The 10 Best Smartwatches For Kids in 2020


Looking forward to buying a smartwatch for kids? We’ve researched, reviewed and ranked the best models you shall consider. We’ve also mentioned the recommended age under each of them so you don’t end up buying the wrong one!

Do you want to be in touch with your child without buying them a smartphone? You must be looking for kids smartwatches that come with safety features such as GPS tracking and other kid-centric features such as Activity tracking, games, calling, texting, and educational apps.

There has been steep growth in the demand for kids smartwatches as parents look to get one for their little rays of sunshine. Watches are not for keeping up with the time alone like it used to be. They have transformed into an intelligent timepiece with a handful of utilities apart from keeping you on time for an important meeting.

Parents might have a second thought about buying their kids a smartphone for two-fold reasons. While a smartphone might threaten the privacy of their kids being exposed to the evils of the Internet and not being allowed in many schools; a smartwatch provides virtually all critical functions like calling, tracking, GPS tracking, educational apps, etc. without the need for a smartphone.

On top of the tracking, calling functionality, These little wrist-strapped devices provide a cognitive development and a learning curve for the children through interactive apps, games that can be played on the smartwatch itself.

Should You Buy a Smartwatch for your Kids?


  • 1. Tracking One of the most basic functionalities of smartwatches that nudge parents into buying one for their little one is the ability to know the whereabouts of the kids at all times. In this age of growing crime rates and cyberstalking, it has become increasingly important for parents to keep a tab on their kids.
  • 2. SOS feature No parent wants their child to be in any danger. However, in any there arises a situation when the kid needs to send a distress signal to their guardians/parents, smartwatches can do that without any hiccups.
  • 3. Calling Kids would not need to carry phones as the smartwatches have the functionality to call their contacts from anywhere with the tap of a button.
  • 4. Cognitive development and informational learning A wide variety of applications and games are available specially designed for the watches. They help kids in intuitively gaining knowledge without losing the attention of the children.


  • 1. Stalking through hack While the GPS trackers are supposed to provide parents with the location of their children, there have been instances of smartwatches getting hacked by unsolicited people for evil motives.
  • 2. Limited battery The display and other wireless connection feature drain the battery faster than one would anticipate. The best smartwatches in the market offer a backup of 4-7 days at most.
  • 3. Prone to theft Like any other gadget, it would be prone to theft by others if left unattended.
  • 4. Diminishing attention span Several pieces of research have proven the fact that blue-light emitting screens affect the attention span of the user. It can hurt children’s development of cognitive attention and other neurological areas if unsupervised.

Smartwatch For Kids – The Buyer’s Guide

There are certain things you should consider when buying a kids’ smartwatch. In this section of this post, We’ll be sharing with you a few things you should keep in mind. After the guide comes to an end, you’ll also find a FAQ section which includes answers to questions which are generally asked by parents!

1. Battery backup

It is one of the most critical factors a kid’s smartwatch. You don’t want their smartwatch’s battery to run out of juice in the middle of a day. Therefore it is recommended to purchase a smartwatch with a considerable longer battery backup. The watches are powered by a  380-440mAh battery which is replaceable in most of the observations.

2. OS and device compatibility

Smartwatches are supposed to serve as a companion to our smartphones. Parents would need a watch that can be synced and configured via their smartphone. While some watches only work with a particular operating system like Android or iOS. Industry leaders like Fitbit, Huawei work on both OS platforms.

3. Durability

Kids are not going to pay much heed to their parent’s instructions of being careful with the watches. The ability of the watch to withstand general wear and stand, the adorable sloppiness of the children with their things.

4. Collection of apps

The smartwatches come equipped with necessary out of the box applications providing generic functionality. Additional functionalities and features would need a plethora of apps.  A modern-day device is as good as the number of applications it can run. Pebble offers over 13,000 apps on its platform.

