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If you are planning to get into photography or making videos, then getting one of the best digital cameras can be a great investment. If you’ve been our reader for a while, you probably know that we tested many different models over the years on this website. We narrowed them down and came up with the best valued digital cameras out there. Let’s take a look

1. Panasonic LUMIX S1

The Panasonic LUMIX S1 is one of the best digital cameras in the market, and it is the best digital camera in the market with stabilized 24MP sensor, great video shooting with 4K features, amazing build quality with premium materials, extremely fast autofocus system, and tons of awesome features that make it the perfect camera for every user, however, it is a little pricy that may deter some customer, but then again this is a premium camera that is capable of everything.

First off, this premium camera has a magnesium alloy die-cast construction in both front and rear panel that makes it extremely durable, plus on top of that it is sealed against the elements, and it is also tested against dust, water and extreme temperatures to ace every test.

Design-wise it resembles the company’s G9 mirrorless camera model, achieving a great combo of angular sharp edges with some round details, this gives it a familiar look while making it extremely easy to secure a good grip while using the camera. The controls of the device are very convenient and have an excellent placement, so you can adjust everything on the fly, and it is also worth mentioning that they are very smooth and feel nice to touch.

It uses a Lightspeed autofocus system with 225 points and has the Depth from DeFocus technology to complement it, also it is worth noting that it has an EV range from -6 to 18, and always produces the same quality.

When it comes to speed it focuses in as little as 0.08 seconds, which is lightning fast, and during testing it performed like a dream in various scenarios, ranging from good ambient lighting to pretty dimly lit rooms, autofocus was one of its strongest points.

The Panasonic LUMIX S1 produces excellent image quality, with plenty of detail and low noise levels all around, I also found out that the ambitious high-resolution 96MP mode worked pretty well, and the video quality was exemplary with no issues in autofocus in general.

The definite best camera in this category, shattering the molds and creating new norms in the industry.

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2. Sony A7 III

I think that it is to no one’s surprise that there are three Sony camera’s in this list, because as we know the company always delivers high-quality digital cameras, and the best mirrorless digital camera in their lineup is the Sony A7 III. Packing a great sensor, continuous auto shooting, great battery life, amazing autofocus system, and overall great value for the money, the A7 III delivers everything you may need from a mirrorless.

When you first look at the Sony A7 III you will notice that it has adopted the design of the Alpha A7R III, that has amazingly refined controls and dials, that are intuitively placed and work perfectly on the fly. It also sports a bit thicker construction than its predecessor, adding a more substantial and satisfactory feel when held, this is mostly due to the magnesium alloy construction for the majority of the device.

It is worth mentioning that the grip is also updated and allows you to get a perfect and secure grip, and the device is fully sealed against the elements so you can easily take your camera to harsher environments, shooting in a storm will not take a toll on your device.

This camera uses the same autofocus system that its bigger brother the A9 has, with a 693-point 93 percent coverage, can detect 425 contrast-detect points, and can focus in extremely low light settings going as low as -3EV. This makes it an extremely capable machine and a huge upgrade from its predecessor that used a measly 117-point AF system, on top of that the continuous AF mode had a snappy performance and was excellent.

The continuous burst shooting speed of the Sony A7 III is a quick 10 frames per second, thanks to its new Front End LSI pre-processor, and buffer capacity of 89 compressed raw files, which is a massive upgrade. The camera also offers a silent shooting mode, by switching to the electronic shutter, to finish your job in quiet environments, such as theatre and speeches.

With its 24.2MP sensor providing plenty of detail and natural colours, combined with amazing high ISO performance, the A7 III is a mighty machine.

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3. Nikon D850

Digital cameras come in various specifications, and some are DSLR, like the Nikon D850, which in my opinion is everything you are looking for. An amazing product, truly a top contender for the best high-end camera in the market, with its excellent continuous shooting, wide ISO range, great resolution, video shooting, design, durability, you name it the Nikon D850 has it. Let’s dive deeper into this excellent camera.

Since Nikon tests its high-end devices in various methods such as drop testing, we know that this is a durable device, and it looks the part. It has a magnesium alloy construction that allows it to be substantial and sturdy, and at the same time, it is protected against the elements, like dust, moisture, dirt, rain and many more.

However, you don’t get a pop-up flash in this model, it has external Speedlights or remote flash trigger add-ons as a substitute. These things may add a little to its learning curve, and I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners, but if you feel like you can tame this beast it is a nice challenge.

