The 11 Best Smartwatches For Women in 2020


The Tech women crew from Topratedhere has reviewed the 11 best smartwatches for women. To help other women such as mothers, working women, college girls find the best model for their needs. Because, why should men have all the fun?

From monitoring your menstrual cycle to keeping track of your heart rate and automatically calling an emergency in case of a fall, smartwatches for women have come a long way. These devices are also variable enough to transition easily from a day to night look.

Whether you are a woman who wants a smartwatch for the gym or a device that will work with your office outfits – there is something in the market that will meet your needs. Unlike men’s watches which come in a pretty definite style, the smartwatches for women have a host of different designs and stylessizes and finishes, and even the choice to change the straps to whatever color you want.

The Best Women Smartwatch Brands in the US

1. Samsung

If you are a fan of everything Android, the best brand you can opt for is Samsung. Not only are the products smooth and snappy, but they are also sophisticated and smart-looking. From fitness features like activity tracking and heart rate monitoring to rotating bezels and AMOLED screens, Samsung devices come as good as it is possible with the current technology.

We highly recommend opting for either of the 3 Samsung devices mentioned in this list. Whether it is the classic Gear S2, the beautiful Galaxy Watch, or the variable and customizable Galaxy Active – every watch meets our quality standard.

2. Fossil

Fossil has come a long way since making traditional watches. The company has now ventured into making smartwatches for men and women. Fossil Women Gen 3 and 4, both the devices are excellently crafted. From customizable designs to lightweight build, Fossil watches are all-rounders.

Both the devices are available in 42 mm round face and a fixed bezel. They can also be charged wirelessly with the help of a magnetic disk which helps in securing them to the charging dock. With 512 MB RAM and Snapdragon 2100 processor, everything worked smoothly and flawlessly with Fossil.

3. Apple

Like smartphones and laptops, Apple has remained at the top of brand choices in terms of smartwatches too. Apple Watch 4 was awarded the Wearable of the Year and is perhaps the best choice for women who own an iPhone.

It is slightly bigger than its predecessors at 40 and 44 mm. It also comes with WatchOS 5 features. The device works perfectly as a fitness tracker because it is equipped with quite a lot of features that help in workouts, like waterproofing, GPS, LTE facilities, etc.

One of the best-selling features of this device is the built-in ECG. It can also detect if you fall down and make an emergency SOS call for you. Although the device looks nothing like a typical wristwatch, when you are paying for Apple, you don’t want it to look traditional.

4. Kate Spade

Kate Spade has launched two smartwatches and we love them both. The scalloped bezel that looks like a petalled flower arrangement certainly makes it stand out of the crowd, and the subdued looks make it a cult favorite.

Kate Spade smartwatches are geared more towards style and look instead of the health tracking features. That does not mean that the devices do not come with any features, they are, in fact, equipped with a heart rate sensor, built-in GPS, and water resistance for swimming – but the fact of the matter is that they are more aimed towards women who desire the watch for its looks.

5. Michael Kors

The Sofie smartwatch by Michael Kors is indeed revolutionary and glamorous at the same time. It is meant for all those occasions when you want to dress up for a party and want something glitzy that will go with your amped up outfit.

The slim bezel is paired with a 41mm case and the watch comes in a variety of colors to choose from. It looks pretty good on the wrist, and it is comfortable. However, we don’t recommend it to gym-going women to workout with this device. It’s just too pretty.

The watch also comes with waterproofing, a heart rate monitor and NFC for Google Pay, in case you were wondering about its functionality. This smartwatch, therefore, is indeed an allrounder.

6. Fossil

  • Fossil Women Gen 4
  • Fossil Women Gen 3

The Best Smartwatches for Women in 2020

Until only a few years ago, the smartwatch market was saturated with devices obviously geared towards men. In the name of selling these products to women, the companies made them in rose gold and pink colors and that was that.

But this is no longer the case. Brands are actively working towards developing the products for women, keeping in mind their needs and their demands. As a result, there are plenty of devices available now which come equipped with features designed especially for the ladies.

Because there are so many choices now, it can be difficult to find that one perfect fit for you. That is why we have compiled this list of the top-rated smartwatches for women. Read on to find details on their most noticeable features, our reviews, their pros and cons, and where you can buy them.