5. Display

The display should be bright, vivid, and intuitive for a kid to operate. Sizes of 1.5 inch to 1.78 inches are considered to be industry-standard right now. The screen should have a higher density of pixels per inch(PPI), which would make the text appear more transparent and more comfortable to read for kids. Some smartwatch manufacturers like LG and Samsung have started offering AMOLED display of 1.7 inches to 2 inches (240PPI)

6. Connectivities options

Bluetooth and WiFi(WLAN) are being provided by many manufacturers as a package, while the cheaper models only offer Bluetooth. The smartwatch on the expensive side even offers NFC with a one-touch function.

7. Weight

Kids are super active, flailing their arms and legs in the most random manner possible. A block of mass on their arms would be the last thing that they would want. A light-weighted smartwatch with a modest display would be the most optimal combination.

8. Waterproof/Water-resistant

Let us face it. Children are not going to think twice before trying to dig out the ball from the puddle or spill that orange juice onto themselves. Water-resistant watches are durable and have a longer life span which would otherwise short-circuit from the first contact with anything liquid.

9. Strap material

The durable and breathable strap will stay on a kid’s arm for the longest time. Uncomfortable straps often force kids to leave their watches at places that are difficult to remember. Ultimately observations get lost, stolen if not tracked on time.

10. After-sale service

Smartwatches for kids are an investment that their parents expect to provide for an extended period. In case of an unfortunate situation, if you need to submit it for an RMA, the after-sales service should be convenient, hassle-free and swift.

Smartwatch For Children: The FAQs

As a parent, we know that you want the best for your little one. You surely are going to have a lot of doubts about a product which will be around your kid 24×7. That’s the reason why we have answered a few doubts and questions that you might come across while buying a smartwatch for your little one.Is it recommended to keep the GPS on all the time?

The battery backup is significantly less with the GPS on. The normal backup-time is around 4-7 days on average for a typical smartwatch. Keeping it ON can reduce the backup time to 13-15 hours, which should be enough for a day. Recharging is recommended before the battery runs out of power.

If you are looking for a longer backup time, then we would recommend purchasing fitness trackers (with GPS) which does not require recharging for up-to one year. A lot of them also provide essential functions like a one-way call, pedometer, etc. However, if the primary purpose of you buying a smartwatch for your child is tracking him down, then we recommend you to keep it on.What about the idea display size for a Kids smartwatch?

The size and a pixel density of the screen matters a lot. However, it also contributes to the weight of the watch, which would be a deciding factor when selecting the ideal smartwatch for your kid. An optimal screen to pixel density(PPI) ratio would help in providing clarity and longer on-screen time of the display without compromising on either of the fronts.

The thumb-rule for choosing the right screen is to go for higher resolution (along the lines of 220×148 or above) with a pixel density of 180 or more. Expensive variants of smartwatches offer a better, brighter display like AMOLEDLED, etc. On the other hand, IPS display is relatively common in the budget, cheaper models. You kids would not be able to tell them apart to be honest.Pedometer, Heart-monitor. How accurate are they?

While many manufacturers claim to provide up to 90% accuracy in tracking heart-beats, steps, it is somewhere around 85-87%, as per some independent experiments by some of the leading gadget reviewers.

The industry leaders like Fitbit, Apple, and Samsung offer up to 99% accuracy when coupled with triangular-GPS tracking and official app support. The general way to test the accuracy of pedometer and heart-monitor is to mechanically measure them by yourselves and compare it with the watch’s recorded statistics for 1 minute.4. Waterproof or Water-Resistant – Which would be better?

There are only a handful of waterproof smartwatches, let alone for kids. It is a rather niche segment which is still in its nascent stage. On the other hand, water-resistant smartwatches are something that has become an industry standard for the watches of this segment.

Manufacturers have started offering IP67-68 rating with a water-level of 50 meters. In simpler words, it means that you can submerge watch 50-meter deep into the water for 30 minutes. However, it is not recommended officially to intentionally put your watch into the water for a more extended period. You shall consider getting the Best swim watches if your child spends a huge time near the pool and wants to improve his swimming!How much storage do the Kids Smartwatches generally offer? Can we add SD-card to it?

