The 5 Best Earbuds For iPhone According To Reddit


If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds for your iPhone, then we have some great recommendations. We scanned the reddit answers to the very popular question “Which are the best earbuds for iPhone?” and decided to test & review them by including our own opinions about them. Let’s get started.

1. Apple AirPods Pro

The definite best earbuds for iPhone are the Apple AirPods Pro, which is developed by the same company and these are surely the upgrade that everyone was waiting for. They deliver great functionality coupled with their ultra-modern trademark Apple design, deliver solid active noise canceling, very easy to use controls, and solid sound, while they are expensive they are well worth their price tag.

While the design of the Apple AirPods Pro is a little different than their predecessors, they are still trademark apple with minimalistic vibes all over them. Some users resemble them to hairdryers, however, in my opinion, they are perfect, the size is a little larger which makes them harder to lose, and they have two black mic vents on each of them. The stem of the earbuds is a little on the shorter side, and I like it this way since it looks better and understated. Each of them weighs about 0.2-ounces and they are IPX4 rated so sweat and the occasional rain won’t tamper with the functionality.

The comfort levels and fit of the Apple AirPods Pro are just amazing, which is mostly due to the lightweight body and the tight fit they achieve thanks to their silicone tips which also come in three different sizes. In your iPhones settings menu you can try the Ear Tip Fit Test to determine which is the perfect fit for your ear, so you make no mistakes, a nice detail.

You will control the device through touch controls that are made possible thanks to the Force Sensor’s and there are tons of controls you can achieve without touching your phone, as well as noise cancellation controls. Since we are at it the noise cancellation works excellently which was very surprising.

The sound quality of the Apple AirPods Pro is also great delivering very clean sounds and the battery life of the device is about 5 hours and with the charging case delivering an extra 18 hours. If you want the best look no further.

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2. Bose QuietComfort 20i

Bose is one of the most prominent brands when it comes to delivering great headphones, and their best earbuds the Bose QuietComfort 20i are definitely one of the best in the market, and they also produce a special model for iPhone users. These earbuds deliver great noise-canceling performance, are very comfortable, the sound quality is top of the class, and they also work passively.

The Bose QuietComfort 20i’s look was very similar to their siblings, the Bose Triport, with the same monochrome candy stripe cable and the same shape on the earbuds themselves. But what makes them different, is their active noise cancellation technology, which is pretty surprising to see in a pair of in-ear headphones or earbuds. To achieve this Bose has included a power brick in the package that is very weirdly implemented into the design. As a first impression, this looked pretty weird and it was a little strange because at first, I didn’t know how to store that, but I found out that since it is slim you can slide it into your pocket along with your mobile device.

The earbuds have a pretty soft silicone rubber ear tips that will smoothly slide into your ears and grip into your cartilage, which in turn will ring the sound around your canal and the sound will be excellent, as well as the comfort and the fit.

This is an expensive device, and after you take on the challenge to store the power brick, you expect the active noise cancellation to work perfectly, and Bose doesn’t disappoint. It is the best and most effective in-ear noise-cancelling earbuds in the market, by a margin, there are headphones with ANC that could not achieve the performance of this, as it cancels motor, wind, crowd, and tons of other noises like a true Bose device.

The audio quality is also perfect since the manufacturer has improved the performance significantly, with the fidelity being perfect, especially in the bass department. Overall I can say that the soundscape is very balanced and very refined, delivering one of the smoothest experiences.

While it is not the cheapest, or the most convenient, the Bose QuietComfort 20i is one of the best.

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3. BeatsX

If you are concerned about quality then you have to opt for a well-known brand that is reliable and has delivered quality products time and time again. For that purpose you will find the BeatsX coming to the rescue, delivering excellent build quality, amazing balance in the soundscape, amazing fit, tons of comfort, quick charge feature, and amazing compatibility with the iOS, this is one of the best for your iPhone.

These are not truly wireless earbuds as the two-earbuds are connected between them with a cable. While it is not the most convenient solution in the market, this option has a lot of advantages, for example, they are very hard to lose, a thing that may happen if you are in a crowded place, also the battery life is better on these, since the remote control also has the battery inside and delivers controls for playback and Siri. It is worth mentioning that these premium earbuds are extremely comfortable, one of the most comfortable I have ever tested, as they weigh just a little and thanks to the four ear tip sizes you can find the best that fits your ear. It is worth mentioning that they are water-resistant and you can comfortably work out with them. The incredible design also comes in different colours including, Black, Red, and Satin Silver, the latter of which is my favourite.

