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The keyboard is one of the most important peripherals of the computer when it comes to gaming. Because of that, we went and did over 40 hours of research and tested more than 30 different models with the goal to try and find the best gaming keyboards available in the market for this year. I made this list based on their price, quality, durability and more. Let’s jump straight into it.

1. Corsair K70

If you are looking for the best gaming keyboard on the market, CORSAIR has your answer. The CORSAIR K70 is absolutely the best gaming keyboard thanks to its authentic Cherry MX switches, beautiful design, and the amazing rainbow backlights. It is maybe one of the most expensive keyboards in the market but it is worth every penny, it has a very durable body that can withstand rigorous gaming and mechanical switches that are the absolute best in the business.

It features a full sized keyboard and measures 17×6-inches without, and 17×9-inches with the wrist rest. Everything about this keyboard is streamlined and very well thought, with no wasted spaces without feeling cramped and with a good distance between the keys to avoid keystrokes. It has a cool black body that has an aluminum surface rather than a plastic one, justifying the premium claim even more. It is definitely a very versatile keyboard as you can really use it in the office as well, on top of that the slightly elevated keys are a nice design touch and look pretty futuristic.

Moreover, the CORSAIR K70 features a full set of discrete media controls, a USB pass-through, and some gamer dedicated buttons such as the Game Mode button, brightness, and profiles.

The key switches are this keyboards biggest selling point, it offers the best authentic Cherry MX, making it the best gaming keyboard in the process. You can choose between five different Cherry switch options, Speed, Red, Brown, Silent, and Blue, all of them are superb with slight differences between them depending on your preference.

The keyboard runs with the Utility Engine software, which has tons of features, but it has a learning curve that you have to get used to it. With the software, you can customize and set an endless number of profiles and set personalize the lighting patterns depending on your wishes.
Performance wise the CORSAIR K70 is a beast and will give you a competitive edge in e-sports titles, but you will like the experience in more laid back games.

Considering everything that the CORSAIR K70 offers, it is not hard to be inclined to buy it if you can afford it, the absolute best from CORSAIR.

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2. Logitech G-Pro

For a gaming setup, I cannot find a good reason as to why should manufacturers include a number pad in their designs, Logitech has thought about this too, and its design team has produced an awesome and compact gaming keyboard that is professional gaming-grade. It has a great colorful design and is very well built, and its performance is designed to give you an edge in competitive gaming.

It looks just like the Logitech’s Orion series just without the number pad, other than that it has a complete set of keys, plus the addition of the key that controls the lighting and the key that activates the game mode, if you are not a familiar it is a mode that deactivates the Alt-Tab and the Windows button functions, that can get in the way of your gaming session.

It is pretty compact, and because of that there is a lack of discrete media controls, but it is not such an important sacrifice. The design overall is very attractive and sleek, it is certainly going to catch the attention of lots of people, furthermore, it has a removable braided micro-USB cable with hooks on each side to get a better and more secure fit, making it very portable in the process.

The Logitech G-Pro utilizes Romer-G mechanical switches that feel like the authentic Cherry MX switches, very quiet and tactile. They are very fast and responsive, to top it off they are also very durable and comfortable to game and type on.

The keyboard runs on Logitech’s Gaming Software which connects seamlessly with it, you can program the function keys to your liking, also you can adjust the backlighting and the lighting colors as the default can be a little distracting even for the gamer itself. It is worth mentioning that the Logitech Gaming Software keeps track of your stats, as where your fingers spend most of the time, how often do you press each button, and etc.

The Logitech G-Pro has proven to be useful in both e-sports titles and adventure single player RPGs as well, it is definitely the best compact gaming keyboard that you can buy, thanks to the clever and quality design.

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3. HyperX Alloy Elite

With its frameless design and solid quality build, the HyperX Alloy Elite is the best quality and the keyboard that provide the most value for your hard earned dollar. It is a mechanical gaming keyboard that is not bloated by tons of features, instead, it has everything that a gamer may need and nothing that he or she does not.

Compared to other gaming keyboards, or other gaming peripherals in general, the HyperX Alloy Elite is very elegant and understated, if it wasn’t for the red lighting under the keycaps or the HyperX logo, you could easily mistake it for an office keyboard. The keyboard features square keys that have even spacing between them and are pretty comfortable to use, on top of the function keys there is a bar that houses the dedicated media keys that are pretty convenient and easy to use and locate. On the bottom, you can find the detachable wrist rest that is partly built with textured plastic for comfort.

