Top 5 Best Corded Handheld Vacuum


What do you reach for when you are tidying up around the house?

Do you have a sweep and dust pan?

Maybe you have an industrial sized vacuum cleaner for cleaning your carpet and hardwood flooring. The question is, what do you normally use to clean those tight nooks and crannies in your house? Corded handheld vacuum cleaners are great for fitting into all of those difficult-to-reach spaces in your home, and they are also really handy for cleaning out your automobiles as well.

Recommended 5 Best Corded Handheld Vacuum Reviews 2020

1. Eureka EasyClean Corded Handheld Vacuum

This stellar, compact corded handheld vacuum gives you plenty of freedom and space to clean any area that you need to. This EasyClean comes with a 20 foot power cord, which should give you plenty of length for cleaning out your home or your vehicle, and may even help you keep from having to buy an extension cable.

The particular design of this hand vacuum makes it an excellent device for cleaning your stairs and the hardflooring or carpet in your home. This model comes with a crevice tool that can attach onboard the vacuum, so that you can easily clean around and between your stairs.

If your vacuum is a little too big to clean under your stairs, you have a handy stretch hose that can attach to your crevice tool and the vacuum so that you can easily clean those spaces that are tougher to reach. The hose stretches to three times its length, to give you an even better reach when cleaning your home or car. This also makes this vacuum the perfect handheld vacuum for cleaning out your car. It even comes with a riser visor that makes it even easier to clean up your carpet covered stairs.


  • This handheld vacuum has incredibly strong suction for such a small device
  • It has a stretch hose that is perfect for cleaning around and underneath the stairs, upholstery and the interior of your car
  • This has an onboard crevice tool that you can use between cracks that are difficult to vacuum around
  • This handheld vacuum comes with a 20 foot cable so that you aren’t as limited to the area that you can clean, without an extension cord
  • This is a dual-motor design that uses one, powerful motor to power the vacuum and another motor to power the spinning brush
  • This model is really lightweight at only 4.8 pounds, which makes it really easy to hold for cleaning 


  • With heavy use, this vacuum starts to degenerate quickly, and may not be built to last for heavy, frequent cleaning

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2. Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum Cleaner Classic Review

This nice little Dirt Devil handheld is another awesome corded vacuum model that would be perfect for cleaning out your car or your home. One aspect about this particular vacuum that we really appreciate is that it gives you a ton of length for cleaning.

This Dirt Devil handheld gives you 20 feet of power cable, so that you can easily plug in your vacuum and clean your entire stairway with it. This is also really exceptional when it comes to cleaning out your car. All you have to do is find an outlet close to it and you should have plenty of cable length so that you never have to worry about finding another, closer power outlet.

Another piece of this vac that we really appreciate is that it has a motorized brush for deeper cleaning. The motorized brush loosens up the dirt and debris that can be deeply embedded into your carpet, making it much easier for your vacuum to be able to clean it.


  • This powerful handheld vacuum comes with a 7 amp motor, so it will have no problem picking up debris and dust that is deeply embedded into your carpet or furniture
  • It uses a motorized brush to help loosen up the dirt in your flooring so that your vacuum can suck it right up
  • This model comes with a 20 foot power cord so that you have plenty of length for cleaning
  • This vacuum uses a bagless dirt cup so that you can suck up all the dirt from your floor without making a huge mess
  • Comes with a five piece tool set so that you have plenty of handy attachments for cleaning your house or your vehicle. 


  • This can have some problems with suction, so depending on what and where you are cleaning you may need a stronger vacuum.

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3. Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum

One serious aspect of this vacuum that separates it from the rest of the pack is the lack of space that it takes up. This could almost be considered a miniature, handheld corded vacuum, measuring at 10 x 5 x 8 inches.

Those measurements make this vacuum one of the smallest in this review, so if you are worried about having enough space to store this handheld vacuum, this may be just the right model for you.

For a small package, this handheld vac has a four amp motor, which should provide plenty enough power for cleaning out your home or your car. Another really nice feature of this little vacuum is that it gives you plenty of length for cleaning.

This vacuum has an 18 inch power cord, which is plenty enough length for being able to clean your entire stairway without having to change outlets. This extended power cord also gives you plenty of slack for being able to clean out the entire interior of your car without having to vacate power outlets.