1. Best Classy Women Smartwatch: Fossil Venture Gen 3

Fossil Women Gen 3
Fossil Women Gen 3
  • Dial Size: 42mm; Band size: 18mm
  • Strap material: Metal and Leather
  • Health Features: Activity tracking – built-in fitness tracker, watch tracks your steps, distance, calories burned
  • Utility Features: music, notifications, calendar, custom goal & alarm settings, customizable watch faces & watch bands, music controls & micro apps
  • Wireless Connectivity Features: Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Software and Hardware: Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 Processor, Powered with Wear OS by Google, compatible with Android OS 4.4+ (excluding Go edition) and iOS 9.3+ smartphones
  • Battery: Estimated 24 hours battery usage

Fossil has been active in making watches for decades but it’s been only a couple of years that they are active in the smart-watches universe. With this new device, FOSSIL has released one of the best-looking smartwatches for women in the market.

Q has an estimated 24 hours battery backup. It comes with a magnetic wireless charger which takes 3 hours to charge it completely. The battery is not very great as it can reduce to 17 hours under heavy usage. Software updates should be able to improve such issues.

Select the watch face to match your style from your favorite Instagram and Snapchat photos. The watch is designed with fashion first approach as expected by an established giant in the watchmaking industry. The Fossil Q has a vibrant screen capable of delivering fully detailed and colorful images at half brightness.

This watch is equipped with all the features you expect from a smartwatch. You can control your music, notifications, calendar alerts. One feature which is really exciting is when traveling in different time zones, the watch automatically updates itself to the local date and time.

The watch tracks your steps, distance, calories burned. It does not have a proper GPS and a heart-rate monitor, so you can’t expect to get a truly accurate reading. But it does the job for you.

You can get the best out of FOSSIL Q with an Android device using all its features. However, iOS users will have limited functionality as you cannot reply to texts and notifications via the smartwatch. This is because Apple limits third party access to their apps.

Overall FOSSIL Q Gen 3 is a versatile device, it offers great value for money. This is not a high-tech gadget if that’s what you are looking for. As far as fashionable smartwatches for women go, this is one of the very best for women. It does the job it is required to do and in some style.

Gen 3 is available in 5 variations – all of them based around silver and rose gold which women love. The watch also comes with supercool interchangeable straps so you can choose your own style.Pros

  • A great value for money
  • A fashionable and stylish look


  • Average battery performance
  • Compatibility issues with iOS devices

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2. Best Battery Life: Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2
Samsung Gear S2
  • Dial Size:  42mm Circular touch-screen with rotating bezel navigation
  • Strap material: Stainless steel
  • Health Features: Built-in fitness tracking. S Health app which can track dietary concerns such as intake of calories, water, caffeine
  • Utility Features: important notifications, texts, and updates at a glance
  • Wireless Connectivity Features: WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth: Bluetooth v4.1, Wireless charging dock included
  • Software and Hardware: OS Tizen based wearable platform, Dual-core 1GHz Exynos 3250 processor, Compatible with most Android Devices
  • Battery: wireless charging dock included
  • Water Resistance: IP68 rated which means it can handle dust and your swimming sessions

The Samsung Gear S2 is desirable, stylish and a compatible device for your smartphone. It’s the everyday partner you need. The watch has a rotating bezel which is almost invisible. You’ll be paying a lot of money for a similar feature in Rolex or Tag. The size sits perfectly at 42 mm and doesn’t feel too big on a women’s wrist. The watch just weighs 47g and is comfortable to wear.

This device can take abuse too. It is IP68 rated which means it can handle dust and your swimming sessions. The case is made of stainless steel and looks expensive. This combination of stainless steel is paired with a leather strap which makes the device feel premium.

The Galaxy Gear S2 has an excellent battery life but it highly depends on the user. We ended our day with 25% of the battery still remaining in multiple tests. On light use, you can use the watch for up to two days.

The Gear S2 is compatible with most of the Android and iOS devices. You’ll never run out of storage with 4GB of internal space on the watch. The 1.0GHz processor is super responsive as well. No more cable issues as the watch come with a wireless charging dock, simply place it on the dock to power it up. The watch will stick to the magnetic charger and won’t fall off accidentally.

