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If you want to look good and clean all the time, you need an electric shaver. That’s why, we did over 35 hours of research to list the best electric shavers for this year. I made this list based on thousands of user reviews and my personal experience, so let’s get right into it.

1. Braun Series 9 (9290cc)

The Braun Series 9290cc would be a great option for you, if you want to invest in a high-end electric shaver that is exceptionally useful for cutting thick beards. Let me show you why i decided to list this shaver as numer 1 on this best electric shavers list.

From a design perspective, this model features a high-quality, 100% waterproof construction that houses 5 shaving elements, durable battery life and an ergonomic handle that integrates a vivid display and a power button, so regardless of your viewing position, this shaver looks spectacular!

In addition, this unit comes with an innovative 5-action alcohol-based Clean and Charge station which will elevate the hygiene to a whole new level, due to the fact that it does automatically lubricate and charge your shaver at the same time, so you can say goodbye to the facial irritations with which you’ve been dealing for a longer period of time.

But now, let’s talk about the performance.

The Braun Series 9290cc is specifically designed to be compatible with a dry shave or with gel, foam, and water so you will have multiple ways of shaving your hair with absolutely stunning results!

Moving on, this device uses the Intelligent Sonic and AutoSense Technology, which means that 10,000 micro vibrations will help you capture more hair in every stroke and that’s the main reason why it is recommended for users with a thick facial hair.

I would also like to mention that its flexible head works closely with the floating shaving elements to ensure that you can move this device in 10 directions with the intention to maximize the effectiveness of every shaving sessions that you’ll have.

For your information, this unit comes with 2 specialized trimmers that are covered in a titanium coating as well, so the process of shaving your thick hair will be exceptionally quick on one side, while on the other, you won’t find any unshaved place on your face.

Finally, the battery life is rated at 50 minutes of operations and an hour of recharge, so without a doubt, I can say that this unit looks spectacular and performs in that way!

To conclude, you should seriously consider the Braun Series 9290cc because this device guarantees highly effective and comfortable shaving sessions.

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2. Philips Norelco S8950/91

The Philips Norelco S8950 91 is a fascinating electric shaver that would be a great option for everyone who is looking for a quality shaver that combines everything needed to ensure that you will have the most comfortable and effective shavings like you’ve never tasted before!

From a design perspective, this model boasts an ergonomic and lightweight construction that is accompanied by a LED display, a travel lock, 5-built-in settings of which you can take an advantage in order to style your beard exactly as you’d like, and rotary blades that are maybe the biggest highlight about this shaver.

When you open the package, except the electric shaver and the SmartClick Beard Styler, you will also find a travel case which is pretty cool due to the fact that you can carry the shaver with you anywhere you go!

Now, let’s talk about the features.

The Norelco is based upon the Contour Detect Technology which according to Phillips, can cut up to 20 percent more hair and when we pair this technology with its V-Track Precision blades which move independently in 8 directions, it means that your shaving sessions will definitely be a joy!

I would also like to add that the blades can self-sharpen which I particularly like because they are capable enough to deliver a flawless wet and dry shavings for your ultimate user experience!

Moving on, the battery life is expected to last around 50-minutes of run time, while on the other hand, the charging time is estimated at 60 minutes which means that you can spend more time while shaving rather than waiting.

In addition, you will be informed about the battery status thanks to the 3-level battery indicator, so if we combine all these things into one, without a doubt, I can say that Norelco will be a truly reliable companion.

However, please keep in mind that you should use water or a cleaning solution after each shaving in order to maintain its performance to the highest levels, and according to the users, the cleaning process won’t drain your energy at all.

Overall, I strongly recommend you consider the Philips Norelco S8950 91 and if you ever decide to purchase it, you will assure yourself of its quality!

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3. Remington F5-5800

The Remington F5-5800 is one of the best and one of the most purchased electric shavers on the market and even though it has been on the market for a couple of years, users are still purchasing it because of its affordable price and performance that can satisfy even the most demanding users!

From a design perspective, this model sports a sleek, black and dark-grey ergonomic body that is composed of an easy to clean surgical steel blades, a long battery life, a large power button located at the center of the unit, and a LED display which will inform you about the battery status!

I would also like to mention that this unit has a pop-up trimmer which will ensure that your facial hair, the sideburns, and the thick growth can be easily managed, so you shouldn’t worry literally about anything.

But now, let’s talk about the performance.

