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In this article, we will be reviewing the best compact cameras in 2018. Some people want to take their came wherever they go and capture photos of the beautiful nature or people. Since standard cameras are very heavy and bulky to carry around, manufacturers started to make compact cameras which can be easily fitted into your bag or pocket. Let’s get started with the list.

1. Sony DSC-RX100

And the winner at today’s video is the Sony DSC-RX100, a true gem when it comes to performance and outstandingly-made videos and photos clothed in great professionalism!

From a design perspective, this is a high-end compact camera which you can bring it everywhere you go and comes with an elegant black cloth. The body is ultra-slim and is composed of a sophisticated aluminum.

It features an Xtra Fine 3-inch LCD display for scrolling through menus or previewing pictures with ease and the final output is the production of amazing quality-images and movies. In addition, it includes the WhiteMagic technology with which you can have a clear visibility in bright daylight.

Now let’s talk about the performance of this camera.

It has a great 20.2 Megapixel 1inch CMOS Image and BIONZA Sensor that captures ultra-highly defined images because of the Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens. It will provide you with outstanding images even in low light which will be very-well detailed!

Moreover, the continuous shooting speed is 10 fps for catching subjects in any situation with ease, so you simply cannot miss anything!

The Optical SteadyShot coupled with an Active Mode can capture blur-free movies while walking and also it reduces the camera-shaking for even greater stabilization.

You can take full advantage of the Auto HDR Mode – which works in a split second for capturing dynamic ranges more than a single exposure can handle. The Face Detection – can register up to eight individual faces and delivers powerful images of your friends and family.

The Multi-Frame Noise reduction – for expanding the user’s shooting flexibility, The Photo Creativity – for getting functions such as Picture Effect, Background Defocus, brightness, and Vividness of the colors. There are also four focusing modes such as Single Shot Auto Focus, Continuous Auto Focus, Manual Force Assist and Peaking, and Manual Focus which can be used based on your preferences.

Additionally, the Intelligent Scene Recognition Mode can detect up to 33 different types of photos and 44 scenes for movies making it a beast for video recording or photo shooting.

The camera can produce 1080p Full HD videos at 60 fps and also supports a wide range of controls for recording in a professional manner. So, you can record crystal-clear movies with less distortion for playback on your HDTV and because of the capability of doing dual recordings, you can shoot and record at the same time!

Overall, this is a true gem that is very light, yet powerful and the material produced is with out-of-this-world quality making it ideal companion to all of your journeys!

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2. Sony Alpha A6000

This is another great example of a nicely-engineered camera, and by being produced by an amazing manufacturer as Sony you can expect just great things and nothing less!

From a design perspective, this camera is very versatile, compact, and it weights around 0.76 pounds.

The Sony A6000 features a tiltable 3 inch Xtra Fine LCD display which is great to take pictures in crowdy places and will let you have a live-preview thanks to the WhiteMagic technology. This display is of great quality and the OLED Viewfinder delivers 100 percent frame coverage and a wide viewing angle approximately to 33 degrees.

This camera’s lens feature Optical SteadyShot image stabilization for minimizing the appearance of camera-shaking up to four shutter speed steps, which is amazing!

Thanks to the 24MP APS-C sized EXMOR HD CMOS sensor and the BIONX Z image processor, you’re given the capability of getting high-resolution images or Full HD movies in darker-environments with a continuous shooting rate of 11FPS accompanied by an intelligent Fast Hybrid AutoFocus system that responds very fast. You will have a great contrast-detection and acquire an accurate focus on every subject.

It has a few autofocus modes such as the Automatic Auto Focus, the Single-shot Auto Focus, the Continuous Autofocus and the Direct Manual Focus for further enhancement of your photos.

There are also other camera features such as the Clear Image Zoom, Picture Effect, Photo Creativity, Anti-Motion Blur with which you can find your style and get better and better!

You can have 1080p Full HD recordings supported in 24, 30 and 60 fps . Moreover, using the integrated HDMI type D output, you can have videos recorded to an optional external recorder.

The built-in stereo microphone can record great audio also, which will help in making your videos much better.

As for the connectivities, this camera has a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with support for NFC-enabled devices. You can use your mobile devices for controlling your camera and share your images very quickly. This means that you will be always able to publish your captured moments or videos to social media while looking like a professional photographer!

To conclude, this camera is a wonderful asset and will serve really great and suit any style. All of your photos and videos will be of great quality and it will never disappoint you!

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3. Canon PowerShot S120

This is a compact point-and-shoot camera which is created by one of the best manufacturers in the market so quality is guaranteed!

As for the design, it is very compact, nicely engineered and comes in black & silver color options.

The 3-inch touchscreen LCD monitor facilitates clear viewing with very intuitive navigation for having a great control of your produced content.

Moreover, you can have a great use of the Touch Shutter, Touch Auto Focus, pinching and the swiping for having practical and easy navigation.

The 12.1-Megapixel High-Sensitivity CMOS sensor paired with the DIGIC 6 Image Processor work together for providing high-resolution imagery and Full HD recordings even in low-light surroundings!

Moreover, you will be able to have a continuous shooting speed of 12.1 fps and get clear shots of every desired subject regardless of how quickly it moves.

Canon’s 5x Optical Zoom Lens is further enhanced through the inclusion of Intelligent Image Stabilization that minimizes any occurrences of shaking by selecting six different stabilization modes based on your preferences.

