The 5 Best Wireless Earbuds Under $100


We all love to listen to music, but we can’t afford those high-end wireless earbuds that cost a fortune. That’s why, we reviewed the 5 best wireless earbuds under $100 recommended by Reddit users. We ranked them based on their price, quality, sound, durability and more. Let’s get started with the list.

1. Soundcore Anker Liberty Air

The Soundcore Anker Liberty Air is the definite best earbud in the market under the $100 price range as it delivers a pretty close to AirPod experience, without paying the high price. In my opinion, they might be equal and in some aspects even better than the Airpods, as they deliver great sound quality, passive noise isolation, great fit, battery life, and amazing comfort.

These earbuds are IPX5 rated thanks to their nano-coating, and you can use them in different circumstances without any problem. In this budget range, you can’t find more durable earbuds, and they will be in your arsenal for years to come. The earpads are good, but the charging case is also excellent, coming in with great build quality, and some magnets that keep the lid closed and the earbuds locked in place and secure at all times. In this cheap package, you will also find four pairs of ear tips in different sizes so you can accommodate them to your ear size, and the micro USB cable. On top of all this, it is worth mentioning the comfort levels of the Soundcore Anker Liberty Air’s as you can definitely wear them for longer periods and you will instantly notice it once you put it. The controls are very intuitive as well and they support gestures as well on their touch-sensitive bodies.

The sound performance might not be worthy of audiophile-grade earbuds, but these earbuds will deliver excellent performance for their low price, slightly better than AirPods, as they could handle every genre without any problem. The bass was excellent and punchy and the mids were pretty clear, while not forgetting the sharp highs, a pretty balanced soundscape.

Overall I noticed that they deliver good isolation that kept the noise out and the 4 hours battery life of the buds themselves was excellent without forgetting about the charging case that delivers 3 more charges.

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2. Creative Outlier Air

Nearing to the top of our list we have one of the best earbuds on the market, the Creative Outlier Air, which may not be a household name but they deliver a great performance and sound for their affordable price. In addition to that, they provide Bluetooth 5.0 and the aptX Bluetooth support, which was not expected at this price, IPX5 durability rating, great battery life, comfort for ages, and solid sound performance.

Taking things one step at a time, the Creative Outlier Air has a very pleasing design, with a bit futuristic and minimal hints with its interesting shape and the light ring on it. These earbuds are also pretty small compared to other earbuds, very pleased overall, and they won’t get in the way. One of my favourite features of this device is the light ring on the body which adds an interesting vibe to it and also it is functional, as it will shine red when the battery is low and blue when the device is active.

One of my favourite things about these earbuds is that the comfort levels were just fantastic, and on top of that the fit was excellent and it won’t get out of your ear even during heavy exercise.

Each of the earbuds is equipped with 5.6mm graphene drivers, that besides the sound, makes them lighter and more durable at the same time. The controls of the device ar made possible with the tactile button on each earbud, and while I expected touch controls, these delivered a very intuitive experience. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection and the aptX Bluetooth transmission deliver amazing wireless connectivity by activating the AAC codec which in turn delivers a superior sound quality. The earbuds themselves deliver about 10 hours of continuous use, and from the charging case, you get 2 more full charges resulting in a total of 30 hours, which is better than most earbuds in the market.

The sound performance was pretty good, a little warm and with a good rhythmic sense, oozing with energy. It may not be an audiophile-grade performance but it is perfect for the masses.

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3. Rowkin Ascent Micro

Today we are going to talk about the Micro version of the device, which is mostly the same as the Charge version except for the charging case of the device which has a longer battery life and can act as a power bank and a wireless charger. This charging case has a better and more streamlined design that looks beautiful and the earbuds fit excellently in it. The earbuds themselves have a bullet style construction that is designed to sit flush in your ears and deliver a very tight seal overall. On top of that, these will look excellent on your ears as their size is pretty small and just excellent. The charging case and the earbuds have a glossy mirror finish which picks up fingerprints and hairline scratches, and they are a little hard to hold. These earbuds have touch controls on each end and worked excellently to my surprise.