The Gear S2 runs on TizenOS. It does not have Google apps or Apple store apps, but it has some unique features of its own. The S Health app from Samsung helps you keep track of your dietary concerns such as intake of calories, water, caffeine, etc. You can take your Gear S2 anywhere you want, to the gym or work. It’ll never let you lose sight of your fitness goals.

A number of watch screen faces come preloaded on the device; however, you can customize them to personalize the watch. The screen is super bright so you will not have any trouble viewing it under direct sunlight or from different angles. Samsung Gear S2 is well made and is durable. It has a lot to offer for everyone. This ladies smartwatch is available in 7 different colors.Pros

  • The aesthetic design which feels premium
  • The screen is a joy to look at
  • The rotating bezel is awesome


  • There are minor connectivity issues
  • Tizen has limited apps

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3. Best Value for Money: Kate Spade 1

Kate Spade
Kate Spade
  • Dial Size: 42 mm; Dial Thickness: 9 mm,
  • Strap material: Vachetta Leather
  • Health Features: activity tracking, sleep tracking
  • Utility Features: respond to text and emails, send smart replies to incoming calls & access to Google Assistant voice commands, check the weather, set different time zones, make lists and reminders
  • Wireless Connectivity Features: Bluetooth(R) 4.1 Low Energy and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Software and Hardware: Powered with Wear OS by Google. Compatible with Android OS 4.4+ (excluding Go) and iOS 9.3+
  • Battery: Estimated 24 hours battery usage
  • Water Resistance: IP67 Water Resistance

Smartwatches for women have always come in a hybrid design, and a full touch-screen watch for women was introduced for the first time by Kate Spade. This Kate Spade smartwatch boasts pf wearability paired with excellent design. It is comfortable, it is stylish, and it is worth every penny you will spend on it.

The design of this device is quite a clean cut. It has a 42mm stainless steel case which looks absolutely stunning to the observer. Besides silver and rose gold colors, it is also available in 3 other colors. You can also swap out the strap for the one you like.

The display of the watch comes with a full touchscreen. It runs Google’s Wear OS operating system and it is quite easy to look through the apps and work with the software. The watch embodies the true spirit of femininity in terms of aesthetics, functions, as well as versatility.

The watch strap of this device is comfortable and durable as it is made of Vachetta leather. There is some color transfer when worn with light-colored clothes, so be wary of that.

On the side of the watch, there is a button which opens the app installed on the device. You can also hold it down to launch Google Assistant and give voice commands to your smart device. Since the watch packs 4GB internal storage and is integrated with Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, it is quite breezy to use it.

Performance is definitely lag-free, but the display of this watch is a beauty too. With the 390×390 screen resolution on a 1.19-inch AMOLED display, the device feels large, bright and the colors are clear and sharp.

If you are planning on using your smartwatch with your Android smartphone, we cannot recommend this model enough. You will feel a seamless connection between the two devices. Simply swipe down on the watch to access notifications, and type your replies easily. You can also quick responses if you are in a hurry.Pros

  • Stunning design
  • Straps can be changed
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Display is large
  • The watch is strong and sturdy


  • Does not function well with iOS
  • Battery life is very poor
  • No NFC or GPS

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4. Best Women Smartwatch with Steel Strap: Michael Kors Runway

Michael Kors
Michael Kors Runway
  • Dial Size: 42mm; Case Thickness: 11mm
  • Strap material: Metal and Silicone
  • Health Features: Heart Rate Tracking, Untethered GPS activity tracking
  • Utility Features: View notifications from any App or messaging system, ignore/accept calls, get the weather, create lists and reminders and control your music
  • Wireless Connectivity Features: NFC payments methods, Bluetooth(R) 4.1 Low Energy and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. supported features
  • Software and Hardware: Powered with Wear OS by Google, Compatible with Android OS 4.4+ (excluding Go) and iOS 9.3+
  • Battery: up to 24 hours
  • Water Resistance: Water resistant to 30m (100ft)

Sofie is a brand-new smartwatch launched by Michael Kors specifically for women. With Sofie, the brand has not deviated from its roots. The watch is covered in shiny gemstones all over. Combine this with the metallic frame, and it looks super glitzy.

