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Ever since the Airpods were released by Apple, wireless earbuds became very popular. It took a while until we were able to see a good competitor to the Airpods, but finally we have some. In this article we will review the 5 best budget wireless earbuds you can buy in 2019. I made this list after testing over 15 different options and concluded that the ones we are going to list below are the best for their price.

1. Pamu Slide

Pamu may not be a household name as they are a company that has put their products from raising their funds on Indiegogo, however, the value that this product provides is astounding. They provide true wireless experience, with Bluetooth 5.0, IPX6 durability rating, slight noise cancellation, great battery life and exceptional sound quality, and countless of other features that products twice its price can’t provide.

Firstly, in the package of the Pamu Slide, there were the earbuds themselves, the charging case, a USB charging cable, ear tips in different sizes and a user manual.

The other earbud models from the company are bigger, but the Slide offers a more minimalistic approach to design, they provide the classic earbud look with an elongated rounded rectangular tube. Thanks to their size the company was able to provide better battery life and sound quality, and on top of that they have kept the costs low to provide the product at an affordable price, but I can see the manufacturer giving a higher price and I still wouldn’t complain.

The setup of the earbuds is a little frustrating because you have to pair each bud independently, but other than that the connection is seamless thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 and they won’t unpair unless you do it yourself.

The Pamu Slide has an IP6 water resistance rating that is designed even for the most active user, they can handle tons of sweat and even rain. They have an astounding 10-hour battery life per earbud, and the charging case provides about 60 hours more so you will never run out of juice. There are touch controls on the earbuds for easy use and even voice assistant features, and the most interesting feature of the charging case is that it can act as a Qi wireless charger if the need arises, and it worked pretty well with my iPhone 8 Plus.

Overall the sound quality of the Pamu Slide is excellent as it provides bright sounds that perform great in most genres but not as good in bass-heavy genres such as drum and bass, or deep house, but other than that they are perfect.

Pamu Slide is the definite best wireless earbuds in the budget range and even in the mid-range comfortably.

2. Soundcore Anker Liberty Air

As expected form Anker, that has delivered excellent products every time, the Soundcore Anker Liberty Air is very close to perfect AirPods experience without the price tag. They are the best alternative to them with great sound quality that is a close second to the Tribit X1, passive noise isolation, good battery life, and great fit, in fact, these are the most comfortable earbuds in this list.

The Soundcore Anker Liberty Air has excellently provided the overall minimalist look that users want, they are shaped like classic earbuds, are built from plastic and have a high-gloss finish that tends to pick up fingerprints.

The Soundcore Anker Liberty Air are also IPX5 rated thanks to their coating that makes them sweat, water, and dust resistant so you can use them however and whenever you please. They are the most durable budget wireless earbuds that I have found and will be at your side for years to come.

The charging case is also solid and has magnets on the inside of it to keep the lid closed and the earbuds locked in and secure. In the package of the earbuds except for the buds and the charging case you will find four pairs of ear tips in different sizes and a micro USB cable.
When you start using the Soundcore Anker Liberty Air, you will instantly notice the increased comfort, and you will be able to wear them for hours without noticing any discomfort. For user-friendliness, these earbuds have programmed touch controls and gestures too are very easy to use and will provide a blast.

While it won’t provide you detailed sounds like audiophile great earbuds and headphones, the Soundcore Anker Liberty Air will deliver you excellent low-range and clear mid-range that is more than corresponding to the price. They are able to handle every genre with ease and provide you a great music listening experience, also it is worth stating that the sound quality in calls is also pretty good.

The earbuds also provide good noise isolation and can last about 4 hours in a single charge, and the charging case provides three additional charges.

With an excellent price, the Soundcore Anker Liberty Air is an absolute bargain and a must consider for true wireless earbuds.

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3. Tribit X1

Tribit Audio is a well-known brand in the audio circles, for consistently producing high-fidelity headphones, speakers, and earbuds. Their iteration of true wireless earbuds the Tribit X1, is an excellent as well, with the best sound in this list, good battery life off 3 hours on one go, durable charging case and small design they are excellent earbuds for commuting or sports.

In the package of the Tribit X1 you will find the earbuds, charging case, three different sizes of ear tips, a USB cable, and the user manual that explains everything throughout.

