Allergies can happen because of many different causes. Yes, pollution and global warming are two of the main reasons we agree, but there are also various reasons behind it. And while the normal vacuum cleaner is compatible with most of us, the people having problems like dust mite allergies or asthma need some special kind of filtration in their vacuum cleaners.

Talking about such anti-allergy vacuums, one of the most important things that are present in these kinds of vacuums is HEPA filtration. This prevents the dust particles blown back to the air and that is why These vacuums are better for allergic people.

Why do we need the best vacuum for dust mite allergies?

But, why do we need the best vacuum for dust mite allergies? Why the normal vacuum is not compatible with the job?

  • First comes the HEPA filtration:

Well, the special vacuum cleaners for dust-mite allergies have HEPA filtration. It stands for “High-efficiency particulate air”. These HEPA filters with the new age technology installed in the vacuum tubes are used to trap extremely small particles such as the small dust particles and the small dust mites in it.

Plus, these new-age vacuum cleaners do not blow back small dust particles into the air again. This HEPA filtration system has a random arrangement of fibers, rather than just having a regular weave. Therefore, it traps the small particles with an electrostatic attraction force.

  • The UV Ray sanitizing property to kill microorganisms:

Another best part included in this new-age vacuum for dust-mite allergic people is that most of these vacuum cleaners come with UV sanitizing that helps to kill the dust mites. The UV light when using the vacuums helps to kill the dust mites to keep you free for them.

  • The difference between standard and vacuum cleaners for dust-mite:

However, in the case of there are no special filtration in the normal vacuums. Normal vacuums in most of the cases do not consist of a double-layered thick bag even like the other special vacuums for allergies without HEPA. So, the normal vacuums blowback the dust particles into the air and cause problems for allergic patients.

Top Rated Vacuums Reviews And Buying Guide For Dust Mite Allergies

Now you know the difference between the best vacuum for dust mite allergies and the normal one. So, here is a list of what we thought can be the top 5 best vacuum for dust allergies. Check the list given below and you may find the best vacuum cleaner for your house.

1. Housmile 804 Anti Dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner with Advanced HEPA filtration:

Housmile 804 Anti Dust Mites

This Vacuum cleaner is specially designed to eliminate the mites and not for absorbing the dust. This amazing UV Tube sterilization ensures efficiency to kill mites. The rate of killing microorganisms, bugs and mites of this vacuum cleaner is up to 99.7 percent.

The HEPA filtration captures 99.97 percent of small particles. The high-frequency vibration of 3800 times/min and the double powerful suction with 8.5KPa attraction to dust and mites helps to clean the mites better.

This amazing vacuum simply beats out the mites from the sheets and the mattresses and then simply suck it. The activated carbon technology of the Housmile 804 Anti Dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best things on a vacuum cleaner.


  • Has amazing UV technology that helps to kill the microorganisms, bugs and mites that we cannot see with naked eyes.
  • The HEPA filtration of the machine is efficient to clear up to 99.97 percent bugs and mites.
  • The amazing activated carbon technology installed in the vacuum cleaner helps to keep the bedsheets, carpeting etc. clean.


  • The vacuum shape may not be conducive to clean the interior of a car.

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2. RAYCON RN (New) UV Sanitizing HEPA Allergen Vacuum:

RAYCON RN (New) UV Sanitizing

This one is another best vacuum for dust-mite allergies. The new RAYCON RN is the newest and the most innovative allergen vacuum. Combining the best features of two of the most efficient vacuums, namely RS2 and LITE, RN has brought a strong performance.

These performance efficient ultra-sleek and slim designed vacuums are made with the patented RayClean technology and thus it helps to remove the dust mites, pollens and common bacteria and viruses up to 99 percent.

It is one of the best vacuum cleaner models to remove the pet hairs. The UV sanitizer installed in the amazing vacuum cleaner can efficiently eliminate over 99% of bacteria and viruses from the fabric surfaces. The UV lite also reduces egg hatch rate of the dust mites as well as kills the dust mites.


  • It also uses a powerful UV lamp installed that can kill over 99% microorganisms, bacteria and viruses.
  • The pulsating brush is rotating brushes that combines pulsating pads are the most efficient pet hair removing brushes of a vacuum cleaner.
  • HEPA filtration traps more than 99.3% small dust particles and d8ust mite matters as well.