The internal storage offered by various manufacturers ranges from 64 MB to 256 MB, which is enough for all the operations other than capturing a large number of videos, photos. Generally, almost all the manufacturers offer the ability to extend storage space with an SD-card, ranging from 16 GB to 128 GB. The SD-card that is usually compatible with watches is class-4. Several watches offer a single-slot with hot-swapping between a memory card and a cellular sim.

Best Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker for Kids in 2020 (Ranked & Reviewed)

Now that you’ve read the pros and cons, you now know if buying a smartwatch is helpful to your kid or not. If you feel that it does more harm than good then we suggest you to avoid buying one. However, if you think buying it can actually be helpful, then continue reading this post. We’ve added reviews of the 10 models which we mentioned in the above table!

1. Best For Older Kids (Teenagers): TicWatch E

Recommended age: 12-17 years (Adults can use them too)

TicWatch E
TicWatch E

Android Wear 2.0 (now Wear OS) is loaded on this smartwatch for the older kids. Android wear is an Android-based operating system developed by Google for watches and other wearables. It provides a vast ecosystem with a plethora of different apps to load on the smartwatch.

All fitness apps that are available for Wear OS will work on Ticwatch E. You can load apps like Fitbit, Strava, Google Fit, etc. with ease.

Google Assistant is available as a virtual assistant. You can use it to call handsfree, book a cab, set reminders, ask for directions to a particular place, or reply to a friend without touching your smartwatch. All you need to say is “Ok Google” or tap the power button, and the Google Assistant will get active. Note – Phone calls are currently available for Android devices only.

An OLED display with a screen resolution of 400×400 with 281dpi provides one of the sharpest displays of this segment. It multi-touch with the option to switch between different modes of touch.

GPS(with AGPS)+GLONASS+Beidou based GPS tracking. The trio of US, Russia, and China’s global positioning systems based on radio-satellite telecommunication provides the most accurate monitoring possible for a publicly available navigation system.

This watch-OS powered smartwatch, which is created by a team led by an ex-Googler, has ticked all the right boxes for the right reasons. The adaption to Wear-OS certainly helped TicWatch stand apart from the crowd with the compatibility of thousands of applications from different developers. The concept behind this watch is to be a smartwatch without the need for a smartphone, unlike other smartwatches, which require a smartphone for configuration and management.


  • Android watch OS (Wear OS)
  • Compatible with thousands of apps
  • State of the art GPS tracking with the trio of GPS technology
  • Play music directly from the watch on your earphones
  • Variety of watch faces to choose from Google play store


  • Less battery backup
  • Below par customer support

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2. Best Child-Friendly Features: TickTalk 3

Recommended age: 4-10 years

TickTalk 3
TickTalk 3
  • Screen size – 1.49 inches, multi-touch
  • Battery Backup – 12-18 hours
  • Strap Band material – Nylon
  • Internal storage – 128 MB(no extension)
  • GPS Tracking – Yes

Top of the segment display resolution of 800×480 dpi offers the most detail and clarity oriented display. Kids can read the text without the need to squint their eyes. The background wallpaper of the display can be changed to any picture of the kid’s choice.

full-fledged dialing pad for the kids to dial any number they like apart from the saved contacts. Parents can enable or disable this feature from the smartphone app.

SOS emergency signal can be sent with a quick tap on the power button. Pushing the button dials three numbers from the predetermined emergency contact list. The three numbers on the emergency list need to configure through the smartphone app

Do-not-disturb mode is present on the which is similar to the school mode we mentioned earlier. The only difference is that the DND mode can be controlled from the kid’s smartwatch as well.

Things-to-do reminder on this watch is intuitive and difficult to overlook. Reminders have a different icon/thumbnail, which will help in jogging the memory for a particular task that is pending.

After the success of two of its predecessors, TickTalk 3 has hit the market with augmentation in design and the addition of new features. The 4G laden smartwatch with two-way calling does seem to find their way with the kids. The predetermined messages like “I’m in school, call you later,” “I’m busy with homework,” etc. helps kids make better use of their time when they are busy while also trying to stay in touch with their parents.