The Tribit X1 earbuds have a very minimalist and simplistic design that are very subtle and don’t want any attention, in fact when you plug them in your ear they are barely visible. They are exactly the same on each side with the Tribit logo on the outside of the earbud that also is a button that shines a light when turned on and while charging. The ear tips of these have a great piece that gives you a better fit, and with the choice of the size of the ear tips you can’t go wrong about sizing and you will have a good fit even for sports.

The charging case has the Tribit logo on the front and is also made of hardened plastic that can take some abuse. You can pair the earbuds to your phone very easily without hassle, and once you are connected it will stay like that without interruptions. The aforementioned button on the earbuds also offers some controls for playback and for taking calls, although it is not very appropriate.

The Tribit X1 shines in the sound quality department, this is possible almost entirely to the 6mm dynamic speakers on each side, that deliver clear sound with deep lows. You will notice no distortion, muffled sounds, or even tinny sounds and you will enjoy every genre throughout with the proper quality to it.

The battery life of the earbuds is 3 hours, and the charging case provides an extra 15 hours, these are made for the best sound experience and they deliver.

I would recommend the Tribit X1 for more serious listeners who value sound quality above everything.

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4. JLab JBuds

If you want to join the true wireless earbud craze but don’t want to opt for expensive options like the Apple AirPods that will cost an arm and a leg, I have a great option for you the JLab JBuds. These earbuds are excellent for every purpose that you can think of, they are excellent for sports thanks to their secure fit and the IP55 rating, they fit very comfortably, have great controls, and for the price they provide adequate sound.

In the package of the JLab JBuds, you will find the earbuds obviously, three pairs of ear tips in different sizes, the charging case complete with the USB cable, and two pairs of cush fins. In the package, you will also find the user manual that explains everything regarding the devices control, features, and performances.

The whole device is constructed from plastic from the charging case to the earbuds themselves, this is a good design to keep the costs in check and to ensure that the device has the IP55 durability rating. The earbuds may be a little large however, they fit the ear very good and provide a secure fit that won’t fall off from the ear even while running or mountain cycling.

The earbuds themselves provide about 3 hours of playback time and the charging case itself provides an extra 10 hours to make it 13 hours in total without needing to charge the device. The earbuds provide excellent playback controls and EQ options without touching your phone, and everything is explained in its user manual.

The JLab JBuds are water and dust resistant thanks to their IP55 rating and I would say that they are more than appropriate for the gym or running. On top of all this, they sound very natural and provide a warm sound, without the tinny sound that you get from cheaper earbuds, with good response throughout the sound range. The lows are punchy enough and are really emphasized without being annoying, the mids are very clear, and the high range may be a little lacking but it still pretty good.

Overall I would say that the JLab JBuds are an excellent pair of mid-range budget earbuds that are very versatile.

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5. Enacfire E18

The Enacfire E18 is a pair of amazing budget wireless earbuds that boast an astounding battery life, 3D Stereo Surround Sound, the latest 5.0 True Wireless Bluetooth connection, and a built-in microphone to count a few. It is extremely affordable and the whole package has an attractive design, it certainly provides more than its price would suggest.

The earbuds themselves have a great in-ear design that fits snuggly in your ear, they have an all black design with the exception of the silver metallic plates on the outer part of the earbuds, in the package you will find ear tips of different sizes to secure a perfect fit regardless of your ear. The charging case of the device is very small and can easily fit into your pocket for convenience, it has a pill shape with dark gray color with the Enacfire logo in front of it, the top of the case is seethrough plastic and adds further to the aesthetics.

You can pair the earbuds very quickly to your phone with just a touch of your smartphone, it doesn’t require to execute commands by pressing buttons, the connection happens in an instant. The Enacfire E18 provides a seamless wireless experience, with its new 5.0 True Wireless connection that ensures uninterrupted and excellent connection over 33 feet distance.

The battery life of the Enacfire E18 is excellent as it offers 4 hours in a single charge, and the charging case offers three more cycles of that for an astounding 16 hours in a single charge, which should last you about two days without needing to recharge the case. It is also worth stating that the charging time for the earbuds themselves and the charging case is very quick.

The sound quality on the Enacfire E18 is also great, with an emphasis on the bass range and clear vocals, it will ensure you have the best listening experience. On top of this it has 3 listening modes you can choose from; the stereo mode which deploys the best sound quality, share mode for sharing the same sound with your loved ones or friends, and single-mode, which can be utilized while driving for example.

Overall a great product that I can recommend to everyone.

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