The people living in small apartments have many questions in their mind regard9ing a better living. One of these questions is related to whether there are small vacuum cleaners for small apartments or not. Because traditional vacuum cleaners are mostly suitable for big apartments and homes.

However, for small confined places, we need more modest versions of these conventional vacuums. Well, in the 21st century there is everything available to help our daily life. So does small vacuum cleaners for confined places.

So, here in the article, we will describe some of the best small vacuum cleaners for limited areas.

Why We Need a Perfect Vacuum For Small Apartments?

Well, this one is an inevitable question troubling your mind. Inevitable because, if you don’t know your problems accurately, how you can opt for a solution in the first place. So, here is why we need small vacuum cleaners for small apartments.

  • First things first, it is the size of the old traditional vacuum cleaners that become problematic for us. Small apartments already lock you up inside a small and confined place. Then comes all the furniture we have made the space tinier for us. Now if we need a vacuum cleaner, that has to be smaller in size to fit in such confined places with ease and work conveniently.
  • A perfect vacuum for small apartments will provide you with the efficiency you need to clean your apartment. It will provide the cleanliness that you want in your home. These vacuums will help you to clean your home correctly and will provide satisfactory results. Small apartments demand some changes accordingly. So, you need to adjust it that way.
  • Perfect vacuums for small apartments are making your home cleaning more effective and more comfortable than it ever was. It will help you clean the dust and the dirt particles from your home correctly. It will also help you to save energy and time. These vacuums are going to make your life easier than it was.
  • It will also help you to protect your well-being. A perfect vacuum will help you to protect your well-being.

In other words, finding a perfect vacuum for small apartments might not be that easy, but it will make your life easier and will provide you with all kinds of cleaning solutions you need for your apartment.

So, now you know about the efficiency of a perfect vacuum cleaner for your home, it’s time to choose the best vacuum cleaner for small apartments. We have given a list of top ten vacuum cleaners for small apartments. Check it out and choose the one suiting your apartment size the most.

The top ten vacuum for small apartments:

1) Cordless Vacuum, ONSON Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The super cleaning power of the ONSON stick vacuum cleaner is cordless, and it supports quiet cleaning. This product with powerful 150-watt suction in MAX mode is a great one to help you with the cleaning of your small apartment.

It will suck all the pet hairs on the hardwood floor, the dust particles will lose another place to stay. This fantastic convenient cordless vacuum cleaner will surely give you a hassle-free cleaning solution for your small apartment. This product will be an excellent buy for small apartment owners.


  • Powerful 150-watt suction is very convenient to clean all the dust particles, pet hairs and other things from your home.
  • The amazing vacuum is cordless and noise-free.
  • 12 Kpa of suction will provide a thorough cleaning.
  • The device is very lightweight and thus is easy to handle
  • Will provide a hassle-free cleaning experience.


  • You need to get a wall plug wired for 220V
  • Brush stops rotating sometimes

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2) Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (slim) Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Digital Trends chose the all-new RoboVac cleaner by eufy the best robotic vacuum cleaner in 2018. This vacuum cleaner has updated with the slimmest design and increased suction power of 1300Pa. The BoostIQ technology will help you to automatically increase the suction power in 1.5 seconds whenever some extra vacuuming strength needed in the cleaning operation to help you get the best clean. It is a quite robotic vacuum cleaner, does not make much noise.


  • Is a robotic vacuum cleaner that is not noisy.
  • With BoostIQ technology, it automatically increases power within 1.5 seconds.
  • Has named the best robotic vacuum cleaner in 2018 by the Digital Trends.
  • Reengineered with a slimmer model and a suction power of 1300Pa.
  • Best suited for small apartments with hardwood floors.


  • This robotic vacuum needs to be cleaned every day for proper cleaning.
  • It probably takes two or three hours to get charged properly

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3) Roborock E25 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Roborock Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is to give you an all-round cleaning without random bumping. A dual-gyro system with the motion tracking sensors making it a very efficient product for any cleaning in your home.

This robotic vacuum cleaner by Roborock will help you to solve all your cleaning problems with thirteen highly efficient onboard sensors. The sensors are to avoid falls, anti-collision self-charging, and other things.

This robotic vacuum with an astonishing 1800Pa intense suction that helps to pick up the dust particles, crumbs and also some other particles for all-round cleaning. This is a great device to have in your home.


  • Promotes fast and efficient cleaning without random bumping
  • Provides thorough cleaning with a powerful 1800Pa suction that picks up all the dirt particles
  • You can choose just a vacuum or vacuum plus mop to make your work more relaxed and comfortable.
  • Don’t need human efforts to clean your home.
  • Consists of 13 onboard sensors that avoid falls, unnecessary bumps, prevent itself from traps etc.


