Best Security Cameras in 2020


Having a peace of mind while you are at work, or partying outside with your friends is very important. That’s why, in this article we will recommend the 5 best security cameras for your home which can be used both indoors and outdoors. We listed them based on many different factors so we can make it easier for you. Let’s get started with the list.

1. Arlo Pro 2

The winner of our best security cameras list is the Arlo Pro 2. Arlo has done it again with its newest security camera surveillance system for the high-end market, the Pro 2. It ism ore of a refinement of its predecessor than a reinvention, but the Arlo Pro 2 improves on the already superb model with some fine details and modifications that make this the best security camera on the market. It has a premium price, but if you are serious about home security surveillance or for your business, the Arlo Pro 2 is a perfect choice.

The Arlo Pro 2 utilizes a base station to operate, which has some advantages, like the more efficient management of the wireless system with the cameras, as it connects via ethernet to your router directly and then transmitting its own distinct signal to the cameras, ensuring that your cameras get the bandwidth they need. On top of that, it also increases the battery life of your cameras, prolonging their battery life to six months. Furthermore, it includes a 120-decibel siren that acts as an alarm to deter burglars and countless other advantages.

Apart from the basic features like motion detection, sound detection, night vision and two-way audio, the Arlo Pro 2 has some unique and interesting features that set it apart from the competition. It provides geofencing as well as scheduling, so you can set it up however you want with absolute freedom, it may look like a simple thing, but both of the features work flawlessly in coordination with each other. It also has a brightness slider, that works very well to provide you the best image. These features make the Arlo Pro 2’s app a little complicated and it takes a learning curve to get its full advantage, but once you grasp its basics the rest will be easier to comprehend.

Its Full HD 1080p quality provides great footage, but mostly seems like overkill, on top of all this Arlo provides 7 days of free cloud storage, with the option to increase with a paid subscription.

To conclude, I would like to state that you definitely cannot find a better security camera system on the market, so if you are interested and can afford it, the Arlo Pro 2 will leave you pleased.

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2. Amazon Cloud Cam

Amazon Cloud Cam is the best camera that you can integrate into your smart home, it supports Alexa and even lets you unlock the door via its Amazon Key feature. It makes a great indoor security camera, and it instantly connects with other Amazon products, like the Fire TV, Eco Show, Fire tablet, and many more. Together with its two-way audio, great night vision, and clever motion detector it definitely aims for way higher.

In design, it looks similar to other smart security cams, with its cylindrical main body that is 2.4-inches in diameter and contains the lens. It is mainly white, except the front which is black with the Amazon logo resting on top of the lens, this black part is surrounded by a white band. Amazon has used a great design language in this product as it looks nice and approachable, the Cloud Cam comes packed with a 10-foot USB cable from which you can plug it into a power outlet.

In terms of video and audio quality, it is right there with the more high-end security cameras, supporting a resolution of 1080p with 30 frames per second, on top of that it has a field of view that is slightly narrower than its competition. When you look at the live feed footage and recorded footage you will notice that this everything is recognizable with sharp details, darker areas are clearer than the competition and it was very clean footage all around. The colors were a little dull looking, in the night mode, eight infrared LEDs provide amazing illumination and Cloud Cam performed pretty well. The sound was very well captured as well, with a clear distinction between speeches and noises, every word was comprehensible.

Via its smartphone app, you can change settings for its motion detection sensors and it will send you accurate notifications, also via its geofencing feature the camera will turn on automatically once your phone leaves the predetermined area of your home. Also, you can select specific zones in the camera’s field of view to ignore movement.

The Amazon Cloud Cam is the best indoor camera you can find on the market, with its smart features and smart home compatibility.

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3. Ring Spotlight Cam

Ring is a company most known for its pioneering the internet connected video doorbell that has rocketed its popularity in the industry and is a fan favorite. For a company that produces high tech doorbells, it is doing a great job of designing excellent security cameras, like the Ring Spotlight Cam. It does a lot of work to keep your property safe, besides recording and capturing footage and sending you notifications about suspicious activity, it also casts off the light to the subject if it senses a risk.

