Best Gaming Glasses For Protecting Your Eyes While Gaming


Computers are one of the main reasons of eye damage. Most of the teenagers nowadays spend at least half of their days gaming on their smartphone or computer. This is very dangerous for them since the blue light that comes out of these devices can damage their eyes. That’s why in this article, we are going to take a look at the best gaming glasses for this year so you can stay safe while playing your favorite games.

1. Gunnar Optiks Razer FPS

If you’ve come this far, then congratulations, you just found the best gaming glasses out there!

The Gunner Optiks Razer FPS is designed by Razer, so from the very beginning you know that these glasses are specially crafted with the intention to maximize and enhance your gaming experience like you’ve never probably tasted before!

The FPS features an extremely lightweight, stainless steel construction that is composed of ergonomic hinges, an ergonomic twist, and smooth, adjustable silicon nose pads, that will offer you an unimaginable comfort which will dramatically enhance your long gaming sessions.

In addition, users claim that the glasses hinges, temples and the nose pads, are not only great in the distribution of a higher level of comfort, but they are also capable enough to stay fixed while you’re wearing them, so the chances of slipping are none if not minimum.

If we take into consideration the fact that the Razer FPS has a frame width of 140-millimeter, temple of 138-millimeter and a nose of 18-millimeters, it means that these glasses can be worn by a wide variety of users which I particularly like.

Moving on, the RPG’s Amber lens measure 57-millimeters which means that they will protect a vast eye area, so you shouldn’t worry about anything.

The benefits that these glasses give in return are truly insane or to be more precise, they can block up to 65% of the blue light emission on one side, while on the other, they will offer you a UV protection of up to 100%, so as you can see they are exceptionally good.

I would also to inform you that, the lens has an anti-reflective coating, and a focusing power of 0.20 mag, which I particularly like, due to the fact that you will never going to deal with an eye strain again regardless if you’ve had a real gaming marathon.

Another great thing about the Razer FPS is the micro-enginereed lens locks, which will ensure that the lens will maintain their fixed position, so for example, if you accidentally drop them the lens wouldn’t pop up from the frame.

Finally, the lens are covered with a hard silicone coating which basically means that the chances of scratching them are set to the minimum, so I’m really unable to find any complaints.

Overall, you should seriously consider the Razer FPS because they will elevate your gaming experience to a whole new level!

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2. Gunnar Optiks MLG Phantom

The Gunnar Optiks MLG Phantom is one of the best and most purchased products that you can find on the market and users are still continuously purchasing it.

That’s why let’s get into action and find out what’s the secret behind its success.

The MLG PHANTOM is available in multiple colors from you can choose from but take in mind that all of them share the same capabilities and they only differ with the color, which means that regardless of your choice you will not be disappointed with their quality.

The Phantom has an ergonomic, stainless steel construction that is suitable for E-sports, as its the case with everything that these glasses posses.

In addition, this unit boasts a 130-millimeter frame, 130-millimeter gently curved temples, 16-millimeter nose and 57-millimeter lens, so if we check these specs closely it means that they can accommodate different users.

Moving on, at the front, you will immediately notice the presence of the silicone nose pads which are adjustable at the same time so they will always fit properly and of course, they will never slip off.

When it comes to the lens, well, I have to admit that they will impress you due to the fact that they can effectively block the blue light on one side, while on the other, they have a 100% rate of success with UV light blocking, so as you can see, your eyes will be protected really well.

I would also like to mention that both of the frame and the lens are specifically designed to ensure that the humidity will be held properly and exclude you from the possibilities to deal with eye strains.

Moreover, according to the manufacturer these glasses will also play a huge role regarding your health condition because they will let you have a proper sleep, protect you from feeling a headache and save you from the computer vision syndrome, which is often caused when you’re exposed to a blue light.

To conclude, Gunnar Optiks MLG Phantom are worthy of considering so check them out and assure yourself of their quality!

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3. Gunnar Optiks INT-06701

Finding the best gaming glasses is a very hard task, especially because there is a lot of options out there.

The Gunnar Optiks INT-06701 would be a great option for you if you’d like to invest in classy, high-end, multipurpose glasses that can be used by the professionals and the gamers who often spend a huge amount of time in front of their PC.

The Intercept sports an all-black, engineering grade polymer, lightweight construction that will offer you a great comfort on one side, since you will barely feel that you wear them while on the other side, the glasses will maintain their original functionality and quality for many years.

