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Leaving private, confidential or sensitive documents laying around can be very dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands. That’s why, if you’re a business owner or a government worker you should definitely invest in a paper shredder. In this article, i will help you to choose the best paper shredders in the market for this year.

1. Fellowes AutoMax 200C

Now, to complete the list of the best paper shredders, we have one of the best out there.

The Fellowes AutoMax 200C, as the name states, is a fast, cross-cut auto feed shredder, that combines a powerful performance, long runtime, and elegant look, for your ultimate experience!

From a design perspective, the Fellowes AutoMax 200C features an all-black construction that is accompanied by a control panel, that is located at the upper front, an 8.5-gallon pull-out bin positioned slightly below, and an empty space at the top, where you should store the things that you’d like to be shredded.

At the bottom, you will also find the casters, that will make the shredder to stay fixed in place, and of course, they will let you move it anywhere you’d like.

Moving on, on the upper front edge of the shredder, you will find three buttons, such as an ON button for automatic shredding, a back arrow, and a forward arrow, while on the top-left, there are 4 icons, that will push information about the overheating, the paper jam, about the bin’s state, and when the bin is opened.

But now, let’s talk about the performance.

The AutoMax 200C is strong enough to shred up to 200 sheets automatically on one side, while on the other, you can manually feed up to 10 sheets, which is great, since you can be more focused on your job, instead of going non stop to the shredder itself.

As I’ve stated at the beginning, one of the best things about this unit is its runtime, which is rated at 12 minutes, however, take in mind that you should leave it at least 25 minutes to cool off, before you start shredding again, in order to prevent any unwanted scenarios.

Moreover, this machine uses the Auto Reverse Technology as well, which basically means that this unit will automatically stop, and reverse if it detects that a paper jam has occurred.

But that’s not all! The AutoMax 200C is based upon the SilentShred technology, which as the name states, it means that it operates quietly, so nothing could ever distract you in terms of productivity.

To conclude, the Fellowes AutoMax 200C, is maybe not the most affordable paper shredder that you can find on the market, but if we check its specs closely, it means that this device does indeed justify its price tag with its performance.

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2. Fellowes Powershred 99Ci

The Fellowes Powershred 99Ci is a high-end, cross-cut paper shredder that has managed to maintain itself, as a top option during the past years,due to the fact that, it is capable enough to be used by up to three people.

From a design perspective, Powershred 99Ci features sleek, black and silver body, that is composed of a 9-gallon pull-out bin with LED indicator, 4 durable wheels, that will dramatically ease the transport from one place to another, as well as 9-inch feet slot positioned on the top, so when you see this device as a whole, it looks indeed beautiful.

You can also notice that, on the top of its front-right corner, there are Forward and Back arrows, that are followed by an enter button, so I think that you would never have any problems in terms of operation, since everything is extremely intuitive.

Now, let’s talk about the features.

The Powershred 99Ci has a Jam Proof system, which I particularly like, due to the fact that, it is exceptionally effective when it comes to the paper elimination.

But, if we take this aside, there is another great thing, such as the SafeSense Technology, which will prevent any undesirable scenarios, since the shredder will stop working, instantly when it feels that there are hands that touch the paper opening.

This is very important, since the user safety must be always the primary thing for every product, regardless of the purpose, and therefore, I have to compliment the manufacturer.

Moving on, this unit has a maximum runtime of 30 minutes, and during its runtime, you can store everything, starting from credit cards, paper clips, junk mail and much more, without worrying about anything.

Finally, the noise level produced by this shredder is completely bearable, and even when it is overloaded, it doesn’t sound strained, however, you can recognize a low humming at the background which is normal.

Overall, you should consider the Fellowes Powershred 99Ci seriously, and if you ever decide to purchase it, you will find out what’s so special about this unit.

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3. AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Shredder

The AmazonBasics is a 12-Sheet shredder, that has been in the market for a couple of years, but due to its quality, it is constantly being purchased, so you would never go wrong if you ever decide to purchase it, and let’s hear why.

From a design perspective, this model boasts a lightweight, glossy black body, which means that you can place it on the floor in a flat position, or on a low shelf, without having to worry about anything.

At the top, you can instantly notice that this part has a silver-colored coating, which is always a good choice, due to the fact that, it makes it suitable for any office or home decor.

