12 Best Cox Compatible Modems


Are you in search for a cable modem that’s compatible with Cox? You surely don’t want to buy one that isn’t approved by your ISP. To help you find one, we’ve tested around 73 different models and have finally chosen the 12 best models.

For those who don’t know, Cox Cable is the 3rd largest ISP in the US. It offers high-speed data to almost 7 million homes across the country. If you are a subscriber, it is perhaps not advisable for you to go with the modem and router option that they provide. But, WHY?

Not only would you use underpowered equipments (modem & router), but you’ll also pay extra for it in the form of rental. Also, you’ll not own them after your term ends! So why be stuck with slow modems, pay extra and not own them? When you can get a better one for a good price?

1. Best Modem for Cox: Netgear CM1000


Netgear CM1000
  • DOCSIS 3.1
  • Downstream / Upstream: 32 / 8 
  • Download / Upload Speed: 1Gbps / 950 Mbps
  • Modem / Router Combo: No

This Netgear modem is the one of the first modems to support the new DOCSIS 3.1 technology. This means 32 downstream and 8 upstream channels, offering its users the fastest data transfer.

It is an excellent choice for those wanting to upgrade from their older modems and are looking for high speed and reliable modems. It features a polyhedron shaped case with a black matte finish.

The modem enables HD video streaming and maintains offers downloads at 1Gbps and uploads at 950Mbps at its peak.

Coming to the fitting, It can be wall-mounted as well, offering maximum flexibility. It also incorporates an array of lights on the front panel that shows the status of power, downstream.

There is a reset button at the rear of the modem, 1 LAN Gigabit Ethernet port, a coaxial cable connector, a power button and a power adaptor to connect to the mains.


  • Offers sustained high-speed internet access
  • Latest 3.1 technology
  • Very high peak speeds


  • Manual software upgrade not possible
  • Restricted to Max speed 1GBPS


2. Best DOCSIS 3.1 Modem for Cox: Motorola MB8600


Motorola Ultra Fast
  • DOCSIS 3.1 
  • Downstream / Upstream : 32 / 8
  • Download Speed /  Upload Speed : 1Gbps / 950Mbps
  • Modem / Router Combo : No

The Motorola MB8600 modem incorporates Docsis 3.1 platform which is blazing fast. This enables the user to take advantage of the best possible speeds available from their internet provider. in our lab tests, the device was able to download at 1 Gbps and upload at 950 Mbps without any trouble.

It uses a Broadcom chipset that has protection from Distributed Denial of Service Attacks built-in which is an added security feature. The setup time is very quick with the setup wizard which guides you through the entire setup process.

The MB8600 incorporates a full-band capture digital tuner to enhance speed and save energy. The modem incorporates 4 ports that allow for the use of multiple IP addresses across 32 x 8 channels. The device provides very good sustained speeds without any lag or pause.


  • Docsis 3.1 offers a huge data transfer rate
  • 4 ports for multiple IP Address
  • Solid stable design


  • Max speed obtainable 1 Gbps
  • A router may need to be factory reset before connectin


3. Best for High-Speed Internet: Arris SURFboard SB8200


Arris SURFboard SB8200
  • Docsis tech: 3.1
  • Channels: Downstream / Upstream : 32 / 8
  • Download / Upload speed: 2Gbps / 1Gbps
  • Modem Router Combo: No

The SURFboard SB8200 is a Docsis 3.1 modem and is perfect for streaming Ultra-HD 4K videos and also for gaming. During extended testing it showed no latency in speed and consistently offered 2 Gbps download and 1 Gbps upload speeds.

The 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports allow for the creation of 2 separate home networks. This means that a single network may be used privately when guests are present. This modem supports IPv4 and IPv6 Internet protocol standards that make it great for a variety of applications.

The SB8200 offers 32 downstream and 8 upstream channels for ease of connecting multiple devices at the same time without unnecessary queuing.

