5 Best Compact Vacuum Cleaner 2020


You don’t always need the biggest vacuum to make sure that your house is the cleanest. Sometimes you need a small, compact vacuum with lots of reach so that you can use it to clean every inch, crack and tiny crevice of your home. They can be much easier to move around and considerably easier to store than large, clunky vacuums.

If you are looking for a versatile, compact vacuum for cleaning your home, you are just in luck. Today, we are going to be giving you a little overview of some of the best compact vacuums that you can find for cleaning your home, vehicle and anywhere else you might want to take these handy cleaning appliances.

2020’s Unbiased Reviews of Compact Vacuums

1. Oreck Super-Deluxe Compact Canister Vacuum

This compact vacuum from Oreck is pretty impressive in terms of size and power. This vacuum weighs a meer five pounds, but is powerful enough to pick up a 16 pound bowling ball, so that you have plenty of power for cleaning every area and every inch of your home.

This compact vacuum uses totally sanitary, hypoallergenic dust bags instead of a dust cup, so that you have quick and easy clean-ups every time that you use it. Another one of the best aspects of this vacuum is that it has every possible attachment that you need to clean all of the small, large and hard to reach places in your home.

You can clean everything from your ceilings and ceiling fans down to your computer and desk area. Another aspect of this particular model that we really appreciate is that it comes with its very own vinyl tool caddy that you can use to carry around all of the attachments for your vacuum around at once, so that you always have all of your attachments handy when you are cleaning.

We really appreciate that this particular model uses hypoallergenic bags, so they are great for families with allergies and pets, but it would be nice if they have some kind of filter that is reusable.


  • Perfect for reaching all of those hard to get places in your life
  • Great for using in your home or your vehicle
  • Perfect cleaning high ceilings, high ceiling fans, recessed lighting and mantels in your home
  • This vacuum is strong enough to pick up a 16 pound bowling ball
  • Uses a sanitary, hypoallergenic dust bags that are disposable, eliminating the need for a dust cup
  • Variety of attachments, so that you have everything that you need to clean every inch of your home, down to your computers and computer area
  • Lightweight canister vacuum body that only weighs in at five pounds
  • Comes with a vinyl tool caddy that you can use to carry all of your extensions and attachments at one time
  • Uses poli-lock technology to create a dust-free seal to the bag door
  • You can either carry this vacuum, set it down on the floor or wear it over your shoulder


  • It would be nice if this vacuum had wheels so that you could roll it around
  • Would be great to have a reusable filter instead of dust bags

buy here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000AAJVC8/

2. Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Cleaner

What we love about this vacuum is that it is compact, effective, and simple in design. It has an extendable hose that makes it really easy to clean those high and tough to reach spaces of your home.

It also includes a crevice tool, an upholstery tool and dual-purpose dusting brush so that you can make sure that every inch of your home is spotless. This vac uses a powerful 12 amp motor so that you don’t have any difficulty cleaning up any deeply embedded dirt and debris, and the dust bag that this vacuum uses makes it really easy to empty out and keep using it immediately.

It is lightweight and easy to carry around you home, and uses an unobtrusive, canister design so that you can take it anywhere. The difference with this vacuum when you compare it to others is that it can be used just as much as an outdoor used vacuum/blower as it can be used as an indoor one. That makes this compact vacuum great for using in your workshop, garage, walkways, driveway and any other outdoor area that you can think of around your home.


  • Only weighs in at nine pounds, and has a canister design that makes it compact so that it is easy to store and use just about anywhere
  • 12 amp motor, which gives you plenty of power to clean just about any surface and area of your home
  • Features a blower port so that you can quickly and effectively blow away any reticent debris and dirt out of your garage.
  • Vacuum is useful for cleaning a variety of outdoor spaces around your home.
  • Multi-surface cleaning tools: including a crevice tool, upholstery nozzle and dual purpose dusting brushes so that you can clean all of the spaces and areas that are difficult to reach
  • Uses a dust bag which makes cleaning and emptying out your vacuum a breeze 


  • The brush attachment for the vacuum isn’t quite as effective as you might like it to be
  • Lacks some power in comparison to other vacs in this review.
  • Would be nice if this had some kind of hypoallergenic filter or feature

buy here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00002N8CX/

3. Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum

This Miele vacuum is slightly different than some of the other vacuums that we have looked at in the review, thus far. This unique compact vacuum model has a six-stage, 1,200 watt vortex motor which gives you a variety of different cleaning capabilities.

The motor gives you the option to choose your vacuums cleaning power, making it ideal for cleaning a variety of areas, floorings and surfaces. This unit uses a sealed air-system which has been tested and shown to pick up 99% of the particles that you are cleaning up from your home. That makes this vacuum ideal for families with pets and a variety of allergies.

