The Homasy portable handheld vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice. You can get powerful suction and cleaning features and an all-round vacuum cleaner for your family. The key features of this handheld vacuum cleaners are as follows:


It has 100watt powerful motor with suction up to 8Kpa. It can clean hard to reach places that are as small as 0-3 microns. That also comes with a warranty of 3 years during which you can get free servicing from the company.

Cleaning Time

This handheld vacuum cleaner is powered by 4x2200mAh Lithium batteries. It can provide you a cleaning time of up to 30 minutes on a single charge. It also comes with a reasonable 600ml dust collection capacity which is quite decent.

Charging Time

The vacuum cleaner charges quickly due to fast charge technology. It also comes with self-developed intelligent power management technology. That can be completely charged in 3-4 hours. It packs safety features like temperature protection, input voltage protection, short circuit protection, etc. to ensure safety during the charging process.


The Homsay portable handheld vacuum cleaner can last up to 5 years and provide 500 cleaning cycles. The lithium batteries used in this vacuum cleaner are highly efficient which results in the longer lifespan which is much more than most competing brands.

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Why You Should Use Homasy Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Homasy portable handheld vacuum cleaner is one of the best in the market. The following features make it a must-have if you are looking for buying a handheld vacuum cleaner:

Powerful Suction

This model comes with a 100watt powerful motor which provides an excellent suction capacity of up to 8Kpa. It also comes with a dust collection capacity of 600ml.

Greater Cleaning Time

Powerful 2200mAh lithium batteries ensure that you get up to 30 minutes of cleaning time on a single recharge. The battery does not have a memory effect which means that you don’t have to drain it fully before charging.

Noiseless Operation

The vacuum cleaner is relatively noiseless compared to other models. The noise levels are only 78dB which is lower than the competing brands. This ensures that your family members and pets are not disturbed during cleaning.

Versatile Attachments

It comes with 3 versatile attachments. The rubber jar attachment is ideal for cleaning up to 100ml liquids. The brush attachment is designed for cleaning dust, carpet, floors, picture frames, etc. The crevice tool is ideal for cleaning difficult to reach spaces.

Tested for Quality

This vacuum cleaner goes through rigorous tests for ensuring the best performance. It is also ergonomically designed and tested which greatly reduces the pressure on your wrists while cleaning. The ergonomic 65-degree sloping design provides effortless and better cleaning than other models.

How Long do Handheld Vacuums Last

Handheld vacuum cleaners are designed to do light cleaning works and the cordless models work on batteries. A typical handheld vacuum cleaner can last for 2-3 years depending upon the following factors:


You should buy branded vacuum cleaners as they are better and last longer than the local or unbranded vacuum cleaners. You can also get warranty with these branded vacuum cleaners.


The more you use the vacuum cleaner, the shorter will the lifespan due to wear and tear. Misusing the vacuum cleaner like using incorrect height adjustment, choosing the wrong model for your needs, etc. can further minimize the lifespan. Most handheld vacuum cleaners are not designed to clean up liquids, doing so can reduce their longevity. Not cleaning the vacuum after cleaning job can reduce its life also.


Poor maintenance of the vacuum can reduce its life. It should be emptied immediately after completing the cleaning job, otherwise it may be clogged by excessive dirt and debris. The filters which trap dirt should also be cleaned regularly to get the best results and longer lifespan. The motorized brush which picks up the dirt should be cleaned or the dirt can eventually stop it from cleaning and damage it.

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How to use Homasy Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Homasy portable handheld vacuum cleaner is very convenient to use. The following are the usage and maintenance instruction for the device:


The vacuum cleaner should not be used without filter. You should ensure the filter is securely fitted. In order to switch it on, you should move the ON/OFF switch forward. This will start the device for cleaning. You should attach the correct cleaning attachment- rubber, brush, or crevice nozzle- as per the requirement.


While cleaning keep hair, loose clothing, and body parts away from openings and moving parts. You should not pick up any inflammable liquids like gasoline or use it near them. You should keep the openings free from dust, lint, hair, etc. which may reduce airflow. Once done, switch it off.

Emptying the Vacuum Cleaner

The dust collection bag should be emptied after each use. You can also wash the dust container if you want. Once done, the container should be fitted back into the vacuum cleaner. If it is damaged, you must replace the dust collection container.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The device should be kept away from combustible objects. The parts of this vacuum cleaner should not be cleaned in the dishwasher. Before you clean the outer body, you should ensure it is switched off and not connected to any power outlet.


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