Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones Review


It’s been quite a while since Sennheiser hit the market with its high-tech gadgets, of which headphones have been the real prominent ones. Right from the start, the manufacturers have been introducing some impressive models, and this review talks about one of its professional headphone models – the HD 280 Pro.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones offer high-end sound with noise isolation, but whether they truly are the best headphones or not, you’ll find out in following lines. To start with, these headphones have received quite a few reviews and acclamation from online customers.


That’s always been the first priority of professional artists and DJs. Customizable headsets conform to the head shape, giving warm and comfortable support to ears, so that you can listen to the music for hours. Sennheiser HD280 Pro adjusts to your needs quite easily. Its design has a major role to play in giving you hours of comfort.

The close-ear design looks alluringly comfortable and the heavily padded ear caps provide maximum noise isolation. The headband is also heavily padded for extra cushioning, and is movable as well so you can adjust it according to your head shape.

Long Cord

Cord is essential for continuous signal transfer. Since you have nowhere to go and music is the only thing to concentrate on, you won’t be needing wireless headphones and compromise on sound quality, would you?

Even then, the cord is long enough to let you move 10 feet around the source. To be precise, its 3.3-feet coiled cord and it can extend up to 9.8 feet. You can also replace it easily.

Noise Attenuation

The close-ear headphones are dynamic and you’ll get noise attenuation up to 32 dB. That’s industry’s highest standard to be honest. So, if you could listen to anything but the sound coming out of those speakers, you must be having extra ordinary pair of ears.  

Crystal Clear Sound

You’ve heard and have experienced quite a few closed-back headphones that talk about sound acoustics. But when it comes to clarity, some of them tend to lack that crystal clear and natural sound. If you’re a pro, an audiophile or a music DJ, the only thing you’d do is, find a better pair of headphones. Sennheiser HD 280 headphones offer natural sound reproduction. You won’t miss a single low, thanks to its natural sound and extended frequency response.

Fair Price

For how much you could get headphones that offer extreme comfort, durability, long duration for music and HD sound? Well, you’ll be quite happy to see the price of Sennheiser HD 280 Pro, if you haven’t already.

It’s time to check out some benefits and limitations of this product. While we’re including what we’ve observed in Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones, customer reviews are quite important in determining its positive and negative points.


  • Extremely comfortable close-ear design: The headphones are easy-to-wear. The headband sits perfectly on all kinds of head shapes. Ear and the area around it is quite sensitive to external pressure. So the headband and the ear cups must have a heavy layer of memory foam. Material of the foam cover should be soothing and resistant to sweat. Senheiser HD 280 Pro has got it all.
  • Durable and adjustable: There’s no question on durability as these headphones are made of durable polycarbonate material which also makes them a little lighter than other similar headphones. As the headphones need to be adjusted according to the size of the head, they should be durable enough to withstand external force.
  • Passive noise cancellation: The entire mechanism is tailor made for passive noise isolation. Having mentioned that, any noise over 32 dB can be heard, that means you will not be entirely disconnected to your surroundings. So, these headphones will be good companions for flights, train journeys or even travelling in public transport.
  • Affordable: While other factors are there, price seems to be the most alluring factor of these headphones. You don’t expect too many features and cleanest audio performance within the range of $50 – $100, but these headphones have made it possible.  
  • Professional sound: Sennheiser HD 280 Pro offers studio quality sound across full range of frequency. This is why, these headphones are far more popular among record mixers, sound experts and DJs.


Like any other electronic gadget, Sennheiser HD 280 Pro also have a few negative points. These are:

  • Cord/cable management: The headphones have a 3.3 feet coiled cord which can pose a few problems if you have a limited space. Unlike others, in-ear headphones, there are no clips to hold the cables properly.

To add, these headphones come with cables fixed at both ear cups. Nowadays, some headphones and in-ear models feature detachable cables for better handling. So, this is something manufacturers need to think about.

  • No swiveling in ear cups: While this feature is available in high-end models, but still, these headphones don’t have swiveled ear cups.

These are mere weaknesses that can be compromised if you look forward for HD quality sound. Honestly, the entire design is more suitable for professional and studio listening. 

Why You Should Choose These Headphones

Now, it all comes to this; HD 280 Pro are meant for high resolution sound. So, if you’re an audiophile, you wouldn’t miss them at all. Or perhaps you’d be looking for more features. Then you need to look for those high-end models falling within the range of $200 – $300.

Quite frankly, features like detachable cable or flexibility can be compensated if your focus is truly on sound quality.

Final Word

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones offer professional listening experience at highly affordable price. The headphones are potential problem solvers for noise attenuation, limiting it 32dB, so you don’t get distracted. At the same time, you’ll feel relaxed and prepared for long duration of sound mixing and editing.

These headphones may lack some latest features, but they don’t seem to fall back when it comes to sound quality. All in all, this is a good pair for pros and audiophiles for enjoying music.

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