Best Gaming Microphones For Clear Communication


If you play competitive games often, then getting one of these best gaming microphones can help you communicate clearly with your teammates. I tested more than 20 different models, and came up with the 5 best ones for you. Let’s take a detailed look at them.

1. Blue Yeti Nano

The winner of our best gaming microphones list is definitely the Yeti Nano. Blue has risen through the ranks to become the best USB microphone brand in the market, and all of their lineups is worth a consideration. One of the most notable products from its lineup is the Yeti, but today we have here the Yeti Nano, which is not as expensive as the other one, it is smaller doesn’t have all the features of its bigger brother, but for gaming you won’t find a better microphone in the market thanks to its great audio quality, two capsules, and headphone jack with low-latency monitoring. Overall you can’t find a better package in this affordable price point.

The Blue Yeti Nano ships in with the included stand, and the whole stand measures just about 8.3×3.8×4.3-inches in total and is a lightweight 1.4-pounds in total.

Its cute design is available in multiple print jobs consisting of Blackout, Cuban Gold, Red Onyx, Shadow Grey, and Vivid Blue, all looking excellent so you just choose the one that fits the most to the design of your desk. The mic has good swivel adjustability, so you will get the perfect angle for speaking, and you can even tighten the knobs on each side to keep it in the same place.

The Blue Yeti Nano is ready to use right out of the box even with consoles, but to adjust the gain levels you have to download the Sherpa software to adjust the default levels, and despite its small size it doesn’t have any latency while monitoring. The vocal came out perfectly clean even on a distance, and it was excellent for streamer putting out a little warmer performance.

The best microphone for gaming, considering its price, performance, and design, it doesn’t get better than the Blue Yeti Nano.

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2. Samson G-Track Pro

Choosing a perfect microphone for streaming can get pretty confusing when you consider that there are an endless amount of mics that deliver different performances and features, and when you look at the price ranges it does become a struggle. A safe option is to go for a product in the middle of the price range, a notable example in that segment is the Samson G-Track Pro, with its great sound quality, audio interface features and amazing construction and design that will make it last for a long time. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look.

The Samson G-Track Pro has an all-black body that is connected to its stand from the box, it measures about 4.5×10.5-inches and weighs about 3.5-pounds, and most of that weight comes from the stand that is weighted to provide better stability, it is also worth stating that the stand can swivel and angled upward or downward for the perfect angle.

Under its gorgeous grille, you will spot a windscreen foam layer that protects the pair of 1-inch capsules that combine for its different microphone patterns you can use. On its body, you will spot the controls consisting of Figure Eight, Cardioid and Omni patterns, and a switch for changing between Mono or 2-track mode.

Apart from those you will also locate three switches, one for mic gain, the second for instrument input level, and a volume knob for the headphone jack, that like the other mics in this list provides no latency monitoring.

Because we are suggesting this for a gaming microphone, I mostly explored the Cardioid mode of this microphone, which is intended to get the best sound from a single speaker, for example why you are streaming or gaming, it delivers a clear voice with an adequate amount of volume, and I noticed that the signal was exceptionally clear and crisp.

However, thanks to its versatility, you can use the Samson G-Track Pro if you need to record two speakers with the Figure 8 model with the mic placed in the middle of them, or for capturing the whole sound of the room with the Omni mode. Amazing versatility in this affordable USB microphone.

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3. Audio-Technica AT2020USB

If you want a great gaming microphone for your setup but want a pretty versatile one with tons of features, great performance, and the best sound quality, you can’t go wrong with the Audio-Technica AT2020USB. It delivers the perfect Audio-Technica sound, that we know and love, and for those that are not informed they produce the best audio equipment, and to not their devices are used as benchmark tests for other companies.

On top of all this, the AT2020USB delivers tremendous value for its price and you certainly can’t go wrong with it, or any other product from their lineup.

As expected from the manufacturer, the design of this microphone looks like it is intended for studio use, but it is a gaming microphone, and I am really happy that it doesn’t have bright RGB lights that crave attention. Its included desktop stand continues with the same design language, while it may look a bit flimsy, it is excellent and will keep the mic stable, but it is a little hard to adjust due to having tons of options in that aspect, but once you find the perfect angle, it won’t budge.

In the controls department, you will spot the gain and headphone volume dial, and as a standard, it offers a monitoring experience without latency. Once you turn the microphone on, you will spot a blue LED light from the inside to inform you that the device is turned on. In the package, you also get an adapter for boom arms, and a nice leather carrying case with plenty of padding.