The HyperX Alloy Elite is available to purchase in either the authentic Cherry MX Blue keys that are clicky and tactile, or you can prefer the quiet stealth option the Cherry MX Red keys. Because of its Cherry quality, the keys are pretty responsive and give amazing feedback through keystrokes, it is easily the most effective and fastest keyboards that you can find, in typing tests I was above my average with fewer mistakes.

Moreover, the HyperX Alloy Elite doesn’t have a software for customization or personalization, and because of that it doesn’t support various lighting patterns, but the red-and-black look suit most of the gamers, but it can limit your options design-wise.

In gaming the keyboard performed very well and was pretty responsive all around, thanks to its Cherry MX keys, it holds its self awesomely in both quick and repetitive key tapping scenarios, and in more laid back situations as well.

Overall I can say that this keyboard is pretty amazing, and I am even more impressed because HyperX is not a household name in the keyboard industry. However, with the HyperX Alloy Elite, I am sure that this is the thing of past.

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4. Corsair K55

The prices of mechanical gaming keyboards have gone down in recent years with new advancements in technology and Cherry’s expired patent for mechanical switches, however, the membrane-based keyboards are still cheaper than mechanical counterparts. CORSAIR as a brand that has built itself a solid name in the gaming industry has also dived into that market and has brought an interesting product, the CORSAIR K55 it is a membrane gaming keyboard that is budget priced but provides great overall value for its price.

Starting from its budget price we can assume that the build quality is not very good, but it is not bad either. I can say that it is in somewhere in the middle and it is still pretty good for its price. It has a flexible body that is pretty light and comfortable, there is textured plastic on the deck of the keyboard. On the top part, there is the volume control that has a nice glossy finish, underneath there are four rubber feet that prevent it from slipping and has two extendable feet to set in on an incline.

Despite being a budget product the CORSAIR K55 has most of the features that other CORSAIR keyboards have, like the micro combination buttons on top of it and the volume buttons. There is also RGB lighting present on the keyboard, but it is not per key lighting, instead, it uses three lighting zones, that can be customized by using the CUE software. To function properly, CORSAIR has utilized a rubber dome design that works pretty well and responsively.

You can remove the keycaps easily for cleaning, but you can’t swap them with third-party keycaps, unfortunately. Furthermore, the keyboard has a detachable wrist rest that has a textured surface and is the same as on premium keyboards made by CORSAIR.

I have tested this keyboard in various genres of games to give better feedback on its performance, and I can say that this keyboard is a pretty good performer, it is able to register a maximum of ten key presses simultaneously across the keyboard, also there is no ghosting whatsoever.
The best budget gaming keyboard, job well done by CORSAIR.

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5. Razer Huntsman Elite

Razer Huntsman Elite is the first gaming keyboard ever made to use an optical switch, a feature that makes it very expensive. Other than that the Huntsman Elite has optomechanical switches that are super comfortable, and are tested to endure 10 years of rigorous gaming. The wrist rest is another feature that gives this keyboard its premium price point, the RGB lights as well, but every feature is very purposefully placed and makes the Huntsman Elite the best ergonomic package.

On this keyboard, the keys rest slightly elevated from the aluminum chassis, that gives this keyboard a futuristic and sleek look. It has an interesting look overall, with new design choices, with the RGB lights turned off you can use it in your office, however, I think that the lights deserve to be on all the time.

Razer Huntsman Elite furthermore, has distinctive media controls that solidify its spot as a premium gaming keyboard, and every control is so intuitively and cleverly placed. The wrist rest is a great feature that is adequately sized for your comfort, built with sturdy plastic and plush foam fabric on top of it.

Razer has used its trademark purple optomechanical switch that feels great to the fingers and is very easy to type and game on. The real magic happens just on top of the spring, the Huntsman Elite works through infrared light instead of electric contact like standard keyboards, this system is made for speed and recognizes the commands at the speed of light. Definitely, one of the fastest and most accurate keyboards ever made.

The keyboard runs on Razer Synapse 3 software for customization and personalization, it gives you plenty of options that are also apparent on other Razer peripherals.

In terms of performance, the results are very arbitrary, some users have stated that it provides better performance than other mechanical keyboards, while the others have stated that it is just like any other premium mechanical keyboard. But either way, the Huntsman Elite will make itself into the professional gaming tournaments in no time, with its durability, design, comfort, and performance.

If you can afford its premium price, the Razer Huntsman Elite is definitely the best ergonomics package.

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