  • High-resolution display
  • Water and dustproof (IP67 certified)
  • Group chats in smartwatch messenger
  • Nylon wristband
  • Dial pad for calling unsaved numbers


  • Low battery backup
  • Inaccurate pedometer without the firmware update

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3. Best for Kids Between 4-7 Years: LeapFrog Leapband Activity tracker

Recommended age: 4-7 years

LeapFrog Leapband Activity tracker
LeapFrog Leapband Activity tracker
  • Screen size – 1.2 inches, non-touch
  • Battery Backup – 18-24 hours
  • Strap Band material – Silicone-rubber mix
  • Internal storage – 64 MB(no extension)
  • GPS Tracking – No

LeapFrog offers over 8 Customizable digital pets to play with on the watch. Pick 1 of the 8 virtual pets, give the name and color. The pets stay healthy and happy as long as the kids are active and complete goals set up by the parents. This provides kids a fun reason to stay active and exercise.

Furthermore, parents can set-up up to 50 challenges for their kids to complete.  Each challenge is 15-20 seconds of duration. Successful completion of the challenges will move the kids closer to rewards like games, new pets, interactive challenges, and more.

If the kids get bored with the in-built games on the smartwatch, then they can turn up to LeapFrog app. Kids with the permission to use their parent’s smartphone can download Pethalon Game app and play more rewarding games apart from the ones on the watch.

Gamma rays protector on the backside of the display. It helps reduce the effect of the harmful radiation present in the environment. The protector is enabled by default with no option to turn it off.

The start button which verbally interactively announces the time when pressed. For instance, when it is pressed, it goes like “It is 9:25 PM…(yawns) must be sleepy”. Kids often keep on pressing the button to hear different voices.

LeapFrog’s Leapband is one of the many kid’s toys and product offered by the manufacturer LeapFrog. The challenges and virtual pets make it worthwhile for the children to be glued to their watches instead of watching TV or playing on a phone, which can be harmful to a child. Additional kids content can be accessed on their official internet channel called the LeapTV and Leapthon App.


  • Personalized virtual pet for the kids
  • Feature-rich smartphone app for managing the smartwatches
  • Accelerometer for challenges and games
  • Analog and digital clock display separately on the screen
  • Customizable strap band


  • No calling facility
  • No GPS tracker

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4. Best in Features: Prograce Kids Smartwatch

Recommended age: 4-12 years

Prograce Kids Smartwatch
  • Screen size – 1.54 inches, IPS touchscreen
  • Battery Backup – 2 days
  • Strap Band material – Magnetic metal/Silicone
  • Internal storage – 32 MB(extendable up to 32 GB)
  • GPS Tracking – No

Prograce smartwatch has an in-built FM radio player which can tune into a wide range of FM radio stations in your city/state. Listening to what is topping the charts in your city’s FM radio station has never been this easy before. All you need to do is plug your earphones into the watch and kids can listen to their favorite songs, jingles from the local radio station which is broadcasting a kid’s program.

Kids might want to listen to their favorite songs, jingles, or poems as they like. The audio music player of the watch can do that without any problem. Insert a  memory card with the required audio files, and you are good to go. The maximum size of the micro-SD card supported is 32 GB

The flashlight of this smartwatch provides an aid to navigation when its getting darker and the kids are turning back home from their daily playtime at the neighborhood park.

A rotatable camera which can be used to get better angles while shooting photos or videos. Let the shutterbug in your kids explore different avenues of creativity. The camera is 0.3 Megapixel in resolution.

Four in-built games are pre-installed into the watch for kids to enjoy and act as a fun pastime.

Smartwatch by Prograce has upped the ante in providing multimedia features in their smartwatches. The inclusion of an FM radio player and a standalone music player has undoubtedly helped them stand apart from their competitors. The lack of water resistance would undoubtedly hurt them in the segment where water-resistance and durability are the two crucial selling points.


