Vacuum Cleaner for Ashes in a Fireplace


You need the best vacuum cleaner for ashes in a fireplace to clear all the ash. It is not an easy task if you do not have the right tools.

There are several methods you can use to clean the ashes, but they are hectic. I was searching for the best process I can apply to remove the ash from the fireplace when I came across several vacuum cleaners.

Not all vacuum cleaners can work well; hence I had to go into details and compare different vacuum cleaners out there. A vacuum cleaner with a large dust collection chamber works well. It should as well have a strong suction which will make it easy to remove the particles.

It should be highly effective in removing both small and large particles in the fireplace. From my research, I have listed the products below as a way of making it easy for you to make the right decision when buying the vacuum cleaners.

Top 5 Best Vacuum Cleaners For Ashes in a Fireplace in 2019

1. Shop-Vac 4041200 Ash Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner has a large chamber to collect all the ash debris from my fireplace. It is used to take me a lot of time before I can clear all the ash from the fireplace.

After buying the vacuum cleaner, things have been straightforward because the vacuum cleaner comes with an easy to use design. Powerful suction makes things very easy for me when trying to remove debris from the fireplace. Using due to its simple design is straightforward.

The stainless steel construction makes it durable enough to allow me to use it for long. I do not have to fear about the vacuum cleaner durability due to the use of durable materials.

It does not matter whether I’m about to remove cold ash or fine particles from the fireplace. The vacuum cleaner has a great design making it very easy to remove any dirt from the fireplace.

It works even on wood pellets stove due to its exceptional ability to remove the dust particles. It is a versatile vacuum cleaner which I have been using, and it works very well.


Stainless steel construction
Removes cold ash
Easy to use


Requires cords

2. PowerSmith PAVC101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum

It is a powerful vacuum cleaner which works very well in eliminating ash from fireplaces. With metal lined hose, it is a durable vacuum cleaner which makes me very comfortable when cleaning the fireplace. The motor filter makes the process of cleaning the fireplace very efficient.

Its versatile design allows me to work on fireplaces, wood stoves among other areas where ash collects. I can comfortably wash warm as well as cold ash.

Washable and replaceable fire resistant filter systems allow me to filter out the finest dust as well as ash easily. Heat resistant metal hose makes it safe to remove even hot ash.

The quiet but powerful motor makes the process of clearing ash very comfortable. Different accessories are provided with the vacuum cleaner making it the best vacuum cleaner for ashes in a fireplace.


Cleans warm and cold ash
Fire resistant filter system
Heat resistant metal hose
Accessories provided


Only one filter

3. Dustless Technologies D0015 Pit Hawg Ash Vacuum

I was looking for the best vacuum cleaner for ashes in a fireplace when I came across the vacuum cleaner. It has excellent construction which makes it among my top recommendations.

With the use of the latest technology, the vacuum cleaner works very well in removing ash from the fireplace. It works well on different surfaces such as pizza ovens, fire pits, stoves, and even smokers.

I was looking for the best vacuum cleaner which can help me collect ash from different surfaces when I came across the unit. It has excellent construction to make me realize the best results.

Dual filtration system avoids shooting of ash into the air. Easy to use design makes the vacuum cleaner very effective in cleaning different surfaces. Overheat failsafe shut-off acts as a protective measure to avoid cases where the vacuum cleaner can malfunction.


Versatile vacuum cleaner
Heat resistant components
Dual filtration system
Easy to clean filter


Accessories not provided

4. Snow Joe ASHJ201 Ash Vacuum

It is among the best vacuum cleaner which works well for ashes. With the ability to clear both fine and large particles, it is a reliable vacuum cleaner for homes.

It works well on wood stoves, fire pits among other areas where ash is produced during cooking. Dual filtration system allows me to clean the fireplace without the risk of having too much dust.

Powerful four amp motor in the vacuum cleaner makes it very useful. It works very well in cleaning even large surfaces. Since I bought the vacuum cleaner, it has worked very well in making my fireplace stay clean. It is among the best vacuum cleaners I can recommend to those looking to realize the best services.


Cold ash pickup
Reusable fine dust cartridge
Dual filtration system
Powerful motor


Only 4.8 gallons canister

5. Cougar+ Ash Vacuum, Black, Made in the USA

There are several features in the vacuum cleaner for ashes in a fireplace which make me consider it among my top picks.

For instance, the vacuum cleaner can remove both cold and warm fine ash. Nine accessories provided with the vacuum cleaner makes it highly versatile. The filter used makes it easy to filter the finest particles.

It is ideal for wood stoves as well as fireplaces. I was after a vacuum cleaner which can work well in clearing the ashes when I came across the unit. It is a highly productive unit which works very well in clearing ashes.


Nine accessories
Fire resistant
The filter picks fine ash
Metal construction


Not hot ash

Vacuum cleaner for ashes in a fireplace buying guide

There are several issues you need to check out before you proceed to buy a vacuum for your fireplace ash. The vacuum should be robust and easy to use. Here are other factors to consider:

Fire resistant components

There are some components which will come into contact with hot ash. You need fire resistant parts on the vacuum cleaner to avoid it burning.


You have set aside a budget; try to buy a vacuum cleaner which you can easily afford. You can check out different models and compare.

Noise production

The sound produced by motor matters. Try to buy a unit which produces gentle sound.

Vacuum cleaner for ashes in a fireplace FAQs

Which is the best vacuum cleaner for ashes in a fireplace to buy?
You need to check on the price, durability and the canister size. The vacuum cleaners I have listed above can serve you well.

Are vacuum cleaners from fireplace ash durable?
Yes, you can get a durable vacuum cleaner if you can check on the parts before buying. The vacuum cleaners I have listed here are highly durable.

Can I use any vacuum cleaner to remove fireplace ash?
Not all vacuum cleaners can work. You need to buy a vacuum cleaner designed for the purpose.


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