The Best Budget Wireless Headphones in 2020


Since there are a lot of people that spend more than half of their days listening to music, i decided to write this article and review the best budget wireless headphones that you can buy this year. There are all kinds of headphones out there, with some of them costing more than $500. Since not all of us can afford can price, let’s take a look at some of the greatest budget models out there.

1. Tribit XFree Tune

The Tribit XFree Tune is an excellent pair of headphones, and they are definitely the best pair of budget wireless headphones in the market, for a variety of reasons. They boast an excellent design, good build quality, amazing comfort levels, great wireless performance, and best of all this they have great sound quality that can compete with more expensive headphones.

Like most of the budget headphones in the market, the Tribit XFree Tune rocks a pretty basic and utilitarian design, but it does ti so good. It has an all-black design, with the earcups attached tot he plastic headband, and unlike most budget headphones, they fold inwards for convenient storage in the included a storage case, which impressed me. The headband has a pretty good feeling to it and they had some cushioning for comfort.

The earcups are decorated with a grille giving them an open-end look, and the Tribit logo on them. On the left earcup you will find the 3.5mm audio port for passive use, and on the right-hand side, the power button, volume controls, playback controls and the micro USB port for charging.

The comfort levels on the Tribit XFree Tune are pretty excellent as the faux-leather ear cups have plenty of cushioning in them, perfect for office use and long listening sessions. However, due to their excellent seal, they weren’t breathable enough. The wireless connection is pretty much perfect and strong, and the whole device was very easy to use and control.

The sound quality of these headphones is amazing considering their price, with a pretty warm soundscape that was pleasing. However, if you are used to listening from hi-fidelity headphones you will find these lacking. The pair of 40mm drivers deliver plenty of clarity in the mids, the treble was pretty aggressive, but not annoying, and the bass was warm but punchy.

The perfect pair of budget wireless headphones, can’t get any better than this.

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2. TaoTronics BH040

The Chinese brand TaoTronics has delivered some interesting headphones in the last few years all of them being hits in the budget range as they have delivered plenty of desirable qualities and features without asking for a high price. The TaoTronics BH040 is one of their most notable models, delivering excellent wireless performance, noise-canceling technology, great sound, comfort and looks all in an affordable package. Let’s look at what else these headphones offer.

The company has made quite a name for itself with its premium-looking designs and the BH040 is no different. It adopts the looks of high-end headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM3 or the Bose QuietComfort 35 III, which most of the users prefer. They look quite good, to be honest, and don’t look cheap at all, the aluminium ring on the outer part of the earcups just enhances its premium claim.

They are pretty thickly padded on the earcups and on the headband, delivering excellent comfort, and they are very lightweight for their size. The clamping force is perfect as well to round off the package. The controls are pretty intuitively placed and they deliver plenty of quality as well, they consist of the basic playback controls, power button, volume buttons, and the ANC control button.

This particular model is equipped with a wide range of features like the integrated microphone that allows you to take high-quality calls, the pairing is made possible by the Bluetooth 4.0 technology and it is very stable. The ANC is very good as well doing a good job of blocking outside noise, but not superb, and the battery life is excellent at about 30 hours with the ANC off.

Despite being a budget pair of headphones, the TaoTronics BH040 delivers great sound quality that is pretty warm and pleasant to listen. While they won’t please an audiophile they will deliver a good musical experience, with no harshness in the highs and no overpowering bass. The mids were pretty clear and balanced, and overall you can listen to them without any problem.

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3. JBL T450BT

If you want to find something in the middle of the budget range I would suggest the JBL T450BT. We always expect good quality and sound performance from a tried and proven company like JBL, and these are no disappointment. They are extremely affordable, and deliver plenty of value for their price, like decent sound, easy to use controls, and excellent connectivity to complete the package.

The JBL T450BT’s have a very interesting but understated and compact design at the same time, and I am quite pleased with it. They come in three paint jobs that make it suitable for everybody, like Black, Blue, and White. While I would recommend the Black and Blue version for commuters, the Blue model is perfect for the gym or your morning run. Thanks to its predominant plastic build these headphones are very light, and the plastic looks pretty good, however, they feel little flimsy to touch.

There is no padding on the headband, but there is plenty on the earcups making these on-ear headphones very comfortable, however, for users that want to use them for longer periods of time the lack of padding on the headband may cause some problems.