One of the best things about these glasses is the frame, which is accompanied by a curved, 18-millimeter nose bridge, that will make sure that the glasses won’t slip off while you’re working or gaming, so I think that you will love having them.

In addition, these glasses also have 59-millimeter wide lens which are covered with an anti-glare coating, that is specifically designed to ensure that you will never get affected from the digital radiation regardless if it is from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

This is wonderful if you ask me, since the health benefits are numerous here starting from the fact that you will be more focused, your site will be greatly improved, and you your eyes won’t feel pressured, so you will definitely have a comfortable and enjoyable gaming sessions.

Another great thing about this model is that, you won’t deal with headaches, and you will sleep better as well, due to lens that will offer you a consistent, long and short-term protection from the blue lights.

I would also like to inform you that the manufacturer claims that the Optiks INT-06701 can block up to 65% of the blue light and up to 100% of the UV radiation, so as you can see, these glasses are truly impressive.

Last but not the least, both of the frame and the lens will help in holding the humidity and reduce the irritation, so you can say goodbye to the eye strains with which you’ve been dealing for some time.

Overall, Gunnar Optiks INT-06701 is a must-have option so check them out and assure yourself of instant difference!

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4. Spektrum Prospek

The Spektrum Prospek would be a really good option for everyone who is gaming or working for a prolonged period of time while staying late in front of its computer, which as we know, produce blue light that is responsible for causing a discomfort.

This model looks beautiful from any perspective, starting from its flexible, and at the same time durable frame that will not produce a fatigue, while you’re working or gaming for hours. The left and the right side of the frame are finished in red while if you check the glasses as a whole they are black, and if you ask me, the presence of red is definitely a good touch since it does somehow enrich their beauty.

In addition, the Spectrum lenses will constantly prevent the entrance of the blue light directly to your eyes, while at the same time, the lenses work with virtually every screen which is yet another good reason that speaks a lot about the quality of this glasses.

I would also like to mention that the lenses will maintain their original quality for a really long period of time, and during this time you will notice that they won’t distort and get a a yellow tint, so both, in terms of durability and quality are exceptionaly quality.

But that’s not all! The manufacturer rates their success at up to 50% when it comes to the prevention of the blue light, so this by default means that you can have a clear sight without dealing with a color distortion, as you’re working and gaming.

Moreover, I have to admit that the spektrum prospek radiate with effectiveness so you will not only be saved form the blue light emissions. Or to be more precise, the glasses have an anti-reflective, scratch, glare, fog, reflective, oil and electromagnetic ray capabilities, so your eyes will be literally saved from any foreign factor.

Figuratively speaking, if a user stands in front of its desktop for approximately 8 hours, and if we add the glasses capabilities, it means that you won’t feel tired that often since your eyes will be heavily protected.

To conclude, I strongly recommend you consider the Spektrum Prospek and if you ever decide to purchase them you will never regret that decision!

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5. J+S Vision Glasses

The J+S Vision is one of the best if not the best budget option that you can find on the market, especially if you’re looking for gaming glasses that are capable enough to reduce the blue light emission which is produced by your screen.

First of all, let’s start with its classy rectangular frame which is unisex, so regardless of your gender, the frame is suitable for both male and female users who love gaming!

In addition, you can also notice the spring loaded temples which according to the manufacturer and the users are extremely comfortable and they do really fit well on different-sized heads, so without a doubt, I can state that this unit can accommodate different type of users without any problem.

I would also like to add that the frame is heavy-duty as well, which basically means that you will not only enjoy the delivered comfort but the frame will stay fixed, and it won’t fall if you make movements.

The lens on the other side, are covered with a 7-layered, Anti-reflective coating, and what’s so special about them is that they are specifically optimized to grant a user a maximum protection in a variety of conditions.

Or to be more precise, regardless if you’ve been playing on low light or bright conditions, your eyes will be highly secured so you won’t feel any strains throughout your gaming sessions.

Moving on, the JS Vision does a really good job in filtering the blue light emission and the manufacturer rates its success rate of up to 90%, which I particularly like because the lens won’t give an access to the blue lights to harm your eyes.

Furthermore, you can use these glasses for reading as well, because the lens will ensure that your eyes won’t feel any pain even if you’ve been reading for a prolonged period of time, so as you can see, these glasses are indeed versatile.

Overall, the JS Vision deserves your attention because it has a solid construction and quality lens that will never disappoint you with their performance.

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