Best Portable Air Conditioners To Stay Cool During Summer


The hot summer days are very annoying for people that do not go to vacations and work all day. Working or sleeping in a hot room is very uncomfortable, and no matter what you are doing, you can’t do it properly. That’s why in this article we are going to review the top 5 best portable air conditioners for this year. Let’s get sarted!

1. Honeywell MN10

The Honeywell MN10 is a whisper-quiet and energy-efficient portable air conditioner that has the ability to dehumidify and cool rooms with up to 400 square feet of space really quick!

From a design perspective, the MN10 features a sleek elegant no-drip design that includes a responsive digital LCD display, removable and washable back-access filter and caster wheels that provide an effortless movement around your rooms!

But what makes it so good is that this air conditioner uses a 3-in-1 technology and therefore, it will offer you three functionalities such as cooling, dehumidifying and fanning!

The Honeywell MN10 has an Auto-Evaporation System which prevents any condensate accumulations so you don’t have to be always around to empty the water from the unit.

This makes the whole thing a lot more convenient and saves you a lot of time.
You can also take an advantage of the included remote control that is made up of really sensitive electronic controls that are really intuitive so you can adjust everything quickly.

I want to mention that as a dehumidifier, it can remove up to 68 pints of moisture from the air in one day, making it a really powerful unit.
But that’s not all! The integrated 24-hour automatic shut-off timer is a really good addition because as the previous models, this air conditioner also will preserve energy as much as possible and save you from paying a huge amount of money for bills.

All you have to do is just assign a time, and the unit will automatically start or turn off.
Before we end, I would like to inform you that you shouldn’t worry about the dust anymore.
There is a washable filter included which does a really good job in catching unwanted dust particles in the air, so the air you breath will be really clean and it won’t affect your health.

To conclude, you should definitely take the Honeywell MN10 into a serious consideration due to its features and performance, so if you ever decide to purchase it, the quality air and cooling will be guaranteed!

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2. Whynter ARC-14S

The Whynter ARC-14S is an environmental-friendly and energy-efficient portable air conditioner which ensures that your house will be cooled like never before!

From a design perspective, the ARC-14S features a dual-hose design that includes an LCD display for making various adjustments as well as a pre-filter for air filtration and a carbon filter for ensuring an odor neutralized air refreshing.

In addition, this model comes with a protective cover so the chances of getting dust and dirt while sitting in storage are minimum so this is really helpful when you don’t use it.

But now, let’s talk about its performance.

The Whynter ARC-14S can easily cool up 500 square feet space due to its 14,000BTU of cooling capacity which makes it perfect for dealing with hot summer days.

You can also use it can as an air conditioner, fan, and a dehumidifier, so depending on your demands you can assign it to work accordingly.

However, this doesn’t mean that it will consume much energy and affect your bills. You can take an advantage of its 24-hour programmable timer along with the full thermostatic control which will help you to take the control of its performance and conserve energy as much as possible.

But that’s not all!

The ARC-14S also features an Automatic Drain Technology for reducing the moisture from the air so the air won’t be that condensed, but instead, it will be really comfortable.
Or in other words, it can dehumidify around 101 pints per day so you can always enjoy your time while having it around.

I also want to mention that this air conditioner comes with a remote control, so you can control it from distance without having to stand up and make adjustments on its LCD display.

Before we end, I really like the fact that this model doesn’t make much noise so this is really helpful during sleep or chilling around.

Overall, you should take the ARC-14S into a serious consideration, and if you ever decide to purchase it, this air conditioner will ensure long years of performance and quality cooling as well.

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3. LG LP0817WSR

LGs intention with this model was not to cool your entire home, but instead, it was crafted to ensure an efficient and effective approach in cooling single rooms such as a home office or a home library.

From a design perspective, the LG features a sleek white modern design that is composed of series of louvers placed on the side, an LED display panel with three buttons positioned at the front and wheels positioned at the bottom for making you able to place it whenever you want.

In addition, I want to mention that the louvers are the ones responsible for cooling your room, and they can also swing back and forth automatically or you can control them by using the remote control.

But now, let’s talk about its features.

This air conditioner is really powerful, so you shouldn’t rely much on its compactness because the LG can produce a huge amount of air blow.
It has 8000 BTU of power making it capable of dehumidifying 1.8 pints per hour which is pretty good.

You can take an advantage of its LED Display and use the buttons for increasing or decreasing the temperature, change modes, control the fan and even set a timer so it does a pretty good job when it comes to controlling it.

