Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards For Those Who Hate Cables


Up until the recent years, there were not a lot of options you could choose from, because wireless technology was pretty new. However, today we have unlimited options out there, and they managed to make wireless mechanical gaming keyboards identical to the wired ones. I reviewed more than 15 different models, and listed the 5 best wireless gaming keyboards in this article to make your buying decision easier.

1. Logitech G613

The Logitech G613 is an excellent wireless keyboard that Logitech, has designed for gamers, that, a group that is not willing to substitute the latency-free wired connection, however, this keyboard with its quick response rate, nice features, and affordable price, wants to change this tendency.

Design-wise the Logitech G613 looks simple and utilitarian, with a black and gray plastic body and white lettering on black keycaps, there is no backlighting, however, but you will find discrete media buttons though.

It connects via Logitech’s own Lightspeed dongle or via Bluetooth, though you don’t get the ultra-low latency and rapid 1ms report rate while in Bluetooth. It is interesting seeing Logitech not adding the option of connecting it with a cable. The two connectivity methods are pretty cool if you want to jump back and forth between typing on your computer and typing on your phone. The keyboard even comes with a cute little phone stand.

This keyboard is equipped with Romer-G mechanical switches that are known for being tactile while being extremely quiet, they are not as comfortable as other models though. On the other side, they are designed to be more responsive and last longer, so if you are willing to sacrifice a little comfort for much more it is worth it.

Moving on, the G613 is a gaming-grade keyboard you can carry wherever you need. With its lightspeed wireless technology with super-fast response 1ms report rate, wireless fanatics are not stuck with rubber domes anymore.

Furthermore, on the left of the keyboard, there are six programmable G-keys, If you want to quickly launch your favorite applications.

Speaking of endurance, the Logitech G613 has a battery life that will last about 18 months in a single charge, an astounding feat of technology.

If I have to mention a disadvantage, I would say that the lack of LED backlighting is slightly harder to overlook. As for myself, I have never been a fan of RGB lighting, but there are plenty of gamers who love it especially those who prefer to play in the dark.

If you are interested in a quality wireless gaming keyboard with long life, high response rate, and affordable price, the G613 is the way to go. Definitely one of the best wireless gaming keyboards out there.

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2. DREVO BladeMaster PRO

The DREVO BladeMaster PRO is a keyboard that is based on 14-months of research asking thousands of gamers and typists which features and performances their dream keyboard would have. It has amassed $160000 in Kickstarted funding with an initial $20000 goal. The DREVO BladeMaster PRO has all the features that you may wish for, great performance, wireless connectivity and it has an affordable price.

In the box of the device you will find the keyboard itself, a USB-C to USB 3.0 cable, a keycap puller, a 2.4GHz USB receiver, a dust sheet, a small brush for cleaning, and a sticker with the company logo on it.

The keyboard is manufactured by the excellent made in Germany Cherry MX RBG switches, that are available in Red, Brown, Black and Speed Silver. The keyboard also is available, in any language formats depending on your preference, so everyone can enjoy this excellent keyboard, its wireless connectivity is done by the 2.4GHz receiver that delivers quick speeds, and response times that are around 1ms, and you can connect it via Bluetooth 4.0 too for convenience. Furthermore, the device can be connected to 3 devices simultaneously, and you can quickly switch between them.

Interestingly enough the DREVO BladeMaster PRO has a processing unit inside which is a 32-bit Arm Cortex-M0 and has a 16MB external flash drive that stores your individual profiles if you take your keyboard on the go for LAN parties or tournaments.

There is a programmable knob on the keyboard that will prove to be a great productivity tool for programmers, and we found great use in gaming too, especially in MMO RPG games where you need to be very fast and precise. Everything about it can be programmable via the Drevo Power Console, which is a cloud-based software that allows you for great customization and even keeps statistics about everything about your gaming and typing.

The RGB lighting system is excellent as well and is powered with the company’s Radi Lighting System which features 360-degree lateral middle embedded light bands, and it can emit 16.8 million unique colors.

DREVO BladeMaster PRO, definitely one of the best in the market if you want a feature-rich keyboard.

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3. Anne Pro 2

The Anne Pro 2 is essentially a 60% keyboard with extreme similarities to its predecessor the legacy Anne Pro, it has Bluetooth connectivity and offers RGB lighting at this tiny package, while still having an extremely affordable price. It is available with Gateron, Kalih Box or Cherry MX switches depending on your preference, that all work perfectly and provide the best compact keyboard experience.

