Best Waffle Makers For Making Belgian Waffles in Your Home!


If you are a waffle lover like me, then you will love this article. I love kitchen equipment, and i always make sure i test at least a few models before deciding which one becomes my new friend. That’s why, i decided to write this article to help you choose the best waffle makers in the market for this year. I tried to list them based on their quality, price, durability and more. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s jump straight into it!

1. Cuisinart WAF-F20

If you are in the search of the best waffle maker, then look no further, because Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Waffle Maker will give you the superpower to make the best waffles for your family.

It is really good for families because it cooks two waffles at the same time. That cuts the cooking time in half. It is a high-quality design that will help you achieve crisp and fluffy restaurant quality waffles in the comfort of your home. Aside from all that, this machine is fairly easy to clean up and it has very intuitive indicators, making your cooking even easier.

Both pockets of the Cuisinart WAF-F20 are an inch thick, giving you two inch thick waffles with deep grooves that can hold all your ingredients. Preparing breakfast for your children was never easier. In the first use you just plug the machine in select the browning setting and turn it on. Wait for it to preheat and then just apply a light coat of vegetable oil. You take your preprepared batter and take a scoop from the batter with the included cup, and pour it in the middle, close the lid wait for a few seconds and flip it. Repeat the process on the other side as well. The machine will light up and alert you when the waffles are all done and ready to serve.

The Cuisinart WAF-F20 has the perfect balance of features and ease of use for home use. It is interesting to work on and fairly easy. The best part is that you just pour the batter flip it pour it again and you can go do other stuff. Perfect for avid multitaskers. The knob is very accurate and going higher up yields crispier and brownier waffles. And choosing a lower setting provides golden fluffy waffles. You can implement it all over the range, it will yield good results.

Cuisinart has showcased why it always is considered one of the best kitchen appliance manufacturer. The Cuisinart WAF-F20 is a perfect waffle maker for you and your family, with its easy to learn controls and its ability to make perfect waffles every time will leave you amazed.

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2. Presto 03510

National Presto a not-so-well-known company that makes pressure canners and pressure cookers, has hit the jackpot with this waffle maker. It is a 7-inch Flipside Belgian waffle maker with ceramic finish. It is the cheapest flip model you can find. It needs a little more attention while you are cooking but after you get the hang of it, your family will beg you to make more waffles.

The grids are pretty deep in this waffle maker, over half an inch deep. Because it is two sided you can put a whole cup of batter to achieve a very thick 1.5 inches across. Getting the cooking time right takes some time. The Presto 03510 has a timer attached to it, it works independently from the waffle maker but it is very handy. It even has some alerts like it makes two beeps when there is a minute left, and beeps five times when the set time has expired. It doesn’t stop or start the machine but it is a good reference point. The waffles are cooked rather slowly but 99% of the time they are perfectly cooked. Like the Black+Decker model the Presto also has no buttons or switches just a light.

National Presto markets the Presto 03510 as a waffle maker that you do not need to season, well this may be true, however, in the user manual reads that you should season the grooves with a light coating of vegetable oil after preheating. This is done to increase the lifespan of the non-stick coating of the waffle maker. It is also recommended in the manual no to use excessive oil, as it may destroy the non-stick coating.

Making waffles with Presto 03510 is foolproof you just turn on the machine let it preheat then add the batter in the center. Then after 10 seconds grip the lid tightly and rotate it upside down. then just check it referring to the time if they are done. But the tricky part is finding how cooked do you like them and taking that result and repeating that every time, it will take some time but you will yield better results. Basically, it’s a near-perfect waffle machine.

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3. Hamilton Beach 26009

Hamilton Beach is a known American home appliance manufacturer. They have proved themselves over the years by creating quality and durable appliances. Hamilton Beach 26009 is 2 Square Belgian Waffle Maker. Making two thick slices of waffle is a good breakfast choice for singles living alone. Fast, economical and tasty. The biggest selling point of the Hamilton Beach 26009 is its price and value. It offers an amazing price while offering fantastic value.

It has a small and compact design, very good for those who are tight in spaces. It looks good with its stainless steel body and black plastics. It will blend in with most of the kitchens.

You can store it in many ways, even upright. Grids are non-removable though. There are two lights on the lid of the machine one is a red light that lits up when the machine is powered, and there is a green light that lits up when the machine is preheated and ready to cook and also lits up when the waffle are cooked. However, you can leave them longer, if you prefer crispier or brownier waffles. You can also adjust the temperature of the plates depending on how you like your waffles.