The biggest selling point of this camera is its versatility, it is capable of going into any environment, various light conditions and sensitivity, and it is more than adequate for the scenario. The amount of detail capture makes the Nikon D850 an impressive shooter for landscapes, and thanks to the spacy and accurate touch screen display in the back, you will preview your photos optimally.

This camera can shoot at 4K UHD resolution of 3840×2160 with 30 frames per second, and it delivers excellent video quality even at the hands of an absolute beginner. However, if a master of the crafts shoots a video, I am sure that the results would be perfect, astounding outcomes consistently.

It is equipped with a 45.7MP sensor that captures detail and colour to its max and with tremendous accuracy. It has a standard ISO range of up to 25600 as a standard, due to its illuminated sensor on its backside, the camera can collect more light and closer to the sensor. As a result, low light performance is increased and you get better image quality more consistently.

The Nikon D850 is an amazing and solid camera that will impress even the most hardened photography veteran, it aims to be the last camera you pay for.

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4. Sony RX100 III

Sony has a pretty wide range of cameras, and unsurprisingly every single camera in their lineup works like a dream, even their point, and shoot models. Most notable of their point and shoot models is the Sony RX100 III, which is a little older now but delivers amazing qualities at its bargain price, with its built-in viewfinder, high-quality sensor, super-fast lens, and clever processor, completing this perfect pocket-sized package.

The main selling point of this camera is its compact size that is ready shoot instantly, it measures just 4×1.6×2.3-inches and weighs just 10.2-ounces, this is pretty impressive when you take into consideration that it even has an electronic viewfinder, it can easily fit into your jacket pockets and you really don’t have to worry about its durability, because this camera can definitely take a beating, so feel free to toss it into your backpack. It is worth mentioning that this camera looks better than other point-and-shoot cameras, rocking a sleek construction, refined and gorgeous in general.

The EVF pops up and works excellently, but it has a slight learning curve that you’ll have to take, however, the LCD screen is excellent too, tilting smoothly and delivers pretty sharp preview of your images, and it is important to note that the controls were pretty intuitively placed and you’ll find them on the fly.

The Sony RX100 III uses the same 20.2MP sensor that its predecessor used, and during testing, I found out that it delivered excellent natural-looking images, but with popping colours, that look amazing even without editing. In low sensitivity settings, the images displayed plenty of sharpness with good accurate colour but going higher resulted in a loss of accuracy in colours as well as little sharpness.

However, the low-light performance of this camera was exemplary, delivering highly detailed and exceptional images in dimly lit rooms, something that bothers a lot of point and shoot cameras. I was satisfied with the autofocus system and throughout testing, I wasn’t disappointed even once.

The best point-and-shoot digital camera in the market, you can’t go wrong with the Sony RX100 III.

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5. Sony Alpha a6000

If you have decided to buy a digital camera, you have plenty of options to choose from, and it can get pretty confusing once you delve deeper into this world, but whatever you do it is important to check for a device that delivers excellent value for its asking price, and neither does it better than the Sony Alpha a6000.

A great mirrorless camera, that very features rich, great autofocus, extremely portable, continuous shooting, and it has a great performance in dimly lit rooms, it offers more than it asks, so it is a bargain.

The main feature on the design department for the Sony Alpha a6000 is its compact size measuring 4.8×2.9×1.9-inches in total and weighing just 12.1-ounces, this is about half the size of a normal DSLR, but the camera is pretty solidly built, thanks to its premium materials. I noticed that the camera is very easy to hold and pretty comfortable even for larger hands, and you will find an Electronic Viewfinder and an on-board flash, unlike most mirrorless models.

The controls of the camera are very intuitively placed and you can easily find and use them on the fly, and the rear 3-inch LCD screen is pretty good with its 640×480 resolution.

The Sony Alpha a6000 has a 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor just as in most Sony DSLR models, and it is also equipped with Sony’s Bionz X processor, that is known to deliver amazing image quality. As for the lens you have plenty of options in Amazon that sell them in a bundle with the camera itself, but I would recommend the E PZ 16-50mm Power Zoom which is pretty versatile than you can build on that.

The video performance of this camera is astounding, with plenty of controls that you can use before and even during shooting, and it is worth mentioning that the autofocus works pretty well in every instance and this camera records video at 1980×10800 with 60 and 24 frames per second, and 1440×1080 at 30 frames per second.

Delivering excellent results in a variety of settings, the a6000 delivers plenty of value for its bargain asking price. Definitely one of the best digital cameras.

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