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You probably know that some of the most high-end phones run on android. I personally use an android phone and i decided to make a list where i review the 5 best android phones in the market for this year. I’ve tested many different models over the years, and came up with the 5 best ones that you can buy right now. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Samsung Galaxy S10+

The winner of our best android phones list is the S10+.If you want the creme de la creme, top of the crop, best of the best, Samsung Galaxy S10+ delivers everything that you may be looking for and much more. With its mindblowing display, gorgeous aesthetics, and mighty performance. It is truly the best smartphone in the market and it has no competition for now.

There is no denying that the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is a beautiful phone, with its glass design on front and back, and the aluminium band encompassing the body. It has a true edge-to-edge display, looking like it came from the future, coming in at a large size thanks to its huge 6.4-inch screen, but due to its curved back, it delivers a secure grip. On the back panel, you will spot the camera array, flash, and the heart rate monitor, that is now standard in Samsung’s top-end smartphones.

This model has a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED panel that is astounding, delivering perfect blacks, amazing resolution for the amazing sharpness, HDR support, breathtaking colours, and plenty of brightness. It has a great screen to body ratio, the best in this category in fact, but I found the front camera notch becoming an annoyance after some time, but it is the price to pay for the edge-to-edge display.

In the performance department, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the most capable in the market as well, sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 CPU with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, meaning that this phone is capable of plenty of productivity, and it will run every smartphone game with high framerates and smoothly. One thing worth stating here is that the new architecture in the CPU will prevent degradation, which is an issue with Android phones.

This smartphone is equipped with a 4100mAh battery which is capable of lasting about two days with moderate use, it also has plenty of power-saving modes and it is capable of Wireless PoweShare which is one of the most impressive features in the market.

Capable of delivering everything, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is truly the definition of flagship Android smartphone.

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2. Google Pixel 3

Android phones have been dominating for a couple of years now, but the experience with all of them have been mostly the same until the Google Pixel 3 came into the scene. This smartphone delivers the best Android experience and the best AI experience that elevates the whole ordeal.

If I have to explain the design of the Pixel 3 with just one word, I would say adorable. It has a 5.5-inch screen but has a compact and small body, palpable and delivers a pretty secure grip, you can comfortably reach every corner of the screen without any discomfort. It features a two-tone design, as you’ll see on the back a shiny glass on top and a matte finish on the majority of the body, a very smooth feeling overall, and it has two bezels on the top and bottom of the screen and no punch holes like other smartphones.

As I mentioned earlier the Pixel 3 rocks a 5.5-inch OLED panel with Full HD+ resolution of 2160×1080 which delivers perfect details, it also has HDr support, and the colours are also popping over the screen while still looking pretty natural and out of this world.

The main selling point of the Google Pixel 3 is its camera, and it just has one lens on the rear a 12MP one, which may not look much, considering that most smartphones now are equipped with 4 lenses in the back, but this provides the best photos you’ll take on a phone, period. This is mostly due to the HDR+ image processing and Pixel Visual Core chip, combined with smart AI, the experience is just out of this planet.

Performance-wise this device has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Chipset with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, while this may seem like lacking or far behind its competitors, it is still up there with the best, capable of plenty of workloads.

Battery life is not its best asset, however, it is still pretty capable of going on a day without needing a charge, and it will last about 8 hours with continuous video streaming, thanks to its 2920mAh battery.

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3. Huawei P30 Pro

The Chinese electronics titan Huawei has been one of the best selling phones for several years now, number 2 in global sales to be exact, and its flagship phones have truly been dream machines. It’s newest high-end device is the P30 Pro comes in with one of the best cameras in the market, the lengthiest battery life, performance enough for a computer, beautiful design and display, simply one of the most important packages in the market.

The predecessor of the Huawei P30 Pro was an already beautiful phone, however, this one took it to another level delivering a more refined and streamlined device. It rocks an edge-to-edge display, with an incorporated fingerprint scanner in it, and the beautifully designed camera notch on top that is pleasing and doesn’t get annoying as other phones. I noticed that the screen is now curved and has Corning Gorilla Glass on top for protection, it also has a slim profile to provide a secure grip in hands, but it is pretty large measuring 158×73.4×8.4mm in total and it weighs 192grams.

