The Dirt Devil Scorpion is an excellent choice in the corded handheld vacuum cleaner category. The details of key features of this vacuum cleaner are as follows:


The vacuum cleaner is small and portable which makes it convenient to clean narrower spaces. It comes with a quick flip crevice tool which flips from the top and clicks into place. This removes the tension of misplacing these tools as they are built-in. it also has a shoulder strap which allows you to sling it over your shoulder during cleaning. It weighs only 3 pounds which is lightweight and does not exert any pressure on your wrist. The 2.5-foot hose makes it further convenient to reach cramped spaces.

Motor and Suction

The device is powered by a strong 7-amp motor which provides excellent suction. It can pick up debris several inches away from the nozzle too easily. It comes with a 0.45L dirt cup that stores sufficient debris and you don’t have to empty it frequently.

Ease of Maintenance

The Dirt Devil Scorpion vacuum cleaner is very easy to maintain. You simply have to twist at the center of the body to separate it into two halves. The dirt cup and filter is housed in one part. You can simply remove the filter and dispose of the debris.

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Why You should use Dirt Devil Scorpion Handheld Vacuum

The Dirt Devil Scorpion handheld vacuum cleaner makes cleaning fun and easy. The reasons why you should use this vacuum cleaner are discussed below:


This is a compact vacuum cleaner meant for small to medium cleaning tasks. It comes with a quick flip crevice tool that clicks from the top and clicks into place. This means you will never have to worry about misplacing it. It has a 2.5 feet hose to reach narrower spaces.

Suction Capabilities

The Dirt Devi Scorpion Handheld vacuum cleaner is powered by a 7amp motor which gives it good suction power. It also has a 16-feet cord length which makes it easy to clean distant spaces to the power plug. If you want to use it for longer time periods, you should consider switching it off for 30 seconds in between before restarting it. This is to avoid overheating which can result due to a powerful motor. The dirt disposal is easy as you only need to twist the center of the base to separate it into two sections.


This vacuum cleaner can last for a long time if you maintain it properly. The build quality and components are also of high-quality. You get a 3-year warranty on the purchase of this vacuum cleaner which is an excellent deal.

Can I Wash My Dirt Devil Filter?

You can wash the filter provided in the Dirt Devil filter easy to clean it. The process for cleaning it and replacement are detailed below:

Washing the Dirt Devil Filter

You should remove the dirt cup provided in the vacuum cleaner by pressing the release button. The filter needs to be removed from the dirt cup for cleaning. Once you have removed the filter, you can clean it by rinsing it under cold running water.

The filter should be then left to air dry for at least 24 hours before you reassemble it back. After installing back the clean filter, you are ready to clean again.

Filter Replacement

You should ideally change the filter of the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner at least twice a year. a dirty filter can reduce the suction power of the vacuum cleaner and also cause settling of dirt and debris on important parts inside.

This can damage the parts which would be much costlier to repair or replace than replacing the filter. Depending upon your use, the filter may have to be changed more than twice a year too. It is very important to note that you should not use this vacuum cleaner without a filter as it can damage the motor.

How do you clean a Dirt Devil Scorpion Filter?

You should clean the filter provided in the Dirt Devil Scorpio vacuum cleaner to get powerful suction every time. The suction can become underwhelming due to clogged dirt cup and filter and cleaning the filter will address this issue. The process for cleaning the filter on the Dirt Devil Scorpio vacuum cleaner is as follows:

Remove the Filter

The filter for this vacuum cleaner will be placed inside the dirt cup. You will need to remove the dirt cup by pressing the release clip on the body of the cleaner. You should remove the dirt cup and pull the filter out. The debris in the dirt cup should be emptied.

Shake the Dirt

Once the filter is removed, you should tap it to loosen the dirt. You should also remove the foam filter in front of the pleated filter and clean it for any surface dirt.

Rinse the Filter

You can clean the filter by rinsing it under running cold water. It is important to note that any form of soap or detergents should be avoided during cleaning the filter as they can damage it.

Airdry and Reinstall

After cleaning the filter, you should let the filter air dry before reassembling it back. Ideally, you should leave the filter to airdry for 24 hours to ensure its completely clean and dry and fit for reassembling.

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How do you open a Dirt Devil Vacuum?

Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner is a compact and powerful device for meeting your daily cleaning needs. It comes with a 16-feet long cord which makes it easier to clean your interiors and cars. The vacuum cleaner weighs under 4 pounds and does not put excessive pressure on your wrists during the cleaning process. You will need to open this vacuum cleaner for cleaning it properly. The steps for opening the Dirt Devil vacuum are provided below:

Remove External Battery

The first step towards opening the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner is to remove the power supply. The external battery provided on the side of the vacuum cleaner also known as the power brick needs to be removed before opening the vacuum cleaner. You should pull out the battery which is connected by a cable to the power plug and keep it aside for the duration you want to open and service the vacuum cleaner.

Disconnect the Handle

Opening and cleaning this vacuum cleaner can create a mess. Hence you should cover the floor with a mat or newspaper first before proceeding ahead. Place the vacuum on its sides to ensure that the handle attachment is facing upwards. Rotate the locking collar at the base of the handle in an anti-clockwise direction and gently pull out the handle.

Unscrew the Sections

Once the handle has been disconnected, you need to turn it to its side. You will see a screw on the sides which you will need to open using a screwdriver. Take care to keep the screws securely as they will be needed for assembling back the vacuum together. Once the screws have been removed, you can gently pull the two sections apart.

Release Canister

The Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner will have a button for releasing the dirt cup. You should now rotate the vacuum in a manner that the release button near the bottom faces upward. Hold the canister with one hand and press the release button with the other hand. This will ensure that the dirt cup is easily removed. The filter should be slowly pulled out and the canister can be emptied. This should be followed by cleaning of the cup by rinsing it under cold water. It should be left to air dry before installing it back.

Remove Metal Plate

You should now place the vacuum cleaner back on the floor with the brush head facing upward. So You will need to unscrew the screws on both sides of the roll. You should take care to securely store the screws as they will be needed later. Once the head is unscrewed, you should remove the metal plate from the bristles.

Pull the Brush Head

The screws provided on the frame should be unscrewed for completely pulling out the brush head. Store the screws safely for reassembling the unit later. After removing the screws, you should pull the brush head and clean the different parts. You should ensure that all the parts which you have cleaned should be left to completely air dry before you start reassembling them.

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