Let’s face it; vacuuming is not an easy task. We all hate it. Despite having to clean your house, you have to go further and clean pet hair, dust, and pollen trapped in all sorts of areas.

There is nothing pleasant about that, and that’s why robot vacuums are such a welcome innovation. With one of these, you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning your floors.

The robot vacuum will get the job done for you without moving a muscle.

Robot vacuums are increasing in popularity, and you would understand why since they make your life 100 times easier. However, the challenge comes in picking one.

These days there are too many models out there, and you have to be at the top of your game to select one that will meet your needs.

Keep in mind that if you have pets, their hair presents a significant challenge to these robotic vacuums. However, in as much as some models can’t cope with pet hair, there are those specifically designed for that task.

Why You Need the Best Robot Vacuums?

Cleaning the house is one of the most tedious and monotonous chores we have to wake up to every day. However, in the current world, smart electronics like robot vacuums are popping up to make our work easier.

So, are you tired of vacuuming every day? Well, robotic vacuums got you covered. The following are some of the reasons why you probably need one with a Hepa Filter right away;

Can be used to clean everywhere

Have you tried cleaning under the sofas and realized its quite hectic? Well, robot vacuums are designed with a short height, which makes it easy to fit under the bed, sofas, tables, and chairs, among others.

With one of these units, you are guaranteed cleaner areas under all your furniture where you wouldn’t reach.

Saves time

We live at a time when time is a scarce resource and everyone is concerned with how they spend their time. Most people spend their time building their careers, and daily cleaning tasks only get in the way.

A robot vacuum with HEPA filter spares you time to concentrate on what matters more.

Acts as an excellent smart home assistant

The best thing with a robot vacuum is you can control it with your smartphone using an app as long as you stay connected to your home Wi-Fi.

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5 Best Robot Vacuum Reviews and Buying Guide

So, what are some of the best robot vacuums with a HEPA filter? Take a look at some examples;

1. KOIOS I3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

KOIOS I3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning your house has never been more comfortable with this unit. It is easy to use thanks to a remote control that enables you to pick multiple cleaning modes.

The KOIOS I3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is also quite reliable, unlike most other models since it provides you with up to 120 minutes of 80% higher suction power.

With this robot vacuum cleaner, you are guaranteed your house will always be clean.

The following are some of its features?

  • Comes with a Remote Control, Rechargeable Battery, Hepa Filter and a 2.95inch Height
  • Has a 90min Run Time
  • Strong suction power
  • Provides multiple cleaning modes
  • Comes with a warranty


  • It is affordable
  • Has an impressive run time and does not need to be recharged often
  • It’s easy to use
  • Performs well on many surfaces


  • The remote exhausts the batteries quickly, so you need to keep on replacing them or using rechargeable
  • Does not get all the dirt along the walls and in the corners, although it does a decent job with the rest of the space.

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2. PUCRC25 Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

PUCRC25 Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Are you having trouble getting your home clean? This automatic robot vacuum cleaner got you covered. It cleans automatically saving you valuable time that you can use doing other chores.

Whether you want to clean the carpet or hardwood floor, then this is the solution you’ve been seeking.

Its features include;

  • Comes with a convenient dust collection bin that opens to enable quick disposal
  • Uses a built-in rechargeable battery
  • Makes use of Anti-Fall Stair Sensors
  • Designed with a one-button operation
  • Works on tile, hardwood, carpet floors and linoleum
  • Comes with a Dual Spinning Side Brush


  • Does an excellent job cleaning under the furniture even when you are not around
  • It’s easy to use
  • The vacuum comes with a rechargeable battery which makes it quite useful since after it runs out of charge, you
  • only have to plug it on a socket.
  • Contains powerful suction to capture the slightest debris on the floor and under the furniture that you didn’t know existed.


  • Occasionally gets stuck, so you need to take the necessary measures to have it running effectively
  • It’s hard to use the programming feature since it keeps on getting held by obstacles.

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3. Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum

Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum

If you own a pet, you must have realized they never stop shedding hair, and it can be very frustrating to clean. This robot vacuum ensures you don’t have to spend hours vacuuming the house.