The design of the Anne Pro 2 is still pretty close to the original Anne Pro model, with extremely slim bezels, with a high profile design with hidden key switches, looking from the side you will notice that it has some inclination as there are no flip-up feet to set it to an incline. Underneath the keyboard you will find a set of rubber feet that are non-slip, inside the device, there is a steel plate to make it durable and it weighs just about 630grams. You can get the keyboard in black and white color schemes which both look fun and functional, the keycaps look very similar to its predecessors, that are pretty clean and are made from 1.2mm thick PBT plastic and are Doubleshot.

Because it is a 60% keyboard, I was concerned about its functionality, it has just 61 keys, but while reading the user manual I saw that it had all the functions layered on top of each other, it will take a slight learning curve comprehending all the functions but once you get it, this compact keyboard will not leave your side.

There is also software included with the keyboard that you have to install, from which you can check battery life and assign functions to your wishes if the need arises. There is also the TAP layer which works pretty well and consistently. Furthermore, the Anne Pro 2 is available with a great range of key switches you can choose from Cherry MX switches, Khalil Box, and Gateron switches, depending on how much you want to spend or what kind of experience you prefer.

The connectivity is made possible via Bluetooth 4.0 wireless capability, and you can pair this keyboard with up to four devices and switch on the fly.

A great compact keyboard that will prove to be excellent in gaming.

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4. CORSAIR K63 Wireless

It would be a shame to make a best wireless gaming keyboards list without including a product from Corsair. Corsair is already known for producing the best gaming keyboards on the market, the K63 was also an impressive and solid keyboard, the company took it and made it wireless, and is as feature-packed as its wired counterpart while still having an affordable price, it is the perfect gaming keyboard for the couch because it has a solid wireless connection, great design, Cherry MX mechanical switches, and countless more features that will provide to be useful.

If clean and modern is your aesthetic than look no further than the CORSAIR K63 Wireless, it features a straightforward frameless design, with a beautiful top bezel that adds a nice touch. It may not have an aluminum build as its more high-end siblings, but its plastic body feels extremely rigid, and it is definitely the most durable keyboard on this list. For the keycaps, it has kept the floating design, and under them, you will find an excellent blue backlight, that is powerful enough to provide light but it is not distracting at all. The palm rest has a thin sheet of textured rubber on top, the whole piece connects to the keyboard via two clips which do not feel as good as the whole body.

Each of this keyboards keys uses Cherry MX Red switches for operation and houses a single LED light underneath each key, the Cherry MX Red switches all work excellently, with instant registering without delays, 4mm of key travel, and silent strokes, and I think the switches are one of its major selling points. The battery life of the keyboard is about 15 hours with lights at full, and about 75 hours if you turn them off.

The 2.4GHz connection was excellent and stable even in wireless-saturated ambients, such as offices and cafes, it had no problems connecting with the PC and keeping it stable. I also want to state that this is an extremely portable keyboard so you can easily take it to the office or to the LAN parties.

Overall, the CORSAIR K63 Wireless with its quality-build that is extremely durable, Cherry MX Red switches, great connection, and excellent design is a serious contender to become your next keyboard.

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5. G-Cord Wireless Gaming Keyboard

If you are looking to get into the wireless keyboard circles, but don’t want it to cost you an arm and a leg, I have some excellent options here. The best entry-level wireless gaming keyboard is the G-Cord Wireless, with an extremely affordable price, wireless and wired modes, LED light effects, mechanical switches, and great battery life the G-Cord is a bargain.

Aesthetically speaking, the G-Cord Wireless looks excellent, with a slim body and slim size for a full-sized keyboard, the keycaps are aligned on top of the plastic deck that feels pretty good, however, I would only complain about the lack of some kind of wrist rest. The LED lights on this keyboard are amazing, giving you amazing light effects, with plenty of customization, sometimes it can get distracting but the light effects are definitely some of its strong points, with 6 light modes that can be changed on the fly by pressing the FN and F9 button simultaneously.
In the package of the G-Cord Wireless, you get the keyboard itself, a micro USB cable that is about 5 feet long, a USB receiver, a keycap puller, and the user manual which explains the features, controls and the connectivity with clarity.

The keyboard is a full-sized one, with the Numpad included and it has a total of 104 keys, however, there are no discrete media keys. The mechanical switches work pretty well and give an excellent tactile response and the right amount of click sound that is soothing, they are all designed to have no ghosting and no lagging whatsoever, and in my experience, I experienced none of either.

You can connect the keyboard with a cable if you wish for extremely high-speeds, and if you want to have a casual session or want to take it to the office you can connect via Bluetooth which was also pretty quick, not as the other method but was adequate for some gaming.
The G-Cord Wireless has a 1300mAh rechargeable battery that can last about 240 hours with the LED lights active and with heavy use, however, if you choose to keep the lights off and use it moderately it will last about 600 hours.

One of the most impressive budget keyboards in the market hands down.

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