Corsair Harpoon Review


The Corsair Harpoon is a unique piece of tech which delivers fluid performance and a high-quality and comfortable build for long-lasting periods of playtime. This particular model is available in three models from which you can choose from, such as wired, wired pro and wireless, nonetheless, whatever you decide, all of them perform amazingly so you don’t have anything to worry about.

Considering the price, you basically know what and how much to expect from this mouse, but still, it’s definitely something to consider. So, let’s get more into the topic and reveal what’s so special about this mouse. Boasting a small, comfortable form factor and a satisfactory set of features for the low cost as we mentioned, Corsair has introduced a gaming mouse that’s easy to recommend.

Design-wise, Corsair Harpoon boasts a matte black color scheme contrast which combines greatly with the logo on the lower bottom, enhanced with a flurry of RGB lighting options. To continue, the scroll wheel will feel like a miniature tire, softly textured in a way that’s smooth and intuitive to operate.

Moving down below, you will find a small button used to cycle through five DPI presets which control the cursor sensitivity. To be more specific, each one is indicated by a distinctive color, so you’re seldom lost when it comes to finding one you’re comfortable with. Meanwhile, the plastic edges above the left and right mouse buttons are almost sharp, offering a distinctly rugged aesthetic.

Moving onto the sides, you will notice a duo of textures that feel great on your fingers and ideal for long sessions. However, the mouse could feel a little small for users with larger hands, you will find out that a claw grips of sorts will work for you, probably. Even if it’s not the most comfortable method of mouse control in the world, still, you will never feel yourself cramping up.

As we mentioned above, if wireless mice aren’t your type of model, you can wire up instead with the packaged cable, which plugs straight into the back of your mouse via micro-USB in a way that’s completely seamless. However, having both wired and wireless avenues offers the Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse flexibility that’s really appreciated, although, if you do prefer a wired setup you can always choose the cheaper wired Corsair Harpoon model.

Now, let’s talk about performance.

To begin with, the Corsair Harpoon RGB wireless gives you the option of a USB dongle or Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, while they both work flawlessly without any noticeable issues even after several hours of use. For gaming enthusiasts, I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that the Corsair Harpoon boasts a 10,000 DPI sensor which beats out rivals such as the Razer Abyssus in the same price bracket, and having the ability to easily customize it puts the Corsair Harpoon persuasively ahead.

More on that front, the Corsair Harpoon delivers supremely accurate performance, controlling with a convenient level of ease, although, you’ll need to figure out your personal sweet spot, after that, it’s smooth sailing. Thanks to the low-latency connection, problems that you would expect from a random wireless mouse will not be present at this one, instead, you will be assured of fast movement without any delay.

Since we chose the wireless version to talk about, in terms of battery life, the Corsair Harpoon is a formidable beast, with the 840 mAh battery boasting a maximum life of 60 hours or so. When it comes to the software, Corsair binds together with CUE, an interface which provides an impressive array of options for getting the most out of mice, keyboards and whatever else you plug into your gaming machine.

It becomes clear after you will install the client that it does not just encompass peripherals, but those with Corsair hardware inside their gaming rig. To be more precise, this means you can enable the lighting profile span across absolutely everything. Moreover, for the price you pay, the Corsair Harpoon offers obscene value for money and an incredible performance which definitely beast most of its rivals.

So, if you ever decide on purchasing an affordable Corsair gaming mouse, then you should definitely go for this one because you will never regret your decision.


  • Great Value
  • RGB
  • Ergonomic Design


  • Requires Software

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