Best OLED TV’s For Movies, Sports & Playing Games


OLED is a new technology, and I would say that it’s a technology sent from heaven. The first time i looked into an OLED screen i was stunned and kept looking at the advertisement on it. I got very interested in them and after doing many hours of research and testing, i came up with the best OLED TVs in the market for this year. Let’s get started.

1. Sony A9F

The winner of the best oled tvs list we is the Sony A9F, the ultimate OLED TV for 2019. It is the perfect TV for every enthusiast that appreciates breathtaking visuals, thanks to its brand new X1 Ultimate image processor and also new operating system Android Oreo TV. On top of all this, it has made improvements with the Acoustic Surface Audio technology, that delivers the best audiovisual experience you can find from any TV, this one is the best.

For the A9F, Sony has used the same lean-back design that was apparent in its predecessor, however, this time around I spotted some differences to the kickback stand, as it didn’t lean so far back but it can be wall-mounted. The initial setup for the Sony A9F is done pretty quickly and in an instant, after taking it out of the box you just release the latch from the back and simply attach the counterweight to finish the job.

Except the amazing visuals, Sony A9’s major selling point is its audio technology, most importantly the new Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology that uses plus one on-screen actuator that results in a separate channel in the middle, and in addition to that a second bass driver, with three actuators in the kickback stand and two bass drivers. This all results in a 3.2 sound system, which essentially cannot be found in any TV it is simply the very best, other TVs also have decent sound systems but nothing can compare to the native system of the Sony A9F.

The Sony A9F is available in both 65-inch and 55-inch OLED display. The 65-inch model offers the best 4K viewing experience at 3840×2160 resolution, and with the help of the Picture Processor X1, Ultimate everything is smooth and seamless.

The processor does an amazing processing and optimizing job to provide the Triluminos Display a broader color palette, on top of that it utilizes the Pixel Contrast Booster for deep inky blacks and great contrast. During my measurements, the Sony A9F was able to reproduce 130 percent of the Rec. 709 color gamut.

The definite best OLED TV on the market, if you want the creme de la creme, this is it.

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2. LG 55B8

In recent years, LG has managed to find a way of making significantly more affordable OLED TVs. One of the most notable models in its lineup is the LG 55B8, that is priced just at the start of the high-end market but provides value more than any other product in this category, thanks to its new and improved Alpha7 chip that delivers the exceptional image quality and beautiful design.

In my opinion, the LG 55B8 is one the best-looking TV in the market, due to its sleek and refined metal back, near-invisible 3mm outer edges, smooth flat screen, and near-bezel less design, this OLED TV deserves to be the centerpiece of your room. The whole design and build of the device scream luxury, and it is worth mentioning that the build quality on this LG is the best in the market. This TV utilizes an angled metal stand that looks like a sheet to keep the TV stable and good looking, based on its price you wouldn’t assume that the TV would be designed this good.

Since it was one of the first companies to implement Smart TV features on its TVs, LGs current webOS platform is still the best and the most user-friendly of the bunch, as it runs incredibly smooth and the content is ultra customizable to your liking. It is the most convenient of all Smart TV packages and it is the most attractive while working effortlessly with the Magic Remote control/wand.

The image of the LG 55B8 is simply marvelous, the experience is nowhere to be found in other TVs in this price range. The next-generation processor of this TV delivers better detail with immense sharpness, with a wider color palette but still accurate enough, everything ran smoothly and it was simply marvelous. I found the image amazing in non-HDR content too, maintaining perfect sharpness and brightness in those modes as well.

I was particularly impressed with the brightness as it kept the image quality the same even when placed outdoors. Shading is improved in this TV and results in richer colors that were deeper and natural.

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3. LG C8

LG is the leader in the high-end TV market with its OLED models, and each year they just refine their design, making the best better in process and I know that it is to no one’s surprise me including several LG TVs in this list. This time around its the LG C8, a perfect OLED TV for your home cinema system with its excellent image, great sharpness and color, the best operating system, pretty low input lag, and overall amazing value for its price.

The LG C8 features a very simple, modest and unassuming design, with a metal slab 104 centimeters long-acting as a stand and it features a forward curve, this also helps the down-firing speakers directing the sound forward efficiently. I am pleased with the overall design of this TV, the screen is also pretty thin measuring some millimeters for the most part and a little thicker near the bottom to house the electronics, and the bezels are near non-existent.