There are some special straps as well which have gemstones on them. However, if you are into something simple, the device does come with leather and stainless-steel straps. No matter which way you cut it, this is one good looking smartwatch.

With this device, you can give instructions via Google Assistant. It comes loaded with all your Google apps so you can easily sync it to your mobile phone.

Sofie comes equipped with a GPS tracker and a heart rate monitor. It can keep track of your workouts accurately. However, stats from this device are not on the same level of accuracy as from Apple or Samsung, but it still does the job for you. The watch is water-resistant up to 30m, so you can jump in the pool with it without any worries.

The small 1.19-inch display makes it hard to read notifications. You may have to squint your eyes at times to get what is written, however, it must be pointed out that the lettering is crisp. It becomes easy to read the notifications if you leave the brightness at 100%, but that will impact your battery life. Viewing angle is not a problem as it has high clarity even under direct sunlight.

Sofie has a standard 24 hours of battery life. It comes with a wireless charger which connects magnetically. Battery life is good and we did not find any issues whatsoever.

It is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. iPhone users will get notification alerts on their smartwatch but won’t be able to interact with them. You can change your dials and even personalize them with your favorite moments. Set different faces for different times of day via the MK app. Adjust the watch according to your environment.

Sofie is available in both bracelet and sport silicone styles. It is meant for women who are into casual fitness, not hardcore athletes. It is available in 8 colors and you have a number of strap options to choose from.Pros

  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Feels premium on your hand
  • Smooth design and good battery life


  • The watch is quite expensive
  • Limited functionalities for iPhones users

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5. Best Women Smartwatch under $200: Samsung Galaxy Active

Samsung Galaxy Active
Samsung Galaxy Active
  • Dial Size: 42 mm and 46 mm
  • Strap material: Plastic, interchangeable
  • Health Features: Automatically detects up to six exercises while tracking up to 39 more, monitors stress and sleep
  • Utility Features: Calls, Texts, Smartphone notifications
  • Wireless Connectivity Features: Samsung Pay NFC compatibility, Bluetooth connectivity
  • Software and Hardware: Compatible with Android and iOS, 4 GB of RAM, Tizen OS
  • Battery: 270 mAh
  • Water Resistance: Built to military standards, water, and dust resistant up to 165 feet

As the screen of mobile phones gets bigger, it becomes increasingly convenient to look at your wrist and know who’s calling, texting. The 42mm Galaxy Watch model comes in black and rose gold. While the 46 mm model is available with a silver case and a black bezel, most women would find the 42 mm size a perfect fit for them.

The display is large enough for you to read information from apps. This AMOLED screen is bright enough for you to read even in the sun. The watch is both dust and water-resistant. With an IP68 rating, you can go for a swim up to 165 feet without worrying about your watch.

Galaxy watch has 4 GB of Storage with 768MB of RAM which makes is superfast. It has Tizen operating system which has more than 70,000 apps, however, there are no apps from Google or Facebook. It is no deal-breaker as we do have our phones for all social networking.

Samsung has introduced exercise tracking for up to six workouts including running and exercise. After enabling the GPS, the watch will record your route and speed which are very accurate. It’s the best smartwatch for the ladies who are fitness freaks as it helps them to monitor your heartbeat and calories during the workout.

The 42mm model has 270mAh battery which can last for up to 3 days. Samsung claims to include LTE in later versions. Constant use of the GPS and heart rate does drain the battery a little faster. It is not recommended to use them all the time. The watch looks like a really cool table clock when you place it on its wireless charging dock.

The watch comes loaded with exclusive features like tracking your sleep schedule. You will not feel the extra weight on your wrist while sleeping. The Samsung Health app gives you a detailed review of your sleep. Stats are simple and displayed on the front screen.

