The 5 Best Budget Robot Vacuums For Home Owners


The worst part of the week is having to clean your home or apartment. Most of us don’t like sweeping the floors or using a normal vacuum cleaner. If you are one of them, then i have some good news because we tested & reviewed some of the best budget robot vacuums out there for this year. Owning a robot vacuum cleaner can make everything easier for you. Let’s take a look at some great models.

1. Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

The best budget robot vacuum cleaner is the eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S and for a variety of reasons besides its price. It is pretty smart, is feature-rich, and does its job excellently. It is not a high-end robot vacuum cleaner but it does the essentials excellently and on top of that it is a pretty beautiful device.

The Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S features a pretty slim profile, with a height of just 2.85-inches. It has a pretty luxury design, with its top panel that is covered with tempered glass with aluminum brushed plastic finish. It looks that it is worth more than its price would suggest, and it will blend in with most modern homes, also it is worth stating that you can get the all-white version as well. On top of it, it has just one button, the power button, and realistically there is nothing to complain about its design and built as well.

In the package of the device, you will spot the charging base, a remote control, AC power adapter, the warranty, and some cleaning tools. One of my favorite features about this device is the BoostIQ Technology, that boosts its power when it runs into more stubborn dirt or debris. The tempered glass on top of it is scratch-resistant, and on its body, you will find a large set of infrared sensors, that include the drop-sensing tech, that does its job great.

The device doesn’t feature a smartphone companion app, but it doesn’t require one anyways. As it does its job excellently, mapping the house and cleaning with multiple passes. Every intended feature works very well, and it will clean your house smoothly. It can conquer any surface, like hardwood carpet and tiles, and with any type of dirt, however, it is weak against hair. It is extremely quiet in operation and you won’t feel its existence.

With a nice set of automated performance, anti-allergen features, and its ability to keep your house clean for its affordable price nothing can realistically compete with the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S.

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The ECOVACS OZMO 601 is a pretty affordable robot vacuum cleaner, however, it is one of the best and its performance and prowess are undeniable. As it delivers excellent smart features, cleaning performance, mopping performance, great design, with a low height. It is one of the best vacuum cleaners for its price and you will not be disappointed at all.

In the package of the ECOVACS OZMO 601, you will find the vacuum cleaner itself, the remote control, four side brushes, two reusable microfiber cloths, and two high-efficiency air filters. In the initial setup of the device you first need to install the charging dock and let your device charge fully, and once it is charged the device has about 100 minutes The remote control, allows you to control its movements as well like a toy, however, with it you can also set the scheduled automatic runs and make it return to the charging base.

For cleaning purposes, it uses two side brushes, which two are extra if you wish to replace them and the main brush that does the majority of the job. It also mops, and for that, it uses a microfiber cleaning pad that you attach to the bottom of the robot, and it will dispense water on the surface it has to clean, and I would advise against using chemicals that may damage the device. It is also equipped with a high-efficiency air filter that traps harmful particles that may cause allergy and it is amazing for pet owners as well.

Speaking about the smart features, this device is amazing at mapping its working environment and it adapts very quickly in different environments and rooms. Thanks to its 3.1-inch height it is capable of running underneath low-clearance furniture, and it will go back to the charging base if its battery runs low.

If you want a budget robot vacuum cleaner you can’t go wrong with the ECOVACS OZMO 601.

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3. BObsweep bObi

The aforementioned robot vacuum cleaners on this list were excellent, however, they couldn’t quite deal with hair, and if you are a pet owner those are no good options for you. The bObsweep bObi, on the other hand, is perfect for pet owners as it has a great performance with hair and delivers excellent features in its attractive body and on top of that it is extremely quiet, and with the recent price drop it is a dream come true.

The bObsweep bObi has the classic robot vacuum cleaner look, and it has a circular shape that is very attractive in its shade of gray. The top part of the device has a reflective silicone finisht that feels pretty soft to touches, however, it is prone to be a fingerprint magnet. It measures 12-inches in diameter and is just 3.5-inches tall, making it capable of running under low-clearance furniture. On top of the device you will spot three buttons, Go, Juice, and Waffle, which the Go activates the cleaning cycle, Juice, makes it go to the charging dock and the Waffle button instructs it to spot clean.

