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We all hate having too many wires on our desk. Monitor wires, mouse wires, keyboard wires etc. It’s time to get rid of them. A good place to start is to grab yourself a wireless keyboard. That’s why, we did over 33 hours of research to find the 5 best wireless keyboards available in the market for this year. We made this list based on our personal opinion and after testing a lot of different models from each brand. Let’s start.

1. Logitech K780

While there are still plenty of 2-in-1 devices that do double duty as a laptop and a tablet or a tablet and a smartphone the simple reality is most people use multiple electronic devices every day. The new Logitech K780 multi-device wireless keyboard might just solve that problem by letting you easily switch between up to three wirelessly connected devices just by pressing a button!

Aesthetically speaking, the K70 is one of the best looking keyboards I have seen in some time. I would not go as far as to call it a piece of art, but it is certainly pleasing. The matte-black keyboard tray sits atop a soft-touch, grippy, speckled white plastic, which provides a gutter to hold a tablet or smartphone.

What is unique about this keyboard is that, instead of the traditional chiclet-style keys, its keys are oval and slightly concave, giving the K780 the aesthetic appearance and feel of an old typewriter.
Now, let’s focus on performance!

This unique model multi-device keyboard is a fully-equipped and is able to support numerous different devices to pair with, from your PC, laptop, MacBook, iPhone, Android, and many more.
Moving on, the Logitech K780’s have just a really quiet click when pressed, that provides an almost silent typing experience. This makes it perfect for touch typists. Logitech refers to this experience as the PerfectStroke system. With this keyboard, you can type away in the airport lounge or local café without fear of disturbing others.

Furthermore, It is important to mention that this keyboard can be configured for up to three devices compared with previous models, so, you can freely type and switch between them at the touch of an easy-switch button.
Moreover, the K780 has a powerful wireless connection with a range of approximately 10m. For security, the wireless encryption is 128-bit AES between devices and the keyboard. In terms of wireless connectivity, you can use the Logitech unifying USB receiver or Bluetooth to connect your devices.

In addition, this unique keyboard has an impressive battery performance. It is powered by two pre-installed AAA batteries which reportedly can last up to 24 months.
Overall, If you want the best typing experience, you must buy the best keyboard!

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2. Logitech G613

The Logitech G613 is a pretty interesting unit. It is a mechanical, wireless keyboard that Logitech is pitching to gamers – a demographic notorious for clinging to latency-free wired connections.
Aesthetically speaking, the keyboard looks plain and functional, with a black and grey plastic chassis and white lettering on black keycaps. There is no backlighting, but there are discrete media buttons.

It connects via Logitech’s own Lightspeed dongle or via Bluetooth, though you don’t get the ultra-low latency and rapid 1ms report rate while in Bluetooth. It is interesting seeing Logitech not adding the option of connecting it with a cable. The two connectivity methods are pretty cool if you want to jump back and forth between typing on your computer and typing on your phone. The keyboard even comes with a cute little phone stand!

Now, let’s talk about features!
This model comes with Romer-G mechanical switches. They are tactile and fairly quiet but not quite as comfortable. On the flip side, they’re supposed to be more responsive and last longer, so you can decide if you want to sacrifice comfort for these features.

Moving on, the G613 is a gaming-grade keyboard you can carry wherever you need. With its lightspeed wireless technology with super fast response 1ms report rate, wireless fanatics are not stuck with rubber domes anymore.
Furthermore, on the left of the keyboard, there are six programmable G-keys, If you want to quickly launch your favorite applications.

In addition, it is important to mention the battery life. It can handle up to incredibly 18 months in one single charge. Marvelous endurance feat.

If I have to mention a disadvantage, I would say that the lack of LED backlighting is slightly harder to overlook. As for myself, I have never been a fan of RGB lighting, but there are plenty of gamers who love it especially those who prefer to play in the dark. It is considered as a norm in gamer peripherals. Generally, the keyboard does not have that gamer look. If you are not interested in flair and shine, this is not a con really.

Overall, if you’re looking for a quality and durable keyboard, then the Logitech G613 would be your ideal option!

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3. Majestouch Convertible 2

The Majestouch keyboard is named Convertible because it can work as a traditional USB keyboard when plugged in. But it will just as happily connect to a phone, tablet or laptop over Bluetooth when you are sitting on the couch or on the move.
Aesthetically speaking, the design of this keyboard is ultra minimal, the keyboard footprint is only as large as it needs to be. It is built to last. Despite being minimal, it is pretty heavy and although it’s made of plastic, it feels completely solid.

The Majestouch Convertible 2 has a matte texture which gives the keyboard a utilitarian look. The Cherry MX switches come in various colors, according to your preference. Here we have blue switches, that has a soothing and anxiety-free effect.

