Best CPU Coolers in 2020


In a computer, the CPU is a very important and vital organ. It is a brain of any computer system that is responsible for handling millions and trillions of calculations every single second. Due to this enormous pressure and heat, the CPU may become very hot. In case if it doesn’t get cool quickly, it could get damaged or even crashed. So, a CPU cooler is designed to diffuse heat from the CPU and other parts in the enclosure.

The CPU cooler is essential as the CPU itself because if the brain of the machine gets heated, it will stop working at all. The cooling fan is necessary to dissipate waste heat produced by computer components to keep it within the permissible operating temperature. There are various CPU coolers available in the market. So, here in this article, we’ll find out some of the Best CPU Cooler prevalent in the market and their functioning and various features.

Types of CPU Coolers available in the market:

1. Air CPU Cooler

Air CPU Cooler consists of a heat sink or the combination of both heat sink and fan. The heat sink is a component which is specially designed to lower down the temperature created by electronic devices. This technique of cooling involves airflow over the targeted area that is needed to be cooled. The best air cooler is Be Quite! BK022 Dark Rock Pro 4 and Noctua NH-L9x65.

2. Liquid CPU Cooler

Liquid CPU Cooler is a technique that involves a closed system of tubes that is designed to carry the liquid from one component to another which requires to be cooled down. The fluid circulates through small pipes in the heat sink, which draws heat from CPU. Best liquid CPU coolers are CORSAIR HYDRO Series Pro RGB and The Arctic Liquid Freezer 240.

Best CPU Coolers for your Computers

Finding the Best CPU Cooler involves various aspects like the shape, size, performance, type, and price. One should know the features of the cooler, overclocking as well as will it be best fitted on your processor or not. So, this list is going to help you in searching for the Best CPU Cooler for your system depending on different aspects. The complete list of Top 8 CPU Coolers, with elaborated features, is described below:

1. Cooler Master V8 GTS-High Performance CPU Cooler

The high-end Cooler Master V8 GTS-High Performance CPU Cooler features eight heat pipes and easy installation guide for efficient and quick cooling. It can fit into almost any CPU, making it high quality, universal fan. There is a unique horizontal design of the vapor chamber which for more efficient heat dispersion. It has a bright red LED light for more attractive looks.

 Key Features

  • Consists of the triple tower heat sink and eight high-performance heat pipes to maximize the cooling effect
  • PWM fans for dual high airflow with red LED lights for an attractive and aggressive look
  • The fan noise and speed can easily be adjusted and customized to maintain a balance between performance and sound
  • 4th generation fan with two years of manufacturer warranty

It is a dynamic and aggressive looking fan for those who like style and performance at the same time. This fan consists of modern 4th generation technique and better noise and speed control system. Buy this Cooler Master V8 GTS-High Performance CPU Cooler from Amazon:

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2. ENERMAXETS Axe Cooling ETS-T50

This ENERMAXETS Axe Cooling ETS-T50 is compatible with all the modern built socket types. It comes with Enermax Vegas lighting of 36 diodes with various LED modes. This cooler can attract the attention of many by its design and also the quality performance. With its powerful performance, this fan is sufficient for even the heavy overclocking CPU.

 Key Features

  • This fan comes with a single 120mm fan that’s rotational speed is 800-1800 RPM
  • It comes with five copper made heat pipes for the better heat dispersion and extra space for the RAM compatibility
  • The ETS-T50 incorporates the 12cmDFRTM (Dust Free Rotation technology) that is designed to keep the dust automatically
  • The patented Air Guide with a rotational grill intended for the preferred airflow direction adjustment
  • The ETS-T50 patented Enermax Vegas Circular type 36 diodes, and various auto play LED modes

The Enermax ETS-50 is compatible and easy to install designed cooler that offers to be long-lasting and value for money to its users. It is not just the power-packed performer but also comes in a very pretty dynamic look. Overall, this fan will prove to be the best purchase with an all-in-one feature. 

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3. ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 240

The Arctic Liquid Freezer 240 is a liquid CPU cooler offer to be the most value for money option in liquid cooling options. It includes four low noise fans of 120mm size, placed on opposite sides of the radiator to give incredible airflow using push and pull configuration. The fan comes with the technology of Fluid Dynamic Bearing, which includes an oil capsule to avoid lubricant leakage and thus ensures the future safe option for your computer.

 Key Features

  • This liquid cooler fan, specially designed for outstanding CPU cooling performance using a water cooling solution with PWM PST fans.
  • The radiator depth is 38mm, and the water pump provided works its best
  • The Arctic Liquid Freezer is mighty AIO water cooler in this segment and proves to be the quietest
  • The powerful motor technology and tubes ensure efficiency at the maximum of 2Watts consumption only
  • Arctic has designed the very powerful yet very quiet four fans with CFD software which offers high airflow

Arctic Liquid Freezer 240 gives a price per performance metrics. This fan comes with a pretty design with no unnecessary features or software. This liquid CPU cooler proves to be the best in providing value for money to its users. 

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The Thermaltake Water 3.0 ARGB is a budget-friendly option in liquid cooler category. It’s premium floe ring 240 cooler with two 120mm fans and a large surface radiator, gives high-performance water block and pump for flawless CPU cooling. The fan controller controls the fan LED lighting profile and also allowed low-noise mode and normal mode for performance. The stock speed is excellent and will enable users to enjoy better cooling performance and CPU protection.