  • Might clean one place multiple times because of the cleaning algorithm installed in the vacuum.

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4) Robot Vacuum GOOVI 1600PA Robotic vacuum Cleaner with Self Charging

This robotic vacuum is one of the best robotic vacuums that helps in cleaning smaller apartments efficiently. With the intense suction power of 1600Pa, these robotic vacuum cleaners offer an excellent and efficient cleaning that takes away all the dust particles and crumbs from your hardwood floor carpet.

Easy remote-control operation system only increases the efficiency of the product. The GOOVI slim robotic vacuum will also automatically return to the charging base, ensuring that it will be ready to clean always. The efficient and thorough cleaning of this amazing robotic vacuum offers unmatchable.


  • Promotes powerful and intense suction with minimal human efforts
  • Automatically returns to the charging base when it is not charging
  • It promotes thorough cleaning with a very low-profile slim design
  • It offers a very effortless cleaning solution to your home
  • You will get four side brushes, one highly efficient filter, one main brush and remote control with this product.


  • No boundary stripes are available as of now.

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5) Shark Upright & Canister Upright Vacuum

Shark Upright & Canister Upright Vacuum
Shark Upright & Canister Upright Vacuum

This is one of the best vacuum small apartments. The lightweight, maneuverable product has great suction technology installed in it. This device is best suited for carpet, and bare floor cleaning with a great brush roll shutoff technology.

The manufacturers recommend this product for multi-surface usage too. This device has a large capacity dust cup with a 25 feet long hose pipe. The best part of the product is the zero-maintenance cost of the product.

The device has a great bottom empty design that removes debris quickly and efficiently too. This device is going to solve all your home cleaning problems. It will help you to make your home look cleaner than ever. The HEPA filters will also help in keeping your home clean from unpleasant and harmful microorganisms of your home.


  • The device has a great bottom empty technology that helps in removing derbies quickly.
  • It has a 25 feet long hose pipe that helps the user.
  • This amazing cleaner is very lightweight
  • This maneuverable device is best suited for carpets and bare floors.
  • This product has zero maintenance charges.


  • No retractable cord
  • Does not have swivel head on it

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6) Bissell Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum

The bagless canister vacuum has just launched in the market, and it has put the stage on fire with the very first day it has Released. The Bissell Hard Floor Multi-Cyclonic Vacuum is one of the best vacuum for small apartments. The multi-cyclonic technology gives longer and efficient suction to the user.

The 18 feet long power cord and a 7 inches long hose pipe. It has a hard floor turbine foot that will be gentle on your floors. This amazing device has a power rating of 9.2 amp. The cleaning path width is almost 11 inches. This multi-surface foot will help to clean your carpeted floors better. The dirt tank in the product is easier to empty, and it will not make any mess while disposing of the dirt.


  • Offers no mess dirt disposal
  • The dirt tank is easy to empty
  • Best suited for carpeted floors in apartments
  • Compact and lightweight design with an 18 feet long power cord
  • The width of the cleaning path is almost 11 inches wide


  • The vacuum, however, is not powerful enough for carpets unless it is a very low pile
  • It is best suited for hard floor expert, might not be a good idea for cleaning a large number of carpets.

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7) Eureka NES210 Blaze 3-in-1 Swivel Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This amazing three-in-one onboard crevice tool will help you to customize this vacuum according to your needs. This amazing lightweight vacuum is another great addition to our list of the best vacuum for a small apartment. With only 4 pounds of weight, this device is very portable, and you can take it anywhere you want.

The signature steering swivel helps to improve maneuverability and increase the cleaning efficiency of the product if you compare it with standard stick vacuums. This vacuum has powerful 2-amp motors that pick up dust particles such as pollen and derbies. The 18 feet long power cord provides all-round cleaning for a small apartment.


  • Three-in-one versatility is the most amazing feature of the product.
  • The 18 feet long power cord is perfect for all-round cleaning
  • The capture nozzle sucks all the big particles through the channel.
  • Swivel steering provides better maneuverability when compared to the other standard stick vacuums.
  • Is lightweight and amazingly portable.


  • This device will pick up fallen hairs but not as smoothly as a device with a roller brush does.
  • As there is no rotating brush, it might damage your hardwood flooring.

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8) Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best vacuum for a small apartment. This one is a very efficient product as it has a fade-free lithium-ion battery. The interchangeable batteries have made the product cordless, and it gives you the freedom to clean anywhere you want.

The reclining handles are the best for confined places as you don’t need to move the furniture around to clean under or between them. It also has edge cleaning bristles that will help the user to remove dirt, pet hair and dust against all the hard to reach edges.

It also has a WindTunnel technology installed in it that helps to create a channel for derbies suction from the surface.


