Best Small TVs in 2020


If you get bored often sitting in your office or your room, then getting a TV will make your time more interesting. Since you probably can’t fit a 85-inch TV into your office or small personal room, i recommend you get a smaller one because they are cheaper and fit into smaller offices. That’s why, i reviewed the 5 best small TVs that you can buy right now! Let’s take a look.

1. TCL 32S327

On top of our best small TVs list, we have another TCL TV and rightly so, as the TCL 32S327 delivers excellent performance, image, smart built-in Roku TV, 1080p resolution Full HD resolution, lots of connectivity ports, voice assistant compatibility, high refresh rates, gorgeous design, and the pros list just goes on. It is also one of the most affordable in this list and is the perfect small TV for your bedroom, game room, or kitchen.

This 3-series TV looks excellent, it resembles the look of the aforementioned 5-series TV from the company. Like its bigger sibling, it features glossy thin bezels and shiny plastic feet to keep the TV standing and stable at all times. But this time around the bezels are a little thicker measuring 0.55-inches and look slightly larger in comparison due to the smaller 32-inch screen.

On the back, it has the same metal panel but it is slightly thicker measuring 2.95-inches at its thickest point where it features its internal electrical components and ports, there you will also locate the 100×100 VESA mount holes if you choose to wall-mount the TV. The selection of ports is not the richest, however, it should get the job done, with three HDMI ports one with ARC support, a USB port, antenna port, headphone jack, composite port, and optical audio out port.

The TCL 32S327 sports a 32-inch LED screen with Full HD 1080p resolution, and amazing framerate of 120Hz, which makes it perfect for gaming and watching sports. The black levels are very deep and inky, and the colors were rich and popping around the screen, very decent and pleasant experience. Going hand to hand with the refresh rate is the 26ms input lag which is very healthy and fast.

If you are informed about smart TVs, you know that Roku TV is one of the most advanced platforms you can get, and the TCL 32S327 has it with its full capabilities. It supports all your streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Youtube, and so much more.

If you want to buy a small TV with smart capabilities, the TCL 32S327 delivers everything you may need and more.

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2. TCL 43S517

Next up I have another affordable TCL TV here coming right from the 5-series, however, this time around it is a little larger in comparison to the other 32-inch TVs, as this one boasts a 43-inch screen. From the TCL 43S517, we have expected tremendous value, and it has delivered big time, with premium features such as Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos sound, one of the best smart TV interfaces Roku TV and a beautiful design at a bargain price.

This TCL Roku TV compared to its direct competitors looks much better and more refined, largely due to the extremely thin 0.35-inch borders around the display, which give a pretty sharp experience. The TV as a whole is very thin as well, just 0.38 inches for the most part and just 2.9-inches at its thickest point, where it contains the internal components.

The feet of the device is made from plastic and have a glossy finish, look good and keep the TV stable at all times. I have to mention the build of the back panel of this TV which is made of metal instead of plastic like most manufacturers, which adds to the premium feel of this affordable TV.

The TV has 200×200 VESA mount holes if you choose to wall-mount it and houses a good selection of ports consisting of three HDMI ports one with ARC support, a USB port, a cable or antenna connector, a digital optical port, a 3.5mm audio jack, and an Ethernet port for better connectivity.

The TCL 43S517 is equipped with a 43-inch LED panel with 4K Ultra HD resolution, HDR support, and a 60Hz refresh rate. I watched several movies, some sports, and played some video games with the TV, and movies were pretty exceptional with rich colors and details, in addition to that the Dolby Vision HDR support took the viewing experience to another level.

While playing video games and watching sports, except the colors and the details, the frame rate made the image smoother and more pleasing to watch altogether.

One of the best Smart TVs in the market let alone its category.

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3. Samsung UN32M4500A

Samsung is the leading brand in the TV market for a long time now, mostly known for its excellent high-end TVs that are state of the art and very popular for people who enjoy sports, movies and watching TV in general.

However, it also has a very solid spot in the lower end of the price spectrum, the Samsung UN32M4500A is a great option if you are considering a smaller TV for your bedroom or kitchen but have a more relaxed budget, sitting right on the middle of the price range for smaller TVs, with excellent picture and great smart TV functionality with the new and improved interface, let’s take a deeper look at this solid TV.

The Samsung UN32M4500A features a very basic design with not a lot of frills, but looks good nonetheless, as most of the TVs in this list it doesn’t aim to stand out as it is mostly designed for smaller rooms.