The Galaxy Watch is one of the best women smartwatches available in its price range. It’s 200$ cheaper than Apple’s watch series. It’s a great fitness companion. It is available in 4 colors.Pros

  • Long-lasting battery life
  • The watch is beautifully designed
  • Wireless power-sharing with Galaxy S10 is an excellent feature


  • Software is a mixed bag
  • There are a few issues with heart rate
  • Samsung Pay won’t work in the US if you buy the International version of this watch

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6. Best Minimal Design Women Smartwatch: Withings Steel HR

Withings Steel HR
Withings Steel HR
  • Dial Size: 36 mm and 40 mm
  • Strap material: Leather
  • Health Features: Continuous heart rate and in-depth reporting, automatically tracks walk, run, swim, and 30+ activities, Beyond Sleep Tracking: Sleep Score: based on duration, depth, regularity & interruptions
  • Utility Features: Call, text, event and app notifications along with Alexa and Nokia Health support
  • Wireless Connectivity Features: Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Battery: Up to 25 days battery life on one charge, plus 20 more days on power reserve mode
  • Water Resistance: Water-resistant up to 50 meters, automatic swim recognition

Bought in 2016 by Nokia, and then again by its founder, Withings Steel HR smartwatch was the first product to be launched by the company after its multiple rebranding. It is quite similar to other fitness watches and trackers in the market, and it is quite impressive that the company has managed to produce such a great product despite its ups and downs.

The slim and light design of the Withings smartwatch is the first thing that anyone notices about it. It is a hybrid watch – meaning you get the benefits of a traditional as well as a smartwatch with this device. The band is perforated to allow the skin underneath to breathe and prevent the accumulation of sweat.

The 40mm case feels sturdy and strong, and there is a black bezel outside which adds an extra layer of sophistication. There is nothing gaudy or blingy about this device. There is a small display inside the dial where all the stats are displayed.

The watch comes equipped with fitness features that are staples for any device in this category. Heart rate, step count, calories burned, miles traveled – these are all stats you can glance easily. Having said that, there is nothing extra that makes this device stand out in the market.

The watch was comfortable to wear during the day, and even when I was working out, it did not get in the way. For the ladies that prefer something understated yet stylish – Withings is the way to go. You’ll find that this compact device attracts looks even when you have completely forgotten that you are wearing it.

It also works quite seamlessly with Android smartphones. The notifications pass by quickly, so you can only get a cursory glance, but it’s easy to operate and you can decide whether you want to handle the task right away, or dismiss it.

Sleep tracking is also integrated with the watch, and the stats are quite accurate. There is an alarm system which will wake you up with vibrations. However, if you are a heavy sleeper like me, that may not be enough for you.

One of our favorite features of this minimalistic device is the Timeline element, which essentially breaks down all your stats according to the day. It helps you keep an eye on your progress, and find out what areas you should work on harder. The heart rate appears every hour an hour.

The device is compatible with Android as well as iOS smartphones. It also lasts 25 days from a single charge, which is a massive improvement from other devices in this category. You can recharge it in just two hours with the charger that comes in the box. It is available in 5 colors.Pros

  • Sophisticated and clean design
  • Battery life is excellent
  • Hybrid Watch
  • GPS is accurate


  • Notifications are easy to read
  • Fitness features are limited

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7. Best Samsung Women Smartwatch: Samsung Galaxy Rose Gold

Samsung Galaxy Rose Gold
Samsung Galaxy Rose Gold
  • Dial Size: 42mm and 46 mm, 1.2 Inch AMOLED 360x 360 display
  • Strap material: plastic, can be changed
  • Health Features: Built-in health tracking, sleep cycle tracking, reminders to keep moving, calorie tracking, guided meditation and breathing exercises for stress management
  • Utility Features: Music play time up to 9 Hours, make and take calls with an integrated speaker and voice mic, respond to texts, and access scores, headlines, and playlists
  • Wireless Connectivity Features: Bluetooth, LTE/4G
  • Software and Hardware: Pairs with both Android and iOS smartphones, 1.15 GHz Dual-Core processor, 0.75GB RAM 4GB internal storage
  • Battery: Battery Size is 270mAh, Wireless charging Dock
  • Water Resistance: up to 50 meters

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is the newest addition to smartwatches by Samsung, and the company has completely redesigned the watch in order to appeal to a newer user base, especially women.

The most noticeable thing about this beautiful device is the design. Compared to the previous Samsung Gear watches, this one is crafted with elegance and sophistication in mind. It looks very much like a regular watch, and that is why most ladies who prefer a clean-cut look will prefer this device over others.

It comes in two sizes, and the smaller one – with 42 mm diameter – should fit perfectly the wrist of any woman. The watch is available in Bluetooth as well as LTE/4G variants. However, the latter obviously cost more than the former.

