Best Pressure Cookers For Preparing Food Quickly


Today, i decided to review the 5 best pressure cookers that you can buy this year. I’ve gone through more than 10 pressure cookers in my life, and i can confidently say that the ones i will mention in this article are some of the best you can get for the price. I ranked them based on their performance, price, quality, durability and more. Let’s take a look

1. Instant Pot DUO80

Instant Pot DUO80 is the best pressure cooker based on its price, value, ease of use and features. It really has no competition when it comes to the value that it offers. It is very easy to use and it is as the name implies an instant pot. You can come home at 6 PM and have lunch in 6 and a half with the DUO80. Everything cooking related is easier with Instant Pot DUO80.

It can cook 6 times faster than the traditional cookers, cutting down energy costs. It supports a variety of cooking modes, which naturally includes pressure cooking, saute, rice cooking, steaming, slow cooking, yogurt preparing, and food warmer. It also is excellent in every task, leaving so much to be desired after. With its 14 preset smart programs it is very hard to mess up. You can cook your favorite food to perfection with the press of a button, but if you choose to you can also change the settings to your preference. Everything is controllable, like heat levels, pressure levels, cooking time and even the temperature that will keep the food warm.

With its ten safety mechanisms that are fail-proof against any mechanical or electrical fault, make this device very safe. There has been only one case of damage to a person from the device, and it was user-error. The pot is built from 100% pure stainless steel with 304 food grade standards. Seals are complete and the heat distribution is even. Ensuring hygiene and health in every food preparation. The Instant Pot DUO80 has an undemanding cleaning, very quick and effortless because of its non-stick nature.

If you are buying an Instant Pot for the first time, you will have to endure a learning curve. However, with the user manual, it is going to be easier. Everything is simply explained and you just have to follow the instructions in the first few cooks, until you get the hang of things.

It is a highly recommended product, flooded with positive reviews on Amazon it is an excellent product. It is near perfect and there are little tasks that it cannot tackle. The best multi-purpose pressure cooker hands down.

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2. Ninja Foodi

If you are seeking to buy both a pressure cooker and an air fryer, your biggest concern more likely will be the cost and the space the products will take up. A solution to this is the Ninja Foodi, which essentially is an air fryer and a multi-purpose electric pressure cooker in one. It is a little larger and little pricier than other electric pressure cookers, but it will cost and take up less space than buying the two devices separately.

The device has a rather large footprint but it is very well made and sturdy. Also, it looks stylish and elegant. The dark grey smooth body with the wide base is very futuristic looking. The display screen is very functional. Explaining to you what is going on in the pot, tells you how much time is left and other helpful information. It has very intuitive lights, and the controls are very easy to understand. The pot is very easy to operate, it is very similar to other electric pressure pots. The included cookbook is useful for commonly cooked items.

It is very convenient having the two functions in one device. However, there will be some disadvantages and drawbacks. The air frying lid is not removable from the pot. The lid will stay in the open position while you are pressure cooking. The pressure cooking lid is detachable and it is rather large taking up some space in your counters.

Cooking experience is excellent and practical, it does everything pretty good. Air crisping uses the air-frying lid, the temperature is adjustable, cooking time up to an hour as well. Making it ideal for a wide range of recipes. The pressure cooked foods after tenderizing can also be crisped using the setting. You can also bake or roast with this pot with the air frying lid, you can adjust the temperature from 250 to 400 Fahrenheit and the cooking time up to an hour. A very useful setting for roasting meats or baking vegetables. Pressure cooking is pleasant, it reaches pressure really fast and it cooks rather fast.

If you can afford the premium price, this is the best pot electrical multi-purpose pot that you can get, but its size and price might detract some customers.

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3. Mealthy MultiPot

With the ability to cook your meals 70% faster the electric pressure cooker Mealthy Multipot. In recent times it has gained a lot of popularity and sales because it is actually 9 appliances in one such as the pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker,yogurt maker, saute, steam, cake maker, egg maker and a food warmer. It has 14 preset pressure cooking programs, everything at just the touch of a button. It also 100% Bisphenol-A free, made with the best materials and all the safety regulations.

With the Mealthy MultiPot in the package there will be a good number of accesories. The stainless steel cooking pot that is professional-grade, a steamer basket, the raised trivet to keep your food out of the water, a spare silicone gasket, two very handy silicone mitts, serving and soup spoon, a rice measuring cup and the guides and recipe brochure. It comes in two sizes, in 6-quarts and 8-quarts. The latter being more appealing for larger families. The 6-quart size is perfect for small families and will make cooking a joy.