The F5-5800 uses the Remington’s Pivot and Flex Technology which means that each shaver foil can flex independently and adjust itself precisely to the contour of your face to ensure that there can’t be unshaved places!

Moreover, according to the users, the unit’s steel blades are highly effective and they are exceptionally durable as well, which means that they are unlikely to rust!

I would also like to mention that you can use this shaver for shaving your head, legs, chest, and legs, which makes it be a highly versatile device that will never disappoint you with its performance!

After you’re done with shaving, the cleaning process is really easy as well, since all you have to do is to place it under a tap, and the hair will be cleaned without requiring an additional cleaning.

When it comes to the battery life, the F5-5800 can output 60-minutes of shaving on a single charge, and as I’ve already mentioned, the LED display will be there for you to notify you about the status, so you will always know when it is time for a recharge.

To conclude, the Remington F5-5800 is worthy of considering, especially if you’re looking for an electric shaver that can last for years while maintaining its performance to the highest level!

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4. Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4

The Panasonic ES LA63-S Arc4 would be a really good option for you if you’re looking for a cordless, 4-blade electric shaver that performs equally good in wet and dry shavings, so let’s get into action and find out why have we placed it in our list!

From a design perspective, the Ar4 has an ergonomic, light grey body that packs a multi-flex, pivoting head, an intuitive control panel positioned on the middle of the handle that is composed of an LCD display which will notify you about the battery status, as well as a safety lock which adds a greater level of convenience.

To be more precise, the safety lock will prevent you from accidentally turning on the shaver so the battery is unlikely to drain if you don’t use it.

Before we move to the next section, I’d also like to add that this unit has a slit foil which will ensure that even the longest facial hair will be caught properly so your shaving sessions will always be effective.

Now, let’s talk about the features.

This model is equipped with a cordless razor linear motor that can deliver fast shave speeds at 14,000 cycles per minute, and if we compare it with most of the shavers in this price range that deliver shaving speeds of up to 10,000 cycles, it means that this device is absolutely great!

Moving on, thanks to its multi-fit Arc razor blades and the multi-flex pivoting head, this unit will let you reach even the hardest to reach parts of your face, while making sure that different types of facial hair can be cut without any problem.

Since I’ve mentioned the blades, I’d also like to inform you that they are actually stainless-steel, hypoallergenic blades that are honed to an acute cutting edge of 30-degrees, which basically means that they will never irritate your skin while you’re shaving.

Last but not the least, the battery life may last around 45 minutes of shaving and it takes around 50 minutes to charge it completely.

Overall, the Panasonic ES LA63-S Arc4 deserves your attention because it gives a great value for its price cost, and i think that it fully deserves its spot on this best electric shavers article!

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5. Philips Norelco OneBlade (QP2520/90)

The Philips Norelco OneBlade is a hybrid electric shaver and trimmer that is among the most purchased products on the market, due to the fact that it doesn’t cost much but delivers a real high-end performance!

From a design perspective, this particular model has a lightweight, green and black body that does not only look good, but it is also ergonomic thanks to its rubber edges which will always give you a good grip while you’re shaving.

At the top of the unit, you can find the so-called OneBlade razor which will let you have an easy and hassle-free replacement, and for your information, the manufacturer recommends replacing the razor every 4 months.

At the center, you will find the strategically positioned power button, that will make your shaving sessions a way more convenient, while at the bottom, there is a rechargeable battery for which we will talk more in the following sections.

But now, let’s talk about the performance.

The OneBlade uses the electric grooming technology which makes this device suitable for men with different facial hair types on one side, while on the other, this hybrid can trim, edge and shave virtually any length of hair which is really cool.

In addition, the unit’s construction is specifically designed to follow the contour of your face with the intention to let you shave and trim every part of your face, so that you will always look handsome!

Moving on, the OneBlade is water resistant as well which I particularly like because you can shave dry or wet with foam even if you’re in the shower.

When you open the package, you will find 3 stubble combs, such as a 1-millimeter comb for a tight trim, 3-millimeter for a stubble and a 5-millimeter for long stubble, so as you can see, this model can accommodate different users without any fuss.

Finally, the battery life is expected to last around 45 minutes of a continuous usage and it takes 8 hours to be fully-charged which is really good considering its price tag.

To conclude, if you’re looking for a multi-purpose, electric shaver and trimmer hybrid that will deliver you a comfortable and effective shave, then this is the one for you!

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