The instruction manual recommends using cooking oil to protect its non-stick nature. Moreover, if your recipe has oil or is buttery, use just a little amount of cooking oil or spray. Making waffles in this is pretty simple just preheat the machine and add the batter. However, you should be careful when you are adding the batter, because there is no channel to pick up spills. So if you overfill it, it will result in a mess. After you add the batter just close the lid and it will secure with a clamp. The Hamilton Beach 26009 makes good thick waffles, however, they are not 1-inch original Belgian waffles, but they are pretty close. It cooks pretty well actually with crispy edges and the insides fluffy and soft.

To conclude, the Hamilton Beach 26009 Belgian Style 2-square waffle maker is a really excellent product. A decent waffle maker with a better price and value.

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4. Black+Decker WMB500

When it comes to kitchen appliances, most of the time the price you pay equals to the quality of the product. It is interesting to see Black+Decker design a product in this price range. However, the WMB500 provides excellent value with its simple and no-frills design. It really looks very outdated but does its job pretty well.

The Black+Decker WMB500 is a Belgian-style waffle maker with 8-inches in diameter. Its grooves are pretty deep to hold your fruits and creams and honey, but not as deep as a real Belgian Iron but it is more than enough. It is a non-flip model, that makes waffles roughly around 7.3-inches in diameter and 1-inch tall. It is round and chrome bodied with black plastic handles, and actually it doesn’t look bad in the kitchen. It is not the most attractive and elegant piece of equipment, but it is not hideous either.

The grid on the cooking plate is divided into 4 sections, a nice feature if you want to share your waffle or want to top each section with different toppings. The grids also have a non-stick coating so the waffle slides smoothly from the plate and the cleaning is very easy and simple. Beware while adding batter to the machine while cooking the waffle. The machine recommends adding 2/3 cup of batter but according to the recipe in the manual, but with a different recipe that amount may overflow. So it is advised adding half a cup of batter, then add more if necessary. The mess you make after it overflows takes a long time and patience to clean.

It is extremely easy to use, you just plug the machine in. No buttons, no switches or knobs. You just have a light that indicates when the machine is hot enough to add the batter and then turns off when the waffle is cooked. However, the machine only cooks them to a golden color so if you like brown crispier you just have to play with the timing and estimate. Compared to its price point the Black+Decker WMB500 is an impressive and solid waffle maker. A simple no frills cooking experience, a sense of nostalgia.

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5. Breville BWM640XL

At number 5 of our best waffle makers list, we have the Breville BWM640XL. Breville has definitely designed the fanciest and most finely tuned waffle maker that we have seen. It is a pretty nice and simple device that does its job pretty well. Perfect for making 4-slices of waffle and it has lots of settings that you can select from that will affect your waffle. Whatever you choose the end result will be delicious waffle.

This machine is really a beautiful one. It is very clean looking with brushed stainless steel housing and cast aluminum cooking plates coated with PFOA-free non-stick coating. The LED screen displays the cooking options for your waffle and even changes colors when the waffle is done for example. Also, it makes noises when the waffles are done or when the irons are warmed. The knobs provide you the controls of cooking for batter types or the cooking time for crispier waffles. All very simple and intuitive.

The cooking plates cannot be removed from the machine. This is mostly because they are programmed to work in unison with internal programs. The internal program called “Waffle IQ” from Breville, keeps track of the temperature on each of the plates and automatically adjusts cooking time, resulting in each batch cooking exactly the same way, same color, same crispiness. The waffles are removed easily from the non-stick plates, and leave nearly nothing to clean up. After finishing cooking and waiting for the machine to cool down just clean it superficially with a cloth or a pastry brush.

This may be the easiest and fanciest waffle machine that you have ever used. It is very easy to use and nothing needs an explanation, but choosing the right darkness or crispiness for you is pretty fancy, and the “A Little Bit More” button for cooking the waffle a bit more is a fine touch. Also if you forget your waffle while you are doing something else the temperature automatically drops and beeps every few seconds to warn you.
It is a very large and heavy machine, making portability and storage hard and time-consuming. And the price of the device is very high for a waffle machine. But if you love waffles, and want to cook perfect waffles every single time, don’t miss it

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