With the power selector, you also get a AllTeQ floor head which you can adjust to clean any type of floor from hardwood and tile to low-pile carpet. This carpet is really gentle on the surfaces that you need to clean so you don’t have to worry about damaging your flooring, carpet or rugs. Another one of the best aspects of this vacuum is that it has a massive cleaning radius of 29 feet, which keeps you from constantly having to plug into different outlets around your home.

By far the biggest selling propositions of this particular vacuum are the adjustable motor and the large cleaning radius. The six stage motor along with the adjustable floorhead make it so that you only really need one vacuum in your house. You don’t have to have separate vacuums for all different surfaces of your home.


  • This vacuum actually has a six-stage 1,200 watt vortex motor for added power and cleaning capabilities while vacuuming
  • Air-clean sealed system which keeps the mess that you are picking up contained
  • Six-stage vacuum motor gives you the option to you as much or as little suction power as you need to
  • Power regulator makes it ideal for cleaning a variety of different areas
  • The sealed air-system has been shown to clean up 99% of the particles that you are cleaning up from your home
  • AllTeQ combination floor-head which is excellent for cleaning all kinds of flooring from hardwood to low-pile carpet.
  • You can use the footswitch on this floor head to select what floor setting you want to clean up
  • Comes with a upholstery tool, crevice nozzle and dusting brush
  • Comes with a VarioClip. It is a storage feature that is attached to the vacuum hose so that you always have your attachments, within arms reach.
  • With the hose, power cable and the stainless steel wand that are included with this vacuum you can get an effective cleaning radius of up to 29 feet.
  • You don’t have to frequently unplug and relocate your vacuums power source 


  • In terms of the other compact vacuums that we are comparing it to, this one is relatively more expensive than some of the others in its class

buy here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XHPLYZL/

4. Bissell Aeroswift Compact Bagless Upright Vacuum

This is another reliable and powerful compact vacuum with a massive reach. The first aspect of this vacuum that we really appreciate is that the bagless upright, bottom-emptying design of this vacuum makes it really easy to empty out for the next time that you clean.

Another one of our favorite aspects of this vacuum is that it has one of the largest cleaning radius ratings of any vacuum in this review. This vacuum has a 10 foot extendable cleaning hose along with a 30 foot power cable to give you a total cleaning radius of 40 feet.

That makes this vacuum ideal for cleaning larger homes and areas, without having to change which power outlet you are plugged into. This model also includes an adjustable floor head, so that you can appropriately and safely clean a variety of different surfaces including hardwood and carpet.

The greatest aspect of this vacuum is the versatility that it gives you. From the quick release handle that lets you adjust accordingly to the surfaces that you want to clean to the 40 foot cleaning radius that you get from the power cable and the hose, this vacuum is able to cater to any cleaning needs that you may have.


  • Quick-release handle that you can use to quickly and easily use to transform your vacuum.
  • Much more convenient to transform your vacuum from cleaning the floors and the stairs to areas that are higher up or difficult to reach
  • Extendable cleaning tube that gives you a 10 foot reach to clean those tall, and hard to reach areas
  • Five different settings that you can adjust to clean varying lengths of carpet
  • It is easy to clean this vacuum, as it has a bottom empty dirt bin. Makes this vacuum easier to empty out and clean without making a mess.
  • Bagless design, so that you don’t have to worry about buying replacement bags when cleaning
  • Includes an extension brush, a rotating TurboBrush tool, an easy-comfort, quick-release handle and a crevice tool.
  • 30 foot power cord included, so that you have a massive cleaning radius when you are cleaning up around your house. 


  • This model is not as compact as some of the other models in this review
  • It would be nice if this had a special filtration feature
  • No mention of being hypoallergenic

buy here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0007Z69G2/

5. Oreck Commercial BB900DGR XL Pro 5 Compact

This is another powerful, compact and convenient vacuum from Oreck. This is a small unit that measure at only 8 x 6 x 15 and weighs in at only five pounds. So it is really easy to move and around and use anywhere that you need it.

Besides being incredibly compact, one of the biggest highlights of this compact vacuum is that it gives you plenty of space to clean. This model features a 30 foot power cable so that you don’t have to constantly be changing power outlets while you are cleaning your home. This gives you the ability to clean a large area without having to find a new power source.

That, along with the adjustable extension wand makes this vacuum perfect for cleaning high places, hard to reach areas, large spaces, spaces where power outlets are limited and it will even help you clean out your vehicles.

By far the biggest benefits that this commercial model of Oreck has to offer is the massive cleaning radius that you get. Between the length of the power cable and the long extension hose, you should have no problem cleaning the largest of areas.