Also on the top, positioned on the right corner, there is a switch that will let you use the Automatic, Off, and the Reverse function, so you can use each of them, according to your desires.

Inside the shredder, there is a 6.7-inch pullout bin, that can store a great amount of shredded paper, just make sure that you will clean it from time to time, since the manufacturer recommends doing so, in order to get the best optimal results.

But now, let’s talk about the performance.

One of the best things about this shredder is its ability to deliver a continuous run time of 8 minutes, and if we combine this with its 6.7-gallon pullout bin, it means that the shredder will not only cut loads of papes, but it will also have enough space to hold everything.

Moreover, the AmazonBasics has an Auto start and manual reverse function, that will effectively clear the paper jams, so I think that you won’t find any remarks regarding its performance.

If you’ve been asking what can this unit shred, well, I’d want you to know that except paper, you can also store credit cards, DVDs, CDs, but please remember that you have to store one at a time.

To conclude, if you’re looking for a quality shredder that justifies its price tag, and offers an even greater value, then the AmazonBasics 12-sheet is the one for you!

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4. Bonsaii EverShred C149-C

The Bonsaii EverShred C149 C is a highly-capacitive heavy duty, cross-cut shredder, that has established itself, as the most purchased products in its price range, due to its endless functionalities.

From a design perspective, the EverShred C149 C sports a sleek black body, that packs a pull-out, wastebasket with a capacity of 6-gallons, 4 durable casters that will let you move the device from one place to another, as well as a transparent window positioned at the lower part of the body, so you will always know when it is time to clean the basket.

At the top, you will instantly recognize the switch, which has 3 white-colored labels positioned below, such as the Auto, Off, and REV, so you can always access them, and have a greater control over the performance.

At the inside, there is a powerful motor, that can shred up to 18-sheets of A4 papers at a single feed, which is really cool, since you would be able to read multiple papers within a really short period of time.

In addition, this unit also has a cooling system, which I really like, however, I will deliver more information in the following section.

Now, let’s talk about the features.

The C149-C uses the patented Cutting technology, and has an Advanced Cooling System as I’ve mentioned previously, which means that, the first technology will ensure a continuous running time of 60 minutes without stopping, while on the other side, the cooling system will prevent overheating, which is really cool.

During the 1-hour of operation, except papers, you can also store credit cards, insurance, ID cards, and CDs, so there can’t be anything that this unit can’t shred.

For your information, the manufacturer claims that this unit can shred 18 sheets in only 1.6 minutes, so as you can see, it won’t take long until you can store other things, that you would like to be shredded.

Overall, the Bonsaii EverShred C149 C would be a really good option for you, if you’re looking for a shredder that will never disappoint you with its performance.

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5. Aurora AU1200XD

Finding the best paper shredders out there is a pretty tough task, so let’s start with the first one to simplify the process. The Aurora AU 1200 XD would be one of the best options on the market, if you want to invest in a powerful, yet affordable shredder, that can cut many things starting from papers, staples and much more, so let’s find out why you should consider this model.

From a design perspective, the AU 1200 XD measures 11.8-inches in height, 13.2-inches in width, 9.9-inches in depth, which makes it really compact, so you can place it whenever you want, since it won’t occupy much space.

The unit’s exterior is finished mostly in black, but you can also find white accents around the top and the front of the body, so yet again, this color combo is indeed suitable for any home decor.

At the top of the unit, there is the control panel, and the place where you should insert the papers and the other things that you’d like to be shredded in pieces.

While at the bottom, you can find the 1.8-Gallon translucent pullout bin, that has LED indicator lights, so you can always know the status, in order to prevent any undesirable scenarios.

But now, let’s talk about the performance.

The Aurora AU 1200 XD has a capacity of 12-sheets, and as I’ve stated at the begining, except of paper shredding, it can also destroy CDs, DVDs, credit cards, so as you can see, there can’t be something that you cannot destroy.

Moreover, this this unit uses the anti-jam auto-reverse technology, which means that it will overload to auto-reverse with the intention to prevent paper jams so you shouldn’t worry about anything.

During its operation, the shredder will keep silent, which I really like, since when you’re working in your office, the last thing that you’d like is to hear a noise.

To conclude, I strongly recommend you consider the Aurora AU 1200 XD, because it is very effective, it operates silently, and it doesn’t cost a fortune, so give it a try and assure yourself of its quality.

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