The modem is powered by a Broadcom BCM3390 chipset and has 3 GB of RAM. Since the modem has 2 Ethernet ports, it is possible (after getting a second IP from the service provider) to connect a gaming console to one port and a wi-fi router to the second.

However, a WiFi router is not included in the package and has to be bought separately which is a drawback.


  • Very easy to install 
  • Works with Docsis 3.0 as well as Docsis 3.1 technologies 
  • Speed is good and stable


  • Tends to hang from time to time
  • Overheating issues


4. Best Modem Router Combo For Cox: Arris SURFboard SBG7580AC

SURFboard SBG7580AC
  • DOCSIS 3.0 
  • Downstream / Upstream: 32/8
  • Download / Upload speeds: 1.4Gbps/1 Gbps.
  • Modem / Router Combo: Yes

The Arris Surfboard SBG7580AC incorporates the Docsis 3.0 technology. The modem-router combo uses 32 x 8 channels and has 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports. These are perfect for connecting to things like smart TVs and gaming consoles for super fast connectivity.

The modem is easy to set up. All that needs to be done is to connect the cables, coaxial, ethernet and power. Contact the service provider and activate the service. Configure the WiFi settings and it’s all ready to go. The Wi-Fi beamforming feature allows for better connectivity and sustained speeds.

With the mobile app parental controls can be set and instant alerts are received if suspicious activity occurs. Thus managing the network is quick and easy. The data transfer rate is pegged at 1.4 Gb per second during our testing. Upload was sustained at 1 Gbps.

It also has Mcafee security inbuilt, which provides protection against online threats. The validity of the license is 3 years which gives peace of mind.


  • Very easy to set up
  • Built-in router 
  • Comes with 4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports


  • Has issues with signal drop 
  • Modem sometimes reboots itself


5. Best Performance: Arris SURFboard SBG6900AC

Arris SURFboard SBG6900AC
  • DOCSIS: 3.0
  •  Downstream/Upstream Channels: 16/4 
  •  Download Speed / Upload Speed: 686 Mbps / 50 Mbps
  • Modem / Router Combo: Yes

The Arris Surfboard SBG6900AC also incorporates a Wi-Fi AC1900 Router which makes it a handy purchase. The modem is capable of delivering consistent internet speeds pegged at 686 Mbps for download and 50 Mbps for upload. It incorporates dual-band concurrent technology and 2 port Gigabit Ethernet Router.

The Wi-Fi beamforming technology gives excellent Wi-Fi coverage and very good speeds when tested against benchmarks.

The DOCSIS 3.0 modem-router works with 16 x 4 channels without any lag or the need for buffering. The router is easy to install but the package does not contain a coaxial cable which is something that you need to keep in mind when purchasing.

It has Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) which is a wireless network setup option that quickly sets up a secure wireless network connection for any WPS-enabled wireless device, such as a computer, tablet, gaming device, or network printer.

The modem also supports IPv4 and IPV6 Internet protocols making it a versatile modem.


  • Very easy to set up
  • Combined modem and router
  • Provides a steady and consistent wireless signal


  • Has issues with the dropping of signal strength 
  • Sometimes the modem freeze


6. Best for Wireless Networking: NETGEAR Nighthawk C7000

NETGEAR Nighthawk C7000
  • Docsis Tech: 3.0 
  • Downstream / Upstream: 24 / 8
  • Download / Upload Speed: Up to 960Mbps / 22.52Mbps
  • Modem/Router Combo: Yes

The NETGEAR Nighthawk C7000 Cable Modem and Router is your modern-day helpline for connectivity. It is compatible with all cable providers in the U.S. including Xfinity by Comcast, Spectrum, and Cox. This combo delivers speeds of 960 Mbps when downloading and 22 Mbps when uploading.

You can now enjoy uninterrupted HD video streaming without any hassle. You can save $150 on the bills associated with your cable modem rentals.

Now access higher speeds through 24 x 8 channels and stream high-quality videos, faster downloads, and online gaming. You simply have no reason to complain.