  • Expandable memory up to 32 GB
  • Multimedia options like FM radio and audio music player
  • A large 1.54 inches IPS touchscreen
  • Breathable design for kids
  • Bright flashlight for darker environments


  • No calling feature
  • Sensitive display, prone to accidental breakage

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5. SmartWatch Fitness tracker by Zuoli

Recommended age: 11-16 years

SmartWatch Fitness tracker by Zuoli
SmartWatch Fitness tracker by Zuoli
  • Screen size – 1.3 inches, single touch
  • Battery Backup – 2 days
  • Strap Band material – Magnetic metal/Silicone
  • Internal storage – 32 MB(no extension)
  • GPS Tracking – No

Zuoli’s smartwatch has this unique feature of controlling the phone’s camera from the watch itself. Pairing smartphone with this watch via the official WearHealth app can provide remote access to your smartphone’s camera.

One of the best features offered on this smartwatch is the dynamic heart-rate monitor. Heart-rate can be monitored dynamically in different situations and recorded under different categories all by itself. For instance, the heart-rate during running will be higher and more intense as compared to cycling. Therefore, the smartwatch will identify the activities by itself and record accordingly in the respective category.

They are taking out the phone now and then for checking notifications while on the go can become hectic. You can use the calling, and messaging function is present with an ability to view 3 recent messages on the screen. SMS/Facebook/Twitter/Skype notification alerts are displayed on the screen so that you can stay connected on the go.

Teens who are active in sports, athletic activities would love this feature. Several exercise modes are offered for accurate tracking of the calories burned, footsteps walked and keeping a daily record of time spent on different exercises. It can help teens stay fit and active to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

The smartwatch is IP68 certified water and dust resistant, fit for every weather. Manufacturers don’t recommend using the watch in extremely cold or hot water.

Zuoli’s smartwatch is a unisex watch that is designed for teens and adults alike. It exudes a certain sense of maturity in design with magnetic metal and silicone straps,  The big round 1.3 inches display with a clean on-screen dial does give the orthodox, classical charm to the watch. Features like find my phone are pretty useful for teenagers who frequently leave their phones behind. The watch can be charged with any USB cable and adapter.


  • Clean user-interface with custom clock theme options
  • Availability of two straps – Magnetic and silicone
  • Classic watch look with a big round display
  • Compatible with all Android and Apple phones
  • Priced on the affordable side


  • No GPS tracker
  • Slow WiFI connectivity due to lower bands

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6. Best Value for Money: LTAIN Kids Smartwatch

Recommended age: 6-12 years

LTAIN Kids Smartwatch
LTAIN Kids Smartwatch
  • Screen size: 1.44 inches, HD display
  • Battery Backup: Upto 30 days
  • Strap Band material: Plastic(ABS/PC)
  • Internal storage – 32 MB(expandable up to 32 GB)
  • GPS Tracking – GPS + GLONASS

Several distortion and obstruction factors often mar accurate tracking of the location. LTAIN kids smartwatch watch comes equipped with AGPS(Augment GPS), an improved version of the GPS which facilitates better real-time movement tracking of kids by their parents.

A must-have feature which-comes equipped on this watch is the dedicated SOS emergency call button. Your kids can use it during trouble or danger to call you or trusted contacts. You can teach him/her to use it, they just have to press it for 3 seconds, and it will call the 3 numbers that are saved on the smartwatch. It will keep on ringing in alternate rounds until the call gets picked up. This feature comes handy in a distressing situation where the child needs to contact his/her parents immediately.

Often, a child may mix in with the wrong group or might be getting bullied outside his/her house. Children might keep mum on the matter out of fear. The Remote voice monitor can help solve that problem. It quietly calls the parents, and they can hear everything happening around their kids without being physically present alongside their children.

The screen is 1.44 inches, with a rich 210dpi. It provides a crystal bright clarity display with vivid colors. The manufacturer also claims that this intelligent wristwatch is waterproof.