I also want to mention that the LG features an auto evaporation system, so it doesn’t require a drip pan since it gets rid of most by using the water itself.
To be more precise, this means that it can remove up to 74.4 pints daily which means that you can breathe a healthy air.
I have to say that there won’t be any annoying hotspots in your room during the summer where the sun can cause some frustrations.

This is due to the integrated louvers which provide a surprisingly huge air circulation that is not always a thing for air conditioners in this price range.

To conclude, if you’re looking for an air conditioner which combines an affordable price, quality, and performance like a premium conditioner, then the LG would be a really good option for you!

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4. Honeywell MM14CCS

The Honeywell MM14CCS is a powerful and affordable air conditioner that would be an ideal option for those who want to cool rooms that have up to 700 square feet of space!

From a design perspective, this model uses a black and silver combo that is accompanied by digital LED display positioned at the top center and sturdy wheels at the bottom for ensuring a good dose of stability while moving it from place to place.

But now, let’s talk about the performance.

A really cool thing about this air conditioner is that it features a 3-in-1 technology which means that it cools, fans and dehumidifies at the same time.

As a plus, there are three speeds for each different mode, but in my opinion, the Dehumidification mode performs the best, since it can remove up to 86 pints of moisture in one day.
In addition, this model uses an Auto-Evaporation system which functions really smart, such as accumulating moisture and then it evaporates it out of the air conditioner so you don’t have to do anything but enjoy.

Thanks to the 14,000BTU of power, it wouldn’t take really long to have your room cooled, so you can always feel refreshed.

I also want to mention that this model comes with a remote control and a 24-hour energy saving timer, so you can control it from distance and in the same time, be excluded from the need to pay for high electricity bills thanks to its timer.

Another great thing about this air conditioner is its blue LCD display which has backlit buttons that are extremely responsive so you can manually switch from one mode to another even at night!
Since we talk about the night, this model performs really quietly so it won’t affect your comfort during sleep or when you’re just chilling.

Who doesn’t want to wake up in a bedroom that is cold during the summer while feeling energized?

Overall, the Honeywell is worthy of considering due to its quality, durability, and capability to ensure that you are going to be extremely satisfied with it!

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5. Whynter ARC-122DS Elite

The Whynter ARC-122DS Elite is a portable and easy to set up air conditioner that works particularly good for rooms with up to 400 square feet of space!

From a design perspective, the Elite features a sleek white dual-hose design that is accompanied by an automatic timer and programmable thermostat which are going to equip you with more control during your adjustments. In addition, thanks to the included remote control, you can even control it from distance and control the overall speed, temperature, and the dehumidifier settings.

The Whynter has also integrated rolling casters to make it more mobile so you can move it from one room to another without putting in a lot of effort!

Now, let’s talk about its features!

The ARC-122DS Elite has three operational modes such as Cool, Dehumidify and Fan, so you can always switch between them according to your preferences which makes everything a lot more convenient.

As I’ve previously stated, this air conditioner is capable enough to effectively cover rooms with up to 400 square feet of space. This is a result of the dual-hose system which provides a greater air intake of 12,000 BTUs of power for cooling your rooms a lot faster than the air conditioners that have a single-hose system.

The number of BTU power doesn’t mean that you’re going to deal with expensive electricity bills, and this is why I like this model the most. The Elite is equipped with a 24-hour programmable timer so you can assign your cycle and when the time comes, the device by itself will turn on or off automatically while saving energy as much as possible.

Another great thing about this model is that it has the integrated AutoPump which is an amazing addition since it ensures high humidity conditions for making your environment as enjoyable as possible.
If you’re that type of person who doesn’t like to sleep in hot conditions, then I want to mention that the Elite is extremely silent so you won’t be distracted by the noise!

To conclude, if you’re looking for an air conditioner that combines versatility with quality, then this is the one you’re looking for!

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6. Shinco SPF2-08C

The Shinco SPF2-08C would be a really good option for you if you are looking for a powerful air conditioner, that combines an attractive look, a reasonable energy expense and great performance.

When it comes to design, this unit features a utilitarian, all-white pane; on the front, combined with black colored plastic in the rest of its body. It is a very mobile device, thanks to its four casters!

On the front side, you’ll immediately notice the control panel, that houses the main buttons for the conditioner. Provided with the unit is also the remote control which will help you operate the Shinco with its intuitive and clear controls.

In addition, there is a black, LCD screen, that is readable in any environment. So you will be provided with information about every adjustment that you want to make.

But now, let’s talk about performance.
This specific model is an 8,000 BTU compact portable air conditioner. The immense power allows it to cool down up to 250 square feet. It’s the perfect choice for your cabin, home, office, clinic, or workplace.