It has a run-time of up to 90 minutes and suction pressure of 500 Pa. which is enough to get the job done. It’s also designed with a 2.9-inch height making it convenient to clean under most pieces of furniture.

Its an excellent unit with the following features;

  • It is self-programmed
  • Comes with automatic recharge dock
  • Allows a 90-minute runtime
  • Comes with dual rotating brushes
  • It can be used on linoleum, tile, carpet, hardwood, and stone
  • Provides a one-button operation


  • It’s not loud and noisy, and you may fail to notice if it’s getting the job done
  • It has programmable self-activation which makes cleaning quite easy and effective
  • Supports cleaning under various surfaces
  • It’s user-friendly


  • Comes with a small dust cup which needs to be emptied every time
  • It occasionally gets stuck.

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4. Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping the house clean is quite necessary, especially if you have pets. They’ll be leaving pet hair everywhere, and you need a vacuum cleaner to get rid of it.

The Pure Clean Robot Vacuum cleaner is designed to provide you with a 50- minute work time, which is adequate to get most of the cleaning done.

It also takes relatively short to charge. Three hours of charging time are enough.

Other features include;

  • Makes use of Anti-Fall Stair Sensors
  • Detects obstacle
  • Can be used to clean on several surfaces
  • Has a convenient dust collection bin
  • Makes use of an automatic bag-less design
  • It is designed with a one-button operation.


  • Has a pretty good battery life.
  • It’s not loud though it’s not that quiet either. It’s bearable.
  • Cleans the house even when there’s no one as long as there aren’t any obstructions.
  • Makes use of an anti-fall sensor, so you don’t need to worry about it falling down the staircase and getting damaged.


  • It takes longer to charge approximately 3 hours but only lasts an hour at best
  • It might get stuck from time to time.

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5. Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 360 2000Pa Vacuum Cleaner with Laser Navigation

Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 360 2000Pa Vacuum

The 360 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best there is in the market at the moment. It is designed to provide a more convenient and intelligent user experience to all users.

The unit makes use of a 2600mAh battery, 2000 Pa suction power, allows a working time of 120 minutes and has a 0.55L dust bin. Also, make sure it comes with one charging dock, a power adapter, a dusting brush, and an instruction guide.

Some of its primary features include;

  • Uses a Self-adjusting Main Brush
  • It’s designed with Automatic Recharge & Resume to task function
  • Has a washable HEPA filter
  • Makes use anti-collision and anti-drop sensors
  • Easy transition to carpet areas


  • Works on many floor types which makes it the perfect robotic vacuum cleaner
  • Comes with an automatic recharge feature, so you don’t have to worry about monitoring it to get the work done
  • The best thing with this unit is it can climb up to 0.7 inches making it ideal for cleaning carpets in the house


  • Not the best battery life there is
  • The app keeps on disconnecting between the robot cleaner and the phone
  • Does not provide powerful suction

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How to Choose the Best Robot Vacuum

If you are new to the robot vacuum world or have made some purchases that didn’t go as much as you had planned, then the following are some pointers to get you started.

Note there are several models out there today, and you have to pick the right. So, how do you choose the best robot vacuum with a HEPA filter? The following is what you should consider;

The charging and running time

You might not understand the significance of knowing these details. If for instance, you have a large floor, a unit that has a run time of one hour may not be the ideal solution.

It will need to get recharged, and if it isn’t programmed to recall where it had already cleaned, it will start all over again. Check the charging and running time so that you can get one that meets your needs.

Consider your floor type

Most importantly, don’t just buy any robot vacuum you come across in the market. Choose a model that is compatible with the nature of your floor, whether hardwood, tile, laminate, or vinyl.

Consider the price

This mainly depends on your budget. Robot vacuums have a wide price range, and you can get one from under $200 to above $900. Choose one that operates within your budget and meets your needs as well.

Buyer’s Guide

So you’ve finally decided it’s time you got your house cleaned up and get rid of pet hair along with other debris and don’t know where to start?