Last but not least, the recharge source is USB-cable that can be attached to a USB-port of a PC, laptop, or general-purpose power adapter of a smartphone. It takes roughly 2 hours to charge the lithium-ion 12 7A battery fully.

LTians kids smartwatch is a competition killer. It is packed with all the features that a mid-upper range smartwatch offers without making a hole in your pocket. The silicone-plastic meshed material strap provides a tensile strength along with its dust preventive properties that a standard silicone strap is prone to. With the tri-technology of WiFI (optional), GPS and LBS combined for higher accuracy in real-time monitoring of the child.


  • Storage can be expanded with a micro MMC(class 4)
  • Budget-friendly with all the features
  • Water and dustproof
  • One-touch dedicated SOS emergency button
  • Multiple modes of two-way communication


  • No 3G connectivity
  • Slower UI at times due to overheating

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7. Best Battery Life and Tracking: VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

Recommended age: 4-12 years

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2
VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2
  • Screen size – 1.4 inches, color touchscreen
  • Battery Backup – Upto 2 weeks
  • Strap Band material – Children-safe silicone
  • Internal storage – 256 MB(no extension)
  • GPS Tracking – GPS + GLONASS

Kidizoom DX 12 smartwatch comes with 2 cameras. One on the side and the other on the front. They can be used for taking selfies, photos, and recording videos. The watch offers ample space to store photos and videos shot by the smartwatch’s camera.

The watch comes equipped with an in-built motion sensor which helps in playing games with augmented reality experience like finding the monster by walking around. VTech offers a handful of games to keep kids hooked to the watch. It not only helps keep the kids entertained but also exercise through various interactive games. The pedometer, coupled with optical motion sensor provides a fun playing experience of the games.

The manufacturer also offers a wide range of customizable clock backgrounds, which can be set up using the photos clicked by the smartwatch’s camera, giving it a slightly funky look from which the kids would never be bored. Pre-programmed 55 analog, digital clock faces to aide a kid in learning to tell the time in no time.

One feature that is not available with any of their competitors is that it provides extra downloadable content free of charge on the VTech learning lodge. It includes games, seasonal clock faces that can be downloaded from anywhere and installed into the watch directly or using a USB-cable.

The timepiece is splash and sweatproof. Kids get sweaty from running and playing around. However, it won’t get damaged because of the splash and sweat proofing.

VTech’s Kidizoom DX 2 is one of its kind smartwatches with dual-cameras is popular amongst the kids who like clicking selfies and shooting videos as they please. It helps nurture the inner shutterbug in them, which can turn into a passion later on. Adorable photos clicked from the camera can be edited using photos effects, stamps, frames and filters. They can be used as clock faces on the smartwatch, which means the kids will never run out of clock faces to use on their watches.

An extensive collection of interactive games on the watch keeps the kids hooked while parents can control their watch playtime with parental controls with playtime restriction modes. After playtime is over, the games cannot be played until parents allow them again.


  • Augmented reality games for kid’s cognitive and physical development
  • Affordable for budget customers
  • Motion sensor based games that keep the kids hooked to exercises
  • Free downloadable content from VTech learning lounge
  • Highly customizable clock’s user interface.


  • No calling feature
  • Lack of wireless connectivity options

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8. Best Kids Smartwatch with SIM card support: Ojoy A1 Kids smartwatch

Recommended age: 5-10 years

Ojoy A1 Kids smartwatch
Ojoy A1 Kids smartwatch
  • Screen size – 1.4 inches, retina display
  • Battery Backup – 2 days
  • Strap Band material – Hybrid quartz silicone
  • Internal storage – 4GB (1.2 GB usable)
  • GPS Tracking – GPS + GLONASS

The Ojoy A1 comes with a 2 Megapixel VGA camera without flash. Calling, shooting photos and videos on the tap of a button on the screen. Kids can always click pictures, selfies, and share with their parents via the share button. The memory of the watch is limited and store a limited amount of photos, videos.