Moving on, this unit features a self-evaporative cooling system. This means that the condenser coils will be cooled down significantly by just using water from the atmosphere. An amazing feature that improves both power and efficiency.
Moreover, the Shinco SPF2-08C offers 2-speed fan and a 60 pint dehumidifying capacity per day, which will ensure clean air and will keep your room cool and dry.

There are two more things that are worth mentioning. First is that this unit is silent, throughout its operation, giving you a quiet peaceful sleep, while the second one is that, it is power efficient, so you shouldn’t worry about your electricity bills, an always welcome feature.
In general, the users claim that this conditioner is a must-have, as you can use it at home, at the office, and everywhere you want. A large number of users stated that, the quality of the air has also increased by the use of this product.

To conclude, the Shinco SPF2-08C is worthy of considering, because it offers a great value for its price cost, so you simply can’t go wrong!

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7. SereneLife Portable Air Conditioner

If you are looking for a compact, yet powerful air conditioner that doesn’t cost much but performs way out of its league, the SereneLife could be a great option for you!

Design-wise, this model sports an all-white, compact construction. Furthermore, many grilles are stationed along the front, left and the right part of its body, as well as the control panel, that is positioned at the front-center, between the top and the bottom grilles.
The control panel itself looks cool since it is a sleek black display, that has embedded labelings such as cool, econ, fan, etc; so each of them will glow in green, according to the option you choose.

In addition, when you open the box, you will also find a remote control, which is really convenient, since you can start operating instantly. It is also important to mention that this unit packs four wheels for manoeuvering easily through your home.

Regarding performance, this conditioner thanks to its 10000 BTUs, can effectively cool a room in just minutes. The company has stated that this unit can cool down a room of 270 square feet in five minutes. In the left and the right side of the conditioner, are located the moving vents, that ensure better air circulation.

Moving on, this model comes with a built-in dehumidifier. An awesome feature given its benefits. It gives you cool and dry air, providing better air quality for your family.

Moreover, this unit has a Reusable Air Filter which takes dust, allergens and pollen out of the air, offering allergen-free environment. The filter is washable, which means that you don’t need to spend money buying new filters, cutting down costs in the long run.
Another great feature of this conditioner is the low noise motor that is quiet and peaceful.

When the unit is working in the highest settings, it makes a noise of just 56 decibels, truly an amazing feat of tech. It will work effectively and won’t disturb your sleep.
Generally, those who have purchased this unit claim that they are really satisfied with the performance, also stating that it provides amazing value!

Overall, I strongly recommend you to consider the SereneLife, because even though it looks compact, the way that it performs, says exactly the opposite!

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8. Black & Decker BPACT12HWT

The summer is near, and the temperatures are rising. So the best option is to install an air conditioner in your premises. However, if there is no option for installing a full-blown, two-piece air conditioner, then you are left with two choices: tolerate the unbearable summer heat, or buy a portable air conditioner. Black & Decker offers you the latter with its latest model.

From a design perspective, this machine is specially designed for hassle-free setup and use. It is pretty much suitable for everybody. It packs a large and easy to see LED digital display. The intuitive and straightforward electronic controls allow for easy programming, allowing for undemanding operation, during the times where you just want the room to get cool.

The Black & Decker comes with rolling castor wheels and side carrying handles to provide portability and mobility if the need arises.
Now, let’s talk about performance!

This model is rated at 12000 BTUs, and it can cool up rooms as large as 250 square feet, within a really short period of time. So it won’t take long before you notice the difference in the temperature within your house.
Moving on, with this air conditioner, users can also benefit from a sleep mode. A mode that ensures every day you’ll walk in a pleasantly cool house.

According to users, the great majority of customers also enjoyed the 24 hours on/off timer and the simple, precise electronic controls which did improve ease of use.

Another great thing to mention is that this conditioner comes as a 4-in-1 unit. Combining cooling, dehumidification, fan and heater modes at one device. Another thing worth mentioning is the noiseless operation at approximately 75decibel.

In addition, since I’ve mentioned the dehumidification, I’d like to inform you that this unit has an anti-bacterial filter, which ensures that pollen, dust, and other harmful particles, will be removed quickly, so your house will not only be cooled properly, but it’ll be a healthier space to live in.

In general, most buyers are extremely satisfied with the unit’s operation, especially because of the vertical motion which ensures a consistent temperature as well as an extremely powerful airflow and whisper quiet operation.

To conclude, If you want the best cooler and heater combo at a reasonable price, Black & Decker is the answer!

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