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If you want to feel every beat of your favorite music, then In-Ear headphones are the way to go. That’s why, after doing 28 hours of research and testing various models, we were able to come up with the 5 best in-ear headphones available in the market for this year. We listed them based on their prices, quality, durability and more. Let’s not waste any more time and jump straight into it.

1. 1MORE Quad Driver

The winner of our best in-ear headphones list is the 1More Quad Driver. 1MORE has come to relevance in recent years with their output of quality sound products, and they have quickly made name for themselves. The 1MORE Quad Driver, their latest model of in-ear headphones provide amazingly balanced audio and give you a premium feel with their aluminum build. They are not as cheap as their older models but compared to its competition it stacks on top with value, quality, sound quality and design.

The first impression you get from these in-ear headphones is that these are made with quality materials all around. They have a metallic chassis that protect the four drivers that are located inside. The whole point of having 4 drivers is that allows the manufacturer to fine-tune every driver to a frequency so the sound is cleaner and the experience is richer.

The main difference design-wise between the 1MORE Quad Driver and its predecessor the Triple driver was the durable kevlar wrapped wire all over and the improved control module with circular tactile buttons that are conveniently spread around. Generally speaking, the 1MORE Quad Driver have a gorgeous industrial design, I would carry them in my commute for the aesthetic aspect alone.

The result of the Quad Drivers is apparent from the get-go, these are Hi-res certified so if you have records or files that are you can enjoy the full Hi-res experience. It covers an amazing range of up to 40kHz, a sound that is not really comprehensive to the human ear but makes the sound a little bit roomy.

The lows seemed to get a little extra attention but you will appreciate the punch in your favorite songs, sometimes it may be overpowering but it is decent. The mids were perfectly balanced and are a little warm for my taste, however, it is hard to get this clear mids in that price range. The treble was a little loose, which made it more fun and awesome. There was no bleed throughout the ranges and everything was amazing.

1MORE Quad Driver is a very nice sounding in-ear headphone with perfect aesthetics and amazing sound quality with its powerful lows and sharp highs and balanced midrange, it will leave you pleased each and every day.

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2. Bose QuietComfort 20

It is not random that Bose has been on the market for so many years as one of the best brands in the industry, with its quality minded design, they have never disappointed with their products. The Bose Quiet Comfort 20 is following suit as it provides a quality product at a premium price, but if you can afford it the Bose QC20 will provide tons of features, comfort, and sound quality in return.

In the ear the Bose QC20 looks very similar to the Bose Triport, that has the same monochrome candy-stripe cable and general similarities on the earbud design. However, the Bose QC20 has active noise cancellation, and packing that into a pair of in-ear headphones is a little difficult. Bose provides a power brick to give juice to the active noise cancellation technology that Bose has interestingly implemented in this device.

The power brick, gives an interesting first impression, it can be counted as negative in fact as to where you will store this bar. It is meant to slide into your pocket along with your smartphone.

The ear tips are constructed from soft silicone rubber that both get in your ears and grip onto the cartilage that rings around your canal, this means that the earbuds will stay in your ear securely without causing discomfort.

After all the hassle with the battery brick and the high price, you would guess that the noise cancellation works properly, and you would be right. The Bose QC20 is the most effective in-ear noise-canceling earphones that I have ever seen, and the buyers have reported the same experience. It easily cancels motor, wind, crowd, air conditioner hum, and many other noises, true Bose quality.

As for the audio quality, they are a huge improvement from earlier models, especially in the bass fidelity department, which is superior to any other earphone. The sound is pretty much perfect with decent balance and ironed out edges, providing a smooth overall experience.
Bose Quiet Comfort 20 is one of the best headphones that you can buy in the market, although they do not come for cheap, if they are in your budget, they are a solid buy.

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3. Jabra Elite Active 65t

Based on the buyer’s feedback and rating, and my own experience with these wireless in-ear headphones, the Jabra Elite Active 65t. I can say that these are the best option if you are an active person and want a wireless pair of in-ear headphones. These will be your gym buddy and your running mate for a long time, definitely an amazing pair of wireless in-ear headphones.

The Jabra Elite Active 65t is designed by Jabra’s award-winning design team that has always provided amazing products that have turned heads with their good looks. They do not disappoint with the Active 65t, the headphones are sleek, minimal, and modest. They are not the kind of headphone that seek the attention they keep a low-key vibe and blend in and are simply flawless.