It comes with a 4G LTE, 3G SIM support with backward compatibility and supports WiFI for secure connectivity with the public or home WiFI network. Cellular sims can be used to make calls as well as use mobile data to stay connected with their parents at all times. Mobile internet is expensive in many parts of the world, especially in the US, UK, and Australia. Therefore, your kids can use public WiFI networks to save unnecessary data costs.

Accurate tracking has been made possible with the help of WiFI, GPS and 4G triangulation to estimate a precise location of the child at all times, which will provide parents with a sigh of relief from worrying about their children’s whereabouts.

This watch has a two-way voice calling feature which allows kids to call their parents whenever they feel like. It supports video calling as well, all thanks to the 2MP camera that comes with it. Parents can know the whereabouts of their children at all times through video calling as well.

The smartwatch can send messages, emojis, and voice messages using the Ojoy app. It must be noted that it cannot send SMS due to spam filter configuration. The administrator of the Ojoy app must add contacts like family members, friends to allow messaging service between the child and the permissible contacts. It can be done by adding a contact in the address book of the Ojoy app.

Ojoy A1 Kids is one of the most-loved kids’ smartwatches both by parents and their children. It is relatively easy to use, offers messaging function, and has a plethora of utility apps like calendar, organizer, etc. School mode provides a distraction avoidance environment mode. It allows parents to restrict watch functions during school hours so that the child is not distracted in class.


  • Built-in video camera for video calling.
  • Two- way calling support through a 4G LTE, 3G SIM card.
  • WiFI support for using the Internet without the need for a SIM card.
  • IP68 certification offering water and dust resistance.
  • Compatible with all phones with Android 5.0 or higher and iOS 8.0 or higher.


  • Limited storage with no option for SD card.
  • Average custom-support

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9. Best For Tweens and Teens: Amazfit Bip

Recommended age: 12+ years

Amazfit Bip
Amazfit Bip
  • Screen size: 1.28 inches, transflective
  • Battery Backup: Upto 30 days
  • Strap Band material: Children-safe rubber
  • Internal storage: 64 MB(no extension)
  • GPS Tracking: GPS + GLONASS

The Amazfit Bip offers GPS+GLONASS tracking in their smartwatch. You can track your loved ones with higher accuracy without worrying about their whereabouts. For those of you who do not know, GLONASS the Russian version of GPS, which is designed and owned by the USA.

This smartwatch isn’t dedicated to small kids, it is generally a fitness tracker which can be used by adults. However, if your kid is above 12 and wants a watch which can be connected to a smartphone or wants a simple looking watch which has features such as Heart rate tracking, step counter, different watch faces, etc. then this could be a good one to go for!

The tracking offered by a total of 48 satellites (24 GPS + 24 GLONASScombined is unparalleled and amongst the most accurate form of tracking that is available publicly. The display is non-reflective on the watch, which can be worn all day long shaft of sunlight by the user. The screens on other smartwatches are difficult to read in sunlight conditions as for most of the phones.

When it’s connected to the smartphone (via Bluetooth) you can receive one-way notifications for emails, SMS, incoming calls and alerts from Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. This

Battery-backup offered on this watch is impressive, which provides a stress-free usage for a longer period. Parents do not have to worry about losing track of their kids as the battery never runs out of juice. The average backup offered by the smartwatches is around 4-7 days, which further drops down to 13-16 hours with the GPS tracker enabled.

Amazfit is an IP68 certified water-resistant and dust-resistant. In a period where smartwatch manufacturers are striving for including IP67 water-resistance certification, Huami has decided to stay one step ahead of the curve and go ahead with IP68 certification, meaning your kids can submerge the timepiece in the water of 1.5 meters deep for more than 30 minutes.

This highly-rated smartwatch comes in-4 colors, which is suitable for all age groups that cannot be ignored as a viable option for kids. Customers have found it to be a suitable watch for their kids with the correct size of the strap. It comes equipped with four sports modes, optical heart-rate monitoring, and the feature of tracking the activities automatically. The watch is also compatible with Mi-Fit app, amongst others.


