Best Wireless Chargers You Can Get For Your Phone


Long gone are the days where you had to carry a charging cable and trying to find a power socket everywhere you go. Now there are some chargers which make life easier for us. In this article we will review the best wireless chargers that you can buy for your iPhone, Android or your Laptop. Let’s not waste any more time and jump straight into it.

1. RAVPower Wireless Charger

The RAVPower Wireless Portable Charger is considered as the very best portable battery pack by most of the users for overall performance and pricing. It is the definite best when it comes to the quality, capacity, dual power bank and wireless charging ability, and is one of the most reliable product in the market, but also one of the fastest to charge.

The RAVPower Wireless Charger may not be the smallest power bank that you will see, however, it is not significantly bigger than other models measuring at 6.4×3.1×0.9 and weighs 12-ounces. You won’t have to worry about its weight and size as the RAVPower Wireless Charger will easily fit into most pockets and would not weigh you down in any way that you can notice. Also placing it on a desk or table for wireless charging, I notice that the device doesn’t slip or move.

The device is not bloated with buttons, controls, and lights, it has few of them that do their function perfectly. On top of the charger you can find a circle with HypeAir written on it and it is the location where you should place your phone to charge. Also you must press the power button in order for the RAVPower Wireless Charger to start charging your device, you can also find the USB type-A port and the Micro USB input port on the bottom.

The device has a full plastic build, but it feels very solid and sturdy despite it, but it is not shockproof rated so you have to be careful about dropping it. Overall I could say that it is the most well-built wireless power bank that I have seen on the market.
It has an impressive capacity of 10400mAh, that can be used to charge your devices, wirelessly or via the USB type A. Also the device is capable of charging in both methods simultaneously, but beware because it will drain its battery life faster due to the generated heat. Thanks to its capacity you can charge most of the smartphones twice to full charge, before needing to recharge your power bank.

Thanks to its fast charging ability, capacity, build quality, and countless features the RAVPower Wireless Charger is the very best wireless charger.

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2. mophie Powerstation

The mophie Powerstation is a great wireless charger with 10000mAh power bank, this makes it the best choice for frequent travelers, and most of the reviews have been very positive, some buyers even stating that they wouldn’t travel without it. It is Apple certified, but it also works with other devices as well, on top of this it can also function as a power bank for wired charging. It is the definite best wireless charger for travelers.

The mophie Powerstation is a compact device measuring in at only 69x128x20mm, just if it was a little thinner it would be comfortably pocketable, but even at this size you can put it in your jacket’s pocket easily. The device has a velvety rubberized TPU material around it, which feels awesome to touch and doesn’t scratch any furniture if you are worried about that, however, it attracts dust and it is a little hard to remove all the dust.

The design of the device is very plain and simple with just one minimal logo on it that is also not easily readable, there is just the power button there that is located next to the tiny LED lights, a quick press on the button also reveals how much juice it has left in it. Moreover, there are just two connectivity ports, a USB type-A port and a USB type C port, I could say that overall the device has a great build and durability.

The mophie Powerstation is capable of Qi wireless charging technology, that gives the device an edge over its competition, and it is compatible with all the models from the big brands, such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG. etc. I tested the charging ability of the mophie Powerstation and it has proved to be very impressive, as I charged an iPhone 8 Plus from zero to 100 in just 3 and a half hours, and there were two more bars left, and I charged it one more time from zero to full. Meaning that you will last about three days without needing to recharge, furthermore it was capable of charging through cases up to 3mm thick with no problem.

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3. Anker PowerWave Stand

For the best mid-range option on our list we have another Anker product, this proves the reliability of the Anker products. This time we have the Anker PowerWave Stand, it is a very well built stand both in terms of design and quality, it may be a little lacking in charging speed for iPhones same as its brother, but it offers amazing charging speeds for Samsung smartphones.

First of all I would like to take a moment to appreciate the design of this product, Anker has done a great job with their design language in this product, it has a smooth round edges, that combines classic and modern looks, it is built with plastic all around but the build quality is amazing, but you have to watch out because the material tends to pick up hairline scratches.