  • This may be one of the smallest and most compact vacuum models that we are going to be taking a look at today, measuring at 10 x 5 x 8 inches
  • If you need a place to store this vacuum and are worried if you will have enough space, this model may be the perfect one for you
  • This tiny vacuum has a four amp motor, which should be powerful enough for most cleaning jobs that you have in your home
  • This compact vacuum is also great for using around your vehicles, and is really easy to use to vacuum out tiny crevices, as well as getting underneath your seats
  • This vac model gives you plenty of length and space to clean with its 18 foot power cord. You will never have to worry about being close to a power outlet and will have plenty of length for cleaning
  • This comes with a few different attachments: hose adapter nozzle, contoured rubber nozzle, two foot cleaning hose, wide mouth too and a crevice tool


  • This vacuum is ideal for cleaning up pet hair, but may not be the best vacuum when it comes to cleaning up other debris, dirt and crumbs.

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4. Shark Rocket Corded Handheld Vacuum Review

This is another uniquely small vacuum that would be the perfect cleaning tool for your home or your vehicle. This compact handheld vacuum cleaner weighs less than four pounds, which makes it really easy to hold for hours of cleaning, and makes it almost hassle-free to store away.

It is also ergonomically designed so that that it is comfortable to hold while you are cleaning. This vacuum comes with a lengthy 15 foot power cord. Though, that is not as long as some of the other vacuums in this review, this should give most people plenty enough cord length for cleaning your car or your home.

This model uses a powerful, hardworking motorized brush to uproot dirt and debris from your floor. This is also a nice feature when it comes to loosening up the pet hair that may get caught in your carpet. Another nice feature of the Shark Rocket is that it has a bagless design, and uses a dust cup that you can empty and reattach to your vacuum with the press of a button.


  • This is yet another portable and lightweight corded vacuum that weighs less than four pounds
  • It is lightweight and ergonomically designed so that your hands, wrist and arms will not get fatigued while you are vacuuming
  • This model comes with a motorized brush that is perfect for deep cleaning the dirt and debris out of your carpet
  • The motorized brush is also a nice feature for uprooting any pet hair that may be embedded into your carpet
  • Instead of using a traditional vacuum bag, this miniature vacuum uses a dust cup that is easy to detach, empty and reattach to your vacuum, with the push of a button
  • This vacuum comes with a 15 foot power cord, which gives you plenty of length for cleaning your car or an entire room without having to change power power outlets
  • One of the highlights of this vacuum is that it prides itself on sustaining power. Some vacuum’s suction power will deteriorate over time, where this one stays strong. 


  • The one downside to this vacuum is that its power cable it is several feet shorter than some of the other vacuums in this review. That can make it difficult to clean out larger areas without having to maneuver around power outlets.

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In terms of design, the Flexi Automotive may be one of the most unique vacuums that we look at in this review. This vacuum is incredibly compact and would be perfect for using either in your home or your cars. The first aspect of this vacuum that makes it a little different than the competition is that it comes with a 12 volt adapter.

This gives the user the ability to plug your vacuum into the cigarette lighter. This will give you greater mobility and flexibility when cleaning out your vehicles. Another stylish and efficient feature of this vacuum is how the motor works with the filter. The construction of this vacuum allows the motor to sit inside of the filter, making this design even more compact than other models.

That makes this vacuum easier to move around and use, light to hold and even easier to store. It utilizes a cyclonic spinning action to spin dirt and debris away from the nozzle of the vacuum. Keeping the nozzle clear is the best way to make sure that your vacuum can sustain maximum suction for the entire time that you are cleaning.


  • This vacuum is ideally used for cleaning dust, dirt and debris making it perfect for your home or vehicle
  • The nozzle and the hose on this vacuum make it great for cleaning those tight spaces like in between your car seats and underneath your stairs
  • When cleaning out your car you can plug your vacuum into the 12 volt adapter, which fits into your cigarette lighter.
  • This uses a patented technology from Black and Decker that integrates the motor into the filter of the vacuum, making this vacuum super compact and easier to store
  • This vacuum uses a cyclonic action spinning feature to keep dirt and debris away from the nozzle of the vacuum, so that you can maintain maximum suction power while vacuuming 


  • The cord on this vacuum is a little short, in comparison to other models in the same price range

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Advantages of using Best Corded Handheld Vacuums: Tips and Trick

Some of the advantages to using a corded handheld vacuum are that you can clean all of those tight spaces, cracks and crevices in your home and your vehicle. You most likely will not be able to accomplish that with your standard-sized home vacuum cleaner. They can include functional features like motorized brushes and other cleaning attachments that will better loosen up dirt, dust, debris and pet hair from your carpets and rugs. They are great for cleaning under your stairs in your home, and under the seats of your car.