  • Extremely accurate tracking with the combination of GPS+GLONASS that never ghost you tracking needs
  • Light-weight, weighing only 1.1oz(32g) does not hinder free hand movement.
  • Latest state of the art water and dust resistance certification of IP68, protecting the watch from water splash and accident drops into the water.
  • Fairly accurate pedometer and heart-rate monitor with optical tracking
  • Display quality is top-notch


  • No additional 3rd party apps. Only Amazfit apps work on the watch
  • Integration with Google Fit and Mi-Fit app only

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10. Best Fitness Tracker for Kids: Garmin Vivofit Jr.

Recommended age: 4-9 years

Garmin Vivofit Jr.
Garmin Vivofit Jr.
  • Screen size: 1.1 inches, monochromatic(grey color)
  • Battery Backup: 1 year (User-replaceable)
  • Strap Band material: Silicone
  • Internal storage: 64 MB (no-extension)
  • GPS Tracking: No

It is a fitness-tracker cum watch which does not require daily recharging. The battery lasts up to one year without the need to charge it. Your kid can wear all the time without the need to recharge it unlike the smartwatches out there that offer only 7-21 days of backup-time.

The Vivofit offers a Parent Personal Assistant, which means that the parents can remotely manage the Garmin Vivofitwatch. It is relatively easy to set-up and can be used with either Android or Apple iPhone.

The timepiece is 5ATM water-resistant standard thereby making the watch water-resistant up to 50 meters of water depth for a period of 10 minutes. Your child can use it while swimming or splashing that puddle of water on the street without damaging the smart band.

The silicone strap of 145mm offers the agility, waterproofing, and durability to the watch. The benefit of using it is that it is tensile, durable, and can withstand higher temperature, unaffected by the temperature while wearing it outside in the scorching heat or chilling cold.

With backward OS compatibility of Android 4.4 KitKat and iOS 9, it can run on virtually all devices that are active today. Parents with smartphones running older versions of the mobiles OS would not need to worry about upgrading their phones for their kids’ smartwatch. The good thing about the parental app is that you can add multiple kid watches. So if you have more than a single child, then this is going to really be helpful.

Garmin Vivofit jr. has grown exponentially in terms of popularity over the past two years. It offers a parental app for parent’s phones, a fun-activity tracker to keep kids active and rewards.  Sleep, steps, and 60-minutes of daily recommended activity can be tracked via the smartphone app.

The things that are most liked by the kids the chores tracker, timer, stopwatch, and reward collector. The Reward collector is very popular amongst the kids in the US. It allows kids to earn daily coins for completing tasks and in-exchange get extra screen-time or ask for a treat from their parents


  • A long-lasting battery that works for one year without the need for charging
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters for 10 minutes
  • Easy  to parental set-up application
  • Sturdy and funky look liked by the kids
  • Daily chores, rewards for keeping kids engaged


  • It does not have a GPS
  • Expensive considering a lack of app support

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Choosing the best smartwatch for your child is a hectic task. The market is filled with companies offering identical products at every price point; therefore, it has become increasingly difficult and confusing to zero in a particular smartwatch. However, with this guide, we’ve done half of the work of choosing the best-rated models, now you just have to choose one from the 10.

Finding the balance of must-need child-friendly features and the budget while keeping in mind the reliability, durability is not a walk in the park. As a buyer, you must establish a budget, the utility of the product, durability, brand preference, battery backup, and the required features, among other things.

Once the above parameters have been clearly defined and understood, the buyer should move forward to try the products in an offline store before making an informed decision. Asking friends, family, and colleagues for a reasonable opinion on the products do not hurt either.

After you have shortlisted the best smartphone watches that fit your needs, it is time to scout for the best discounts offered by offline as well as online sellers. Some online retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble provide an option to try out the products from their offline store before ordering online. Upcoming national holidays or festivals is the most optimal time to expect discounts on the smartwatch your wish you purchase.


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