You probably have opted for a robot vacuum and no nothing about the available models. It’s worth noting that there is a cleaning unit for everyone and the following guide should help you get the perfect one;

What’s your budget?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is how much you are willing to spend. Robot vacuums come in many models, and with technology, there are relatively cheaper ones with the high performing ones costing over $500. Identify your budget and choose a unit that will serve you well.

Check out the battery life

Robot vacuum cleaners make use of a charging dock which they use whenever they are about to run out of charge. Usually, they are automated to return to charge up then continue with the task after they are fully charged.

However, if you want to clean for a longer time of a larger surface, you should consider a unit that lasts for more than 100 minutes.

If you are not concerned about the running time, then you don’t have to pay attention to battery life.

Consider the area you need to clean

Most robotic vacuum cleaners are designed to handle both carpets and hardwoods. However, you may want to clean a different surface so before buying ensure the unit is capable of working effectively on that type of floor.

Consider your room size

Don’t get fooled. Size matters! When buying your unit, you have to decide if you need it for a big or small space. If it’s a big home, then it’s run time should affect the decision you make significantly.

With larger homes, you will need a unit with mapping and smart navigation so that it never misses specific areas in the house.

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Top Features of the Best Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums are the latest trend in the cleaning sector. They have transformed how we get rid of things like pet hair, dust, and other small debris completely.

However, how exactly do you decide on the best models that will suit your needs? The following are some of the features you should look out for;

Obstacle avoidance

This is one of the most significant features of robotic vacuums. No one wants to empty their house so that the unit can get the work done. Therefore ensure your robot is capable of sensing stairs, edges, and furniture, among others.

Wi-Fi app control

Wi-Fi enabled robot vacuums are more convenient. You only have to install a particular app on a compatible device, and you can use it as a remote control to execute commands.

This feature also allows you to direct the robot to a particular area that you want to be cleaned.

An intelligent navigation algorithm

Robot vacuums these days make use of advanced navigation technology that enables them to navigate through the house, easily avoiding obstacles while knowing the exact cleaning zones.

Intelligent navigation algorithm increases efficiency to your cleanup routine.


Robot vacuums come with a self-recharge feature whereby they detect when their charge is almost used up and return to the charging dock.

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How to Use the Robot Vacuum with HEPA Filter

Robot vacuums are designed to make cleaning more comfortable and save us significant time. As such, you would expect they should be pretty easy to use.

Well, they are. However, the following are some of the basics of using a robot vacuum with HEPA filter;

Turn the unit on

If you are planning to use the best robot vacuum with hepa filter, then, first of all, you have to ensure its fully charged and turn the power on. From there, the rest is pretty straightforward.

Execute the clean command

Robot vacuums come in several models, and some can be synchronized with your Smartphone while others have a remote control.

Either way, to get the unit working, you have press the clean command. From there, everything else is pretty much automated.

The robot will clean all the areas you’ve directed it to while automatically adjusting between different floor types. It will also know when to avoid objects and stairs, among others. It does the job for you freeing up your schedule.

Empty the dust bin

The robot vacuum collects all sorts of dirt, so you have to know when to empty it for better performance. You can decide to empty its bin after ever cleanup.

Best Robot Vacuums With Hepa Filter: Everything You Need To Know

A robot vacuum cleaner is a model with a vacuum cleaning system and intelligent programming the operates on app and cleans the house automatically. Here is all that you need to know about best robot vacuums with a Hepa filter.

Our Recommendations For Best Robot Vacuums With Hepa Filter

There are a lot of manufacturers making robot vacuums, one better than the other. This may leave you confused about which one to buy and which one would be perfect for you. However, here are few of our recommendations for some of the best robot vacuums available in the market.

  1. Shark Ion R85

It has very strong control over both floor and carpet. The spinning wheel has a high suction power and collects dust and dirt very effectively. It also has smart sensor navigation. It senses the obstacles and objects and makes its way accordingly to avoid stuck situations.

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  1. ILife V3s

You can operate this one and choose any of the three cleaning modes or set it on auto clean. With a low-profile design, it covers every area from behind the doors and under the furniture. Its powerful suction passage leads to thorough cleaning of dust, dirt, cat hair and dog fur. Also, it allows you to set schedules, according to which, it will automatically start its work. Even the sensors are effective to detect stairs and other obstacles.