Using the Normal settings – you can correct many movements, making it ideal for photography.The Dynamic mode- is very effective in video work and in the recording of wide-angles because it minimizes any common shaking while walking or moving with the camera. The Macro Hybrid mode – performs outstanding when it comes to the capturing of close-up subjects. while the Powered setting – is great for shooting at the telephoto end of the zoom range where the handshake is most frequent.

As for the video recordings, this camera is capable of producing 1080p Full HD content with a frame rate of up to 60 fps for high resolution accompanied by fluid rendering of subjects with an integrated stereo sound. You can have a direct playback on an HDTV through the integrated HDMI port and 60 fps movies are saved in Internet-friendly MP4 format. Additionally, if you record at 30fps, the processor, and the Fine Movie Detail Processing feature will enhance the noise reduction for getting great clarity.

This camera has built-in connectivity and a new Automatic Switching through the Image Sync setup for being very organized and able to transfer your photos or videos to social media. It is compatible with iOS version 6.0, 6.1 or later and Android devices versions such as 4.1, 4.2 or later. Basically, you can connect this camera to your smartphones for an even greater experience making it great for any situation.

Furthermore, you can even connect it to your Canon Printer by using the Canon’s Direct Print system for turning every captured moment in one piece!

Overall, this camera is capable of producing extraordinary videos and pictures and gives you the feeling of being a real professional!

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4. Canon PowerShot G9 X

This camera is suitable for every one of you who is interested in capturing amazing photos and videos no matter the possessed skills because everything runs very smoothly and professionally!

From a design perspective, this camera is very small and because of being pocket-sized, it is ideal for carrying it with you everywhere and at all times! Furthermore, the 3-inch LCD screen features a touchscreen design for an easier navigation or adjusting your control settings.

The PowerShot G9 X features 20.2 megapixels 1-inches CMOS sensor coupled with DIGIC 6 processor that creates the Canon HS system which performs wonderfully in low-light environment. Additionally, it reduces the image-noise and it provides you with a continuous shooting speed of 6fps for capturing every wanted subject very fast and accurately!

The Intelligent Image Stabilization system reduces the camera-shaking and while analyzing different movement types it applies specific settings to produce the best imagery and movies!

In addition, this system allows you to use the following settings: the Normal IS – for correcting plenty of movement types when shooting stills, the Panning IS – for making tracking shots, the Macro Hybrid IS – correcting the shift-type camera shake which is common when you’re hooting close-up subjects or recording videos while walking. The Tripod IS, The Dynamic IS – for recording videos using focal lengths for a simultaneous walk or movement, The Powered IS – for shooting video with telephoto focal length and result with greater zoom magnifications.

Finally, the Active Tripod IS – compensates the amounts of shakings that are caused when recording movies from a tripod.

Videos can be recorded in 1080p Full HD in multiple frame rates such as 24, 30 and 60 fps. The audio quality has a great response-to-noise ratio and provides you with greater control over your recordings that will result in a professional recording.

This camera has built-in Wi-Fi and NFC for having a faster connection while importing your photos or videos to social media accompanied by the Canon Camera Connect application. You can have remote shootings from your smartphone and also configure the exposure modes, the Autofocus and many other settings for producing ideal content.

To conclude, this camera is produced by one of the best manufacturers in the market and is equipped with the latest technologies for having an ultimate shooting experience!

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5. Ricoh GR

This model is built upon an award-winning series, and redesigns the borders of the cameras in the market with its newly developed wide-angle lens and 16- megapixel APS- C size image sensors. Regardless if you’re looking for a second body or big pictures from small cameras this little thing will redefine your photography!

From a design perspective, the Ricoh GR is really small but its magnesium alloy shell makes it very solid.

The LCD screen is clothed in a new protective cover and has beautiful and smooth graphics display for revising your recorded photos or videos.

An interesting think about this camera is the large-format CMOS sensor that produces image quality equivalent to a DSLR, so you can imagine how good it is! Moreover, your photos will have super-high resolution accompanied by an amazing color accuracy!

This camera is low-pass filter-less but with the amazing lens, it provides you with a clear depiction of the whole image!

The GR ENGINE V is a great feature for suppressing any type of noise and produce outstandingly sharp and powerful images while suppressing color saturation for specific colors that shift to become saturated. Additionally, the Multi-Pattern Auto and the Dynamic Range Compensation – compensates the pixel level for getting astonishing color reproduction so that’s why your images will be amazing!

The continuous shooting speed is 4 fps to ensure that you will capture every moment in any situation!

The rear of the camera is appointed with an AutoFocus function and Full-Press Snapshot function, so it will respond very fast and accurately even in the fastest movements with correct exposure.

The MultiExposure empowers you to merge – up to five images which can be saved before merging. This is great because they can be retaken after the shot allowing you to create the exact image you wanted
You can capture videos in the following resolutions. Those recorded in 1920 x 1080 are with 24, 25, 30 fps. The 1280 x 720 are recorded in 24, 25, 30, 50, 60 fps and the 640 x 480 are with 24, 25 and 30 fps.

Effects can also be set for movies allowing your creative expression to be added with ease.

This camera features Eye-Fi card link function for importing images to your smartphone or tablet and it lets you check the connection destination and the transfer of the selected images.

Overall, this is an outstanding compact camera so technologically advanced that will satisfy even the most demanding users. The variety of features and the great design add much to the camera and make it a must on everyone’s shortlist!

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