The cord that is included in the package of the stand is fairly short, so you will have to place it near a power source. The stand has a perfect angle to it that you can even use FaceID to unlock your phone and check messages while it is on your desk. There are two charging coils located on the stand so you can charge your phone in both portrait and landscape mode, something that a lot of manufacturers overlook. At the base of stand you can find a circular LED indicator, that will turn blue for three seconds when you start charging.

The setup process for the device was pretty easy and fool-proof, as in the package you have the stand, and a micro USB to USB type A cord in the box, but you have to find a compatible AC adapter to make it function.

For iPhone’s the Anker PowerWave Stand provides a charging output of 5 watts, which is pretty good, but considering it has a 10-watt charging output for Samsung phones, the Samsung phones charge at a significantly higher speed. This is pretty good for Samsung users but for iPhone users it will be a little annoying.

But overall, the Anker PowerWave Stand is an amazing wireless charger that will prove useful throughout its life, regardless of what phone you use.

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4. Anker Wireless Charger Pad

Wireless chargers are here to stay and Anker has provided us with amazing products that show how convenient and effective it is to use a wireless charger instead of a normal one. The Anker Wireless Charger Pad is such a product with fast wireless charging capabilities and is significantly cheaper than its competition, while still keeping premium features and build.

The Anker Wireless Charger Pad has a plastic build with a rubberized pad on top and on the bottom of the device, to secure device and table grip, respectively. Despite its plastic build the device has an amazing build quality, it feels very solid, with quality materials in its chassis, and equally durable. It has an amazing futuristic look with black color, but the device is also available in white, its blue indicator lights just add to the overall vibe of the product.

The charging pad is very large and has tons of space even for your phablet, ensuring that no accidental falls will occur. On top of all this Anker has a cooling fan installed in the device, that is very effective and extremely quiet, meaning that the battery of the charging pad and of your device will not degrade due to heat. Furthermore, the pad can charge through most mobile phone cases that are thick up to 5mm.

The Anker Wireless Charger Pad delivers one of the fastest wireless charging by transmitting 7.5 watts of power, thanks to the QuickCharge 3.0 power adapter. In testing we have seen that the Anker Wireless Charger Pad is really faster than other wireless chargers, of course, it doesn’t come close to normal wired charging, but it is nice to see how far this technology has come. It is worth mentioning that it transmits 10 watts of power for Samsung devices and decreases charging times significantly. Moreover, the Anker Wireless Charger Pad is compatible with every smartphone that supports wireless charging.

The Anker Wireless Charger Pad is a great product that provides premium features and performance, at a lower price, also I would recommend this as the best for home use.

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5. Aideaz Wireless Power Bank

We are going to start our best wireless chargers list with a high-capacity power bank. Power Bank’s have become a necessity in our lives thanks to our phones draining the battery life faster and faster due to their high-performance. AIDEAZ Wireless Power is a portable wireless charger that has a high capacity and will charge your phone easily, it has Quick Charge and Power Delivery features, that helps you charge compatible devices while you are on the go.

The device itself is very compact despite its huge capacity, it is not as pocketable as lower capacity chargers, but it won’t be a bother to carry around. It measures at 6.7×2.4×0.9-inches and weighs just 13.3-ounces, you can store it in your backpack easily and it won’t add significant weight to it. The build quality of the AIDEAZ Wireless Power is exceptional for a new brand in the market as well.

The power capacity of this wireless charger is 20000mAh and it uses three charging methods, in practical use it has an output capacity of 15000mAh that means that it is capable enough to charge most smartphones to full charge five times until it is drained. It is also able to charge three devices simultaneously, one via the wireless charging method, via the USB type C port, and the standard USB type-A port.

It is worth stating that the USB type A port makes use of the Quick Charge feature and can easily quickly charge compatible smartphones as the name implies. The USB type C Power Delivery port has an 18W charging rate, so smartphones capable with Power Delivery technology will be charged at a fast rate. Furthermore, the AIDEAZ Wireless Power can also charge laptops that are capable of Power Delivery via its USB type C port, the wireless charging speed on the device is pretty standard at 5W of output rate.

Besides the Micro-USB input, you can also charge the device by using the USB type C Power delivery, but they have the same charge rate so you can choose whichever is ready at the moment.

Despite being for a short time in the market it has proved that it is one of the best, a must consider if you want a high capacity charger.

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