Now, let’s talk about performance!
The Majestouch Convertible 2 is most definitely a very quality wireless mechanical keyboard. The Cherry MX blue switches are amazingly tactile and make just the right click sound that will keep you typing so much faster than on another keyboard. It is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Android, Mac OS and iOS.

The best feature of the Convertible 2 is that it is one of the only wireless keyboard models that are mechanical. It uses Bluetooth and can pair with up to four devices. This is a huge point for you because you could switch at the same time between two macs and two other PC’s.
When it comes to battery life, this device can be used approximately for 6 months, equipped with power saving mode. Regarding the manufacturer, this stat is realizable when used for 5 hours per day. Very good number overall.

My only remark has to do with the Bluetooth, sometimes the connection experience is not as smooth as you would expect. For example, if you don’t use the keyboard for a while, the connection will be lost and you’ll never be able to reconnect it back until you manually turn off and on the Bluetooth switch in PC. But this is caused by the power saving mode.

To conclude, I’d recommend you take this keyboard into serious consideration, especially if you want to invest in a quality, wireless mechanical keyboard!

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4. Logitech K400

If you’re looking for a wireless keyboard designed specifically for the couch, then most likely you are going to need an integrated trackpad in it, all while keeping a user-friendly compact body. Logitech K400 will fulfill your desire. Let us explain the most important features of this unit.
Design-wise, this keyboard is ultra-thin, laying low on the tabletop or whatever surface it’s on. The keys are also very low-profile and compact. While at the same time providing a good tactile typing experience. It’s so minimalistic and flat in design in fact, that you can store it upright for convenience in any shelf or table.

The K400 Plus is light, yet solidly built, showing no weakness during bending tests and with no space in between. The keys feel great under the fingers, remain quiet while typing and pretty responsive. The shortcuts are located in intuitive positions and are easy to fire off thanks to the fact that they’re set as the primary function out of the box.

Regarding performance, the K400 is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and later, Android 5.0 or later and Chrome OS. With a range of 10 meters, or 33 feet, even If your living room is huge, you can sit in your bed and control your OC without annoying lag or delays.
Moving on, what is really worth mentioning is that this device packs media-friendly controls and a familiar key layout, so, you can easily navigate your systems.

When it comes to battery life, it is listed to last 18 months on a single charge. That is a year and a half. While actual battery life will vary and depend on how heavily you use it, it’s still really solid. In this keyboard, you can even extend the battery life by flicking the power switch to off whenever you’re not using it.

In general, those who have purchased this keyboard state that they can’t go back to ordinary keyboards again. They also claim that are extremely satisfied with all the features that offer, so, for the price you pay, it provides value!
Finally, if you’re looking for a durable long-lasting comfortable keyboard that packs premium features and delivers incredible comfort, then this could be your ideal choice!

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5. Anker Wireless Keyboard

The Anker Wireless Keyboard is the best budget option. Surely it’ll become one of the favourites among the competitive peripheral market. This keyboard provides the platform for speedy yet accurate typing and contains a handful for media keys and shortcuts you would expect from a quality wireless keyboard.

This model is available both in black and white versions. From a design perspective, both of them look and perform great. Everything is plastic and the keyboard doesn’t have a premium finish and feel, but it still looks and sounds a better than any cheap keyboard you’ve used. Not the most durable of keyboards, as you will notice some wear in just a few weeks.

The Anker is an ultra-compact wireless keyboard. With its perfect dimensions, it will allow you to place it wherever you want in your room. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.
Moving on, thanks to its keys, this device will offer you a comfortable and intuitive typing session and at the same time. It will enhance your typing experience. If you are looking for comfort and performance only, then this might just be the one for you.

Furthermore, the keys are slightly concaved, closer together and softer upon impact. The low-profile keys and 2.2-millimeter actuation point make this keyboard a great choice for speedy typists!

Moreover, as it is a wireless keyboard, it is important to mention battery life. Based on 2 hours non-stop use per day, through the rechargeable lithium battery with an industry-high capacity of 800mAh, it can handle up to 6 months at that rhythm. So you will need to recharge the batteries every few months.

I highly recommend this keyboard for anybody who does a lot of typing on their phone/tablet. The versatility of this keyboard is just fantastic. Additional controls and multimedia buttons are just an extra bonus.
The cons are not really cons when you consider its price. The durability can be counted as a con and the lack of a case for taking it on the road.

To conclude, the Anker Wireless Keyboard is a must-have, because even though this keyboard is listed as a budget-choice, it is capable enough to compete with most of the midrange keyboards on the market!

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