Best Sleeping Trackers For Tracking Your Sleeping Quality


Having high-quality sleeping sessions is very important for our productivity and creativity. If you are having trouble while sleeping, or you just want to track your sleep we suggest you get a sleep tracker. We reviewed & tested the 5 best sleep trackers in the market for this year, and we included both under-the-mattress and watch sleep trackers so you can get whichever suits you the best. Let’s take a look at them.


The winner of our best sleep trackers list is without a doubt, the EMFIT QS. If you are serious about your health, fitness, and sleep, you have to invest in a quality sleep tracker that is perfect for athletes, the EMFIT QS. This device is a non-wearable one that delivers you perfect data about your sleep, complete with immense tracking metrics and analyzing the software that helps you improve your sleep. However, the main and the most unique feature of this device is its full night heart rate variability feature which will help you avoid overtraining, and many more impressive features.

It is important to note that the EMFIT QS is not a wearable device, meaning that you don’t have to put on a watch, ring, or chest strap for it to function properly, and in my honest opinion wearable sleep trackers are not a practical option. You just place its sensor under your mattress, it is also pretty sleep despite the part that you won’t see it when it is doing its work. It has a pretty long cord that takes WiFi radiation further from your bed.

It is also pretty easy to set up, you just need to place the sensor under the mattress, and connect the main unit to a power outlet, and then configure your settings via a computer or smartphone via WiFi.

The most impressive feature of this tracker is its Ballistocardiography technology which is one of the most sensitive sensors that captures precise data about your heart rate, respiratory rate, movements and so on. For the most accurate tracking, it is important to place the centre of the sensor under where your heart will rest normally. On top of all this, you do not need to activate and deactivate tracking, as it will do so automatically, and it is worth noting that it will consume just a small amount of electricity.

However, the EMFIT QS doesn’t have a companion app, and you check your data and stats, via the Emfit Portal website, that can be accessed from a web browser, from any computer or smartphone. If you are an athlete you can share your data instantly with your coaches and your teammates, so you can compare and collectively improve weak points.

If you want the best of the best, the EMFIT QS is your answer.

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2. Beautyrest Sleeptracker

Wearable sleep trackers are not for everybody because not all of us can sleep with a bulky device on our wrists at all times. If you fit into that category the Beautyrest Sleeptracker is your best bet. The biggest selling point of this sleep tracker is its ability to track the sleep of two people at once and its ultra-smart processor. One of the most impressive sleeping trackers on the market, it is extremely easy to use, and it functions automatically.

Another large selling point of the Beautyrest Sleeptracker is its non-wearable nature, meaning that you don’t have to wear anything for it to function. The manufacturer has marketed it as ‘Set it and Forget it’ device, as it is powered on at all times, and it will start automatically tracking your sleep when its senses inactivity, decreased heart rate and slower breathing patterns.

It utilizes artificial intelligence data to analyze your sleep throughout, while giving you suggestions as to how you can improve and what is wrong, resulting in better general health. One of the most convenient features of this tracker is its Amazon Alexa integration, it will fit right in your smart home system.

In the package of this device, you will find two padded sensors and the processor connected to them. The processor collects data from your sleep, analyses it and sends it to your phone so you can check the graphs and stats. The set up is very straightforward and easy to do so, all you have to do is place the aforementioned sensors under your mattress directly below your pillows, plug them into the processing unit and plug the unit into a power source. Then you have to download the Sleeptracker companion app to your phone and pair it with your tracker, and its all done in a matter of minutes.

The Beautyrest Sleeptracker tracks an immense amount of data for each person sleeping, and it will break the data in graphs to make it clear for your, it will track your sleep depth, heart rate, movement, wakefulness, respiration rate and many more.

If you can’t be bothered with wearable devices, you can’t go wrong with the Beautyrest Sleeptracker.

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3. Fitbit Versa

Sleep and fitness trackers come in various shapes, but if you want to wear your tracker on your wrist and looking acceptably good whatever the occasion, the Fitbit Versa comes with a perfect design. But it is not just a pretty face because the Fitbit Versa comes with great battery life, female health-tracking features, and immense data about your sleep. Let’s dive deeper into this product.

As a first impression the Fitbit Versa resembles closely to the Apple Watch and its minimalistic design, however, upon closer inspection you will see that it is a different device altogether, but has taken some hints from Apple. It is a bit wider than the Apple Watch, but it is pretty lightweight and thinner than it, and you will forget that you are wearing it. This is the best smartwatch for those with more of an understated and minimalist style, and it is perfect with every attire from sport to more professional business clothing. The wrist band is perfect and comfortable while providing a good fit, and you also get two wrist bands in different sizes.