The wireless performance of the BeatsX is excellent as any other Apple device, thanks to the use of their W1 chipset which is perfect for iPhones. The stability of the connection is amazing and it one of the best I have seen with no interruptions or any bugger.

Like any other Beats headphone, I expected the BeatsX to deliver a stronger than usual bass, however, these delivered a pretty balanced sound performance that surprised me. The bass was powerful but very balanced with the mids and highs. The overall performance was very pleasing and not irritating at all, you can easily listen to music, podcasts and take phone calls with these without any problem.

If you are seeking quality, with the BeatsX you will find them.

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4. Jabra Elite 65t

Jabra Elite 65t’s are one of my favourite earbuds in the market, since they are one of the most versatile earbuds in the market, and they are priced just right. However, for their price, they offer more than you could ever imagine. These excellent sets of earbuds are true wireless and, deliver excellent connectivity, a perfect set of features, amazing design, superior sound quality, solid battery life, intuitive controls and many more features that will leave you speechless.

Unlike their siblings, the Active 65t’s the Elite 65t’s don’t have the playful vibe to them with coming in a more serious but elegant look that is very sharp and refined. It will blend in with a wide range of styles, regardless if you choose a sport or any professional attire, these sets will look good on your ear. The build quality of these is top-notch as they are built with premium materials and have high-levels of comfort. To my surprise, the charging case didn’t have the same quality feel though. The best part of the Jabra Elite 65t’s is the perforations on the earbuds that replicate a semi-open headphone soundstage, which is pretty wide and on this price range is pretty much a dream come true.

While it is not mandatory, you can download the Jabra Sound+ companion app to customize your sound and achieve a more personal experience. While there you also have tons of presets to choose from, you can also adjust everything manually to better suit your preference, but it is worth checking out the presets that fit the occasions pretty well.

My favourite thing about the Jabra Elite 65t is that they are extremely smooth to use, as they have a great system that turns them on when you take them to form the case, and they connect to the last connected device automatically. The connectivity is also very solid, as I experienced no bugger or interruptions, simply one of the best in the market.

The sound performance of these earbuds is very pleasing and neutral as nothing is overpowered. The bass is very punchy without being too heavy, the mids were pretty clear with a good vocal response and amazingly sharp highs.

With a great battery life of about 15 hours in total, these earbuds are one of the best for iPhone users while delivering excellent value for their price.

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5. Anker Soundbuds Slim+

Since the elimination of the 3.5mm headphone jack, iPhone devices have required either headphone with a Lightning port connection either to go full wireless. While there are a wide variety of options in the market, I have tried to list the best earbuds for your iPhone, and they are all excellent and critically acclaimed. One of the best models you can get is the Anker Soundbuds Slim+, which is also one of the best models for those who work out regularly. These earbuds are extremely cheap to have a pretty solid design, and have tons of features in their small bodies, while they have some weaknesses, you can easily look past them since these are perfect.

These earbuds don’t have a very special design, as they come in a very simple all-black body with a silver ring on the outside of the Anker log. They have some short cush fins that look good and fit the overall sporty look of these earbuds, also you can comfortably wear them in your daily commute as since they are extremely simple. On the back of these earbuds, you will find magnets that connect the earbuds when they are not on your ears, and the black wire just completes the look, and mind you these are not truly wireless earbuds.

One of the biggest selling points of these earbuds is their lightweight chassis, which weighs just 0.6-ounces in total and combined with its silicone tips and the cush fin that keeps them flush on your ears, the comfort levels are just amazing. The wire is also pretty long for keeping them on your neck when you need to take them out at two feet long. On the wire you will locate the remote close to the right earbud, giving you playback and volume control.

It is also worth mentioning that the Anker Soundbuds Slim+ has an IPX5 durability rating for moisture and dust, so they will stay safe during your workouts even if the rain begins pouring. The connection of this device is very solid and no disconnections occurred, and I should also state that the battery life of the device is about 8 hours before needing a recharge, and they also recharge pretty fast.

The sound performance of the device was excellent achieving a great frequency range spanning from 20Hz to 20kHz. It delivered a great performance in a wide variety of genres and overall they sounded full and rich. I liked the overall performance of these and for their price, they are just perfect.

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