The 5 Most Comfortable Gaming Chairs


If you are like me and spend more than 6 hours a day in front of the computer, then getting one of these most comfortable gaming chairs will prevent you from having any back or neck pains. They will also help you maintain a good posture and allow you to play for longer hours at a time. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Noblechairs Epic

If you want absolute quality from the product you want to buy, you can never go wrong from buying a German manufacturer. Speaking about gaming chairs, Noblechairs is a company based in Berlin found in 2016, by some engineers that are gamers as well, to provide the ultimate chair for gamers. The Noblechairs Epic is the legacy luxury gaming chair and it is one of the most popular in serious gamer circles due to its quality, adjustability, amazing comfort and timeless design.

First of all, I want to state that Noblechairs Epic is built with genuine leather, for maximum quality and comfort. The leather is soft to touch but durable, and due to its perforation it was breathable, also it is finished with a diamond pattern stitching it the lumbar and seating areas. On its sides, you will find that the leather is covered with strips of a rough faux velour leather that gives a suede-like feel.

I adore the style of the Noblechairs Epic since it has that classic Porsche or BMW luxury racecar styling, it is completely designed in Germany. However, the chairs are made in China, but the quality is still top-notch.

The Noblechairs Epic is extremely adjustable, the backrest reclines from 90 degrees to 135 degrees and it has a hydraulic gas lift, in addition to that it has 4D armrests for the best adjustability in the market. The frame of this product is made of solid steel and it has cold foam padding, all this sits on top of the five-point aluminum lightweight base with smooth-rolling casters. Due to this, the Noblechairs Epic can support a weight of up to 330 pounds comfortably, as well as people up to 6’4″ tall, one of the most versatile on the market. Thanks to its lumbar and neck support pillow the Noblechairs Epic pushes your spine to a good posture so you won’t get tired and won’t develop back problems.

I honestly like everything about this chair, yes it may be a little pricy, but here you get amazing quality and enhanced comfort. Definitely one of the most comfortable gaming chairs out there.

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2. NeueChair Silver

Secretlab is known for building the best chairs for both office use and gaming, and lately, the company has launched a new subsidiary that focuses on more quality and streamlined products, Neue. The NeueChair Silver is built with the highest quality materials, it is very comfortable, customizable and flexible. It is pricy, but if you suffer from poor posture or back problems, this might be the answer, and due to its looks and versatility you can use it for both gaming and office use. This is a great investment, as it will last the test of time without any problem, if you can afford it you cannot go wrong.

I am a big fan of the design of this chair, as it features an aluminum alloy chassis, grippy leather-like armrests and a backrest made from a material dubbed as “NeueMesh” that feels very comfortable and breathable, perfect for warmer conditions when you need the most perforation. It looks very soft and fragile as a first impression but makes no mistake as the NeueChair Silver is one of the most durable in the market, its slim frame can easily support 110kg of weight.

On top of all this, the NeueChair Silver is one of the most adjustable chairs in the market, most notably the 4D armrest that can be adjusted and locked at any angle, height, depth or width. Furthermore, the degree of the recline goes up to 130-degrees, and it features an upright setting named “focus mode” for the best support to your posture and back with the assist of the adjustable lumbar support. The tilt mechanisms are placed conveniently under the armrest for easy access and quick adjustments, and they are easily locked as well.

I want to mention one more time the lumbar pillow, as it was a lifesaver and one of the most adjustable. You can easily find the setting that suits your body, this is one of the most comfortable chairs on the market for every use despite its astronomic price tag. If you can afford its premium price, the NeueChair will be a worthy investment.

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3. Corsair T2 Road Warrior

Corsair is one of the most popular gaming peripheral manufacturers in the market, and rightly so as it has produced the best products in each segment for gaming, from mice to keyboards to headphones to gaming chairs. I chose the Corsair T2 Road Warrior as one of the best gaming chairs on the market because it certainly provides almost everything that high-end chairs deliver, without the bloated price, offering amazing value and quality in the process.

If you have seen Corsair’s T1 Race chair you will see that the T2 Road Warrior is slightly similar, however, this time around there are some excellent upgrades and tweaks such as the wide seat and firm cushioning to provide maximal comfort for lengthy gaming sessions and bigger and taller gamers, as it can support up to 300-pounds of weight.