The screen has some of the thickest borders you can spot on the latest TVs measuring 1.1-inches but they are made from plastic with a shiny finish on top which is not a fingerprint magnet. The back of the device is also made of plastic and features a simple design as well and has some fairly accessible connectivity ports and VESA 100×100 mount holes as well.

The TV is pretty thick when you look at it from the side, measuring 2.68-inches at its thickest point, and if you choose to wall-mount it will stick a little. The TV features a pair of plastic feet that act as the stand, and surprisingly they provided a good amount of support for the TV thanks to their width. Fortunately, despite being made entirely by plastic the Samsung UN32M4500A has a very sturdy build quality and will last you a long time.

This 32-inch LCD screen TV has 1080p Full HD resolution with accurate color and shadows thanks to Samsungs PurColor and Micro Dimming Pro features. In addition to that, it is very responsive with its amazing Motion Rate 60 and has a great backlight technology that gives it plenty of brightness.

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4. TCL 32D100

I’ve become one of the biggest fans of TCL in recent years due to them having produced TVs that offer tremendous value for their affordable asking prices. Here I have the TCL 32D100, which is essentially on the budget range of small TVs, however, its performance is exemplary offering excellent HD content, with a sharp image, good colors, a wide range of connectivity ports, decent smart TV features, and contemporary design.

Design-wise the TCL 32D100 is fairly simple but contemporary in my opinion, it doesn’t want to draw any attention and it doesn’t aim to be the centerpiece of any room. However, it complements nearly every single room design and it will fit right in. The front of the TV is made of plastic bezels that are very thin measuring about 0.67-inches in total and look gorgeous.

The rear of the TV has a metal construction and feels very solid compared to other budget TVs, but it is very thick measuring 2.87-inches at its thickest point and has VESA 100×100 wall mount holes if you wish to wall mount it. The stand of the TV is pretty wide and has a large footprint, compared to the 40-inch wideness of the TV it is 29.7-inches wide and 7.6-deep, but it provides plenty of stability for the TV. The overall build quality of this TV despite being in the budget range is very well.

The TCL 32D100 has rich options for connectivity and inputs, having three HDMI inputs one of them being ARC, one USB port, RF input, Composite and Component ports, Optical digital audio out port and a cable or antenna tuner port. Furthermore, I would like to say that all the ports are very accessible, especially the HDMI ports which are easy to connect even if you wall mount your TV.

The TCL 32D100 features a 32-inch LED panel which is high-definition with 720p quality, and it is pretty much a decent performer in every aspect. I was especially impressed with its contrast levels, that were amazing and displayed inky blacks, the brightness was pretty good too, and the colors were decent at best.

Overall the quality was rather sharp and the performance of the display was outstanding when you take into consideration its price.

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5. Samsung N5300

We are going to start our best small TVs list with a product from Samsung. Small TVs are generally excellent options for people with limited space or just a TV for your bedroom or kitchen. Samsung has a great lineup of TVs that are excellent for the purpose and their 32-inch N5300 does wonders despite its small size. It has a decent display with basic Full HD resolution, great viewing angles, solid picture uniformity, brightness and tons of features that are apparent in all Samsung TVs.

The design of the Samsung N5300 is pretty good in my opinion, adopting many styling choices that were apparent in its predecessor the M5300, but that is not a bad thing whatsoever.

On the front, you will notice the panel and its slim bezels made of plastic measuring just 0.67-inches on top and sides and a little bit thicker on the bottom, and the back of the device is built out of metal and looks dull and plain in my opinion. There you can locate, the electronics compartment and the VESA mount holes if you wish to wall mount this TV, and at its thickest point the TV is 3.15-inches, which is a little thick in today’s market of super-slim TVs.

The stand of the Samsung N5300 is made out of plastic and is pretty wide and has a large footprint, almost as wide as the TV itself measuring 26.8×6.4-inches in total but provide excellent stability to the device. Overall I have nothing to complain about the build quality and I think that this TV will endure the test of time.

Just like other high-end Samsung TVs, the N5300 has the same smart TV experience with its user-friendly interface and app store, and thanks to its quad-core processor you will enjoy the best web experience on a TV and access to your favourite streaming services.

The Samsung N5300 is equipped with a 32-inch IPS LED TV with 1080p resolution, delivering a great viewing experience. With its PurColour technology, the colours will be more natural and accurate to their source with plenty of detail and sharpness that cannot be found on this class and combined with the Micro Dimming Pro’s shadow detail, the experience will be enhanced tenfold.

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