One of our favorite features of the watch is that its functioning is more refined. The design is aesthetically pleasing, sure, but there is also a rotating bezel which lets you circle through the menu options without your fingers covering up the screen. I have this issue with most smartwatches that come with a touchscreen, and it was refreshing to not have to struggle with the problem while using this device.

The watch is also much cheaper than the Gear devices. What’s more, the brand has advertised this device as being tougher than Gear watches. Not only is it protected by Gorilla Glass DX+, but is also resistant to dust and water up to 50 meters. There is an Eject Water feature which forces out any liquid that may accidentally enter the device.

The watch supports Tizen operating system, just like all other Samsung smartwatches. It is fast, reliable and responds to every command instantly. It probably helps that the device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset.

The Galaxy Watch can automatically recognize up to 6 different types of exercises. When the GPS and wireless network is connected, it can also record your route and steps. The heart records are accurate too, but sometimes the watched failed to show them on the screen.

Due to software incompatibility, you may not be able to use Google Apps, but Under Armour has made several fitness apps that work seamlessly with Tizen. The watch comes in 3 colors.Pros

  • Excellent battery life
  • Smooth software
  • The Rotating bezel is awesome
  • Stunning display


  • Not as pretty looking
  • Bixby often gets launched automatically
  • Charging takes a lot of time
  • Feels dated
  • No WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger

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8. Best Women Fitness Tracker: Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa
Fitbit Versa
  • Dial Size: comes in small and large sizes, dimensions are 1.98 x 3.98 x 9 inches
  • Strap material: Plastic, although straps can be changed. You can even choose a gold or silver metal strap
  • Health Features: Track all-day activity, 24/7 heart rate, & sleep stages, 15 plus exercise modes like Run or Swim
  • Utility Features: Call, text, calendar, and smartphone app notifications, play music, store music
  • Wireless Connectivity Features: Bluetooth
  • Battery: 4 plus day battery life
  • Water Resistance: up to 50 meters

FITBIT Versa comes with a square LCD display held together by an aluminum frame. The silicone band is comfortable to wear and can handle sweat. The watch keeps the style intact while making no compromise on the comfort factor. It is something which will replace both your wristwatch and your fitness tracker.

Apart from all the basic fitness-related parameters such as step count, calories burnt, sleep cycle, Versa comes equipped with something different. Features like guided breathing help you to tackle your stress, there is a widget which prompts you to take a walk and look at the weather outside. The smartwatch helps you relax, so you can take a break from the world around you.

On a single charge on this device, one can squeeze up to four days of use without compromising on workouts. With such great battery life, you can easily track your sleep schedule without the fear of the battery running out. However, the charger is a bit bulky and it takes full two hours to charge the watch from 0 to 100 percent.

Versa is just like Apple Series 4 in the sense that it comes with an Altimeter for measuring elevation. Basically, it lets you know how many floors you have climbed.

Versa is the lightest among its competitors. At just 38g, it’s lighter than Apple’s Series 4 Watch. Fitbit OS is very simple, it uses distinctive colors to guide you through the watch. Fitbit also allows the user to install third-party applications. This gives you tons of customization options.

The device comes with 2.5 GB of internal storage. You can manually store up to 300 songs in your watch and listen to it via Bluetooth. The smartwatch is also compatible with major music players such as iTunes, although not Spotify.

The biggest issue with this watch is the absence of built-in GPS. You have to keep your mobile phone around you to accurately track your route. This is a deal-breaker for most people, as the whole point of a smartwatch is to aid you in your workout routine.

Versa is compatible with Android, iPhone and Windows devices. Fitness users will find that Fitbit Versa is a better option over any other smartwatch. It is available in 9 colors and you choose from a variety of strap styles.Pros

  • The Excellent battery life of 4 days
  • The watch is extremely light and comfortable
  • FITBIT OS is easy to use


  • No built-in GPS
  • Tracking is fairly average
  • There is no voice assistant

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9. Best Swimproof Smartwatch for Women: Fossil Venture Gen 4 (40mm)

Fossil Women Gen 4
Fossil Women Gen 4
  • Dial size: 40mm touchscreen
  • Strap Material: Metal and silicone
  • Health Features: Heart Rate & Activity Tracking using Google Fit; Built-in GPS for distance tracking; Swim proof design
  • Utility Features: Receive notifications, customize your dial, app alerts, manage your calendar, control your music, download third-party apps
  • Wireless connectivity features: Google Play
  • Software and Hardware: Powered with Wear OS by Google work with iPhone and Android Phones
  • Battery: 24-hour battery life, magnetic USB rapid charger included

Unlike Apple and Samsung, Fossil has been a traditional watches brand and therefore, it has a more in-depth knowledge of the market. Perhaps this is why the brand has managed to sustain in the same market as the bigwigs and introduced products that are selling like hotcakes.