The LG C8 features a ton of connectivity ports including four HDMI ports, and all of them support 4K and HDR content. Also, we get the Magic Remote again here, which is my favorite, and it is worth mentioning its ergonomics here which are found nowhere else, simply the best remote control in the market. The webOS interface makes another return here as it is one of the most convenient and user-friendly Smart TV interfaces, absolutely foolproof.

The LG C8 features the new and improved Alpha 9 chip which is superior at noise reduction, detail retention, and color reproduction, upscaling no-4K content to perfection. The Dynamic Tone Mapping feature is fairly new, but everybody is an instant fan, essentially this feature adjusts static metadata signals dynamically, resulting in fantastic looking HDR.

The LG C8 supports HDR10, dynamic metadata Dolby Vision, Hybrid Log-Gamma and Advanced HDR by Technicolor, but it lacks HDR10+ support to complete the package.

It is worth mentioning that the C8 with its FALD is one of the best TVs for watching movies and I think that it is best suited for your home cinema. Excellent OLED TV providing ample value for its price.

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4. LG E9

The LG E9 is a great OLED TV that packs in interesting features, complete with a gorgeous design that is incredibly slim while still offering tremendous value. This premium OLED TV offers a new processor, AI smarts, Dolby Vision and many more. Also, it has improved its predecessor’s audio issues, which was a little lackluster, other than that I can guarantee that the LG E9 will be the centerpiece of your living room with its slender design.

To achieve the aforementioned excellence in design, LG has utilized a glass on panel design on the E9 that is very well done. I am really in love with the minimalist feel of this TV, with its thinness, near to none bezels, and brushed metal finishing just does it for me. The back panel of the device is also excellently designed and you can find the VESA wall mount holes there as well as the connectivity ports.

The Magic Remote is still unchanged, but it is still excellent as always, one of the best-designed remotes in the market, as it combines wand controls into it, on top of that it has dedicated Netflix and Amazon Video buttons, and voice controls.

Apart from tons of features such as the HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR, the LG E9 is also WiSA ready, this means Wireless Speaker and Audio, so it doesn’t need any sort of cables to connect to a compatible system, on of the most compatible features.

As a true OLED TV, the E9 also is capable of inky deep blacks and great contrast, showcasing great picture quality and native 4K content with magnificent detail. There are several picture modes you can choose from, but the TV starts in the Standard mode in every boot-up, featuring cooler colors and pleasant experience. If you want to enjoy excellent colors try the Vivid mode and you’ll see colors popping all over, I was especially impressed with the Technicolor Expert mode which was perfect for watching movies, and I enjoyed watching my favorite movie for testing TVs the Blade Runner 2049.

To conclude I would like to say that the LG E9 is one of the best TVs on the market combining excellent design with a breathtaking picture.

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5. Sony A1E

The Sony A1E is one of the best OLED TVs in the market with its Smart TV capabilities and 4K resolution it offers the best package when it comes to design, build quality, performance, sound system, perfectly deep blacks, and tremendous value for its price. In addition to that with its ability to fit in your smart home ecosystem, this is one of the best TVs in the market.

For the A1E, Sony has gone with a minimalist approach, rather than going all out like the other manufacturers and here it has eliminates the base stand. The manufacturer has named this design concept One Slate, it corresponds with the idea of seeing just the picture and nothing else, as the Sony A1E doesn’t have a stand at all, it looks like a photo frame. I like the design language as it is gorgeous but doesn’t want to stand out, rather blend in with the overall design. The back of the device is built with glass the same as the front, and it is covered by a strong and fine metal framing.

The TV balances itself by a kickback stand that has counterweights and forms a rigid and strong A-frame, and the TV is slightly leaned back at 5-degrees but it is not noticeable from watching distance. On the kickback stand, you will locate the subwoofer and the connectivity ports, and it also can be wall-mounted.

The other speakers of this TV are located on the screen itself, employing actuators to vibrate the screen to give an immense experience because the audio and visuals become one. The Sony A1E also supports Dolby Vision with high dynamic range and the conventional HDR10, the company has also stated that the TV will be upgraded to Hybrid Log-Gamma as well.

The peak brightness you will get from this TV is about 1000 nits which are fantastic, the panel is fantastic in every aspect, however, the Sony A1E also has a great processor namely the X1 Extreme and the results are amazing and breathtaking, with amazing detail, fantastic colors and perfect blacks.

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