The camera is available in both black and white, it is very well built with a high-quality body and durable build, it also has IPX5 rating that means that it the rain and wind won’t bother it, making it an ideal choice for outdoors as well. It has an upright and rectangular shape, not like the traditional security cameras, but it works well with the overall design of the camera, providing it with a clean, compact and modern look.

The device comes together with 20-foot power cable, that you can plug into a standard power socket, an understandable product manual, an installation kit complete with mounting brackets, screwdriver, a drill head, screws anchors and cable clips, so you won’t have to worry about installation.

The camera works via its smartphone app like every smart home product, and it even supports Alexa, it is worth mentioning that Ring is also owned by Amazon so you don’t need to worry about quality. Configuration and install are pretty quick and smooth, in the smartphone app you will also be oriented on how to install and set up the device step-by-step.

In the app, you will also see a bunch of features such as the ability to view the live feed, the recorded clips, review motion alerts and you can even use the two-way microphone to communicate back and forth. The camera provides a 140-degree field of view and with high quality so faces and movements are all recognizable, as well as the voices and speeches from the microphone.

Overall, with its construction and base, it is the best wall-mounted security camera, together with its countless features and price.

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4. Zmodo Wireless Security Camera

People concerned with their security or just want to protect their property consider installing a home surveillance system. Thanks to its experience in the surveillance industry has created a package that will suit houses of different sizes, and it is even suited for outdoors, the all-in-one 4 channel package containing 4 versatile outdoor and indoor cameras, that pretty easy to install and setup, and will provide clear and high definition live feed with its 720p cameras.

The installation is pretty simple once you get to understand it so make sure to read the instruction manual carefully. The power cords were not as long, they are just 10 feet long so you may need some extender cords, that do not cost much and should be very easy to find. After you mount your cameras you just connect them to a power source or a PC, install the app and you are ready to go.

The Zmodo application was very intuitive and easy to use and provides amazing options and settings for the cameras so you can set them however you want. The application is compatible for PC as well but it needs to connect and set up with the mobile app first, you can monitor all your cameras at once with high quality, and you can even share the devices with your other family members, so they can also receive notifications from motion sensors and set options if there is the need.

It is worth mentioning that the Motion Detection system is very customizable to your needs, so you can see everything that happens around your house when you are not there and will alert you if it senses some movement, with complete video to back it up, of course, you can set it up to send you still pictures of the moving object like other cameras. You can also fine tune the settings even more so you can eliminate false alarms that can get bothering after a while.

Users have reported that these cameras are up to the task and have performed well, even after using them for a long time, it is definitely one of the best outdoor security camera systems.

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5. Arlo Q

We are going to start our best security cameras list with a camera by Arlo. Arlo Q is the latest iteration of the manufacturers webcam-based security camera, based on their former products we have come to expect that Arlo has done an excellent job with Q as well, and it doesn’t disappoint with its high resolution, and because it doesn’t run on batteries and does not need a base station. Also, you get the best software in the market for your security camera, the best sound and motion detection and the free cloud plan.

The Arlo Q does not have an intimidating design, it is very cute looking and mostly white with black appearing just on the lens, the camera itself is diamond-shaped and rotates smoothly on the ballhead that also connects it with the stand. The stand has a 3-inch-square base that is also magnetic so you can anchor it onto metal surfaces, on top of that there is also a metal bracket with four screws for mounting it onto the wall.

There is a translucent white band surrounding the lens with 10 infrared LED lights and the microphone below that and the status light that emits blue light when the camera is live. There is 10-foot power cable included in the package that connects the camera via a mini USB port, that can connect to either a PC or directly to a power outlet.

Installation is pretty quick and easy to understand, you just connect it to your PC and set up your account, connect to the home WiFi and you are ready to go, it works with smartphones as well, instead you just connect it to a power source and connect it with your phone with its QR code, very hassle-free setup and installation.

Arlo Q has a 1/3-inch, 4-megapixel sensor and lens that records video at 1080p, with rich colors and good contrast, in night mode too, it provided bright footage with great contrast. The audio quality was very clear and all the speeches were recognizable, this camera even features two-way audio, via your smartphone app you just press the Push-to-Talk icon to speak, similar to an intercom system.

To conclude, I would say that Arlo Q provides excellent value and countless features for an indoor camera.

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