  • The Lithium-ion batteries are fade-free and also interchangeable
  • Has a great WindTunnel technology installed in the product that helps to eliminate derbies from the surface?
  • The edge cleaning bristles help to remove pet hair — dust particles and dirt from edges.
  • The extremely reclining handles will help to move furniture around
  • The device is also very lightweight device and very portable one. Thus, it is very convenient.


  • The battery charger life is not very durable.
  • Might be a bit noisy

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9) Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, GOOVI Cordless Stick Vacuum

The GOOVI cordless stick vacuum is the latest version of GOOVI cordless vacuums that is very quiet and supports efficient cleaning. The very powerful 150-watt suction in MAX mode is very efficient for dust particles. It sucks up dust and pet hairs very efficiently.

It is very efficient in working on hardwood floors, carpets, furniture, curtains and even on ceilings. The cordless feature makes using this product very convenient and hassles free cleaning of the dust particles. However, despite the hassle-free cleaning, it still provides a very impressive 10Kpa of suction, making it very efficient for different usages.


  • Very lightweight product, very much portable too.
  • Apart from the general loudness of a vacuum, this product is as quiet as possible.
  • The device is cordless. Even though it provides 10Kpa of suction, this device is the best one for hassle-free suction.
  • With 150-watt suction in the max mode, the product defines super cleaning power.
  • User will get a sweeping brush, a two-in-one dusting brush, a crevice tool and a charging adaptor with the product.


  • This product might be a bit overpriced

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10) Bissell Zing Canister 2156A Vacuum

The amazing Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum is another inevitable entry in our list of best vacuum for small apartments. The Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum has a 2 litres dust cup capacity. The cyclonic action and powerful suction will provide thorough cleaning. Besides, you don’t ever need to change or buy new bags for this vacuum.

This amazing vacuum will easily go on cleaning all the carpets, and hard floors without a scratch. This product has a power rating of 9 amps straight. These Dirt cup filters and the post-motor filters will help in capturing even the finest dust particles. The filters are washable and also reusable. The 15 feet long cord will provide you with the best cleaning experience as well.


  • Has 2 liters dust cup capacity
  • Has a power rating of 9 amps
  • The post-motor filters will help you to clean up even the finest dust particles.
  • The cord is long enough to provide you with an all-round cleaning experience in your small apartment.
  • Weighing less than 8 pounds, this product is very maneuverable.


  • No such cons found.

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How to choose the best vacuum for the small apartment:

We have already provided you with our list of best vacuum for a small apartment. However, if you want to buy it offline, you may need a list of things you should consider before buying the vacuum you need for your small apartment. Here is a list of things you should keep in mind before you are opting for a vacuum, Check it out.


While you are opting for a vacuum cleaner for confined places such as a small apartment, you should give special attention to the size of the vacuum. Make sure you have that much place in your home that you can leave for a vacuum cleaner.

There are some vacuums in the list in which you can keep wall mounted. But keeping your vacuum mounted to the wall is not a great sight, especially for guests. You can opt for robotic vacuums if your place is that much confined.

The capacity of the vacuum: You may want a high capacity vacuum cleaner if you are not very fond of cleaning your vacuum cleaner every day. There are a lot of options given in the list of top vacuums above. You can choose one from that list.


When you are opting for a vacuum dedicated to clean confined places like small apartments, you should opt for a lightweight vacuum cleaner that is portable. This has to be one of the key features you should look for when you are considering to buy the best vacuum for a small apartment.

Now you know the things you should consider while opting for a vacuum for smaller places, here is the buying guide that will help you with providing a little more detailed information on things you should consider while buying a vacuum for small places.

You can also read the review of the vacuum for commercial carpet.

The buying Guide:

We have already told you the things you should consider while choosing the vacuum for a small apartment. Here is a little more detailed information on that topic you may like to know.

  • Maneuverable: When opting for a vacuum cleaner, you should always opt for the product that is more lightweight and more maneuverable. Because, if you are living in a confined place, you might need a flexible product that can give you more space to move while cleaning.
  • Cordless or corded- you decide: Cordless products are mostly run on batteries and you can move freely with those products. Whereas corded vacuums give you more power and efficiency usually. Plus, these products normally have 16 to 20 feet long cords will give you great efficiency move around to clean your apartment.
  • Know before you buy:When you are opting for a vacuum cleaner for a small apartment, you should always check your flooring types and other factors before you are opting for a vacuum for small apartment. Read the guidelines of the vacuum, be sure about what type of flooring is the vacuum most compatible with. Check these factors before you opt for a vacuum.

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User guide of the vacuum for small apartment:

Now we have guided you through the things to consider the list and the buying guide list. You know how to choose or buy the best vacuum cleaner for small apartment. Here is the user guide for using a vacuum cleaner.