 Key Features

  • The RGB controller in this Cooler offer seven light mode with eight full light preset colors
  • The high-efficiency radiator with extensive surface area coverage increases cooling of components and provide exceptional heat dispersion
  • The water block, copper base plate accelerates the heat conductivity for water block and thus ensures excellent performance
  • This cooling fan requires no refilling as it comes with the factory-filled coolant
  • The other feature includes the motor speed of 3600 with voltage consumption of 12V and 5V. The tube length is 400mm, 326mm, and 326mm each

Thermaltake Water 3.0 ARGB ensures performance in respectively low budget. Its RGB controller gives seven light mode, which makes it look amazing. The high-quality motor pump ensures maximum water circulation and requires little maintenance. Easy installation mounting kit provided for multiple CPU configuration sockets.

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The CORSAIR HYDRO Series Pro RGB is a high quality, closed-looped liquid cooler with features like RGB, 3x120mm fans that are relatively very quiet and cool. It can out down the temperature of an overclocked CPU, in no time. This fan delivers improved airflow to the CPU and produces only 25dba noise at the maximum speed. The in-built CORSAIR iCue software allows you to adjust the RGB lighting, fan speed, and pump speed while taking care of CPU and coolant temperature.

 Key Features

  • This fan is an all-in-one RGB liquid CPU cooler fan with a radiator of 360mm
  • Comes with the customized RGB backlit pump head which produces different impressive lighting effects
  • It is capable of providing excellent airflow while staying whisper quiet, no more than just 25dB of noise
  • This liquid CPU cooler is very convenient to use and easy to install. It is compatible with most of the modern CPU sockets
  • It’s zero RPM cooling technology allows the fan to stop entirely at low temperature which eliminates fan noise

The CORSAIR HYDRO Series Pro RGB is a premium quality liquid CPU cooler. It enables vivid, sparkling lighting controls, intelligent macro programming and full-system lighting across the peripherals, fans, cooler etc. 

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6. Noctua NH-L9x65mm Premium CPU Cooler

Noctua NH-L9x65 is the best-built CPU cooling fan by Noctua. It is a small fan but still more capable of giving an outstanding performance, with no compromises. It remarkably quiet fans and 65mm tall. It is equipped with four heat pipes, making it more powerful and performance intact. It ensures 100% RAM and PCIe compatibility making it more convenient to use as it doesn’t overhang near the socket connectors. This premium fan supports fully automatic speed control using PWM.

 Key Features

  • It is a compact low-profile cooler with the total size of 65mm height making it ideal for HTPCs, small form factor builds and ITX
  • Doesn’t overhang the PCIe or RAM slots
  • Optimized and slim up to 92mm with PWM support and low-noise adapter fit-in for automatic speed control and super fine quiet operation
  • It includes NT-H1 thermal compound with renowned Noctua quality 6-year manufacturer warranty

Noctua is a very famous and respectable Austrian fan that is known for building ultimate CPU cooling fans with no compromises. The Noctua NH-L9x65 is another of its best fan, which may look tiny, but possess very powerful inputs to provide significant outputs. 

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7. Cooler Master Hyper 212X

The Cooler Master Hyper 212X Air CPU Cooler is best known for its outstanding performance and reduced noise. It is base on the patented CDC Quad Heatpipe array. Because of its smart engine technology and POM bearing, this fan is a future safe. The fan positioned in a 45-degree angle with surrounded Heatpipe, each of the fin-blade features X-shaped vents that prevent dead spots behind and between Heatpipes.

 Key Features

  • Equipped with high-performance Heatpipe made of cooper
  • This CPU cooler based on patented CDCTM technology with four direct touch heat-pipes that prevents any dead spot
  • Consists of the aluminum fin array with the new tunnel effect layout to give improved heat dissipation
  • The fan supports all the CPU socket. The 4th generation POM bearing makes it long-lasting
  • The CPU cooler comes with two years warranty and the patented CDC technology

The Cooler Master Hyper 212X Air CPU Cooler comes with the patented advanced CDC and CDCTM technology. The X-shaped fin blades spread air in high and low pressure to maintain temperature. The POM bearing and modern technology engine make this cooler lasts longer.

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8. Be Quite! BK022 Dark Rock Pro 4

The, Be Quite! BK022 Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU Cooler offers premium performance and value for money. This cooler is very easy to install and comes with two silent wings PWM fans with the maximum speed of 1200RPM. The features like 6-pole fan motor and six copper made heat pipes, and two silent wings and many more make this fan a big hit in this segment.

 Key Features

  • Two virtually silent wings PWM fans with the maximum speed of 1200RPM
  • Consists of two aluminum heat sinks
  • Equipped with two quiet sides PWM fans with advance fluid-dynamic bearings and six-pole motors with the airflow-optimized fan blades
  • The frame shape is funnel-shaped of the front fan to get a high air pressure
  • Consists of 7 high-performance copper heat pipes

The be quiet! BK 022 Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU Cooler is fantastic in every sense and is capable of cooling the CPU at stock speed. Its silent feature makes almost no sound action. The seven high-performing fan gets you everything one could expect from a fan of this range.

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