  • There is a chance of the dust mites escaping through the filter while vacuuming. The matter has not made clear by the developers.

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3. LivePure Ultimate UV HEPA Allergen Vacuum & Fabric Sanitizer:

LivePure Ultimate UV

The LivePure Ultimate UV HEPA Allergen Vacuum & Fabric Sanitizer is recommended by the doctors. At least the developers say so. The UV technology installed in the product is very efficient in killing dust mites, bugs and microorganisms like bacteria and viruses.

It also helps the user to remove pollens from your mattresses and beddings. The covered rolling brushes and the optimized suction vibrates the dust mites and the other allergens from the fabrics. Once the organisms are exposed, the UV light starts working and kill the organisms.

It removes almost 98.1 percent dust mites. Then the HEPA filtration and detachable bin capture these organisms and trap them into it. The expandable hose pipe for the hard to reach areas is another great addition to this vacuum cleaner.


  • Expandable hose for the hard to reach areas.
  • One of the best vacuums for dust mite allergies, remove 98.1 percent dust mites. Also, it is very useful for removing pet hair, microns, dander and pollens.
  • Perfect to use for your mattresses, beds, curtains and upholsteries.


  • No such cons found.

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4. RAYCOP LITE UV Sanitizing HEPA Allergen Vacuum:

RAYCOP LITE UV Sanitizing HEPA Allergen Vacuum

Just like the second vacuum cleaner on the list the RAYCOP LITE UV Sanitizing HEPA Allergen Vacuum is also made with the patented RayCLean Technology that helps the user to remove dust mite matters and pollens and almost 99 percent of other common bacteria from your mattresses, sheets, carpets and other things.

The amazing UV sanitizer installed in the modern vacuum cleaner has secured its place in the list of one of the best vacuums for dust mite allergies. The powerful UV lamp that comes with a great wavelength that has been calibrated effectively and efficiently to remove the dust particles and the dust mite matters from your beddings, clothing and mattresses.

This amazing vacuum cleaner helps to clear more than 99 percent of the bacteria from the fabric surface throughout the home. As because of the powerful lamp the exposure time for the process becomes shorter. The developers said that in the lab tests, the common bacteria survival rate was close to zero percent after just seconds of exposure.

In addition to that, the pulsating pads of the product vibrate 4600-5000 times a minute and thus helps the user to loosen the household dust better than the standard vacuum cleaners.


  • The official RAYCOP North American product is backed by the local one-year limited warranty.
  • The HEPA purification filter helps the user to trap dust particles, dust mite matter. It traps 99.9% of the dust mite matters, pollens, and specks of dirt.
  • The pulsating pad vibrates 4600 to 5000 times per minute making it three times better in dust removal than standard vacuum cleaners.


  • It does not release hot air or any other type of sanitization.

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5. RAYCOP RS2 UV Sanitizing HEPA Allergen Vaccum

RAYCOP RS2 UV Sanitizing HEPA Allergen Vaccum

RAYCOP RS2 UV Sanitizing HEPA is the new high-performance model from RAYCOP that has three operating modes to provide ultimate cleaning to all the fabric types. This fantastic product features patented RayClean technology that helps the user to remove dust mites, pollens and almost 99% common bacteria and viruses.

The powerful UV sanitizer that has used in the making of this fantastic vacuum cleaner has such a wavelength that it helps to eliminate germs, bacteria and dust mites from the fabrics. Plus, it also helps to prevent the dust mite eggs from hatching too.

The fantastic HEPA filtration of this vacuum cleaner can trap 99.9% of pollens and dust mite matters. And last but not least, the pulsating pads v9ibrqates almost 4600 to 5000 times per minute, and thus, loosen the household dust from the fabrics.

That makes it easier for the vacuum to suck the dirt in.


  • The RAYCOP RS2 UV Sanitizing HEPA allergen vacuum removes 99.9% of common bacteria, viruses, dust mites and pollens.
  • The pulsating pads vibrate as much as 4600 to 5000 times that helps to loosen the dust particles and the dust mite matters from the fabric.
  • The UV sanitizer works very efficiently.


