Sonos Playbar Review – One Of The Best Soundbars Around


The Sonos Playbar is an incredibly good addition and good a start point for feeling a theatrical sound right in your home! The Playbar does a pretty good job in delivering a virtual surround effect which makes it an ideal option for pairing it with Sonos speakers, so you can enjoy your time during watching your favorite TV shows, series, and movies!
But, what makes it so special and a must-have?

Let’s get started and straight to the point!

The Design

From a design perspective, the Sonos Playbar measures 3.35-inches in height, 35.43-inches in width, 5.51-inches in depth

It weighs around 12 pounds or 5.4kg which makes it lightweight but also mobile so you can place it anywhere you want without putting in much effort.
The Playbar itself looks really premium and luxurious because of its sleek super-slim profile which makes it a great addition for placing it under your TV or even mounting it on your wall thanks to the keyhole bracket placed at the back.

The aluminum and the black speaker mesh detailings are strongly accenting its mightiness, so it sounds as good as it looks!
Sonos isn’t really perfect when it comes to the connectivity ports since their products do not feature plenty of them, and the same thing is with the playbar.

This device has 2 Ethernet ports of which the first is meant for connecting the Playbar to a wired home network while the second is used for sharing a wireless control so you shouldn’t worry about anything!

There is also one optical audio input and a power port, so Sonos succeeded in their intention to equip you with a fair amount of connectivities while keeping it as simple as possible like they always do.

Inside the Playbar, there are nine perfectly tuned Class-D digital amplifiers, three tweeters, 6 mid-woofers and they are the ones that are responsible for delivering the quality sound. To be more precise, the digital amplifiers are perfectly tuned for matching the nine digital speaker drives, while the integrated three tweeters deliver stunning high-frequency responses.

In addition, the six-mid woofers are really strong components since they are responsible for distributing a full range sound from the left, right and the center channels.

The woofers are also a great addition because they work closely together to ensure that everything displayed on the screen matches the delivered sound consistently and properly.

Now, let’s move to the next section where I will describe briefly about its features and performance.

The Performance

The Sonos Playbar is extremely easy for plugging it, but setting it up is a bit more complicated because, in order to use it wirelessly, you’ll have to additionally purchase a Sonos Bridge which performs as an entry point for your home wireless network. But either way, technically, itperforms wirelessly.

I suggest you download the Sonos app which works really well due to its intuitive interface which will ease your navigation while switching between menus.
This app integrates many wireless music services like Napster, Spotify, and TV audio so regardless if you’re an Android or iOS user, you can enjoy the benefits given by the app.

The Sonos Controller App will also let you search and browse for songs, stations
and since it isn’t tied to one specific player, you can also use it for controling the music and the volume in every room of your home.

The soundbar itself has an IR sensor which has a built-in repeater so it works with nearly all universal remotes, cable boxes, and TVs.

Basically, you can control the volume without needing a controller which makes your user-experience more convenient.

Moreover, the playbar boasts 2 unique features which ensure an incredible home theater experience. The first is known as a Night Sound and this feature as the name states is aimed at those who prefer watching TV at night without waking the neighbors.

The sound of dialogues, explosions and certain high frequencies are lowered only in their loudness, without affecting the quality. So, you can hear everything clearly!

The second feature known as Speech Enhancement works in a similar fashion, such as lowering the amount of bass, adding some gain to the center channel and reducing certain frequency ranges. The final output is a soft and rich dialogue that sounds extremely gentle and accurate.

I want to mention also that you can enhance your listening experience even more by pairing two speakers and a sub for having a 5.1 surround system which makes everything more enjoyable since the playbar itself is a 3.0 system.

As the Sonos Play5 speaker, this device is also really consistent in delivering a distortion-free audio even if you max out the volume.

This means that the audio quality will remain fully-ranged and bass-heavy so you can enjoy your time with it!

But that’s not all! The playbar is capable enough to decode all of the Dolby Digital soundtracks, but unfortunately, it doesn’t support DTS.

I will leave this up to you to decide if we can consider it as a drawback or not, but either way, I really like its performance.

I must applaud Sonos also because of the included driver setup which performs unbelievably good in the distribution of a wide and detailed sound. According to Sonos, if you position the soundbar upright, the sound will be greater and can easily fill a room, so if you call your friends for a movie time, they wouldn’t be able to recognize if the audio does really come from a soundbar or a speaker.

Final Words

To conclude, the Sonos Playbar would definitely be an ideal addition to your existing home theater setup or a start-point for creating a home theater. I would also suggest you get one or a pair of Sonos Play5 speakers if you want to experience the best possible audio sound which expands the borders of how should a home theater setup sound like!

That’s why, you should take the Sonos Playbar into a serious consideration and if you ever decide to buy it, this soundbar will ensure long movie hours filled with an incredibly defined audio!

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