To control the devices’ other features you are provided with a round-shaped remote control, that lets you control scheduled runs, activating the UV light, speed and stuff like that. For the cleaning performance, it utilizes a large roller brush and a side brush that pushes particles to the main brush. This device also has a mop attachment that works pretty good, and it is a nice feature to have. This device is equipped with a multitude of sensors that allows it to detect dust and debris, and give it a great orientational awareness.

The initial setup of the device is a little bit tasking, as you need to assemble the device completely with the included parts and screwdriver, after that you need to make sure that the robot is charged and then you are ready to go. It delivered an excellent cleaning performance in a wide range of surfaces like kitchen mats, rugs, hardwood, ceramic tiles without any problem. It took a short time to clean the house, and it was excellent for houses with pets, as it picked up hair without any problem. A pretty solid experience overall.

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4. iRobot Roomba 690

Being a budget-conscious buyer doesn’t mean, buying the cheapest product for your near, but it means that you should always aim to get the most bang for your buck. In this category this device is the iRobot Roomba 690, delivering plenty of performance and features for its affordable price. It is extremely easy to use, it uses a great mapping system and thanks to its tiny dimensions it can maneuver in close quarters.

First, off I have to mention that the iRobot Roomba 690 is very small, as it weighs just 7.8-pounds in total and measures 13-inches in diameter. On its sides it has plastic bumpers that protect it against knocks and bumps, making it extremely durable. There are just three buttons on top of the device, the Clean button, which also functions as the power button, the spot cleaning button that lets you clean a defined area throughout, and the home button, that sends the device back to the charging dock. It has a height of just 3.7-inches making it capable of going under furniture easily.

On the bottom of the device, you will spot two large rubber wheels and a small swelling roller wheel for direction. On the side, you will spot a side brush that directs dust and debris to the main bristle roller brush. On one side you will find a carrying handle that along with it is lightweight and dimensions, will help you carry this robot vacuum cleaner in between floors.

The initial setup of the device is pretty fast and straightforward. First off, you need to set up the charging dock and a blank space for it, then I would recommend you to install the companion app, which has a pain free pairing process, and after that, you can choose your cleaning cycles and valuable information about your device.

It surprised me that the iRobot Roomba 690 had just one power option the patented 3-stage cleaning system, which did an awesome job surprisingly, without much sound and noise. It delivered a pretty solid performance on carpets, hardwood, and doormats, picking up dust and debris from the way, however, like the Xiaomi model it couldn’t deal with hair properly.

The sensors did an awesome job and the iRobot Roomba 690 navigated smoothly in difficult ambients, the most bang for your buck.

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5. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuum cleaners are pretty convenient devices for those that don’t have the time to clean their houses daily or for those that can’t be bothered. One might guess that these vacuum cleaners are pretty expensive, however, some manufacturers have delivered some pretty affordable models that do their job perfectly. One notable example is the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum, from the Chinese manufacturer that is making some waves in the western market with its excellent phones and tablets. This vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice with its cleaning prowess, cute design, brushless motor, path planning, and scheduling and long battery life. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look.

Like most of the robot vacuum cleaners in the market, the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum has a circular design, with a bumper ring around its edges, that allows it to bounce off obstacles without any damage. There are tons of sensors and lasers located on a ring on top of the device, that allow it to measure distance and do mapping tasks. It has a pretty utilitarian design, that looks clean and has a pretty cozy vibe to it, it won’t look out of place in any house design.

This device utilizes a total of 12 sensors to track and map its environment in real-time, it detects debris, dust, and obstacles. My favorite feature of this device is that it plans a perfect cleaning path each time it does its cycle.

For the cleaning purposes, it uses a spinning brush on its side that pushes dirt and debris into the suction path and essentially to the rolling brush that does a great job. However, its kryptonite is hair, because as soon as it collects a small amount of hair in the brush it tells you to clean it.

Throughout a wide variety of cleaning tests, it delivered a pretty solid performance except with hair. On hardwood and carpeting, it was great, especially on the hardwood. The mapping was excellent, and it made several passes to do a throughout cleaning. It uses just two buttons for working, as it is very easy to use, it just has the home button that is used for sending it to the charging base, and the power button which turns the device on and controls the cleaning modes.

This device may have plenty of competition, however, compared to its price it delivers an equal performance compared to the high-end models. With its price that is located on the higher spectrum of the budget range, the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum delivers performance.

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