The battery life of this device is about 4 hours in the earbuds themselves, and the charging case delivers you an extra 12 hours, to deliver a good performance of about 15 hours in total. The charging of the case is done via a Micro USB cable which is included in the device, and the connectivity is made possible by the Bluetooth 5.0 technology,and combined with the MediaTek 1526P true wireless chipset allows these earbuds to achieve auto-on quick pairing, which eliminates the pain of pairing each time your earbuds to your phone.

The Rowkin Ascent Micro’s are equipped with a dynamic sound technology that delivers a pretty large sound for the small size of these earbuds. The bass prowess was a little overpowered though, and it was excellent for bass heads, but if you want a more balanced experience you should look elsewhere, as the highs are nearly non-existent right out of the box. To make things better you can modify the soundscape via the Rowkin companion app which delivers plenty of customizability.

One of the most feature-rich packages.

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4. JLab JBuds Air

Most of the budget-conscious buyers want to get their moneys worth, but hopping onto the true wireless trend under the $100 price is difficult unless you opt for an ultra amazing earbuds such as the JLab JBuds Air. These are one of the most versatile pairs in the market and are one of the best options for sports, thanks to their excellent fit and the IP55 rating. They also deliver good enough sound, amazing comfort, and durability, and for the price they are perfect.

With the package of the JLab JBuds Air, you will get the charging case and the earbuds, three pairs of ear tips for various ear sizes, a USB cable for charging, and two pairs of cush fins to top it off. You will also get a nice user manual that will explain everything about the device’s functions, controls, and features.

The JLab JBuds Air rock a great construction that is made by plastic, while this may not look like the most premium option but it is necessary to keep the costs low while still having the IP55 durability rating. I found out that the earbuds are a little large, but despite that, they provide an excellent fit and didn’t fall from my ear during my daily jogs.

During my testing, I found out that the earbuds delivered a playback time of about 6 hours, and the charging case delivers an extra 18 hours to result in a total of about 24 hours on average. The controls of the device work excellently, and you won’t need to touch your phone at all, and you can explore the in-depth controls from the user manual.

As I said earlier, these earbuds are the perfect option for sports enthusiasts, and with its IP55 rating, you don’t have to worry about the sweat or the occasional rain ruining your new earbuds. The soundscape of these earbuds is generally pretty warm, but natural and not tinny unlike some other cheap earbuds with tinny sounds. The frequency response was good enough, the bass was punchy and a little more emphasized than the highs, but the mids balance out the equation to result in a great pair of earbuds.

One of the most versatile earbuds in the market delivering the most bang for your buck.

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5. iKanzi Wireless

Earbuds are one of the most convenient pieces of tech you can use, and also are one of the most versatile since you can use all of them for different purposes. For example, you can use the same pair of earbuds for listening to music, podcasts, while working out, watching movies and TV shows, on your commute and many more different uses. However, getting a good pair of them is pretty expensive and if you are shopping in the budget things get even more difficult, to your rescue I have compiled a great list of amazing earbuds that can perform but won’t cost you a fortune since all of them are under the $100 price.

First on the list is the iKanzi Wireless, which may not be a household name, however, these headphones deliver excellent performance for their budget price, and if it isn’t enough it has more than 5,000 reviews on Amazon with high marks.

The iKanzi Wireless has a utilitarian design, that includes the earbuds and the charging case as well. The earbuds have a glossy black finish on their plastic and they have an appropriate size for the majority of the ears. The case is also reasonably sized and it will fit right into your pocket with ease, and on it, you will spot the Micro USB charging port, the USB charging port for charging other devices, and the battery active button, you will also see three LED indicator lights that show you the battery status. It is worth mentioning that the earbuds are water and dustproof as they have an IPX7 rating.

The charging case of the iKanzi Wireless has a large battery of 2,200mAh, which has approximately 72hours of playtime, however, you can choose to use it as a power bank and charge your phone in emergencies. The earbuds themselves have about 3 to 4 hours of battery life, and they deliver some good connections throughout. On top of that, you will see integrated touch controls that make the job easier.

The sound quality of these earbuds is not exemplary, however, for your gym sessions and daily jogs it is the perfect tool, since it can get pretty loud with plenty of bass, but don’t expect mindblowing quality since it is just passable.

If you want a budget pair of earbuds, it doesn’t get any better than this.

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