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  1. ILife V5s Pro

Though ILife V5s Pro works well with carpets, it is best with hard floors like marble, tile, wood and laminate. What brings this model among the best robot vacuums with hepa filter is its installed smart water tank. It pulls off dirt and damp mops the floor to keep it gleaming all day.

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Robot Vacuum WithHepa Filter – Pricing

As mentioned before, there is a wide variety of robot vacuum with hepa filter. And as obvious as it is, they all differ in price from one another. But what makes their price to differ? What are the features that make the prices of robot vacuums to fluctuate? On what factors, does the pricing depends? And what price is ideal for a robot vacuum?

People often compare the price of robot vacuums to that of the traditional vacuums. Please be informed that although you’re comfortable using a traditional vacuum cleaner, robotic ones are much more developed and well programmed. This ensures that their price will definitely be higher. Apart from this, the basic features that decide the price of the robot vacuum include its size or profile, HEPA filtration, battery and recharge time, suction passage, smart sensor navigation and advanced scheduling features.

You might note that these features are very common in modern robot vacuum cleaners but it is also true that these features combinely decide the price of the product.

Buying Guide Of Robot Vacuum With Hepa Filter: What to Consider And What Not

If you own pets:

True that most of the robot vacuums available in the market are suitable for cleaning up after dogs and cats. However, there are manufacturers who skip this feature. The ones we have mentioned above can pick up cat hair and dog fur with extreme ease.

Wi-Fi Connectivity:

Internet is now not only limited to connecting people, but it also connects people to appliances. The most important feature in a robot vacuum is companion app control. For the model that supports voice command, the task becomes much easier. Say “Start Cleaning” and watch your buddy do the magic.

Battery Life

Not all owners pay attention to this feature because even with normal battery life, a robot vacuum can easily clean a small to medium sized house. However, if you have a really big house, you need to rethink before you get yourself a cleaning partner. Get the cleaning done, charge the model and use it again the next day. The least you want to do is to charge the robot vacuum in the middle of a session.

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Carpets or Hardwood

Some vacuums are found to clean carpets better and some are good at cleaning hardwood. Now, which one to choose is completely your call as it depends on whether you have carpets or hardwood. Thankfully, there are models that work best in both situations. The only factor here is then the price of the vacuum. Even rugs are a factor in determining your decision.

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Can A Robot Vacuum Help With Allergies?

An allergy is when your body thinks to fight off something that is harmful for you and can make you sick. Now, people who are allergic to dust, find sweeping and cleaning a very tough task. They don’t want to harm their health while they also want their homes to be clean. In such a situation, one of the great recommendations is the use of robot vacuum. It is actually a great tool to keep you home dust-free, without making you sneeze every second.

If you’re wondering how’s that a great idea, here are the reasons:

  • You need not lift even a finger and operate the robot vacuum, once or twice a day. This will keep your house pollen-free, all day long.
  • You can simply schedule the run of the vacuum so that you don’t have to remind yourself of your responsibilities, every now and then. Also, you can start the machine from your phone, whenever you want. So, if you’re allergic to dust, just move out of your house, start it, let it finish the work and then welcome yourself to a dust-free place.
  • Your allergy doesn’t allow you to clean your home fully. You skip behind the doors and under the furniture. But a robot vacuum with a low-profile design cleans such places easily and give you a completely dust free and pollen-free house.

Now, no more sneezes and no compromises with cleanliness in your house. The cleaner the place you live in, the healthier life you live.

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Robot vacuums have changed the way we perceive cleaning in our homes. These little gadgets have made everything easier sparing us a lot of time which we can devote to more resourceful tasks.

Cleanups never felt easier. However, in as much as the robot vacuums are doing a remarkable job, it’s worth noting that there are a few that will cause more trouble.

You have to look out for the best models for you to get something that will serve you fabulously. The last thing you need is spending too much money on dysfunctional unit.

Take your time and decide what the best robot vacuum cleaner is, that meets your needs. Some of the examples mentioned before should be a good starting point.


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