremely affordable for its performance, and it just sounds very smooth and good, in the package, there is a wireless subwoofer, and the soundbar has Bluetooth connectivity, it is not the most feature packed but it is an excellent package for the price.

When buying budget products, many buyers usually get inferior build quality and aesthetics in it, but that is not the case with the VIZIO SB3621. The soundbar is 36-inches wide and has a 2.1-inch height which won’t interfere with your remote control if you choose to place it under your TV. It has a smooth industrial design that works great with the overall vibe, it has some kind of controls on top of it, that can be useful if you can’t find the remote control. The remote control of the device is excellent, and it is definitely the best at this price point, it is understated and very well designed, with intuitive controls and great range.

In the package you get also a small subwoofer that has a 5-inch woofer inside, that helps the sound get down to 50Hz. Connectivity-wise the VIZIO SB3621 features two digital inputs a coaxial and an optical one, plus a USB port which plays only WAV files, on top of that you also have a 3.5mm audio jack, but thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity you can do with a wireless setup as well.

When I first got the device, I didn’t expect that this 36-inch wide soundbar could produce much, but its soundstage was amazing, as it filled a large living room with an immersive experience. VIZIO has also included its TruSurround processing for a brighter sound, and the tiny subwoofer produced very deep and punchy sounds. It was excellent for everything and will deliver ample fun.

An excellent soundbar, with a great price, I think you will fall in love with this one.

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