Things to look for / Attributes that differentiate these products


One of the first things that you are going to want to look at when purchasing a corded handheld vacuum is that power. This will usually be displayed in amps, and will give you an idea of how effective your vacuum is going to be at cleaning up messes. Make sure that you have a powerful vacuum so that you don’t have any trouble cleaning your car or your home.


This is another one of the most important features that you can identify when shopping for the perfect vacuum. One of the worst things that can happen when you are cleaning is getting to the end of your power cord, and not having enough length to finish your cleaning job without having to unplug your vacuum and plug it back into a closer outlet. Make sure that you have a long enough cable for cleaning your home and your car.


Hose length is important for a couple of reasons. The shorter your hose is, the less mobility and length you have, and having a longer hose can eat into your vacuum’s suction power. Make sure that you have a long enough hose to clean out your home’s cracks and crevices, but not so long that you will lose suction power.

Filtration and Cleaning

Having a filter or dust cup that is easy to clean and empty is critical when shopping for the right vacuum. Make sure that you investigate how that works on your vacuum before you buy it.

What’s the best way to use them?

The uses of corded handheld vacuums are for cleaning out your vehicle and your home.

The Controversy: Corded Handheld Vacuums vs. Cordless

One thing that you always have to be conscious of when you are using a vacuum that runs off of a battery is deterioration in power. Most cordless, handheld vacuums have a battery life of about a half hour and some of them will have more. When relying on a battery while cleaning, the power that your vacuum can produce will drop noticeably as you use up the battery. That can make it really inconvenient when you get to the end of cleaning and you don’t have enough power to pick up the mess that remains.

The other downside to using a cordless handheld vacuum is that they can take hours to charge, and your cleaning time is going to be a fraction of the charge time. What makes these vacuums handy is that you are not limited to the space you can clean and you aren’t constantly seeking power outlets so that you can clean.

Of course, the drawback to using a corded, handheld vacuum is that your ability to clean is limited by where you can plug your vacuum in and the length of power cord that you have. Depending on the length of your cord, you may have to purchase an extension cord to further your reach, while cleaning.

Prerequisites to using Corded Handheld Vacuums

There are no prerequisites or checklists that you need for using a corded handheld vacuum. Just make sure that you have an area to clean that makes buying one necessary.

What to look before buying a Corded Handheld Vacuum?

Handheld vacuums are portable and can be used anywhere you decide to go. Handheld vacuums are small in size, and that can be either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what your priorities are when looking for a vacuum cleaner.

It is a great thing for a corded handheld vacuum to be small. That means you are free to pick it up and clean anything with it, from floors to surfaces to walls to furniture. The light weight allows you to clean anything you need to, and not be bound to just a floor.

When deciding on a handheld vacuum, corded vacuums tend to be pricier than cordless vacuums, but that extra price makes the investment much more worth it. Cordless vacuums run on lithium ion batteries. They are rechargeable, but that battery life is still rather short, considering what is required to build a vacuum that works well. You will typically see batteries in handheld vacuums span from around 10 to 20 minutes.

With that said, a corded handheld vacuum is great, considering that the vacuum will run indefinitely. You will never have to worry about the vacuum turning off abruptly when you are in the middle of cleaning a surface.

Whether you get a corded or cordless handheld vacuum, however, they are not expected to carry a lot of dust inside. The bag usually is reusable, but do not expect it use it long before it gets full. While larger dust bags are ideas that some companies have experimented with before, the amount of dust simply adds more weight to the vacuum, meaning it gets heavier and heavier, defeating the purpose of its light weight and portability.


In our opinion, the Eureka EasyClean is the best corded handheld vacuum and winner for today. Not only does this vacuum have ample amounts of power and high-class cleaning capabilities, it also has all of the attachments that you need for good, deep clean. Our favorite aspects of this vacuum is that it all comes in a lightweight package that weighs in under five pounds, and it has one of the longest power cords in this entire review, at 20 feet long.


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