  • Be it a robotic vacuum cleaner or a corded or cordless vacuum cleaner; you should always keep the safety functionalities on mind. Never overcharge your vacuum as doing that frequently will have lasting effects on the battery life of your vacuum.
  • Make sure that the mains voltage in the house is the same as the voltage of the appliance. The voltage of the vacuum is under the data plate of the device. Make sure these two voltages are the same, or it may affect the cleaner and leave it damaged.
  • Always plug out the electrical cord after turning the electrical switch on the switchboard of when you are not using it. This one is for the vacuums that run on electric. Unplug the charger when the battery is full for the electrical charger.
  • Never use the corded vacuum cleaners in the horizontal position.
  • Never use the vacuum cleaner near other electrical appliances.
  • Don’t use corded vacuum cleaners on wet surfaces. Do not use these cleaners near children. Never use damaged cords.
  • Do not carry vacuum cleaners by the cord.

Top Features of the vacuum cleaners:

Here we are going to tell you about the top features of the best vacuum cleaner for small apartment. Check out the list below to know more about the most amazing features of a vacuum cleaner.

  • HEPA filters:HEPA filters are one of the most amazing features of a vacuum cleaner. These filters help the user to clean their home properly. HEPA filters help to omit all the unseen microorganisms we have in our house and make it as clean and safe from those microorganisms as possible.
  • Three-in-one feature:Some of the vacuums have this amazing feature that offers the best reach to the difficult corners of the room. These three-in-one vacuum cleaners also come with a handheld vacuum that helps you to keep your curtains, sofas and beds clean and free from derbies and microorganisms.
  • Lightweight: This is a great feature for a vacuum for small apartments. This feature makes these vacuums portable and helps it to work as smoothly as possible. This feature also makes this devices portable.
  • Cleaning and moping together: With some robotic vacuum cleaners of the list, you can now both clean and mop together at the same time. This is another great feature you can have in your vacuum cleaner. It will save your energy and time both.

Learn more about the best vacuum for hardwood floors.

About the pricing of the vacuum for a small apartment:

There are a few things that make the prices vary. Some have the HEPA filters, and some don’t. Others have a three-in-one feature that makes the prices high. You will find the prices of the latest models a little higher than usual. The robotic vacuums almost don’t need human efforts to clean the home. Maybe that is the reason that the prices of these vacuums are a bit higher. There are also some vacuums that fulfil every other criterion you have for your small apartment, but the prices of those vacuums are a bit high. So, check out the prices, compare the features and the prices of different models to buy the best one.

Why we recommend some of the vacuums for small apartments:

There are many reasons why we have recommended these best vacuums for the small apartments. Here in this content of the article, we will tell you about some of the reasons why we recommend these vacuums for small apartments.

  • These vacuums for small apartments have made cleaning more effective and easier. These vacuums will help you to clean up dirt particles, dust, derbies very easily. These vacuum cleaners will also help you to clear the dirt with a lesser mess. These vacuums will work fine irrespective of the floorings you have.
  • These vacuums save a lot of our energy and time — especially the robotic ones. You can clean your home with these vacuums, and it will not take much time. You don’t need to give the effort you give behind cleaning your home with a broom. These vacuums will make your work a little easier and better.
  • These vacuum cleaners will also help to promote your well being. Especially the ones with HEPA filters. Those will clean up all the unseen microorganisms and keep your home safe from the attack of those harmful microorganisms.
  • These vacuum cleaners are one-time investments with almost zero maintenance cost. This will help you to save your money also with the time and effort you give behind these vacuums.

Why should you buy vacuums from Amazon?

Amazon is a very big online retail chain for a long time now. They have a great reputation and reliability that they have earned from their customers. A lot of customers have shopped with them, and they are happy with the product they get from this online retail chain. Sometimes, you save money while shopping with Amazon. Here are some reasons behind why you should buy vacuums from this online business.

  • Doorstep Delivery: You don’t have to go to the market to buy a vacuum cleaner anymore. If you order it from Amazon, they will deliver it to your doorstep.
  • Cash on delivery: This amazing option reduces the risk of getting trapped into a scam from the mind of the customers.
  • Reliability: The reliability and trust Amazon have earned from their customers is unmatchable.

You can also end up saving some money: There are chances that you may get some extra off on the prices of these devices.

Final verdict:

There are a lot of best vacuum cleaners for small apartments in the market. However, not many of them worthy of it. So, if you need the perfect vacuum for your apartment. This is the perfect article you have to choose. Check out the list we have given to make sure what exactly do you want. Check the buying guide and other things if you want to buy it yourself from the market. Happy cleaning.


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