The 1.6 GHz processor gives you high performance and bandwidth so that you are never out of touch with the world. With the dual-band combo, you stand to gain double the bandwidth. We found out that it also comes with parental control. Now, you control what your child accesses at home or your visitor.

Tha package includes an Ethernet cable, the combo cable modem router and a power adapter. DOCSIS 3.0 technology allows for the highest standards of bandwidth transfer. You get only high-speed data services and nothing less. NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem WiFi Router Combo C7000 works for cable internet plans of up to 400 Mbps.  Get wireless coverage of more than 1800 sq. ft. and up to 30 devices.


  • Easy setup
  • Nice looks
  • Fast internet speed
  • You can just rename the connection as per your previous one, no need to configure again


  • Modem reboots
  • Not compatible with Cox
  • Videos buffer and freeze


7. Best for Video Streaming: TP-Link TC-W7960 Wireless


TP-Link TC-W7960 Wireless
  • Docsis Tech: 3.0 
  • Downstream / Upstream: 8 / 4 
  • Download / Upload Speed: 343Mbps / 143Mbps
  • Modem / Router Combo: Yes

Get freedom from your monthly cable internet modem rentals and breathe a sigh of relief. The TP-Link TC-W7960 wireless modem-router combo is here. It is great for cable internet plans up to 150 Mbps. It is highly compatible with Xfinity from Comcast, Spectrum, and Wow to name a few.

The DOCSIS 3.0 platform based Cable Modem Router can deliver download speed of 343 Mbps and upload of 143 Mbps without any hassle. It is your 2-in-1 networking solution. It works both as a cable modem and as a router.

The TC-W7960 uses N300 Wi-Fi to keep multiple devices connected to your network. All your devices run at optimum speed, thanks to 8 x 4 channels.

It comes armed with parental controls and a separate guest network. Now, you are totally in control of your network.

You should not be worried about the setup. It is as easy and any newbie can do it. Just follow the simple instructions given on your device or take the technical team’s assistance.

The connection can be made as simple as ever. The Gigabit Ethernet ports are ever ready to connect your devices.


  • Easy to set up
  • Works great with Xfinity
  • Good speed


  • Connections drop every now and then
  • You cannot set up static IPs on devices
  • Firewall configuration is also not possible


8. Netgear C3000 N300 (2 in 1)


Netgear C3000 N300
  • Docsis Tech: 3.0
  • Downstream / Upstream: 8 / 4
  • Download / Upload Speed: 340Mbps / 300Mbps
  • Modem / Router Combo: Yes

For the most part, this is a good cable modem and router combo that comes with really fast transfer rate. The download speed went above the specified 340 Mbps most of the time and the upload is at a stable 300 Mbps. The device works using Docsis 3.0 technology and offers 8 x 4 channels.

More than that, it also has a pretty good range. We have tried the wifi in different parts of the house and gotten a good signal no matter where and even some down the street.

There are two different signals on the router though. One is the 2.4 GHz band and the other is the 5 GHz band. As 2.4 GHz is used by most router users, it is slightly congested and thus, slower. The 5 GHz signal, due to having less traffic is faster. However, the range for it is shorter.

There is also a wonderful guest network option. This allows you to share your wifi with anyone visiting your home without giving them the main password.

What did disappoint us was the difference in performance. Sometimes the speed would be beyond good and other times, it can get real slow on both signals. A little of it has to do with your ISP provider too, so we would recommend checking up on that.

Alternatively, if this modem appeals to you but you wish for slight changes in the specs, you can also try NETGEAR N600.


  • Easy setup
  • Good speed
  • Interface is user-friendly


  • Inconsistent performance
  • Only two ports
  • A bit expensive


9. Best for Small Places with Limited People: Arris Surfboard SBG6580

Arris Surfboard SBG6580
  • Docsis Tech: 3.0
  • Downstream / Upstream: 8 / 4
  • Download / Upload Speed: 343Mbps / 131 Mbps
  • Modem / Router Combo: Yes  

Arris Surfboard SBG6580 is a modem-router combo, best suited for your home network. It enables swift access to the Wi-Fi network and ensures fast internet speed. Once you plug in the device, it works like a charm downloading at 343 Mbps and uploading at 131 Mbps with no delay.