It is also worth mentioning the Fitbit Versa’s display which is vibrant and colourful touchscreen panel, it can get pretty bright at about 1000 nits, meaning that you can comfortably read data even under extreme lights and underwater. The touchscreen is very responsive and there is almost no latency, everything was refined and ironed out compared to its predecessors.

This particular model has tons of workout types that do a perfect job of tracking your workouts accurately, and I was surprised mostly with the swim tracking, which worked perfectly underwater, complete with the heart rate monitoring. There are also a wide variety of modes you can choose from and your vitals will be tracked in each mode accurately.

The battery life of this device is perfect, as it will last you about four days with normal use. The sleep tracking feature is just amazing because it will activate itself when it senses inactivity and decreased heart rate, and it will deliver you insightful data about your total sleep, cycles such as REM, light and deep sleep.

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4. Polar M430

Most of the best sleep tracking sensors are inside of fitness trackers or smartwatches, and they deliver more value in my opinion because they deliver tons of other functions besides sleep tracking, such device is the Polar M430. This is essentially a fitness tracker that is dedicated for runners, but thanks to its wide range of sensors it can do so many things at once accurately and precisely. It is also extremely easy to use, has astounding battery life, and it is very light so you won’t feel its existence.

If you have followed Polar’s lineup you will notice that the M430 resembles the M400 that was released a while the device comes in 4 paint jobs, including Black, Blue, Orange and White, and it comes in two sizes, so you can get the best option according to your wrist. It has an understated retro design that looks appropriately good, however, if you want a smartwatch that you can wear with any attire this may not be the best option. It isn’t equipped with a colour touchscreen just a classic monochrome display that is extremely easy to read even under direct sunlight.

On the underside of the watch, you will spot the 6 LED optical heart rate sensor which is new and updated, but the manufacturer has managed to decrease the weight to about 51grams.

The whole pairing process is very straightforward and easy, you just have to download the Polar Flow app to your smartphone and pair it with the watch via Bluetooth, and it is all done, and while it is not necessary, I would suggest you set up your profile to ensure the best data tracking suited just for you. You will also receive notifications from your smartphone, but there is no option to respond to messages.

It is worth mentioning that the Polar M430 has the most accurate heart rate tracker on the market, however, the accuracy tends to drop while swimming. The GPS accuracy and connectivity is also one of the best, as it uses an Assisted GPS, resulting in a pretty accurate location tracking, along with pace, speed, distance, and altitude.

The Sleep Plus tracking feature keeps track of your sleep and delivers an immense amount of data to your phone about how you can improve your sleep.

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5. Withings Sleep

As more than 20 percent of adults in the USA suffer from sleep deficiency and more are at the brink of falling into the category, it has become very important to take steps to improve your sleep. Because there is nothing better than a good nights sleep. Sleep trackers are awesome devices that will help you get a night of better sleep, or at least tell you what you need to improve to do so.

The Withings Sleep is a great under-the-matress sleep tracker, that syncs up with your smartphone to deliver you insightful data about your sleep, and give you suggestions about what you should improve to get better sleep. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look.

The Withings Sleep has a pretty utilitarian design measuring 25×7.5-inches in total and looks pretty nice and is nice to touch with its luxury fabric finish. The braided power cord is also pretty good looking and is very durable, it is pretty surprising to see the company put out such a nice design for a product that you won’t see when it’s in use.

The installation process is very easy and straightforward, you just unroll the mat, connect it to a power source near your bed and put it under your mattress and you won’t even notice that it is there. After you go through that you have to install the Health Mate companion app, which will prompt you to create an account so it can collect data about your sleep, in just a few minutes the device will be ready to go.

The Withings Sleep will track a vast amount of data including your sleep duration complete with the time it takes you to fall asleep and wake up, sleep cycles, heart rate, snoring, sleep quality score, regularity, breathing disturbances, and with the new update it can help you detect if you suffer from sleep apnea.

In the app you will see a timeline combined with all the data about your last nights sleep, and if you sync it with the health app on your iOS device it will take them into consideration too and give you a cumulative sleep score, and a detailed chart about your sleep cycles, including light, deep and REM phases.

If you want a sleep tracker that you won’t feel at all, while still reaping all the benefits the Withings Sleep is the perfect option. Definitely one of the best sleep trackers in the market.

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