  • It does not work with pet hair.
  • Product may not include a storage bin.

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Things to consider while choosing the best vacuum cleaner for dust mites:

If you are asthmatic or an allergy sufferer, you should consider things to get the best out of the vacuum cleaner you choose for dust mites. Here is a list of things you should take into consideration before choosing a vacuum cleaner for dust mites.

  • Filtration system: And the most important of them all is the filtration system. A vacuum cleaner without the HEPA filtration is the worst thing you can do to yourself if you are suffering from asthma or dust mite allergy. Designed to arrest the particulate matter down to 0.3 microns the High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter is efficient to clean up to 99.995% of the small particles. The exhausted air from the vacuum becomes cleaner than what the vacuum just sucked.
  • Odor Filtration: Vacuum cleaners were invented to keep your home fresh and make it smell good. However, you should keep them under regular maintenance. Apart from that, you should also try choosing vacuums with some great odor filtration technology. Some of the top companies nowadays include odor filtration technologies that include active carbon charcoal to eliminate the pet odors along with the dust particles too.
  • Bagged or bagless: Bagless vacuums are not that much of allergy-friendly. Choosing the bagless vacuum cleaners means you are going to dedicate a whole day for cleaning purposes. Plus, sometimes with bagged vacuums, the dust mites get free through the filter part. So, bagged vacuums reduce the chance of this happening, plus, it also helps to make your effortless while cleaning.
  • Noise: Though the noise always becomes one of the prime factors while choosing a vacuum that is anti-allergic. You should try buying low noise vacuum cleaners that come with proper insulating materials.

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Top features for the best vacuum for dust mites:

Here we have described some of the top features of the vacuum cleaners for dust mites.

  • Suction power: Whenever you are going to buy a vacuum cleaner, no matter the ones for the dust mites or the standard vacuum cleaners, you should always check this thing in the first place. The more the suction power of the vacuum you use, the better your vacuum’s work efficiency is.
  • HEPA filtration: As mentioned, stands for the High-Efficiency Particulate Air filtration, the HEPA filtration is a very efficient filtration process. it has been designed to clean more than 99% of dust particles, dust mites, pollens and other particles and it makes the exhausted air cleaner.
  • UV Light: The UV light sanitizing property has not been included in all the vacuums that come with a HEPA filtration system. At least not until now. The technology helps to kill the bugs and the other microorganisms and makes your home cleaner. So, this is another feature you should look for while choosing the best vacuum for dust mites.
  • Weight: Weight is another thing you should take into consideration. Because you have to roam around all your home with the vacuum cleaner. So, if that is heavier than a weight you are comfortable in, it will slow you down, and thus, will take more time to clean your home.
  • Price: Most UV vacuums are cheap. However, you should always check your budget to confirm that you can afford the preferred unit for your home.

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Why do we recommend those vacuums for you?

We recommend these vacuums for you because we don’t want to make you affected with the allergy that the dust mites bring to your home. And the above-mentioned vacuum cleaners have some same and some different features that will help you to fight against the allergic dust mites. Here are some points to justify the reasons behind our suggestions:

  • The UV Ray protectionAlmost all the vacuums you will find in the list mentioned above includes this amazing feature. The UV light installed in the vacuums helps the user to kill the bugs, dust mites and more than ninety-nine percent of common bacteria and viruses. These viruses include some that can harm our human body.
  • The HEPA filtration: We are talking about this amazing filtration system and its work efficiency from the very first point of the article. This is an amazing filtration system that can trap most of the dead bugs and mite bodies into the vacuum and makes your home clean.
  • Active Carbon: The active carbon properties of a vacuum cleaner make the odor filtration better, Active carbon-charcoal is one of the best ways to avoid any kind of bad or foul odors and pet smells in your room.
  • Weight: Extreme weight is not a good option for a person. That is something does not worth. Always remember, we gotta roam around the whole room to clean it up with the vacuum. And if it is heavy and you cannot do it. It will become tougher for you and that is not a good thing to happen.