The Mealthy MultiPot has a similar interface to the Instant Pot, so users of the latter will not have a large learning curve while using the former. But it is a well-designed pot, strange saying this for a pot but it is an elegant device, that will not be an eye-strain in your kitchen. Using this pot is fool-proof every button’s function is clear and intuitive. Not a lot of space to make mistakes, taking a lot of guesswork out of the game.

The cooking times are pretty quick and it comes to full pressure very fast. The accessories are a cute addition to the package. The spare silicone gasket is very functional, as you can use one for sweet, the other for savory recipes. The trivet is also raised ideally, 4cm above the base, making it pretty useful.

To conclude, the Mealthy MultiPot is a very good electric pressure pot, designed to make everything easier for you in the kitchen. It is sturdy and good looking, it also provides great value with its extra accessories and functions. All of the buyers do recommend.

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4. Instant Pot Smart WiFi

As everything tends to become more automated and connected to our smart pocket companions, home appliance companies are looking for technologies and ways that will complete the smart home dream. Instant Pot Smart WiFi is connectable with your smartphone via the WiFi. However, it does not connect to any other smart device, nor does not have any voice assistant or voice controls.

While its main selling point is WiFi connectivity, the Instant Pot excels in cooking. It has 13 smart cooking programs and lots of preprogrammed recipes. It holds the pressure very well and heats quickly. It has a 6-quart stainless steel pot, unfortunately, it is not non-stick. Its been tested in various cooking scenarios and the results were amazing. The rice was fluffy and cooked to perfection with Instant Pot’s preset cooking modes. It is not just a pressure cooker it is also a slow cooker, porridge cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, searing pan, saute pan, steamer and has the ability to keep the food warm.

To activate the WiFi feature of the Instant Pot, you have to download the Instant Pot App in App Store or Google Play. If you prefer you can choose to control the Instant Pot without the WiFi connected App, with its physical buttons. But it is more convenient to use the app, there are over 750 recipes that are preprogrammed in the app. You can easily pick a recipe then check if you have the ingredients, and then just press the Utensils icon when you are ready to begin the cooking process. The instructions will be clear and readable you will have to follow those. When all is ready you just press the Cook Now button for your pot. The Delay Start option is also available. After starting the cooking the app will tell you how long it takes to finish cooking, how long will it keep the food warm, etc.

All this is important for somebody who likes to take full advantage of the tech, but it isn’t necessarily a very useful tool. It has no voice control or connectivity with other devices. However, it is a great pot if you like to multitask and a reliable one.

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5. Crock-Pot 6-Quart

We are going to start our best pressure cookers list with a great product from Crockpot. To keep up with other parts of your fast-paced life, you most definitely need fast-paced kitchen appliances. One of those appliances is a pressure cooker. Crock-Pot 6-Quart Multi-cooker offers to speed up cooking time, so you can spend more time with your loved ones and less time preparing the food in the kitchen.

The Crock-Pot 6-Quart has 8 pre-set pressurized cooking settings for different foods. You can choose to eat sooner, or if you have the time you can use the slow cook setting to eat a delicious hot meal. It also gives you the ability to make one pot meals easily, by allowing you to steam, brown or saute before programming the cooker.

It has a 6-quart stainless steel cooking pot which is pretty standard and enough for most families. Moreover, the cooking pot is non-stick. Although it is a big unit and will take up some space in your countertop. The cooker has 8 pre-set cooking modes for different meals, like meat/stew, beans/chili, rice/risotto, yogurt, poultry, dessert, soup and multigrain. Each of these modes has pre-set pressure levels, cooking times and temperatures.

Before pressure cooking, you must thoroughly clean the pot, which is effortlessly done, and you must secure that the pressure valve is closed so the pot can build pressure. After the cycle is finished you should wait ten minutes then just turn the pressure valve to open position with an oven mit, or the quick-release method which involves no waiting period, but must not be used with liquid foods.

The user manual provides a good amount of information about the machine functions describing everything from the temperature to the pressure settings, to the preset modes. A nice feature was that after the cycle is completed the cooker will automatically set the keep warm mode for up to 4 hours before auto-shutting down. Also, all the preset modes worked perfectly resulting in delicious food. In the user manual were listed a lot of recipes that you can use in this cooker.

To conclude, the Crock-Pot 6-Quart is a perfect addition to your kitchen, very good for people with dynamic lives that want everything to be time-efficient. And with the pre-set modes and intuitive controls, you will love this.

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