Fossil Q Venture HR is a premium looking device with a smooth finish, stainless steel case, and beautiful silicone straps. Whether you are a working female, or just want to use the watch in the gym – it is a beautiful device that will go with almost every outfit.

On the right side of the watch, there are three buttons. You can use program them according to your convenience, and also use them to navigate through the menu.

The design of the watch is quite simple and elegant, if you prefer elegance, then you will count that as a plus. But there are many options you can choose from, so it’s entirely up to you. The display is 1.19 inches and comes with AMOLED technology, so you can read notification even in the sun.

Since it runs off Google’s WearOS, the experience of using the watch is quite smooth and flawless. Even if you add tons of apps, the watch runs without any lag, owing to its powerful Snapdragon chipset and 4GB storage.

The watch comes integrated with Google Fit, so you can use to calculate steps, distance, and calories burned as well. It also calculates Heart Point and mentions Move Minutes to motivate you to keep working out. You can easily monitor your progress on the Google Fit app on your smartphone.

Besides this, the smartwatch comes equipped with several other features that will make your life easier. Whether it is getting your notifications on the watch itself, making calls or getting weather forecasts – the watch does make your life a lot easier. You can also set up alarms and make getting up on time an easier process.

The health features are probably the biggest selling point of this device. Not only is it equipped with a heart rate sensor that keeps track of your cardio sessions, but the watch also comes with its own GPS, so that you don’t have to carry your smartphone with you in case you want to track activities like running and cycling.

The battery lasts for 24 hours only, so you do have to charge the watch overnight without fail. Frankly, we were disappointed with the battery life, especially considering that there are other brands offering bigger battery backup at cheaper prices.

The watch also showed some problems when it was paired with iOS. Some of the features were lagging and glitchy, and others completely stopped working. It was difficult to read notifications from an iPhone, even when it was connected to the phone. We highly recommend Android users to use the device, but it may not be a good fit for Apple customers.

The watch is available in 12 colors but the strap style remains more or less the same in all of them. However, you can choose from different strap styles as they are interchangeable. Leather straps and steel mesh bracelets are sold separately.Pros

  • Stylish and clean looks
  • Interchangeable straps
  • Accurate heart rate sensor
  • Automatic activity detection


  • Incompatible with iOS
  • Poor battery life

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10. Best Whimsical Women Smartwatch: Kate Spade 2

Kate Spade 2
Kate Spade 2
  • Dial Size: 42mm
  • Strap Material: Leather and stainless steel
  • Health Features: Heart Rate Tracking, Untethered GPS activity tracking
  • Utility Features: notifications, calls, weather reports, create lists and reminders
  • Wireless connectivity features: Google Pay and other NFC payments methods
  • Software and Hardware: Powered with Wear OS by Google, Compatible with Android OS 4.4+ (excluding Go) and iOS 9.3+
  • Battery: 24-hour battery life, magnetic USB rapid charger included
  • Water resistance: up to 30m

The top-end smartwatch has been specially designed for women, but can be used by anyone. The Kate Spade 2 was launched this year targeting the female user base, and just like its predecessor, it has succeeded in attracting them.

The design of this device is very similar to the original. It has a 42mm stainless steel case with a petal effect bezel. The watch comes in silver and rose gold colors, and it is quite heavy compared to other smartwatches. You can also swap out the strap for the one you like.

The display of the watch is big enough to navigate between apps easily. It is integrated with the latest version of WearOS, so it is quite easy to look through the apps and work with the software. Since it can perform contactless payments via NFC, this watch is also compatible with Google Pay.