This Docsis 3.0 compliant modem-router combo is fast, reliable and uses 8 x 4 channels. One can easily download large files, stream movies and still won’t complain about speed. Its bandwidth is enough to cover your entire house.

The modem-router combo is an excellent buy as this helps you save those monthly rental charges from the cable company.

However, frequent rebooting is one drawback you will have to deal with. The device often needs a reboot as the Wi-Fi stops working after some time. On bad days, you may have to reboot 2-3 times a day for good service.

Also, its reach is limited to your house. So, you can’t access the internet outside your compound.


  • Good for simple needs
  • Easy to install, one can do without tech support
  • The modem will save your monthly rental fee 
  • Good replacement for wireless cable box
  • Perfect modem for a small family
  • Easy on the pocket, ensures great speed
  • Maximum benefit for the daily internet user


  • Has Limited Wi-Fi reach 
  • May not work on certain ISP providers
  • Modem a hit, router not up to the mark


10. Best for Single Person Use: Arris SurfBoard SB6121

Arris SurfBoard SB6121
  • Docsis Tech: 3.0
  • Downstream / Upstream: 4 / 4
  • Download / Upload Speed: 172Mbps / 131 Mbps
  • Modem / Router Combo: No

Arris SurfBoard SB6121 is one of the best modems in the market for strong internet connectivity and can be used at home and small offices. Downloading and uploading of data is quick due to 172 Mbps download and 131 Mbps upload speeds.

Its compatibility ensures that you can use the modem on the go. If you are living in a huge apartment, you can carry the device anywhere on the premises and still enjoy the seamless service. 4 x 4 channels offer superb stability of the connection.

However, the device starts stuttering if multiple users get access to it. Also, it may not keep up with speed if traffic load increases, especially in terms of gaming and streaming.

Arris SurfBoard SB6121 is based on Docsis 3.0  and offers a good replacement for Comcast cable, helping you save the rental fees, every month.

The downside of the device is that it doesn’t have a power button. You have to unplug the device to switch it off. Often, you require frequent reboots as the modem gets hanged during overload. It will connect instantly but rebooting is a concern.

If you re-start and re-configure the device daily, you will get a strong performance.


  • Easy installation, good speed
  • A seamless and steady connection
  • Works with every cable internet provider
  • Good buy, saves your money
  • Great replacement for a TWC modem
  • Aesthetically appealing, 5-star rating


  • No power button, need to unplug for switching off
  • Daily resets required
  • It can get warm with continuous use
  • Gets unstable during gaming & Streaming


11. Best for Streaming & Online Gaming: Netgear CMD31T

Netgear CMD31T-100NAS
  • Docsis Tech: 3.0
  • Downstream / Upstream: 4 / 4
  • Download / Upload Speed: 150Mbps / 150Mbps
  • Modem / Router Combo: No

Netgear CMD31T DOCSIS 3.0 is a beautifully designed device for users, who want not just performance but also aesthetics. The modem only device is smaller than Comcast modems and is also very easy to install.

You just need to plug in a few cables and the modem gets running in less than 5 minutes. Not just easy in set-up, this cable modem is compatible with most ISPs including Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Charter, Comcast, Cox.

Netgear CMD31T works using DOCSIS 3.0 tech and has 4 x 4 channels for allowing multiple users to browse. The 150 Mbps download and identical upload speed is ideal for heavy data transfer by up to six devices.

However, certain issues can trouble you – like modem self-starting on its own without any alarm/notification. The Internet suddenly turns off and you need to reset the modem to fix it. This may be annoying for some.

Another troubling issue is return shipping cost. It may cost you more than half the cost of the modem which you had to pay. Also, you have to register complaints, remind regularly and refund comes after a long wait.