The controls of the headset are very basic and utilitarian, but they get the job done, and it is worth mentioning that they are located on the right earcup. The wireless connectivity of these headphones is excellent, as they pair instantly with your device and the connection stays strong up to 33-feet of distance. They are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology for the purpose, and the battery life is good enough at 11 hours, and it takes about 3 hours to recharge them, which is not ideal.

The sound performance of the JBL T450BT is pretty standard JBL, with dominant bass and balanced mids, the treble is good but lacks some liveliness. Overall I can say that these have some quality sound, that is balanced and they could get pretty loud.

With these headphones, JBL has delivered a solid option for budget buyers.

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4. Mpow 059

If you want a pair of very cheap headphones, you would guess that you have to sacrifice a lot, and in the majority of the cases that would be true, except in the Mpow 059. These headphones are affordable, the most affordable in this budget list, but they deliver plenty of qualities to make them desirable or at least capable of functioning as a good pair of wireless headphones. They deliver a solid and comfortable fit, good build quality, interesting design, strong connectivity, and loud sound in the budget package.

If you look closely at the design of the Mpow 059 you will notice that they resemble the Beats By Dre headphones with their teardrop shape outer part that connects the earcups to the headband. They come available in multiple paint jobs like Black and Red, Black Deep, Black and Green, Black and Grey, Black and Blue, Light Silver, Pink, and Rose Gold, all of which look excellent and deliver some flashy aesthetics. When you take them in your hand these don’t feel like a quality pair of headphones, however, they will do a great job of hanging around for years to come.

Weighing just under 11 ounces, these headphones are incredibly light, making them pleasant to use. They also use faux-leather to cover the earpads that are padded with memory foam to deliver comfort, not the best leather and memory foam in the market but they provide some nice comfort. The headband is also pretty comfortable thanks to its slight memory foam padding and faux-leather cladding.

The controls are pretty impressive, as they are located on the right earcup, which consists of the playback controls, power button which is also the pairing button, and the volume buttons. Thanks to its 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity you get a seamless connection and it delivers a pretty long range of about 30 feet without any lag or interruption.

The sound quality is made possible thanks to the pair of 40mm drivers that are located on each earcup, which can get pretty loud but don’t expect the best sound quality. But then again for their price, the sound performance was pretty good with emphasized bass, and decent mids, just decent.

Combined with the excellent battery life of 20 hours, the Mpow 059 is a dream come true for budget buyers.

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5. Jabra Move

Shopping in a budget is pretty hard because of lacking funds or well simply being frugal is pretty hard, since most of the tech pieces these days can get pretty expensive. However, with just a bit of research on the value of the product, you can get plenty of options, especially in the wireless headphone market. One of the most notable options comes from the Danish manufacturer Jabra, the Move is a perfect pair of wireless headphone for the outdoorsy with their excellent design, lightweight body, great sound, decent battery life, and seamless connectivity. Jabra quality is also playing a part and you won’t have to worry about that.

The Jabra Move sport a pretty interesting and attractive design that is excellent for sports, but not just that. It has a pretty minimalistic but eye-catching design, with its mesh fabric headband that is dust-resistant, perforated, and padded, making it comfortable. The whole device weighs just 150grams which is excellent, despite having stainless steel construction that connects the headband and earcups, but it offers plenty of durability and flexibility at the same time.

The device is available in multiple paint jobs such as Navy, Black, Beige, Cobalt Blue and Red, all of them are ultra-gorgeous and you can choose the one that suits your style the most.

There is no dedicated earcup for each ear, and it doesn’t affect the sound performance, just the controls would be switched to the other side. All the controls are on the ear cups, there is a power switch that acts as a Bluetooth button and the micro USB port for charging. On the other side, you will spot the 3.5mm audio port for passive use, and a bunch of playback buttons that are essential and are extremely intuitive.

The Jabra Move isn’t just a pretty face however, as they deliver plenty of performance for their price point. The company has equipped this headset with a DSP that delivers appropriate bass response, clear mids and sharp highs, which was surprising to see in the budget scene. To get the best sound though, you need to get a perfect seal, as the sound leakage is a large issue with the move. The battery life is pretty adequate at 8 hours of playback time and the Bluetooth 4.0 delivers excellent connectivity even at extended range.

The best pair of budget headphones for active people.

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