When it comes to fitness features, it has a swim-proof design as well as full GPS support. Water resistance up to 3-atmosphere pressure is guaranteed, and there is a heart rate tracker within the device. It is quite easy to use the watch for monitoring your workouts, but we leave it up to you to decide whether it is comfortable enough to wear during exercising.

The watch also comes with a unique app, called Choose My Look, which lets you color coordinate the face of the watch with your outfit. It sounds gimmicky, but we found it exciting to discover a watch face every day, one that matched my look. That’s one reason why it has been able to target the female in the US.

When it comes to battery life, it only lasts 24 hours, so you will have to keep an eye on the battery and charge it up overnight. In conclusion, the newest model is definitely an upgrade from the original and the reason this brand has managed to maintain a stronghold in the market is its innovating eye-catching devices. There is nothing quite like this watch in the market, and we highly recommend it. The watch is available in 5 colors and 2 strap styles.Pros

  • Premium design
  • Includes Google Pay
  • Rapid charging
  • Water-resistant


  • Design choices are limited
  • The Display may be too large for some women

buy here:

11. Best Smartwatch for Women: Apple Series 4

Apple Watch 4 for Women
Apple Watch 4
  • Dial size: 40 mm and 44 mm, case thickness – 10.7 mm, Display size – 759 square mm or 977 square mm display area
  • Strap material: Fluor elastomer
  • Health Features: Second-generation optical heart sensor, Digital Crown with haptic feedback, Fall detection present, ECG readings, automatic workout detection
  • Utility features: call and text, notification alerts, walkie-talkie, Apple Music, Apple, Podcasts
  • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Software and Hardware: 64-bit dual-core S4 processor, Up to 2x faster than S3 processor.

We mentioned that the list would include the watches which were designed only for women. However, we still included the Apple Watch 4 because the watch is suitable for both the genders and would be a great choice for women who use an iPhone. The good news for women that already have any previous versions of this watch is that all existing bands will still be compatible with this Series 4 watch.

The Series 4 is available in two sizes 40mm and 44 mm. The screen really reaches its edges, giving you an immersive experience every time you look at your wrist. Moreover, it becomes easy for you to read notifications and navigate through the watch.

Apple really went ahead and did something special to create the new faces. They filmed fire, water, and vapors on high-speed camera and the results are spectacular. Among other features, there are LTE versions of the watch as well. In these, you can call and text even when your device is switched off.

The best use of the Series 4 watch is not making phone calls but to track your fitness goals. There is an automatic workout detection thanks to heart rate sensor and it alerts you as well before ending your workout. It can measure the number of steps you take per minute. It keeps you motivated and helps you to achieve your fitness goals.

The Apple Watch Series 4 takes a significant step in the direction of becoming a must-have device for women suffering from a heart condition. Notification alerts let you know if your heart rate is too low or high at any time of the day. It can store your heart data for a period of time to show to your doctor.

It is equipped with another health feature, fall detection. If you fall unintentionally, the watch can sense it and call the emergency services for you. All these features are something which you will not find in any of the other smartwatches for at least a couple of years.

This Series 4 watch will last 24 hours on a charge. If you turn it off during the night it can even last 2-3 days. So, it really depends on you, how extensively you use your watch. Series 4 is an excellent upgrade over Series 3. It is the guardian of your health. The watch is available in 3 colors and 2 band styles. You can buy Apple Watch 4 smartwatch on Amazon for $349.Pros

  • Big stunning display
  • Accurate results from the heart rate sensor and all other fitness apps.


  • Battery life should be increased
  • Lack of built-in sleep tracking
  • Series 4 is an expensive product

buy here:


There is no dearth of smartwatches for women now. From Apple to Samsung, Fossil to Fitbit – every company has introduced the best of its technology to appeal to the ladies.

With choices comes difficulty in choosing, but we do believe that if you pick any of the smartwatches from the above-mentioned list, you will end up with a durable, stylish and sturdy product that will stay with you for a long time.

Whether you desire something to accompany you in the gym or add an oomph factor to your outfit, you will find something that meets your needs and demands. You can also change the straps of most of these devices in order to match it with your ensemble.

We highly recommend going through the above-mentioned list to find a smartwatch that meets your budget and your needs. We are sure you will find something that is a perfect fit for you. Happy shopping!


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