  • Great set-up, small size, smart look
  • Easy installation, comfortable in use
  • Works with most cable internet service
  • Modem is worth the price you pay
  • Cuts rental cost saves money
  • Can access both VOIP and internet
  • Fast and consistent internet speed


  • Often needs re-start to keep it running  
  • Download speed slower than promised
  • Compatibility issue with Netgear router
  • Needs reboot after every 24-48 hours


12. Best No-Frills Fast Modem: Cisco DPC3000

Cisco DPC3000
  • Docsis Tech: 3.0
  • Downstream / Upstream: 4 / 4
  • Download / Upload Speed: 160Mbps / 120Mbps
  • Modem / Router Combo: No

Cisco DPC3000 using DOCSIS 3.0 platform is a simple and robust modem, manufactured for customer’s convenience. It is a no-frills device that offers 4 x 4 channels for smooth data transfer.

Purchasing this modem will save your monthly rental fee from the cable company and will also ensure that you pay for only what you are consuming. Offering 160 Mbps download and 120 Mbps upload speed it is suitable for connecting all of your family’s data hungry devices.

You don’t face any issue in setting-up this modem. Its strong signal gives you an uninterrupted internet supply without any hiccups. It works like a lightning bolt, as one can access the service anywhere in a big apartment.

Problems that people face are mostly ISP related and return shipping. If you plan to replace your existing Cisco DPC3000 modem, it will burn a hole in your pocket. All the shipping costs will be borne by you and also the waiting time is too long.

The modem also has a connectivity problem with Comcast. Many users found it to be a good product initially but got disappointed just after a couple of months.


  • Simple and robust device
  • No frills modem enables fast service
  • Signal strong and consistent
  • No connection loss, good connectivity
  • Saves monthly rental from the cable company
  • Good purchase, value for your money
  • Eye-catching software on modem’s webpage


  • The modem takes time to connect with Comcast
  • Need to reset device quite often  
  • You have to pay for return shipping



What is the best budget cable modem?

The Cisco DPC3000 is stylish and costs only $50. With one Ethernet port, it has a 160 Mbps maximum download speed that is quite enough for most applications. It does not have Wifi, and you would need to attach a Wifi router to give it extended connection.Which is the best Netgear model for Cox?

Since Netgear offers superb support through the Genie app, many prefer to install it. The Netgear CM1000 has every feature you could need. It is DOCSIS 3.1 enabled, which means you could have speeds as high as 6 Gbps. That means transferring a huge BlueRay disc every couple of seconds.32 x 8 channels means perfect connection at very high speeds for up to 10 devices at your home.Which is the best DOCSIS 3.1 modem with a Cox subscription?

The latest Motorola Ultra Fast is the fastest 3.1 modem that can be used with the Cox subscription. Motorola’s patented queue management technology means you could use multiple duplex data-hungry applications with no lag at all. With an Ethernet port, it can plug into an HDTV or laptop. Otherwise, you could attach it to a Wifi router.Is there a perfect SurfBoard model I can use?

The Arris SurfBoard SBG7580AC is a sturdy cable modem and Wifi router all in one device. Certified for speeds up to 1400 Mbps, it has McAfee security that is inbuilt and prevents malware from infecting your phone and laptop. The Intel Puma chip makes it superfast in its processing.How to find an easy to set up router?

The TP-Link N300 is really easy to set up since it is built with an auto-configuration mode. The modem detects the IP address and other details and only prompts for the password of the system. The 8 downstream and 4 upstream channels offer 343 Mbps download speed and work perfectly.


Though a DOCSIS 3.0 machine, the Arris Surfboard SB6121 was, in our opinion, the best value for money. That is because 3.1 support for 6 Gbps is not available nor affordable, and most homes have slower connections (that are actually blazing fast at 300 Mbps). It also allows you to use a Wifi router of your choice and is backed by excellent after-sales service.

A close second was the NETGEAR Nighthawk. It is AC1900 and promises fast WiFi in every nook and cranny. With powerful external antennas and able to run 30 devices, it would have made the top spot if not for its very angular design that makes it look slightly out of place besides sleeker devices.


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