The Corsair T2 Road Warrior has a rigid steel frame for sturdiness and durability and it is covered with firm leather cushions, in my opinion, it looks like high-performance race car seats, and I appreciate that look as it is very attractive. It also feels the part with its perforated PU leather that is breathable and won’t leave your back sweaty, and on the upper back part, it provides excellent comfort and support. It is available in multiple colors such as black with blue, white, yellow or red, but you can get the all-black version if you prefer to go subtle.

It is very comfortable as it has the microfiber lumbar cushion and neck pillow that latch onto the seat with buckles, and the wheels rolled pretty smoothly, very smoothly indeed, just perfect. I assembled the chair in just 15 minutes in total and it was pretty easy to do so, in addition to that this chair is extremely comfortable, the armrest is completely adjustable as well to give you the complete control, plus it can be reclined back to 170 degrees, so you can even lay there for some quick rest.

As expected from Corsair the quality is excellent, and when you take into consideration the price, this gaming chair is a bargain.

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4. DXRacer Classic Series

If you are a seasoned gamer you know that gaming is not really a cheap hobby and can get pretty expensive after a while, and pretty uncomfortable. Gaming chairs are remarkably underrated, however, once you try them there is no going back. For taller and larger gamers I have the DXRacer Classic Series, a high-quality chair that can be used by anyone due to its enhanced comfort but it is built with larger users in mind, and mind you this is a company that produces race car seats, so performance and comfort are top-notch.

Gaming peripherals generally tend to be especially flashy and full of RGBs and what not to fulfill that gamer look. But this time around the DXRacer Classic Series has opted for a more subtle and simple look. In my opinion, this chair looks like a luxury car seat, really simple and premium. Thanks to the subtle looks you can even accommodate the DXRacer Classic Series as an office chair and no one would bat an eye.

Apart from that this chair is pretty big and due to that it is very comfortable, but not just that. For starters it is built from top to end with ergonomics and comfort in mind, however, if you look for a chair that will suit your body and will take your shape, this is not quite that, yes it will break in a little but not really.

However, this chair will help you keep a good posture and comfort for long periods of time, I found that once you get used to this chair it is pretty hard sitting on another. Your spine will thank you, and you will get up without cramps and strains, in addition to that the headrest is also excellent.

The chair offers plenty of adjustabilities as well, and a feature that I fell in love with was the single lever for controlling both the height and the recline angle, in addition to that you get 3D armrest adjustment, but they still stay perfectly horizontal no matter what.

Truly an excellent chair, perfect for larger users.

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5. Respawn 200

We are going to start our most comfortable gaming chairs list with a great product from Respawn. All the gamers know that having a gaming chair is important for your overall health and comfort, but finding a good one can get very pricy most of the times. However, Respawn is known for producing excellent gaming chairs at entry-level prices without sacrificing for comfort, ergonomics, adjustability, and style.

The Respawn 200 is on the higher end of the Respawn lineup, meaning that you can find even cheaper options from the company, but I would still choose the 200 because it provides the best balance between price and quality. This model differentiates from its sibling’s thanks to its reinforced mesh back and its adjustable lumbar cushion features certainly not found at this price range.

This chair uses bonded leather and PVC on its headrest, neck pillow, and molded foam seat. Without missing a beat, I have to mention that the seat has a supportive steel frame that is molded for max comfort, and the back is chassis is made of plastic. I appreciated that the armrests were padded and fully adjustable for depth and height, all of this is located on top of a five-wheel base that is constructed by heavy plastic. The Respawn 200 is available in multiple paint jobs you can choose from and they all rock the gamer look, and it wouldn’t be really appropriate for office settings.

This chair is pretty adjustable, it can recline from 90 degrees to a whopping 130 degrees, and has good height adjustment, but I would complain about the accessibility and convenience to adjust the chair while sitting, it proved to be pretty difficult.
The setup and assembly were pretty fast and easy and I didn’t spend much time figuring it out because the instructions were very clear and precise.

The Respawn 200 was very comfortable and I can see myself gaming for hours without getting tired, especially the neck support pillow and mesh back lining that kept my back sweat-free, and every gamer knows that this can get annoying and uncomfortable.

To conclude I would like to say that this is a must-buy chair for those looking for a budget gaming chair.

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