  • Compact, canister-style vacuum from Oreck, that comes with a carrying strap
  • The strength of this vacuum comes from a four amp, two-stage bypass motor which gives you more than your single-stage motors and your standard flow-through motors
  • Comes with an adjustable extension wand and a four foot hose which makes it great for cleaning tall areas
  • Extension for cleaning high vents, ceiling fans and other high and hard to get places in your home
  • Comes with a 30 foot power cord.
  • The 30 foot power cord along with the adjustable extension wand gives you the versatility to clean a larger area without having to worry about moving power outlets.
  • The extra-long power cable and the extension hose on this model also make it really easy to clean out your vehicles as well 


  • This vacuum expounds an intense amount of air out of the rear blower, which can be a little uncomfortable
  • It would be nice to see more about the suction power rating of this vacuum
  • A storage option for the attachments would be nice

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 buy here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008BPFBH8/

Buying Guide – How to Choose a Right Compact Vacuum That Will Suck Up Everything

Before we jump right into taking a look at some of the compact vacuums that you can find, let’s explore some of the key qualities that you should be looking for when shopping for a quality compact vacuum.

Cleaning Radius

One of the most important things that we look for when it comes to getting the best compact vacuum is the effective cleaning radius. The cleaning radius can be a combination of the length that you get from the adjustable cleaning hose that you have on your vacuum and the power cable that comes with your vacuum. We recommend getting the longest power cord that you can so that you can have a longer effective cleaning radius. This gives you the ability to clean a wider area in your house without having to continue to change power outlets, as you go.


How much power do you need out of your vacuum?

How much power do the vacuums that you are shopping for provide? The deeper and denser of carpet that you have, the more powerful vacuum that you are going to need.


Is your vacuum floor head adjustable so that you can clean a variety of different surfaces like carpet or hardwood?

Is it fairly easy to adjust your vacuum so that you can clean different surfaces?

If you think that you can use the same setting on your vacuum to clean your home, you may want to double check on that. The chances are that your hard flooring surfaces and your carpets are going to have different needs, and therefore need different vacuum settings to clean it appropriately. Make sure that you can adjust the floor head on your vacuum so that you can clean every surface of your home.

Cleaning Attachments

If you are planning on using your compact vacuum to clean your entire house, and not just your floors, you are going to need some attachments to clean every surface of your home. Make sure that you have different extensions, attachments and nozzles so that you can clean all of those tough to reach places like your ceilings, ceiling fans, mantels and other high reaching areas of the house.


If you are planning on uprooting some dirt and debris from your carpet or anywhere in your home, you are going to need some power to do that. Power is going to help you pry those stubborn pieces of dust, dirt and other debris out of the rug and the carpet. The last thing that you want when you are cleaning is a weak vacuum that leaves all of that gunk behind.

What Are The Advantages/Benefits Of Using A Compact Vacuum?

Compact vacuums, also known as handheld or hand vacuums, come with a wide array of benefits that give them some advantages over larger, more traditional vacuums.


A compact vacuum can be taken anywhere you go. It’s light in weight and anyone can use it without any trouble. The portability and weight makes it easy for people to carry around with them from room to room.

Car Compatibility

Compact vacuums are great for the car, as these vacuums are small enough to go anywhere you want to lift up particles. You can use this vacuum effortlessly to clean upholstery, the floor, the dashboard, in between cushions, and other areas. Other vacuums, such as an upright vacuum with a crevice wand are able to vacuum car interiors, but the nature of these vacuums can greatly restrict there you can vacuum conveniently and effectively.


Because compact vacuums are small, they are much easier to store opposed to upright vacuums. You are more likely to find storage inside of a closet for a compact vacuum, no matter if it is on an overhead shelf or inside of a box with other cleaning supplies. When you need it, you can easily pick it up and get to work.

Quick Cleanups

Did something spill? You can easily get a compact vacuum to clean a certain spot faster than an upright vacuum. With upright vacuums, you have to set the vacuum up by uncoiling a long cord and making adjustments to the vacuum to get to it glide over the spot. With a compact vacuum, simply turn it on and pick the mess up. No preparation time or anything that takes some time to do to do a small job like pick up one spot.


A compact vacuum can simply clean more than an upright vacuum cannot. This includes bedsheets, desks, countertops, upholstery, work benches, window sills, stairs, and much more. Compact vacuums are just small and light to be suitable for these places. Not only are upright vacuums too big and heavy, but they could possibly knock over objects of value, and potentially mess up upholstery, so that it is never the same again. We strongly advise against using an upright vacuum by its main vacuum head to vacuum a bed or furniture. Compact values can also reach in between cushions from sofas and vacuum seats of chairs.


So out of all of these compact vacuums, which one do you believe is the highest performing? For us personally, we believe that is the Eureka Mighty Mite vacuum. The reason that we like the Mighty Mite is because it has everything that you need in a reliable compact vacuum in terms of power, cleaning radius and all of the attachments and extensions that you need to clean your home thoroughly, and all for a really reasonable price.


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