The buds are circular, and have a small arm and an extending tip that secures the fit extremely snugly in your ears. The device comes available in multiple colors ranges some of which are more ‘visible’ than the other, either way, in every color, it is a delight. You can easily pack the earbuds to the oval charging case that came in with the product, which serves as a safekeeping container too because wireless earbud tends to get lost easily.

It is actually one of the most comfortable wireless earbuds that I have tried, everything about the Jabra Elite Active 65t shape and design clicks.

When it comes to audio performance the Jabra Elite Active 65t provides EQ presets in its app which you can also customize to your liking, for example, you can boost the bass or the treble, choose a preset more suitable for rock or classical music, all at your fingertips.
Battery life on the headphones was pretty good, not very impressive but good enough, it lasts a total of 15 hours via the charging case which can store 10 hours on its own. This is good for your runs as you can charge in between workouts and if you have an hour-long workout each day it will last about two weeks per charge.

Maybe you can find wireless in-ear headphones that cost less, but the quality of the Jabra Elite Active 65t is noncomparable to other models without a doubt.

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4. Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergofit

Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergofit is the cheapest, the most comfortable and a headphone that provides decent sound quality compared to its price. If you are not in the market for high-end or a feature-packed headphone than you will find the Panasonic Ergofit amazing. Providing good bass and decent volume the Ergofit makes a case of that even cheap tech can be good sometimes.

To be honest, the headphones look like the type of headphones you buy at a street vendor when you are out traveling, and you have lost your pair, so you need a replacement pair as soon as possible. The Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergofit comes available in an interesting color range, colors that are bold and that pop, they are eye-catching if not anything else. The ear tips are made from silicone and are very squishy and comfortable, those are attached to the conelike backs that attach to the main body that is a light see-through plastic.

The Ergofit in-ear headphones come available in three sizes of ear tips, so you can find the most comfortable and snug fitting for your preference. Interestingly the ear tips also blocked most of the noise from outside, reasonably speaking.

The Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergofit can be coined as small earbuds with huge bass, throughout the testing the lows were very full and powerful in bass heavy songs. However, the vocals were simply melting away, though it is considered in a headphone in its price range. Overall, the bass was pretty decent and put-together, but the treble and the mid-range were a little mixed up together, although it didn’t output a hideous sound. Even though it is expected that there will be bleeding through the range, it was not as apparent as expected. But it a nice job of keeping its composure through songs with various tones, but it didn’t output as many tones as you would expect from music listening in-ear headphone. Generally, the music listening experience was pretty decent and has passed my expectations.

To conclude, the Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergofit is still the best headphone if you want a cheap unit that will provide value on the long run, and with its decent audio output, it is a nice backup headphone.

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5. Sennheiser IE800S

Staring our best in-ear headphones list, we have the Sennheiser IE800s. The Sennheiser IE800S may be really priced with an outlandish number, but there are some tweaks and upgrades from the original IE800’s which were the high-end earphone that was understated and had attention to detail that set it apart. The Sennheiser IE800S follows its footsteps while upgrading and refreshing the original design.

The design is overly similar to the IE800, it has not deviated from the tried and tested design of the tiny tapered earpieces with stubby nozzles and unique to Sennheiser dual bass exhaust ports at the rear. Unfortunately, the cable cannot be removed for the earpiece, this has disappointed some buyers which have expected an upgrade.

Additionally the wiring on the new headphones is updated by Sennheiser so it can use the Balanced output, moreover, the cable is also included in the package with 2.5mm TRRS and 4.4mm Pentacon terminations.

The box of the unit is made from leather and is a little large, it houses the set of foam ear tips and the balanced cables that I mentioned earlier. The ear tips are very moldable and provide a secure fit and grip that wouldn’t fall very easily, but I wouldn’t recommend these for running.
When it comes to sound performance the Sennheiser IE800S, refines and updates the sound of its predecessor, mostly the mid-ranges which were lacking some character and energy.

Vocals are not pressed down and have plenty of breathing room and add a touch of fullness and musicality, thanks to the excellent dynamics of the drivers. In sub bass is adjusted to not be overbearing and the trebles output is enhanced for detail and sharpness without becoming uncomfortable.

The Sennheiser has chosen to iron out or tame the treble and sub-bass region to make it easier to listen, but still being able to pick up high-caliber acoustics. However, without those details, it has lost a bit of its special image that it had always carried. The sound is very close to perfect and will suit most of the listeners, but it lacks character and roughness.

If you are a critical listener or even a casual listener that wants to enjoy finer things in life, the Sennheiser IE800S is the perfect in-ear headphone, if you can afford it.

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