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A small buying guide for the best vacuum for dust mite allergies:

There are some things you should consider before buying a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner. Here are some points you may consider:

  • Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners: These vacuum cleaners can clean both wet and dry parts of your house. No matter if you want to clean broken glasses or the spoiled drink spread on the ground, these vacuum cleaners are the best one for each purpose.
  • HEPA filters and UV sanitizing properties are musthave: When you want to have a vacuum that will help you kill dust mites and help you with your allergies or asthma problems, each of the vacuum cleaners you check has to include these two features.
  • Portability: If you are buying a vacuum cleaner, always check if it is portable or not. Gone are the days when you had to do plugin and plug out to clean all your home. Plus, the portable vacuum cleaners are lightweight than the other vacuum cleaners. That is a point to choose them.
  • Availability of the spare part accessories: While buying a vacuum cleaner to fight against the allergies that the dust mites bring, you should always be aware of the availability of the spare parts. Always read the reviews carefully. Because a vacuum without the availability of the spare parts will be a headache for you too.

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User manual for the UV vacuum cleaners for dust mites:

  • Personal safety precautions:
  • Keep the children away from this product until and unless they are under the supervision or responsible for their safety.
  • DO NOT stand or sit on the product.
  • Keep it in a safe place. Keep this product somewhere the children will not reach.
  • This product is a power tool. DO NOT let them run alone.
  • AVOID FIRE. DO NOT bring this product close to any heating appliances.
  • If the adapter is damaged, buy a new and original adapter.
  • DO NOT bring the product close to any flammable or explosive liquids.
  • While cleaning the crystals, do not use any lubricant while cleaning.
  • If any kind of abnormal sound is coming from the machine, if the machine is hot or in such cases, shut it down immediately.
  • Warning about the UV Rays:
  • This product comes with a UV sterilizer lamp. AVOID the bottom of the machine when the power is on.
  • Do not expose animals or plants to the UV Ray to avoid any kind of damages.
  • Do not continuously expose the UV ray to one place while using the product.
  • Operating instructions:
  • Make sure that the components of the UV vacuum cleaner are assembled in one place.

Check if the power is sufficient or not to make the product work normally.

  • Charging Instructions:
  • DO NOT turn it on while charging.
  • Attention:
  • The power indicator will flash to start charging.
  • Charge more than three hours before the first use.
  • Please charge the battery fully before use.

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Can we vacuum up the dust mites?

Well, to some extent, we can. How? There are three stages of the working principle of these vacuums. At first, the pad vibrates fast and bring these mites and also other dust particles out of the bed. Seconds after this wakeup call the UV Ray starts working and kills these dust mites in seconds. Then the HEPA filtration catches these mite bodies. Check the process below to find out:

  • Stage 1: In the first stage, the vacuum vibrates so fast that the dust mites in your bedsheets and mattresses come out as their grip with the surface gets loose due to the fast vibration.
  • Stage 2: Well in this stage, the UV sanitizing light equipped at the bottom of the machine gets into work. The wavelength of these UV Ray is safe to humans until they face it while the machine is on. However, it kills the dust mites and other microorganisms, such as the bacteria and viruses also get killed as they cannot survive this radiation. This radiation also prevents dust mites and other bugs on your carpeting and bed sheets. This way they prevent the emerging young army of the bug mites to attack your soft fabric clothing again.
  • Stage3: Then comes the time where the dead bugs and dead eggs get trapped by the HEPA filtration. The vacuum then collects the dead bugs and the eggs. This is how these amazing new age vacuum cleaners can help you to clean up the dust mites on your bed sheets and covers and will help you to fight against your allergy.

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A lot of people in the United States of America alone suffer from allergies. And, a lot of them are suffering from the allergies that are caused by these dust mites. Not only that. In most of the cases, the reasons for our viral fevers emerges from our bedsheets with the common viruses and bacteria.

Now we don’t know how or from where does these dust mites or the virus and bacteria come from. However, one thing is for sure, the top 4 vacuum cleaners with UV Ray sanitization light equipped in them can help you to fight against these uninvited people whom, you cannot even see.

Plus, this article will surely help you to choose the best vacuum for dust mites to fight against the allergies caused by these mites. Live a healthy life, live a happy life.


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