Overall the mic sports a great build quality, and it will withstand the test of time like all Audio-Technica gear, and it is worth noting that it is compact and small in size, just perfect for gaming and streaming.

Due to its medium diaphragm condenser with a cardioid polar pattern, the Audio-Technica AT2020USB is manufactured to be a great all-arounder, and it doesn’t disappoint in that aspect. While recording vocals, I noticed that it delivered an amazing clarity with a hint of warmness that tells us that the company has listened to gamers needs, and not put out their traditional critical clarity recording sound. Amazing job from Audio-Technica.

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4. Rode NT USB

There are a few brands in the market that their name is a synonym for microphones, and Rode is one of them. Their NT-USB microphone is one of the best in the market, it is very versatile and it is known for delivering crystal clear sound. Thanks to its versatility it is great for gaming and in its package, you will find plenty of accessories such as the pop filter that is great at filtering, background noises, and overall you can’t realistically go wrong with Rode and it will deliver amazing value for its price.

The Rode NT USB comes with authority right out of the box, thanks to its excellent and refined design that looks gorgeous. It has an all-black body, with a slim and streamlined construction built out of aluminium and some impressive details, while still maintaining the highest quality.

The microphone itself measures about 184x62x50mm and weighs about 520grams, which is hefty but everyone will welcome its substantiality and the stability it provides, the grilled sides have a great design as well, plus they do a great function of capturing the sound.

Inside this particular model, you will find a 0.5-inch condenser capsule that is connected to a solid analogue to dialogue converter, to deliver you the outright condenser mic experience, in a USB mic, which is outstanding. Just by looking at the specs you can see that the Rode NT USB is pretty capable, with a frequency range from 20Hz to 20kHz with a maximum SPL of 110dB.

Controls of this device may not be plenty but they are enough to provide you solid performance, they consist of a volume knob for the headphone output, and the knob for balancing the audio between the mic input and the DAW output, so you get a latency-free monitoring experience. In the package you will find the “studio-in-a-box” tripod stand for the mic, the aforementioned pop shield, 20feet USB cable, and a storage pouch, these were a set of nice details that outright pleased me.

Performance-wise, the Rode NT USB provides a proper and thorough sound, with excellent clarity, and sharpness, without any tweaks, amazing right out of the box. I found it perfect that it could distinguish and filter background noises, for example, if you are having an interview in a cafe, or your office is located near a busy street, you will not be bothered and will be pleased, all thanks to its cardioid polar pattern.

Taking everything into consideration this Rode will deliver the clearest sound and will help you in any circumstance.

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5. Razer Seiren Elite

For a long time, Razer has been one of the most prominent gaming peripheral brands, and whatever the product they have produced, they have always been hits with gamers. The Razer Seiren Elite is no different, it is a high-quality microphone that sports a unique set of features that will help gamers, streamers, and YouTubers, put out quality content with excellent sound quality, and on top of all that it looks gorgeous. The only caveat with this exceptional microphone is its premium price, but it totally justifies its price.

Design-wise the Razer Seiren Elite looks pretty much of the high-end studio microphones with its cylindrical shape and dynamic cardioid pattern, just it is more compact and smaller than them. I was particularly impressed with the stand which was really one of the best that I have seen in a USB microphone, with a great range of swivel that will aid you into finding the perfect angle to speak into it.

I liked that you can fine-tune and angle your device precisely and lock it into place with the knobs that are located on either side of the mount so it won’t move, talking about movement, the stand was also pretty stable and provided a substantial weight that is needed for accidental bumps to the table and such.

The controls of this device consist of the mute button that shines green when ready and red while muted, two-volume knobs one for headphone the other for the gain of the mic. You will spot an LED ring around the knob that emits red light when the output is too hot or it peaks, which will be pretty handy.

The mic also has a pretty long USB cable for connection, it attaches to the device from the bottom, and that is also where you will find the 3.5mm audio jack for headphones and the high-pass filter, it is important to note that with headphones you get zero-latency monitoring.

The Razer Seiren Elite utilizes a Digital Signal Processing tech that prevents distortion by limiting the dynamics, this results in sharp, and clear signal in recording, and it delivered a perfect performance in many scenarios, the perfect microphone for gaming hands down. Definitely deserves its spot on this best gaming microphones list.

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