This particular model rocks a 6.47-inch OLED panel with Full HD Resolution of 2340x1080p resulting in 398 pixels per inch, with an aspect ratio of 19.5:9. It is important to note that the screen also has HDR support, it can get pretty bright averaging 444nits at max brightness, it delivers perfect blacks with infinity contrast, and displays excellent and accurate colours.

One of the biggest selling points of the Huawei P30 Pro is its camera performance, thanks to its 40MP main lens, 8MP telephoto, 20MP ultra-wide, and a ToF depth sensing sensor to deliver an outstanding photo experience, there is only one phone that delivers a better camera experience, capable of everything that you can throw at it.

Spec-wise it is fitted with a homegrown Kirin 980 CPU with 8GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage, this also delivers a pretty snappy experience, which is top of the line and its amazing overall. The battery life of this phone is the best in class thanks to its 4200mAh cell capable of 16 hours of video streaming before dying out.

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4. Samsung Galaxy A50

Buying a good phone in today’s market is pretty difficult, considering that all the manufacturers deliver great flagship phones every year, but what about those that do not want to cross into the pricy flagship market but still want a big brand phone. That’s when the Samsung Galaxy A50 comes to the rescue with its excellent display, beautiful display, mighty power in the performance department and many more features that Samsung delivers in its flagship models.

When you first take a look at the Samsung Galaxy A50 you wouldn’t think that it is a budget model, because it looks premium, with its near to none bezels, camera notch with a U-shape, a premium looks overall. Maybe the company has pulled some tricks to cut the costs but they are acceptable because this phone looks excellent, it doesn’t have a glass back, instead, it has utilized a polycarbonate plastic with iridescent paint, that makes this phone gorgeous, some flagship phones can take some design hints from here.

For its price range, the Samsung Galaxy A50 has a pretty impressive display, the best in its class to be correct, it has a 6.4-inch Full HD+ Super AMOLED panel with 2340×1080 resolution. It displays plenty of sharpness, the best colours in its range thanks to its AMOLED nature, to be exact it managed to reproduce about 192.8% of the sRGB colour gamut, but you can set the colours to your preference. It is worth noting that this screen can get pretty bright averaging about 574 nits at maximum brightness, so you can easily use it even under direct sunlight.

This smartphone is also fitted with a good camera array, namely a 25MP main lens, the 8MP ultrawide lens, a 5MP depth sensor to achieve the bokeh effect for portraits, and a 25MP selfie camera for the social media lovers. This array performed excellently, I didn’t expect to see those kinds of results in this price range, great job from the manufacturer.

In the performance department, this device rocks an Exynos 960 CPU, with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, making it a great performer at the budget range, capable of competing with mid-range products comfortably.

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5. Moto G7

We are going to start our best android phones list with a budget-friendly option. If you are a budget-conscious buyer like me, you most likely compare products and their prices until you find which one offers the most value for the price. The Android phone that delivers the most value for its price is the Moto G7, an excellent phone delivering a decent experience, surpassing the expectations set by its cost, with excellent performance, good design, cameras, and an all-around great package that will please everyone.

The Moto G7 features a similar design, like its predecessor, it is not flashy per se, equipped with some upgrades to the body that make it notable. First off, I have to say that this phone really feels premium and I did not expect it considering its asking price. It is built with glass on both sides, enhancing both the looks and the design, on top of that the manufacturer has curved the back slightly to make it more carryable, so you will secure a nice grip.

In the front, it rocks a nearly edge-to-edge display, and on the back, it rocks the camera array and the fingerprint scanner and I found its placement perfect and convenient for instant access.

This device rocks a 6.2-inch LCD screen with a Full HD+ Max Vision 2270x1080p resolution and an aspect ratio of 19:9, and I was particularly impressed with its consistency. It displayed plenty of sharpness thanks to its resolution, and the colours were really impressive and popping all-around, managing to reproduce about 135 percent in the sRGB colour gamut with an accuracy of Delta E of 0.34, which is sky-high.

In the camera department, it is just mediocre, equipped with a 12MP main lens and a 5MP depth-sensing lens, and an 8MP selfie camera on the front. They may not be the best, but they are still excellent for the price of this product, and most users will be pleased with the performance and its modes.

Performance-wise this model has a Snapdragon 632 CPU with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, which is a lot when you remember its price and it still provides a pretty quick performance, plenty for multitasking.

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